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Audio - "Personal Readings" - Choices to Make

September 2020 - Living Your Own Astrological Chart

Choices between "2020" Version of YourSelf or the "Past"



Audio [18mins] for - Introduction to Roller-Coaster "Sun in Libra - 2020"

Explaining the "roller-coaster" of Sun in Libra - Choices and Decisions


Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Libra - 7th Star Sign of Zodiac

Sun in Libra - 22nd September => 22nd October 2020


Sun in Libra [Air Sign] Full Moon in Aries [Fire Sign] Mercury in Scorpio [Water Sign] Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

Mars retrograde Aries [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus retrograde Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune retrograde Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


3 Planets direct - Mercury - Venus - Jupiter

5 Planets retrograde - Mars - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto


22nd September: Sun enters Libra

23rd September: Mercury 25° Libra squares Saturn [retrograde] 25° Capricorn

24th September: Mercury 26° Libra opposes Mars [retrograde] 26° Aries

27th September: Mercury enters Scorpio

29th September: Saturn goes direct at 25° Capricorn

29th September: Mars [retrograde] 25° Aries squares Saturn 25° Capricorn

29th September: Venus 25° Leo trines Mars [retrograde] 25° Aries


1st October: Full Moon 9° Aries

Full Moon squares Jupiter in Capricorn

Full Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn

Full Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn

Full Moon conjunct's Mars [retrograde] in Aries


5th October: Pluto goes direct at 22° Capricorn

7th October: Mercury 9° Scorpio opposes Uranus [retrograde] 9° Taurus

9th October: Mars [retrograde] 22° Aries squares Pluto 22° Capricorn

10th October: Venus 9° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 9° Taurus

11th October: Sun 18° Libra squares Jupiter 18° Capricorn

13th October: Sun 21° Libra opposes Mars [retrograde] 21° Aries

14th October: Mercury goes retrograde 11° Scorpio

15th October: Sun 22° Libra squares Pluto 22° Capricorn

18th October: Sun 25° Libra squares Saturn 25° Capricorn

18th October: New Moon 25° Libra

18th October: Venus 18° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 18° Pisces

19th October: Venus 19° Virgo trines Jupiter 19° Capricorn

19th October: Mars [retrograde] 19° Aries squares Jupiter 19° Capricorn

19th October - the "final" squares - no more outer planet squares until Jan'2021

From 19th October - "recovery" and "healing" - "positive & new" begins

21st October: Venus 22° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 22° Capricorn


4 Planets direct - Venus - Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto

4 Planets retrograde - Mercury - Mars - Uranus - Neptune


22nd October: Sun enters Scorpio

24th October: Venus 25° Virgo trines Saturn 25° Capricorn

28th October: Venus enters Libra

28th October: Mercury retrogrades back into Libra

31st October: Sun 8° Scorpio opposes Uranus [retrograde] 8° Taurus


Sun in Libra - 7th Star Sign of Zodiac

Libra - StarSign of Scales


Libra is the StarSign defined by Scales. The ability to Balance life to create equilibrium in life. Unfortunately, when people concentrate their lives on ONE specific area - ANOTHER area always suffers. When people are focused on MONEY - then - their RELATIONSHIPS get damaged - and - the truthful reason WHY everyone is alive as a human-being is to have LOVING RELATIONSHIPS.


Sun in Libra will be creating a CHANGE to ensure - BALANCE and EQUILIBRIUM is restored in everyone's lives. Sun in Libra will ensure you're in the RIGHT place with the RIGHT people.


Libra - the StarSign defined by Scales is the ONLY StarSign not symbolized by a "living" entity or creature - Scales is an inanimate object - seemingly - WITHOUT a HEART - but the truth is the Libra doesn't need a HEART to fix the problems or balance the scales.


Libra is Justice - Libra is Balance - Libra will do the destined job that needs to be done - even if it breaks a few hearts. In balancing the Scales - can happen in TWO ways - either - throwing everything off the Scales and STARTING AFRESH - or - finding enough energy to create BALANCE in whatever is out-of-balance.


When one-side is heavy - it needs a STRONG energy to counter-balance "it". Sun in Libra will bring-in a STRONG energy to help balance - but - if something can't be balanced - can't be solved - because it's too overwhelmingly negative - then Sun in Libra - defined by the Full Moon in Aries on Thursday 1st October 2020 - will say - START AFRESH - with - NOTHING - wipe everything off and make a FRESH NEW START with something completely NEW.


