Spiritual Astrology ספר כוכבי אור


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם


Written by Jonny Waxman

Astrologer of www.astrology.co.at

Author of www.spiritualsecrets.info


Sefer Kochvei Or The Book of Stars of Light Spiritual Astrology ספר כוכבי אור

Sefer Yad Palmistry ספר חכמת יד , Sefer Gilgulim Book of Reincarnations ספר גילגולים

The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות , Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"The 7 Planetary Relationships"


After many years of studying people, their astrological charts and understanding "life" - I was inspired in May 2011 thanks to Ester to comprehend and departmentalize everything in everyone's life into ENERGIES - either intrinsically coming from WITHIN YOU - or externally transcending INTO your life and INTO your aura. But then I realized that there are additional energies which are GENERATED and CREATED between people. These energies are only triggered when TWO people CONNECT with each other.

Each and every CONNECTION you have between yourself and another person is a UNIQUE energy AND is a very specific energy that the TWO of your CREATE together - configured between the TWO of you - and energized by the astrological energies between you.

Indeed EVERYTHING in you life - is attracted into your life because of an astrological energy in your aura - defined by your own configuration in your own astrological chart AND related to the current transits of each of the planets through the star signs.

In understanding the concept of "The 7 planetary relationships" you will comprehend and identify the specific energy that you create with EVERY PERSON you are connected with - and the purpose of your relationship with them.

Have you ever wondered why your heart beats fast with a thrill of excitement for some people and with an intense magnetic attraction towards them and their energy - and yet for others you FEEL NOTHING ? Have you wondered why whenever you talk to some people - immediately you become very lucky in one area of your life ? Have you wondered why - when you're talking to some people you become LUCKY and talking to others you become UNLUCKY ?

Nothing happens by accident in your life - as every relationship you have with everyone in your life - creates a specific energy WITHIN your aura - energized by the configuration of planets between you and the other person which triggers and energizes the planets in your astrological configuration.

When you connect with your lover - you become WARMED, comforted, protected and energized; when you receive a phonecall from a good friend - you become uplifted; when someone gives you a compliment - you become energized; and when someone gives you a passionate kiss and loves you - you swell up inside with a BURST of excitement and happiness that creates an energy which has the potential to CHANGE your whole life. Each connection with everyone you know, have known and will ever know - creates an energy that will always be in your aura. Astrology of "The 7 planetary relationships" will ensure you departmentalize the relationship for what it truthfully represents - the meaning and purpose of those relationships which will allow you to have better relationships and understand what you need learn from each relationship you've had and will ever have.

You've already seen the transformation that Pluto in Capricorn has created in your life since January 2008 - Neptune in Pisces since April 2011 - Uranus in Aries since March 2011 - and Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 - but some of the best changes are still to come - when Jupiter enters Leo in July 2014 - I know many people - will begin very good NEW relationships - technically that relationship will be a "Jupiter" relationship - because it will bring energy of love, compassion, warmth and a lot of good luck into your life - I know many will commit themselves forever - because when the energies are right - they're always right and will remain right - even after the transit has passed. Likewise and much more powerfully when Saturn enters Sagittarius in December 2014 - many will begin new destined and spiritually karmic relationships. Hence it's necessary to study the "The 7 planetary relationships" - but first let me introduce yourself to yourself - through understanding that your astrological aura consists of 10 Planets.


"In Everyone's Astrological Chart - There are 10 Planets"

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto


[1] Your individuality, both your emotional & personal identity

is defined by your Sun & Moon


"Life" is like clockwork - the daily cycle, monthly cycle and yearly cycle of your life is predictable by your individuality of your Sun & Moon - additionally you have a blue-print Sun sign which is your conception star sign - this identifies "karmic" aspects you have chosen to learn and overcome in this lifetime.

Understanding your Sun & Moon star signs will enable you to harmonize your life by understanding the specific purpose of every month of your life and the available emotional supportive energies of every day of your life. When you truly live in HARMONY with yourself and with your DESTINY then you "know" because your aura is filled with the right energy - but when you FIGHT the astrological energies by trying to do something which your not destined to do - you too will "know" by the intense frustration, disharmony and pain it causes you.

Your astrological profile will never expect "more of you" than is your TRUE destiny - astrological energies in your aura create pure harmony ONLY when you're doing what your supposed to be doing at the time you're supposed to be doing it. No-one else can define what it RIGHT for you - because everyone has a different astrological aura to you. Hence no-one can "make" you feel bad or good about yourself - except YOU. When you've understood and most importantly when you ACCEPT your individuality - then you will find PEACE and HAPPINESS in your life - because you "know" that you are living in "harmony" with your defined destiny.

I've always said - if everyone in the world would live in "harmony" with their true defined destiny - the world would be a harmoniously good place to live in. The problems arise because mankind seeks to do things that are NOT within their individual boundaries and are NOT in harmony with their karmic destiny - hence "they" create problems for themselves and others too. The good news is that from the new zodiac cycle in March 2013 => 2020 all of mankind will actually recognize this and start to shift and rearrange their lives to live in harmony instead of fighting their destiny - thereby making this world a very good place to live in.



[2] Your relationships with everyone in your life are defined by

your Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, & Pluto


Traditionally, astrological energies define "you", your strengths, weaknesses and your destined abilities - however - the truth which I've found over the years - that even though you might have "abilities" - those energies NEED INTERACTION with OTHER people in order to be "turned" on and energized.

I came to this conclusion when considering the daily cycle - from the moment you WAKE UP in the morning - your astrological profile is being awakened - and it only gets "TURNED ON" the more you do and the more people you interact with as you start your day. EACH interaction with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your life is defined by one of the planetary energies Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, & Pluto.

If you have a VOID in any one these 7 planetary energies - then something is MISSING in your life. Instinctively, your aura will replace the planetary energy and it's true relationship with a deceptive illusionary energy making you believe it is "there" in your life when it isn't - but the bottom line is that won't be fulfilling for you - as your AURA needs each of the 7 planetary energies to be defined as 7 REAL RELATIONSHIP with 7 REAL PEOPLE in your life - do you have 7 real people in your life ? And do they fulfill the 7 planetary energies of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, & Pluto - this page will explain how to identify each of them.



[3] Your illusions, fantasies and delusions that encourage you to live life

& "soften" the reality of your life are defined by your Neptune.


Neptune doesn't create reality - in fact very often - it works AGAINST you to create deceptions, illusions and fantasies. Neptune makes you BELIEVE that you are RIGHT when it's WRONG in order to convince your mind to do something. Thereby Neptune actually makes you do things which you wouldn't do if you knew the TRUTH - it creates difficulties and challenges in order to give your life the destined, necessary and important experiences your soul needs to learn. If "old" age is the gift of hindsight - then "youthfulness" is the gift of Neptune's illusions.

Neptune on it's own is an planetary energy but when it interacts with your OTHER planets in your astrological chart it works FOR you and AGAINST you - but all with the same goal - as it's energies creates DECEIT and LIES in your life - which creates your life experiences to very often block your true destiny.

Only when you've overcome Neptune's illusions at each and every level of your life - that's when you mature. Thereafter the elimination of Neptune's illusions enables you to accomplish everything you're destined to do in your life.

I refer to Neptune's illusions as a necessary diversion - because as humans we need to LIVE a LIE in order to realize that it is a LIE - thereby we will be able to eliminate it completely from our lives. You can't possibly know the REAL TRUTH - until you've seen and experienced a LIE. Neptune's energies make you believe in nonsense and lies - in order to test you - and only when Neptune energies have completed their destined role in your life and they will stop deceiving you.

