"2024" - Energetic & Exciting




"2024 is Year of Truth"

Everything is "Yes" or "No"

"Good-for-You" or "Toxic-Bad"





7 Planetary Relationship-Energies

Every Planet Represents

Someone Special in Your life



"There's always 1 Special Person in Your Life"

There should always be 1 special person in your life

There's going to be special people who change your life



Combinations defines Your SunSign & MoonSign

Combinations is like the 4 digit **** PIN number for your bank


However, the other 7 Planets define your whole energy-system

7 Planetary Energies are like components of your Automobile

Your life is a collective set of energies that defines "you"



Compare yourself to an automobile & ask where are you going?

Externally the Body-Color-Design & Internal-Features-Comfort

And then all the necessary components to get the car moving

Tyres-Air Motor-Engine-Gasoline Battery-Electrics Starter-Motor

Even if you've got "it" all - Do you know where you're going to?


7 Planetary Relationship-Energies

You're in a Constant Relationship with Life



[1] Mercury - Your Mercury is closest to Your SunSign

Mercury - defines the voices and intelligence in your head

Mercury - defines everything your thinking about


Mercury - listens to what the external world is saying to you

Mercury wants you to hear what you're thinking in your head


Mercury wants you to be connected to people on your wavelength

Mercury needs you to be talking to people who understand you


Mercury needs right people in your "League" of intelligence

Mercury wants you to be connected to people you understand


Mercury - defines your full contact list - past-present-future

Mercury - Everyone you know - everyone who knows you


Mercury is your thought-process that connects you

You're thinking clearly because you're wired & connected


Mercury defines languages/speech your mind comprehends

Mercury ensures you switch-off to anything you don't want

Mercury ensures you ignore idiots and stupid people


Mercury is your Ignition Key for the Starter-Motor

Mercury is your mind saying "Let's do something!"

Mercury is your mind hearing "Let's do something!"

Mercury is music-words-thoughts-starter-motivation



[2] Venus - Inner planet - defines - your heart

Venus defines everything you love about life

Venus defines your world that you live-in


Venus includes home-furnishings-food-clothes

Venus is everything that makes you look-good

Venus is your car's body-work and interior-design


Venus says when you love-life - you look good

Venus says when you hate-you-life - you look bad


Venus is a "heart" energy - Venus wants good quality

Venus is your lucky "charm" - charisma and warmth


Venus wants you to be a warm-hearted person

Venus wants you to be loveable and likeable

Venus wants to attract you to warm-hearted people

Venus wants warm-hearted people to be attracted to you




Pic of Me & Kinga from 2010 [She inspired me the most]

Pics of Me & Psychics/Rabbis from 2008/2009


Venus is energy of Pics of the Best-Version of Yourself

Above are my pics the best people I've known in my life


The best people in your life unlocked your best energies

Venus defines - Past & Present - your "hearts" excitement


Reminiscing activates your Venus - as - your heart gets excited

Venus defines - the engine of your life - what gets you going


People who don't love anyone/anything - have damaged hearts

Venus wants you to love-life - love-someone - love-anyone

Activate your Venus by defining everything you love about life



[3] Mars - Outer Planet - defines everything you own

Mars defines what you do with your life to earn money


Mars defines the confidence your job/career gives you

Mars defines the confidence your "home address" gives you


Mars defines what you do for "others" in the outside-world

Mars defines what "others" see you do for the world


Mars defines what you've achieved in your life

Mars is the determination-focus-persistence to achieve


Mars defines what "others" respect you for

Mars proves your true ability to be "you"


Mars is an "outside" energy - Mars is the breadwinner

Mars is to "conquer" the world with "gutsy" energy


Some people prefer to be supportive-to-others "Mars"

Weak/damaged "Mars" means you rely/depend on others


"Mars" people need "partners" to co-create "Success"

Mars is considered the breadwinner who needs "Support"


People who've achieved "nothing" will be getting "it" soon

Mars is the strength-motivation-determination to "win"


"Mars creates STRENGTH & says - try "it" & do "it"

Whatever "it" is - you know you need - be gutsy and try "it"


How much "Mars" you are - defines your future potential

Mars wants you to do "it" again - as - you've done "it" before


Mars - says - stop-blaming-others - get on and do "it"

Mars is the "sex-drive" in everyone - everyone has got "it" - use "it"


Mars defines whatever you can't live without

Mars defines "Money-Prosperity-Life's Essentials"


Mars in Taurus [Earth] - Good for Earth & WaterSigns

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - 9th June => 20th July 2024


Mars in Gemini [Air] Good for AirSigns & FireSigns

Mars in Gemini [Air] - 20th July => 4th September 2024


Mars in Cancer [Water] - Good for Earth & WaterSigns

Mars in Cancer [Water] - 4th September => 4th November '23


Mars in Leo [Fire] - 4th Nov' 2024 => 17th June 2025

Mars in Leo [Fire] - 4th Nov' 2024 => 6th January 2025

Mars in Leo [Fire] - 18th April => 17th June 2025

Mars in Leo [Fire] - includes a LONG retrograde in Leo





[4] Jupiter - The Largest Planet in our Solar System

Jupiter is the "Gas" planet of expansion is Bigger than "it" is


Jupiter wants you to "Think-Big" - Optimism is "Thinking-Big"

Jupiter is defined for some by - "Fake-it-until-you-make-it"


Jupiter creates - "Thinking-Big-Days" of Real-Truth's

Napoleon Hill's "Think-Big" is "Truth that really Works"


Jupiter says whatever you life is now - it can/will change

Jupiter requires to believe in the future - then "future" happens


Depression is directly linked to damaged Jupiter

Anyone who makes you "depressed" are "Toxic"


Jupiter wants you to believe in life and in your future

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] is going to turn-lives-around


Jupiter relationships are people who make you believe in life

Traditionally "Jupiter" is mother's optimistic energy


Mother's instinctively help children grow by making them believe

Jupiter relationship is everyone who makes you believe in your life


Everyone you believe in and everyone who believes in you

Everything you believe in - because - "it" works for you


People who talk-negative are toxic - delete "them"!