Unfortunately, many people never "mature" spiritually and never see the TRUTH as they live to the day they die - believing in the deceptive lie - hence end up dying in the state of illusion - this is especially true for "religious" people who delude themselves amidst fabricated man-made lies. I will explain "Neptune" fully on the dedicated webpage - but in the meantime - with respect to "7 relationships" - it's energy does NOT create a "Neptune" relationship in your life - Neptune simply creates a DECEPTIVE ILLUSION in order for you to experience "life" and thereby challenge you to FIND the TRUTH.


"Your Own Astrological Chart - There are 10 Planets"

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto


When I look at people's astrological charts - I see individuality - and a harmonious individuality within everyone - even if you have RED lines creates by squares and oppositions between planets in your own astrological chart - because each planetary aspect in your chart simply DEFINES the respective energy in the relationship with another person that you need in your life. It does NOT mean you have a stressful life - it simply means you NEED that planetary energy to be represented by a specific person who will then fill your aura with the harmonious energy - that your astrological chart defines for you.

And hence even if you have BLUE LINES between the planets which indicate strengths, good luck and positively supportive energies - these energies NEED other REAL people to "TURN" these strengths "ON". You can't possible become LUCKY in LOVE - living on your own!

Even though you could find INNER PEACE in your own company - in reality you NEED relationships with other people to energize the good aspects which in turn energizes the REAL wholesome version of "you". Any replacement to these energies will not make you feel "wholesome" and not make you feel as though you're living in harmony with your true destiny - the real version of "you".

When you FIND and CONNECT with the RIGHT people - you too can and will be USING your astrological energies to create positive energy in their lives. Many people have better lives when they are having strong loving [and sexual relationship] - that's because the Mars aggression is used in connecting in a powerful bonding of sexual union. Similarly when you LOVE someone - even non-physical - the LOVE energy - eliminates any negativity in your chart - enabling you to find the TRUTH.


Your Own Astrological Chart - Explains Your Relationships

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

When I look at people's astrological charts - I see people's lives clearly - for although each person is defined by their individuality - the interaction between planets on their astrological charts explains HOW they interact with people in their lives.

Their relationships with other people defined by RED lines creates by squares and oppositions means challenges - from the chart above you can see a RED lines of opposition of Moon opposition Saturn means in karmic and destined relationships - especially from past-life experiences - there's emotional difficulties - especially arguments - that upset the emotional stability - and whenever there are ARGUMENTS and EMOTIONAL NEGATIVITY created by those karmic relationships is creates a RED line of Moon square Jupiter creates blockages, failure and bad luck - this simply identifies the necessity NOT TO GET EMOTIONAL.

Whereas the BLUE lines of support and strength creates excellent energies in many relationships - the Sun & Pluto trine Jupiter - the Mercury trine Jupiter - the Neptune trine Saturn - the Mars trine Moon - all clearly define very good energies.

For example the Mercury trine Jupiter - means provided one keeps communicating and keeps talking - WITHOUT getting emotional or ego getting involved - then LUCK is always guaranteed. Problem comes when emotions get "involved" Moon square Jupiter - and stops the person from communicating - because of depression, arguments or sadness - then the Mercury trine Jupiter good luck vanishes.


In everyone's astrological chart your own abilities, strengths and weaknesses are defined - use them all to your advantage. Thereafter, you can then use the daily lunar energies and monthly Sun star sign energies to work with "your planets" in your astrological chart to know what the exact meaningful purpose of each day is - thereby using your destined potential in the best way for you. Learning to understand yourself from your astrological chart - is the way to learn to enjoy the "journey of life" whilst accomplishing everything you're destined to accomplish.


At Every Moment of Your Life in your Aura

Are 7 Planetary Energies as 7 Relationships

Whether you are ASLEEP or WIDE AWAKE - your aura has 7 planetary energies - which are identified as 7 relationships in your life - that are creating an interaction of energies - each of which is represented by each of the 7 Planets. [1] Mercury [2] Venus [3] Mars [4] Jupiter [5] Saturn [6] Uranus [7] Pluto.

Depending on the STRENGTH of the person and the ENERGY created at ANY specific time - will directly influence how much interactive energy there is between YOU and the representative of that planetary energy. Understanding this - means you can SWITCH energies in your aura by SWITCHING your thoughts - and directing your thought energy to the RIGHT source of positive planetary energy for you - without being distracted by the WRONG source of planetary energy.

For example, if you're talking to someone - then the phone rings - you disconnect from one person - and the caller becomes more important in your aura - and it shows slight disrespect for the person in your real life. Have you noticed - the change in your aura - AFTER you finish the phonecall and return to REAL life in your physical aura ? That moment is when the SWITCH of planetary energies happens between the communicative Mercury relationship in real life - and the Mercury relationship on the phone. If the person in REAL life is ANNOYED with the fact that you took the phonecall and got distracted - then the bond will be weakened.


The 7 "relationship" energies of people/items who represent your 7 Planetary energies in your aura - CAN and DO change - throughout the day. For example, at "work" - you have different energies in your aura - than when you are "at home". When you're traveling to work or walking to the shops - you have variety of overlapping energies that interact with your aura - EACH is competing for your ATTENTION - and EACH wants to be ONE of your 7 relationship energies.

GOOD relationships are where there's INTERACTION - when you are GIVING and RECEIVING - but a BAD relationship energy is when you are GIVING and you are NOT RECEIVING any energy.

Even if you are sitting quietly at your desk - and doing nothing - you are still having a RELATIONSHIP with your environment - your desk - the view you have, things on your table, pictures on the wall and all the energies in your aura - even the clothes you wear and the thoughts you're thinking - are all interactive energies that are in your aura. What 7 planetary energies do you have in your AURA - now ? Is it in HARMONY with your TRUE identity - or is it sending and creating CONFUSION in your aura. OR are the energies SO WEAK and SWITCHED OFF that NOTHING seems to be happening in your life ?



"The 7 Planetary Relationships"


The 7 relationships are :-

[1] The Mercury relationship

[2] The Venus relationship

[3] The Mars relationship

[4] The Jupiter relationship

[5] The Saturn relationship

[6] The Uranus relationship

[7] The Pluto relationship


As explained above "The Neptune relationship" is an illusion and fantasy - it is NOT REAL - even so the fantasies you have and relationship you have with the TV, with DVD's, with films and everything that is "unreal", including all the fantasies that you know will never come true are defined by your Neptune. Dreams and allegedly psychic illusions you get - are also generation by Neptune's energy.


Each astrological planetary energy makes itself known in your life in the form of PEOPLE in your life. To comprehend astrological energies - think of all the connections and relationships you have with everything and everyone - then put them into categories according to the astrological energies of each of the planets:-


[1] Who are the people you like talking and chatting to ? Who are the people that get you thinking intelligently - they are the "Mercury" in your life. [2] Who are the people you desire, adore and love - they are the "Venus" in your life. [3] Who are the people who support you, give you strength and make you feel confident ? they are the "Mars" in your life. [4] Who are the people that make you feel optimistic about life ? who make you want to live and enjoy life ? who brings you success and money ? they are the "Jupiter" in your life. [5] Who are the people you are magnetically and inexplicably attracted to - and you can't even get away from even if you try as they are bound to you by "destiny" ? they are the "Saturn" in your life. [6] Who are the people who come into your life for a brief moment - excitingly, suddenly and surprisingly give you a boost of positive energy and release any negativity from your life ? they are the "Uranus" in your life. [7] Who are the people who manage to change your life on a deep, profound level - that opens your mind to wisdom beyond what you ever thought possible ? they are the "Pluto" in your life.

Each planetary relationship of your life can have a +ve or a -ve energy. This fundamental understanding is equally true for everyone, everything and anything in your life - you have a connection with - even every place or city you visit is identified to you as one of these categories.


For example in my life - although I wasn't born in Salzburg - it is destiny [+ve Saturn] for me to live here - as people and the city gives me strength, support and confidence [+ve Mars], my girlfriend in Salzburg who loves me [+ve Venus] and this wonderful spiritual city has change my life [+ve Pluto]; the internet brings me wisdom and connections with good readers like you [+ve Mercury] and helps me communicate wisdom with you [+ve Mercury] and brings me money [+ve Jupiter] and appreciation [+ve Venus] - especially when receiving unexpected phonecalls from people complimenting me gives me a boost of positively uplifting energy [+ve Uranus].

Now I'd even add - having a cup of coffee in the morning - that too is a gives me a boost of positively uplifting energy [+ve Uranus] - just like listening to upbeat music like Shania Twain's great music - to show you that you have "relationships" with "things" you do and even with the clothes you were. When you wear denim jeans you feel different to wearing a suit. That too is a relationship energy you create with your clothes and shoes - I guess you have a LUCKY item of clothing ? That too is a +ve relationship energy. Use my example to THINK ABOUT - EVERYONE, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in your life and categorize them into planetary energies of +ve [or -ve ]


Once you have completed this task and become awakened to see that you have specific and defined RELATIONSHIP energy with EVERYONE, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in your life - now eliminate all -ve energies, work on the -ve energy to make it become a +ve energy or accept the seemingly -ve energy has it's purpose too; during the process of understanding ALL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS - you will see that you have a pattern forming both of +ve and -ve energies - then you can see what you need to eliminate - and how to make the of -ve become +ve OR accept the need to eliminate it out of your life forever.

For example - years ago - I lived in London - it was draining financially [ -ve Jupiter] , frustrating [-ve Mars], unfriendly [-ve Mercury], unhealthy pollution and no love-life [-ve Venus] - and I always felt I didn't belong there [-ve Saturn] - when I realized this - it was easy to define DESTINY - and then I left very quickly.

When you're honest with yourself and put everyone and everything under scrutiny for EXACTLY what it is - although it will be a challenging time but DESTINY will win - and you will either "move on" to find new +ve Mercury, +ve Venus, +ve Mars, +ve Jupiter, +ve Uranus, +ve Pluto relationships OR you will be able to nurture, mature and take your relationships in a different +ve direction.



Identifying Each of Your 7 Planetary Relationships


In our modern world - which can be quite "lonely" for some - the concept of "relationships" with REAL people - is as unusual for a person today as it was for a person who lived 100 years ago who was told that in the "future" you needed to send an email or make a phonecall to tell someone something.

In their generation - to communicate meant face-to-face talking - and meant a REAL RELATIONSHIP with complete and wholesome energies in that relationship - without being distracted - especially by an iphone or blackberry receiving emails as you talk to someone - something many people in our generation fail to see how distracting it is - more distractions and the more you allow yourself to be distracted means less wholesome relationships in REAL life.

Hence, when defining your relationships - you can define them as abstract or as REAL - start by defining each of your relationships in terms of REAL energies in your REAL life - hence all your "telephone" relationships - class them as having a relationship with the inanimate object of your phone - because if not for your phone - you couldn't contact them. Or internet relationships are defined as relationships with your computer - when the computer is switched off - so too - are your relationships. UNLESS - you meet them in real life and have a real relationship with them. OR something from the "internet" changes your real life - then it becomes more REAL.

The moment I asked for "donations" from readers to access this website - the relationship I had with the internet changed - from being abstract in the "ether" to becoming REAL in REAL life. People who view the "open" free website - "think" they are having a relationship with me and have a connection with me - but I don't know who they are - hence no energy is created in any form of a relationship. Whereas readers whom have emailed and spoken to me - have become connected - and become "closer" to me - as I am to them - that's a defined good energy of a relationship. The basis of ALL REAL RELATIONSHIPS is an interactive and a two-way energy - between TWO people.

Having a cup of coffee or listening to music - is a one-way energy - and not really a "relationship" - although it does give you a boost of +ve Uranus energy and you may believe it replaces the energy of your Uranus relationship but isn't the perfect nor the defined destined "real" relationship with the right person as indicated in your astrological chart.



[1] The Mercury relationship


All communication and thought energies are categorized in a Mercury relationship, all thoughts, ideas, concepts and even conversations you have with yourself in your head are defined by Mercury. The communicative ability to transfer your thoughts to another person are done by means of "Mercury" energies.

If you talk, email, communicate in any way, even look at, smile, wave your hands or telepathically"know" what someone else is thinking - your Mercury energies are transferring the THOUGHTS between your mind and theirs - hence between your astrological aura and theirs.


Mercury relationship includes EVERY communicative relationship you have - and hence it's the most changeable in your aura - because everytime you talk to someone else - you're having another different type of a relationship.

To most people you talk to - it will be brief - and you will say the same things to them - as they say to you - and your persona will not be influenced by them - hence like saying "Good morning" to someone serving you in the supermarket - will create the same energy in your aura - whoever is serving you.


Mercury relationship includes EVERY word you say and EVERY word you hear. Mercury energies CONVERT the words and the communications you hear and say into THOUGHTS in your head. Each thought creates an DECISION - to continue the conversation - to end the conversation - or to departmentalize the conversation as meaningless garbage and nothing important - or as VITALLY IMPORTANT in your life - and to be remembered for as long as you can.

Depending on your DECISION making process - you will decide how STRONG the Mercury energy will become - and likewise you will decide on how IMPORTANT the person is that you have a Mercury relationship with. Hence, when they call you or when they say anything to you - they take priority over others that you might be talking to. Hence, when they say something to you - you've already decided whether you listen to them or not - because you've defined and your aura has defined if they are a GOOD or BAD Mercury relationship for you - and then you LET IN their communicative energies.


Mercury relationship and Mercury energies - are fluid and complicated - because you are EASILY OPEN to everything and everyone - until you realize the need to REFINE and LEARN to be CLOSED to the negativity and nonsense. Maturity means learning to FILTER everything you hear and say - but sometimes unexpectedly - like moments when you're watching TV and "the News" - you're unable to react quickly enough to BLOCK out the incoming messages your receiving.


However, when you are able to THINK for yourself - and not be overly influenced by EXTERNAL energies - that's when you have stability within your mind and thoughts. But arriving at the perfect Mercury relationship means having numerous Mercury relationships even with inanimate objects. Many people in our modern generation wouldn't survive without their iPhone and yet they survive without a REAL Mercury relationship!

Most importantly is when you have found ONE strong Mercury relationship with ONE person - that keeps you STABLE and PROTECTED from all others especially all negative influences - then you will have found stability in your aura.


Psychic Spiritual Communication - "someone" giving you intuitive thoughts is a Mercury relationship

Reading a book, reading a website, reading an email is Mercury relationship


There are levels in"strength" of Mercury relationship for example


Having a TWO-WAY conversation with someone - via email in writing - is Mercury relationship

Having a TWO-WAY conversation with someone - on the phone is Mercury relationship

Having a TWO-WAY conversation with someone - FACE-to-FACE in REAL life is Mercury relationship


If you LISTEN to everything someone tells you is a different Mercury relationship than if you do the TALKING.

If the conversation is TWO WAY - where you exchange and generate ENERGY together - positive Mercury relationship

If you are arguing and disagree with someone - creating negative energy is a negative Mercury relationship


The best Mercury relationship means having POSITIVE THOUGHTS and POSITIVE WORDS - that always create peace and harmony in your aura - Mercury energies that enables you to be tuned-into your destiny WITHOUT being distracted by INCOMING negative Mercury influences.

Hence, you need to be CAREFUL and PROTECT your MERCURY energies - so listening to the "wrong" music for you - listening to the "wrong" people who negatively influence your way of thinking - listening to anything or anyone - and watching TV or watching stuff on the internet whatever creates INSTABILITY is BAD for you and damaging your MERCURY because it creates FEAR and HATE energies in your aura - means your MERCURY is being attacked and drained.