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - is intolerant towards "negative-people"

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - loves people and loves being happy


Jupiter says when you believe => you'll receive "success"

Jupiter says if you don't believe => then nothing will happen



[5] Saturn - the Unique Planet of Rings-Around "It"

Saturn defines every relationship you've ever known


Saturn defines all relationships - good and bad

Saturn defines all real-life experiences - good and bad

Saturn defines everyone from "Birth" to "Death" !


Saturn teaches you lessons of life via other people

Saturn teaches you karmic lessons of life via people


Saturn defines everyone who has taught you something

Saturn defines your identity today is a result of "others"


Your experiences with "others" has made you who you are

If "they" damaged you - then - why are you still damaged?

If "they" helped you - then - why have you forgotten them?

Every Saturn relationship is bitter-sweet - that's life!


Yoga of Karma defines Actions - "living it in real life"

Saturn wants to show you that life's a Karmic School

Saturn rewards when you've passed "Your Karmic Test"


Saturn says you can't avoid your destined karmic lessons

Saturn creates "it" even on the pathway you chose to avoid "it"


Saturn ensures you're inexplicably attracted to some people

Saturn ensures you totally ignore people meaningless people


Saturn in Pisces [Water] - 7th March 2023 => June 2025

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - Healing Relationships

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - will define "Stability"


Saturn defines Specific Types of People you need

Saturn defines Relationships to ensure "You" are "You"


Saturn creates inexplicable attachments to specific "people"

Saturn creates inexplicable detachments to other "people"


Saturn wants you to get "your relationships" right

Saturn wants everyone to "understand-relationships"

You know yourself best - via - relationships with others


Saturn in Pisces [Water] 7th March 2023 thru' June 2025

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - New Energy for Relationships

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - Healing Energy for Relationships



[6] Uranus - "Sets-You-Free" from "fixed" destiny

Uranus gives you opportunities to change anytime


Uranus needs you to "break-free" and stop being rigid !

Uranus needs you to "think" differently & unconventional


Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - "Active-Healthy-Sex-Life"

Freedom from thinking negative - Freedom from "Prison"

Uranus sets-you-free because it gives "Choices-of-Freedom"


Uranus desires Freedom - anyone/anything irritating you

Uranus wants you to Love-Life and to stop worrying

Uranus wants you to Set-You-Free from "toxic" people


One way to explain - Uranus in Taurus is "after-sex" feeling

Contentment - happiness - clear-headedness - ecstasy


Uranus never complains - Uranus has no rules

Uranus is a natural-healthy instinctive sex-chemistry


When "sexual-chemisty" is right - you know "it" is

When "sexual-chemisty" is wrong - you know "it" !


The ecstasy of Uranus - raises your awareness of life's energy

Uranus wants you to raise your awareness & consciousness

Uranus is the reason why creative people are highly-sexual



[7] Pluto - The most precious intense moments of life

Pluto is the quality unforgettable moments of life


Pluto in Capricorn [Earth] 2008 => 2023

Pluto created"intense" & "unforgettable" moments


Pluto will ensure - you're ready to "move-on with life"

Pluto will attract you to meaningful and intense moments


Pluto in Aquarius [Air] will create BIG moments

Sadness & excitement - Death & rebirth - Good & bad


Pluto in Aquarius [Air] will bring "Freedom" from "bad"

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] will unlock anything "fixed & bad"



Neptune is the Direction of Future


Neptune isn't a planetary relationship

Neptune is your imagination & dreams

Neptune inspires you with ideas

Neptune is where you want to go


Neptune in Pisces since 2012 - has made you dream

For those of you who've moved-home and career


Neptune gave you the imagination to make "it" happen

Neptune is the manifestation of your imagination



Compare yourself to an automobile & ask where are you going?

Neptune is "your mind" being your Satnav directing you


People who've an afflicted Neptune can't imagine anything

People who've an active Neptune - see "it" and make "it" happen


Neptune is your imagination & dreams making "it" come true

Neptune inspires you with dreams for your future


Neptune creates whatever you "IMAGINE"

When you imagine "it" - you know "it" will happen

Neptune gives the vision - but "some" don't see "it"


All Psychic's feel peaceful - because "it" feels good

Nervous people feel unstable - because they can't see "It"


Neptune in Pisces since 2012 - you've seen "it" clearly

Neptune & Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 - created "it"

Neptune will create in "Real-Life" what you IMAGINE


7 Planetary Relationship-Energies

"You're having a constant relationship"


Your Life's Success is defined by "Being Connected"

Your Failure is because you're not "Connected/Grounded"


Think of everyone you know

Thank God for them being in your life


Your life would be a catastrophe - without people in your life

My life would have been a catastrophe without these people

My life would be a catastrophe without you - on the "internet"










You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"