Heal your MERCURY by SWITCHING everything OFF - an MEDITATE in silence - to find inner peace - when you have found PEACE from within - because in everyone's birthchart your MERCURY creates YOUR harmony in your own mind - the only reason you are drained is because of NEGATIVE MERCURY energies - by communicating with the WRONG people.


Conversely when your MERCURY is POSITIVELY ENERGIZED by inspirational thoughts, words you read spiritual books and by listening to wise people like the Dalai Lama - the MERCURY energies make you become clear-thinking in your mind and the way you THINK. CONFUSION is created when your MERCURY is messed up - CLARITY is created when your MERCURY is wholesome and perfect. Everyone has the potential to become CLEAR-THINKING and everyone has the potential to become CONFUSED.


When you listen to MUSIC that's right for your soul - when you listen to the right songs with the right words for the mood of the day - you can become positively alive in your MERCURY relationship. MUSIC is one of the biggest tools of MERCURY - how you use the tool - will result in either POSITIVE incoming or NEGATIVE draining outgoing MERCURY energies.


Everyone - every moment of the day - has MERCURY energies in their aura - Everyone has a MERCURY relationship - every moment of the day - who is YOUR MERCURY relationship ? And how are their communicative MERCURY energies influencing your mind and your aura.

Right now - I guess - I am your MERCURY relationship - and when you stop reading - you're in LIMBO - searching for the next MERCURY relationship - which might make you switch MUSIC on or TV on. And when you get a phonecall or talk to someone - that person becomes your MERCURY relationship.


If however, you choose to have NO-ONE in your life - you still have a MERCURY relationship in your aura - but it the MERCURY relationship becomes YOU - YOURSELF - as your mind and your thoughts TALK and COMMUNICATE with YOU. Ask yourself are they POSITIVE thoughts OR fearful NEGATIVE thoughts.

Are your thoughts protecting your aura OR are your thoughts destroying your own aura. If you're alone then heal your aura by talking truthful energies to yourself - repeat mantra's like "THANK YOU to the Universe" - and become wholesome and happy with life.



[2] The Venus relationship


Venus relationship is everything and everyone that makes your HEART beat - whatever creates energies of the heart - things you LOVE and DESIRE - it could be a coffee or food, an ice-cream, bar of chocolate, furniture in your home, colours of clothes you wear, your automobile, even your iPhone, iPad - then on the next level up your Venus relationship could be your job, money you earn, your status in life that MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD.


Venus relationships should be the PEOPLE in your life that you LOVE so much - that THEY are the reason why you DO so many things that normally you wouldn't do. When parents have their first baby - their lives change - out of LOVE for their baby - they are pushed to WANT to do things - they wouldn't normally do.


Venus relationship can be the DESIRE to make plenty of money - to earn STATUS and become ADMIRED and LOVED by others. The desire for attention - to attract LOVE and ADMIRATION is created by Venus.

Venus relationship creates power because of a DESIRE and NEED of LOVE and to be LOVED that people push themselves and DO things that without the WANT and DESIRE to LOVE and to become LOVED - no-one would do.

Wearing nice clothes, looking good, having financial status and prosperity ONLY has positive Venus energy when you become ATTRACTIVE and ATTRACT attention from people who ADMIRE and DESIRE you. Attracting attention of jealous people - creates a negative Venus energy. And instead of becoming LOVED - the person becomes HATED.


Being nice, gentle, compassionate and kind to people - because you want them to LOVE you and ADMIRE you is a Venus relationship but are you being "deceitful" and "fake" in attracting attention - because it's the only way to make people notice you - and you don't really LOVE people. Hence, I must say that Venus relationships are the most confusing as it creates energies that are ILLOGICAL - and yet vitally necessary to living "life" - because if you "knew" the TRUTH - you might not do anything !

You might desire and want a beautiful woman or handsome man - but if you knew the TRUTH - you wouldn't want to go anywhere near them. Even so, Venus relationships create necessary passionate energies and heart-beating desires in your mind and in your aura that makes you WANT to be LOVED - which makes you want to look good, become desirable, become wanted in order to become loved and attractive to others.


Venus relationship wants you to LOVE - and be LOVED that's a TWO-WAY Venus relationship

If you just want to be admired and loved - that's a ONE-WAY Venus relationship - incoming

If you desire and want something you can't have and is not yours to have - that too is a ONE-WAY Venus relationship - outgoing

When you LOVE someone - and they LOVE you back - that's a TWO-WAY Venus relationship


Traditional astrology says Venus is everything and everyone that makes you WARM inside - that makes you HEAT UP and WARMS you UP - that gets you excited and TURNS you ON. LOVE and MONEY - DESIRES and PLEASURES - everything that DRIVES you to WANT TO LIVE - and gets you out-of-bed in the morning.

But I conclude - there's lots of things people do out of necessity and not out of love Venus relationship - only when you have a Venus relationship that's when you become motivated and DO things. A true definition of a Venus relationship is the illogical reason WHY people do things - that normally they wouldn't do. And that's only fulfilled in a TWO-WAY Venus relationship with someone REAL who LOVES you - like you LOVE them.


Any other Venus relationship - especially ONE-WAY Venus relationships are short-lived and only lasts as long as the DESIRE is there. Short-lived love-affairs are created because once the love and admiration has been received and the other person has nothing more to give to the recipient - the love-affair ends. This applies to people as it applies to being satisfied by a "loving" chocolate ice-cream. It is finite and has a limited dead-end of energy.


True TWO-WAY Venus relationships are infinite because collectively the TWO participants contribute energy - and CREATE MORE energy together than either can create alone. The eternal TWO-WAY Venus relationship is in co-creation of life itself.


A sign to define your Venus relationship right NOW - is what would make you MOVE from where you are sitting as you read this website ? Phonecall for business ? Chocolate ? Money ? Love ? Attention and love from Girlfriend / Boyfriend ? Husband / Wife ? Parent or relative ? or your best friend ? Or to go out shopping for something NICE that makes you LOOK good ? Without LOVE and the desire to be admired, LOVED and to LOVE - probably no-one would do anything or go anywhere !

But even people who think they have NO Venus relationship - that's not true - they do have a Venus relationship as the LOVE for FOOD - makes them go out shopping for food - and into the kitchen to eat something.

The next level is to have a TWO-WAY Venus relationship with someone in REAL life - and every year in every 12 month yearly cycle of Venus as it goes through all the 12 star signs - there is a POTENTIAL NEW LOVE Venus relationship for everyone. Each year you have a NEW Venus relationship it is your choice how the Venus energy manifests in your life.


Every moment of your life - there is always a Venus relationship - what's in your AURA today ? And what was / is in your AURA when you were / are most motivated to do something that was / is illogical to do ? Something you did it OUT OF LOVE - to LOVE and to be LOVED - that was your Venus relationship - now what is your current Venus relationship ?

Many people have numerous Venus relationships - but when you've refined your AURA - there will be only ONE strong Venus relationship you'll know when you've found it - that's TRUE LOVE. Conversely, there will be many LAZY people who are not moved by anything - they're completely COLD - but sooner or later - there comes Venus relationships for everyone. When your HEART is OPENED to the WARMTH of LOVE and need to be loved.


If a Venus relationship is defined by ILLOGICAL things you do - out of LOVE and DESIRES - then a Mars relationship is defined by LOGICAL things you do - from a NEED and NECESSITY.



[3] The Mars relationship


Mars relationship is logical and represents your motivation that DRIVES you forward. If some people were given the freewill choice - they might wish to discard the whole concept of Mars relationship because it is the Mars relationship that prevents them from being LAZY and DOING NOTHING.


Mars energies define "I WANT IT - because if I DON'T have it - then I won't survive". Therefore Mars creates the URGENT and often the AGGRESSIVE NEED to get it - and NOTHING will stop you from getting it. Mars defines the assertive drive forward to get it. Because Mars defines your need to survive - and hence it defines what you need to do - to survive.


Mars relationship is defined by "Aries" energies and often drives people to do whatever they WANT to do in a selfish manner without care nor consideration for others. Hence, to have a Mars relationship means SHARING and DOING something with someone where BOTH of you benefit equally. If one gives more than the other and the other takes more than the other - then it's an UNFAIR Mars relationship.

Mars relationship has to create EQUALITY and FAIRNESS - where BOTH parties feel they are getting what they want. All business relationships and all work situations are Mars relationships. Hence, if the worker is LAZY and not doing the job - the boss will get rid of the employee - likewise if the employee feels underpaid and taken advantage of - then they will leave the job.

Mars relationships are the MOST difficult to balance - and hence people with afflicted MARS in their astrological charts - always feel they are being cheated and taken advantage of - which then leaves them ISOLATED - and when isolated - they end up with NOTHING.


Mars defines the RIGHT to LIVE - and as an energy that defines SURVIVAL - everyone needs a Mars relationship to survive - we all need someone to work for - in order to earn money - in order to SURVIVE. You can't survive on your own. Where Mars is - in your astrological chart - will define WHO you can work with - WHO you can work for - WHAT your job is - and defines your ability to SURVIVE and LIVE.


It is ironic that Mars defines whether YOU work for someone - or whether PEOPLE work for you. The most selfish and greedy people always have to WORK for other people - because have to TAKE from others. Whereas kind people are bosses as they're able to GIVE to others. A SELFISH person would never be able to work with anyone as they would HATE to give to other people.

Even if a selfish and greedy person had a business where they employed others - it would FAIL - because although the business would be GOOD - the Mars relationship energies would always be conflicting with the person's Mars identity.


Unfortunately, in "marriages" which aren't based on LOVE - but based and defined on SURVIVAL - the Mars relationship is defined as "the marriage" - where the spouse is forced to do things in order to survive. Hence, if some people were given the freewill choice - they wouldn't be married!


Sexual energies are categorized by Mars relationship because as a human instinct for survival of human race and also of one's persona - everyone needs "sex". Sexual energies are a defined part of living life. As we all know "sexual" energies are different from "love". Just because you have "sex" with someone does NOT mean you LOVE them. If you're blessed and lucky to have SEX with someone you LOVE - then you're LUCKY - but it isn't necessarily so.

Sexual energies are Mars relationship - Love energies are Venus relationship - and soulmate energies are Saturn relationship. You might find your TRUE SOULMATE and like them a lot - but they might not be the person you have "sex" with, the person you "love" or are married to - but you're inexplicable connected to - as DESTINY has defined because you have a "destiny" to be together.


The bottom line is you MUST have a Mars relationship in order to LIVE and SURVIVE - and without that Mars relationship your life would be in danger of not-surviving. People who have afflicted Mars relationships usually find themselves living in fear of losing "everything" and ending up "dead". Many wealthy people have an afflicted - Mars relationship - as they fear they could loose everything - that's why you find "they" are continually pursuing greater wealth in order to survive - their urgent competitive spirit and need to be number "1" is created by Mars which will never be satisfied - as no-one can ever be number "1" for more than 5 mins!



On a "religious" point - many fanatic and religious people consider their religion and their gods to be - Mars relationship - and therefore when they're fearful about their religion - they feel their god is under attack - they're become frightened and become aggressive to defend the survival of their "religion" which is their own survival. This indeed is why the Greeks worshiped Mars as "god" - because they say without a definition of "god" - they wouldn't survive.

This belief - has defined their "god" are mortal, finite and physical - whereas the TRUTH is the DIVINE GOD is Eternal, infinite and spiritual. One day - they'll see this too - in the meantime they're defining their religion and their god as a Mars relationship. For Mars relationships will ensure your survival as Mars energies define "I WANT and NEED IT - because if I DON'T have it - then I won't survive".


What and who defines your life - that without "It" - you wouldn't survive - is it your job ? your money ? your "sex" Mars relationship ? Or something HIGHER than that ?


There's another ironically funny aspect of Mars - is that as Mars relationship defines your SURVIVAL - it's funny because we all know one day we're going to loose as DEATH is inevitable. That's why spiritually idealistic people lack the normal earthly "Mars" energies - hence they're CALM and take the SLOW-LANE of life. Conceding defeat and accepting everything in life - means your Mars relationship is redefined.

Being loyal to the DIVINE will of GOD - knowing that we receive far more from GOD than we give to GOD - makes the Mars relationship with GOD stronger - not weaker. Whereas being a servant of a manmade "god" or subservient to the worship of money - makes your Mars relationship weaker not stronger.



[4] The Jupiter relationship


Jupiter is the planet that defines - what you're creating with your life - for as individuals we are fixed in the physical space we occupy in this planet - but in reality we all become GREATER than we are physically - [and only after "death" do most of us become SMALLER than we are] - because Jupiter means we EXPAND our auric space through our influence and what we become as the world sees us. Characters who are LARGER than life - are really just like you and me - except their Jupiter has expanded their influence and aura.


Everyone lives in a house BIGGER than themselves - everyone drives a car BIGGER than themselves - that essence of BIGGER than yourself is your Jupiter identity. People who know you - for what you CREATE and what your identity is - they know your Jupiter identity - they don't know the "real" nor the "physical" version of "you".


Hence when people have a relationship with the LARGER version of what you truly are - they're having a Jupiter relationship - likewise when you're impressed by someone because of immense energies that they give you - they make you feel LARGER than yourself - and make you feel CONFIDENT to expand yourself - and encourage you to grow - are your Jupiter relationship. A good schoolteacher, a guide and a coach that nurtures and expands your growth is a Jupiter relationship.

Whereas a bad schoolteacher or abusive parent - who makes you feel deflated and discouraged - is a negative Jupiter relationship . Anyone who makes you want to EXPAND and helps you EXPAND is your +ve Jupiter relationship - anyone who makes you want to HIDE, CONTRACT and become smaller than you are is a -ve Jupiter relationship.


Ancient Greece called Jupiter the king of the GODS - because the overwhelming energy it created made ALL others feel - they too - were great GODS. Whoever you have a Jupiter relationship makes you believe that you too - can become LIKE THEM.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and plenty - whatever it is your pursuing - Jupiter relationship makes you believe there PLENTY for EVERYONE - and all you need in your life is BELIEF in a STRONG Jupiter relationship. The connection with someone HUGE, BIG and GREAT in a +ve Jupiter relationship means that YOU TOO - will become HUGE, BIG and GREAT.


The attachment to your Jupiter relationship makes you WANT to be connected and SHARE things with other people - that's because your - Jupiter relationship has SHARED their positive energy with you - and has shown you there's plenty of energy for everyone - hence you too - now want to SHARE the Jupiter energy with other people.


As many different Jupiter energies there are - is as many Jupiter relationships and definitions of Jupiter relationships you can have. For example, a generous kind Jupiter relationship - who has given you something - makes you want to give to others; a compassionate Jupiter relationship makes you want to be compassionate to others; an uplifting Jupiter relationship makes you want to uplift others; a wise and knowledgeable Jupiter relationship makes you want to share your wisdom with others; a Jupiter relationship who is enlightened and great soul - will make you become an enlightened and great soul too.


Many people FAIL to see that in front of their own eyes they are occupying more SPACE than their physical body - when you LOOK up to the STARS at night or the BLUE SKY in the daytime - you too can realize there's infinite space. Jupiter makes you see the VASTNESS of space. The "internet" is an example of Jupiter's expansive energies - as infinite number of possibilities. A website or youtube clip that gets 1000 visits a day - is BIG - as you could never imagine talking to 1000 people in one day. Even just 50 visits a day - is more people than you could talk to in one day.


Your Jupiter relationship - shows you the vastness of "life" and the possibilities with what you can do with your potential - and the Jupiter relationship creates this by showing you IT IS POSSIBLE - because they have done it.

Your first Jupiter relationship are your parents who show you - as a baby - that walking is possible - they show you to MOVE and EXPAND your boundaries of where you go by walking. Thereafter, every Jupiter relationship you have shows you that you can EXPAND your space , your boundaries and your auric energies by projecting POSITIVE energy OUTWARDS. Knowing there's plenty of space for everyone.


Although "money" is not a relationship - but when you get paid for doing something - especially when you receive a bonus from your boss - it is showing you APPRECIATION - for something EXTRA-ordinary that you have done.

Jupiter energies always notice EXTRA-ordinary actions - so to define Jupiter relationship is someone who makes you a BIGGER person than you are. Jupiter relationship is someone who shows you - that you can accomplish MORE than you thought you could accomplish on your own.

Jupiter relationship is someone who shows you something EXTRA-ordinary about yourself - because they are EXTRA-ordinary in your eyes. Hence very often, at each phase in your life - you have a NEW Jupiter relationship of someone who makes a BIG impression on you that you learn to become like them - and learn from them.



[5] The Saturn relationship


Saturn is the planet that defines DESTINY , KARMA , RESTRICTIONS - anything and everything that you MUST be connected to in your life. Saturn relationships are unavoidable and inevitable - so if you think you can avoid "them" - forget it. The only way to overcome all Saturn relationships is to FORGIVE them and LET THEM GO.


Everyone who is BORN comes with a destined purpose - everyone who is ALIVE has defined Saturn relationships - sometimes you can move onto next set of Saturn relationships without healing or completing the purpose - but sooner or later in your life - your destiny will REQUIRE YOU to deal with EVERY Saturn relationships in your life. Everyone that is your DESTINY to be connected with - that you have ever known - and have karma to deal with - will always have their energies present in your life - FOREVER - and UNTIL you heal that Saturn relationship.


Many abused children think that they forget about their parents - or siblings - but sooner or later - the energy of that Saturn relationship comes back to manifest itself - sometimes in identical behaviour of "other" people you come in contact with - to remind you of the original Saturn relationship that you must go back to and deal with - then ONLY when it is HEALED and you completely and genuinely FORGIVE then - then you are FREE from their connection - and the negative energies they project onto your life. That's the difficult type of Saturn relationship - the ones from PAST-LIVES that you need to HEAL.


The other types of Saturn relationship - are the POSITIVE DESTINED relationships - people who come to SUPPORT your life - and protect you and to validate your existence. Ironically, "they" do this by restricting you - and keeping you attached with a sense of belonging to them - in order that you don't go astray.


Saturn relationships - creates a STRONG sense of BELONGING - it creates a definitive energy that you know you BELONG somewhere with someone - it applies to jobs, homes and places where you live as Saturn energy brings you to be in certain destined places with certain destined people. If you FEEL you belong in a place - then you do - whereas if you FEEL uncomfortable and "not right" - then something isn't right for a reason.

People who make the fatal mistake, rebel against Saturn relationships and runaway from Saturn relationship in wanting FREEDOM will find that sooner or later - they will feel a VOID - as everyone needs Saturn relationships. It is your choice to "deal" with all the negative Saturn relationships then you'll be able to enjoy all your positive Saturn relationships.


Saturn relationships - define the destined STABILITY in your life - as they provide you with REAL life-support - both in physical life as well as inner spiritual support - you have a sense of belonging and never feel ALONE because of your Saturn relationships.


Your physical health is a your Saturn relationship - you have between your spiritual soul and your physical body. You have a Saturn relationship with yourself - as your physical body - that creates restrictions and limitations on your life - it enables you to DO things that it allows you to do in accordance with your DESTINY - and restricts you from doing things that are NOT right for you. People who neglect the Saturn relationship with their body - and people who ABUSE their physical body by exerting and stretching beyond a limit - only suffer later by being restricted.


The blessing of knowing you have Saturn relationships in your life - is knowing you ALWAYS have people who are destined to be in your life - you are NEVER EVER ALONE. On a spiritual level - even if they've died and passed over to spiritual world of souls - there is still a Saturn relationship - that binds you eternally. Hence, prayer and thoughts of "them" - will bring them close to energize your aura and spirit with the Saturn relationship energy.


The same applies to Holy spiritual souls of all the religions and groups of people in the world - where karmic ancestral promises to protect their group and people of that religion - will always ensure the positive supportive karmic energy of Saturn relationships.

For this reason, some followers of certain religions cannot connect with Holy spiritual souls of other religions - because there is NO BOND of a Saturn relationship - that defines any energy. Whereas, some people find themselves being invigorated and attracted by "Other" religions - as their spirit is being attracted to their Saturn relationship - whether from past lifetimes or an eternal lifetime - the Saturn relationship - is always present. No-one is ever "alone".


[6] The Uranus relationship


Uranus is the planet that represents pushing your life forward to the "future" - even if you want to remain in the "past" - Uranus creates unexpected surprises - it finds moments of opportunity to surprise you - and then open your life up to the "future".


The purpose of Uranus is to FREE you and LIBERATE you from the "past" - in order to ensure you move on with your life - and live in the "future". Uranus is ruler of star sign of Aquarius - which means it is DETACHED in it's essence - therefore you can't ever have a LONG TERM Uranus relationship. And Uranus relationships will constantly keep changing throughout your life - as it's essence is to surprise you with something "new" in your life.


Each Uranus relationship is SHORT LIVED - but vitally important to your life - it's purpose is to get out of a "rut", out of depression and eliminate any "stagnation" in your life - and it does this by giving you a SHORT BOOST of ENERGY. It manifests in the form of unexpected events that SHOCK and SURPRISE. If you think of Saturn relationship as your marriage - then Uranus relationship is the temptation and affair you have during your mid-life crisis to enliven your boring love-life.


Uranus energies are related to the "internet" - hence even though you're constantly stimulated by knowledge, wisdom, news and information - you read on the internet - you'll never ever know the people writing the websites - as you're having a detached Uranus relationship. The ONLY purpose of a Uranus relationship is to stimulate your mind in order to help you BREAK FREE out of stagnation, boredom and frustration. Whatever WAKES YOU UP inside - is your Uranus relationship. And as it brings you LOTS of EXCITEMENT - use the boost of energy - but NEVER GET ATTACHED to it - as it is just a Uranus relationship.


I'm always against readers using internet dating websites - as they will represent a Uranus relationship - hence be unstable - and very short lived. But they serve a purpose to EXCITE you by the positive attention you get. Even though, the best long term relationships are the stable Saturn relationships people you meet in REAL life - the Uranus relationship has a vitally important role too in "exciting" you - and the sudden "excitement" it generates in your life.


Hence, email's that just suddenly come in - are exciting - and come with a Uranus energy. I guess that's why you always see "younger" generation addicted to their emails and iphones as they wait to be excited by Uranus relationships. If only they knew more about "life" - they would realize - that when you WAIT for a SURPRISE - it never comes - as the essence of Uranus surprises are that first you must detach yourself from "it" and forget about "it" - then it suddenly appears and happens - when you least expect "it". But if you're desperately waiting for "it" - "it" will never happen. In fact by becoming desperate - you're actually pushing away the Uranus energy.


Nonetheless, Uranus relationships - whoever they are and however unstable they are - have a VITAL and ESSENTIAL important role in our generation. The destined gift of the internet - is very powerful - and has enabled our generation to collectively move FORWARD to the future.


The most important facet I've learnt about is that the Uranus relationship is "Sex" - as the sudden BOOST of energies in "sex" is directly related to Uranus. Many people LOVE other people - but they don't have "Sex" with everyone they love. And even your partner - you don't have "sex" with them all the time - even though you love them.

The energy of "sex" is a momentary BOOST of positive energy - that heightened state of excitement that binds you is Uranus energy - doing it for both of you. Hence the person you have "sex" with - is your Uranus relationship - as they give you a BOOST of positive energy.


Haven't you noticed that your partner / lover / spouse is different in "bed" when having "sex" with you - than at other times - as they become a different person during "sex" - as they transform to become a Uranus relationship in your life. The fact that the energy of conception which is always an unexpected Uranus surprise - is a moment you can't plan for - it just "happens" like magic - proving that the BOOST a Uranus relationship is a higher INTENSE strong level of relationship energies - and a state which you can't attain all the time - and which is impossible to attain all the time - but that ONE moment can BOOST you for a long time.


Now, I understand that many wouldn't openly admit nor talk about "it" - as they are correctly being modest - but it is a fact of life - everyone - whoever they are - has "sex" energies present "almost" everyday - and STRONG "sex" energies at least 4 times a month - that's due to the planet Uranus being present in everyone's astrological chart.

Hence only a LIAR will say "they control themselves" - or not be interested in "sex". However, that does not mean one needs to be "liberal" in one's attitude - Uranus energies do need precise moments and a degree of caution. Because single people who "jerk-off" to lewd thoughts and desires for someone who is not-theirs to have - nor appropriate - are WASTING the power of their soul and of their astrological energies.


People who have BAD luck - and never have any unexpected GOOD surprises - need to look carefully at how they're behaving sexually - as Uranus energies can be unexpectedly GOOD and unexpectedly BAD. That's why couples in healthy sexual relationships with the RIGHT loving partner - have a glowing aura of positively excellent Uranus energies. Whereas people in negative sexual relationships - and living with the WRONG partner - have a problematic and afflicted"Uranus" energy in their aura - need to CLEANSE and CLEAR - that negativity.


If you think of Uranus relationship as you do of ELECTRICITY - it is ESSENTIAL to life - and vitally important - but if you plug the wires in the wrong way - it can be catastrophically destructive. Your attitude to "sex" is directly related to your Uranus relationship - hence the reason why different generations have different understanding of "sex" - and according to your generation - is related to your sexual energies.


Now, I hope you comprehend that your Uranus relationship might not be your loving Venus relationship - nor might it even be your destined Saturn relationship - but it IS an important relationship - and one which can decide - if your aura has unexpectedly GOOD luck or BAD luck in it.

FYI - in my "past" - I always found that as soon as the BAD sexual relationship ended - surprisingly and suddenly I had GOOD luck - as being connected with the WRONG one was BAD luck - and blocked the energy of Uranus GOOD luck.


As mentioned above - the BOOST of energy in a Uranus relationship is a higher INTENSE strong level of relationship energies - and a state which you can't attain all the time - and which in fact is impossible to attain all the time - but that ONE moment can BOOST you for a long time. I conclude that unexpected psychic messages from "spirit" world - are also defined as energy of a Uranus relationship.



[7] The Pluto relationship


Pluto is the planet that represents deep and meaningful change in your life .... it's transformative energies - always mean TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the PAST before moving onto and BUILDING the FUTURE. Naturally many people FEAR the energy of Pluto - only because it often means complete and FINAL ENDINGS - and in the historic past generations - the ONLY way something has been determined as FINAL is DEATH.


However, when you think of "DEATH" as an opportunity for REBIRTH in a new life - in a new reincarnation - then you begin to comprehend Pluto - and equally you know what you need to do when facing challenges of Pluto. You have to imagine that you've DIED and restarting life all over again - however, with the FRESH start - comes with an OBLIGATION to forgive everyone from the "past" life that ended - and that will be the karmic secret to having a new FRESH start - thanks to Pluto.


The reason why I've said people FEARED Pluto in historic past generations - is because they were FIXED and REFUSED to adapt to circumstances - hence if they married - they stayed married forever. The only way out - was DEATH - and reincarnation to a NEW life.

In our lucky generation - we can live with 5 or 6 marriages / lovers - without the need for DEATH - and in each "marriage" you can complete the karma from past-lifetimes - detach completely - and then move on with the "next".


The secret to be able to MOVE ON - is a complete DETACHMENT and complete FORGIVENESS from the "Past". Pluto energies work DEEP within you - so if you're holding onto resentment, anger and bitterness - from this lifetime and past lifetimes - it will appear and manifest in your life - and cause inexplicable frustration.


The transformative energies of Pluto are brutal - but can be pleasant if you allow them to be - as they are necessary to eliminate and destroy all the "past-life" energies that are buried DEEP within you - it's like a karmic vacuum cleaner. Therefore, technically the ONLY way is to LET GO of your EGO - and pretend you've DIED - and eliminate the idea of HOLDING onto anything. Pluto is teaching you to LET GO of everything - and once you've got nothing - and then it will GIVE you everything you need for the "new" life.


The Pluto relationship .... is the person who teaches you this - someone who helps you realize that DEATH is a transformative energy - and a pathway to REBIRTH. Someone who shows you that LETTING GO and FORGIVING the past is possible - and most importantly they prove to you that "it" works.


The Pluto relationship .... is one of the most profound, meaningful and important of all your relationships as they show you by REAL events in your life - the eternity of "life" - and even if you've forgotten the meaning of your life at "birth" - during your life - Pluto relationships will come into your life to teach you about your spirituality. They maybe psychic's, gipsy's, clairvoyants, mediums who give you PROOF of spiritual afterlife and purpose - but the most important of your Pluto relationship are people you've known in REAL life - who DIE - and then come close to you from the "other" side - to make you feel there's more to "life" than a physical earthly life.


All these Pluto experiences are metaphysical and can be scary - because they undermine the materialistic earthly values - and will disturb the foundations of an atheist - hence the reason why many turn to drugs and alcohol etc during their Pluto square Pluto transit - to blot out the concept of anything metaphysical. However, pretending things don't exist only creates more situations to awaken the deep Pluto energies.


Thankfully, the Pluto relationships will bring clarity to help you see everything clearly - they're karmic - and therefore it's your DESTINY to connect with all the specific Pluto relationships that destiny has predetermined for your life. Each will change your perception and understanding of life.


Most of us can change with ease - we can learn about spirituality and accept - but between 30 => 40 years old - everyone experiences transiting Pluto squaring your natal Pluto - which gives difficult lessons to teach about DEATH, ENDINGS and TRANSFORMATION.


This is especially true as currently the transit of Pluto in Capricorn is affecting everyone born between 1972 and 1984 - as you have your Pluto in Libra which is currently being squared by Pluto in Capricorn - forcing change and transformation upon your life in some difficult challenging and "unpleasant" ways.

It's also the reason why everyone born prior to 1972 and after 1984 is keeping away from you - as you have an attitude that is hard to handle. However, everyone born between 1972 and 1984 with Pluto in Libra - understands what you're going through - and astrologers like me - born prior to 1972 - we can understand you a little more than others - but because we're not experiencing it - we can't ever understand you 100% like someone from your generation.

The reason why I explain this is to show you that Pluto relationships are generational - and you really need someone who understands you on your wavelength at the deepest level possible - to work through your Pluto relationship otherwise you're going to get into conflict with others - and conflict will lead to TOTAL DESTRUCTION.


Pluto in Cancer 1925 => 1936

Pluto in Leo 1936 => 1958

Pluto in Virgo 1958 => 1972

Pluto in Libra 1972 => 1984

Pluto in Scorpio 1984 => 1995

Pluto in Sagittarius 1995 => 2008

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2022


The reason I've listed the above dates is that having a Pluto relationship with someone who has Pluto prior to or after your Pluto sign will be BAD for you - as they will not understand you and you won't understand them.

Whereas having a Pluto relationship with someone in the SAME Pluto sign OR two signs before / after yours is GOOD. That's the inherent reason why we all LOVE our grandparents - especially if your parents are "difficult". Because your grandparents resonate well with your Pluto - and will be able to bring-out-the-best in you. Grandparents understand you on a deep Pluto level - whereas Parents don't understand you - and sometimes it feels like you're on different planets. Because your energies of Pluto aren't connecting with each other.


I must add - that spiritually - through the greatest of all spiritual teachers throughout all generations - teach at the deepest level and are all Pluto relationships - as they connect with your mind, thoughts and spiritual soul. The proof of this is if you ask yourself - who would you like to meet on the "Other" side after you die - everyone will say someone like Jesus Christ, a great spiritual soul like Rebbe Elimelech or someone you've learnt a lot from and has made a great impression on your soul - that's because Pluto relationships are very special and probably the most important piece of your life. For with your Pluto relationship - you can unlock everything in your life.



Find ONE of the [7] relationship's

Start by finding just ONE - anyONE of the 7 planetary relationships - the Pluto relationship - or the Saturn relationship - is always the easiest - then automatically when you have the confidence and clarity of ONE of the 7 relationships - the others will come into your life or you will be able to see the others clearly too.


If you've gone through or going through karmic changes in your life - then as you CLEAR and as karma is CLEARING everyone out of your life - you'll start to see ONE strong relationship come into your life - more than likely they'll be a NEW Pluto relationship - or a Saturn relationship - which will then help you BUILD your destined future. The secret to know is that you are NEVER EVER ALONE. There'#s always "someone" in your life.


"New" karmic beginnings - at any stage of life - always begin with LOVE - so when you sense and when you're ready for a "new" beginning - that's when you're filled with LOVE and APPRECIATION for the gift of life - and you'll become HAPPY - FULL OF LOVE.

The karmic beginning is the moment when all you can say is THANK YOU GOD - and constantly use words of I LOVE YOU - I LOVE LIFE - especially towards your NEW Pluto relationships and your Saturn relationships - as you realize your DESTINY has saved your life - and given you a NEW life.


These feelings are always present when people FEEL they've had their lives saved - especially after illness and accidents - with a gratitude to being SAVED - and having the gift of LIFE - the cleansed aura will be full of gratitude and love - that's when you know your life is going to be sorted out by DESTINY - but never ever look backwards and forgive everyone from the "past" - let the "past" go. Then you'll find your life becoming wholesome.



Footnotes - "7 Planetary Relationships"


[1] One-Way or Two-Way Relationships


Everyone in your life can be defined into one of your 7 planetary relationships - in fact "everything" even inanimate objects in your life is defined into one of your 7 planetary relationships - for example, your bank account and money is your Mars relationship - because without it some people wouldn't be able to survive and exist. Likewise, your bed is essential in your life as a Mars relationship and gives you a good night's sleep and strength for the next day. Your iPhone might be your Mercury relationship - as you're attached to it - more than you're attached to the people that call you and with whom you communicate with on it.


Ideally each of the 7 planetary relationships needs to be TWO WAY energies - an interaction of energies - otherwise it is dysfunctionally operating on a ONE WAY energy. And not being complete nor wholesome in it's energy. If any of your relationships are only ONE-WAY - then ask yourself WHY ? It might be you need to change "relationship" - and have a TWO WAY energy to be wholesome OR maybe you're comfortable having a ONE-WAY relationship ?



[2] What's in Your Aura for YOUR "7 Planetary Relationships" ?


Think and analyze everything and everyone in your life into one of the 7 Planetary relationships - and then you'll see who's missing from the bigger picture of your life. Do you have someone for each of the 7 planets? Or are "objects" replacing REAL people in your life ?

When you sit at home in front of the TV - your aura is defined but then changes when you go to sit in Church / Temple - and changes when you go walking or when you go shopping. The interaction of your aura with your environment and everything you're doing constantly redefines the balance of and energies of 7 planetary relationships in your aura.


Due to the constantly changing astrological energies - especially the Moon - and the different Sun sign each month together with the planets changing star signs - you too will redefine WHO you have in your aura for each of your - "7 Planetary Relationships" - for example, Jupiter in Virgo - from August 2015 => September 2016 - will chang your Jupiter energies from what you experienced between July 2014 => August 2015 - each Jupiter transit redefineds a new Jupiter relationship in your life.


When you become aware that you're constantly changing - especially when you do different things during the day and the week - you'll realize the importance of having GOOD relationships in your aura that act to ENHANCE and ENERGIZE your aura - instead of draining and detracting from your life-energy.



[3] Is Your Aura switched ON or switched OFF ? Where are you ? Is your Aura AWAKE or ASLEEP ?


It's strange that when "we" are in control of our aura - we often make mistakes - because we're connecting with the WRONG ones - however, many times - especially if you're totally exhausted - you go to bed - and then you aura - reconnects "spiritually" with all your RIGHT planetary relationship energies. The fantastic days are when you wake up refreshed - you "know" you've been recharged in your sleep - and now your soul has been switched ON to the RIGHT relationships.

Then during the day - as you get involved with the WRONG ones and get drained by them - you become detached. Your AURA gets SWITCHED OFF - and BLOCKED - and substitutes for your 7 planetary relationships take the place of the RIGHT ones.


This doesn't just apply to WAKING UP each morning - but also applies to periods of your life when you are ASLEEP. For example, if you have NO LOVE in your life - no sexual partner - no-one to talk to - or no-one that's stimulating your mind to transform and grow - such periods of your life - you're ASLEEP - and therefore you need to be AWAKENED. The fact you're reading this website - is awakening you - and now it's up to you to reconnect with the people you know you need to be connected with.


A Question for You to Ask Yourself ...

"What Planet are "You" for other people?"

If you had to define what planet you are in other people's lives - which planet would you be ?


I explained that all the people in your life - are defined by planetary energies - but maybe it's worth taking time to THINK - who are you for other people ? Are you someone attractive, handsome and beautiful that people love to see - [Venus] ? Are you someone strong confident and supportive that people need in their lives [Mars] ? Are you someone that just "talks" [Mercury] ? Are you someone destined that makes other people's lives wholesome [Saturn] ?


Are you someone that's a nuisance to others because you restrict, block and prevent things from happening [Saturn] ? Are you someone who is lucky for other people [Jupiter]? Are you someone so exciting to someone - that you create a BURST of energy that blows-their-heads off [Uranus]? Are you someone that gives your partner great sex [Uranus]? Are you someone who is great fun to be with for others - but never actually do anything meaningful [Neptune]? Are you someone who transforms other people's lives - whilst keeping far-away from them - [Pluto] ?


Yes - it's a BIG question - and you will realize - "you" are someone different to everyone you know. You might be superficially charming and friendly - and with a warmth smile on your face - enhance someone's life for a few moments each day - [Venus] - OR - you might be someone else's sexual fantasy that they're in-love-with [Neptune].


OR - you might be what this website is to all of you - [Pluto] - helping you transform yourself from within yourself - because I'm nothing to do with any of your real-life lives and never will be. Indeed for 90% of readers - I don't even know who you are - you read the website and make no contact - and 100% of all readers I have no idea when you're reading whatever you're reading. That too is OK - as in the past few weeks - I've realized that I am a "Pluto" to all internet people. The most fascinating facts you too will realize - is when you realize the truth of who you are to other people - then you'll realize - who "you" really are and what your purpose is in life.








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