The events that will be unfolding and to be revealed fully by the Full Moon in Aries on Thursday 1st October 2020 - will ensure you're in a position to DECIDE what to do - either "MAKE" or "BREAK". Wait until the Aries Full Moon before deciding.



Libra - StarSign of Real Relationships

The 1st Step is admitting you've been wrong - then - the 2nd Step of getting "it" right


The destined events during Sun in Libra - all depends on how honest you are with yourself. When you've made a mistake - Do you adjust and correct yourself quickly ? Do you refuse to admit you're wrong ? Do you believe that you're always right and that the mistake was SOMEONE else's fault? The BIGGEST mistake most people make are because they're NOT listening - NOT adapting - NOT able to change and be flexible.


For the past 7 years I predicted "2020" was going to be year of STABILITY and whilst for many people it has revealed facets of life that are 100% STABLE - "2020" is definitely proving itself to be FRAGILE and UNSTABLE for many people.


I read the astrological chart of January 2020 and throughout "2020" as a year of DESTINED TRUTH - when there would be STABILITY in our lives. It was MY MISTAKE in describing "it". What I should have said is 2020 is a year of REWARD for investing your energy in "RELATIONSHIPS".


Investing in GOOD relationships is SUCCESS and HAPPINESS - but - people who've DONE NOTHING in relationships in the past 7 years - not caring about other people - not loving anyone - or - being totally selfish will mean a year of "NOTHINGNESS".


What I should have said - 2020 will be a year when everything that's RIGHT and GOOD for you - will reveal itself to be the BEST & STABLE facets of your life - and - everything that's WRONG and BAD for you - truth will be revealed to you - and - will be lost forever.


Indeed, look at the truth - if "someone" wasn't there for you during the past 6 months - then - the relationship is "DEAD" forever. And whoever was there for you during the past 6 months - that relationship is "ALIVE" - more than ever before.


Freewill choice gives everyone choices to make - and - during times of stress and strain - when people become selfish - nasty - mean - and unconcerned for anyone else other than themselves - they are defining "DEAD RELATIONSHIP" energy.


Conversely - during times of stress and strain - when people become EXCEPTIONALLY kind and concerned for others - caring - thoughtful - understanding - compassionate and loving - the difficult times have brought out the BEST in people.


The good relationships become more intense, more loving and more "ALIVE" - more than ever. You've realized that you can't live without people in your life - and - it's thanks to the GOOD people in your life that you've got through "it" all.


Sun in Libra - Libra is the StarSign of Real-Life Relationships - and therefore - you'll see clearly all your relationships as being "ALIVE" - or - "DEAD". If you've realized you've made MISTAKES - then - Sun in Libra will help you CORRECT the MISTAKES - but - it will take the power of communication and forgiveness to get "life" back again.


The reason for this emphasis is that Sun enters Libra with 5 planets in retrograde - retrogrades combined with Saturn - Jupiter - Pluto in Capricorn - means - DESTINED relationships - people you already KNOW - your EX's - and - all your damaged relationships - FORGIVENESS - LETTING-GO and HEALING.


"LETTING-GO" will be important - as with wisdom and hindsight - you've realized that you were BOTH WRONG for each other. You made a BAD CHOICE in choosing that relationship. When you LET-GO because of understanding - the bond is broken and you're healed.


FORGIVENESS and HEALING will be important because some relationships are not supposed to be broken - and - hence - getting back-on-track means - ASKING & BEGGING FOR FORGIVENESS - and - making it work !


The good news is that Sun in Libra is the StarSign of HAPPINESS because of RELATIONSHIPS - hence - getting back-on-track - defined by getting-back together with someone who is truly GOOD for you - or - getting someone NEW because you've realized what you need in your life - is why you'll find REAL HAPPINESS.


Unfortunately "some" people can't forgive - can't heal - "they" can't do relationships - hence - Sun in Libra will be painful for them - UNTIL "they" cave-in a realize that no-one can live without loving relationships - everyone needs someone.


I've added the title of Sun in Libra - to be - real relationships - because - "some" people delusionally think that watching "porn" is having a relationship - it is NOT - Porn is NOT REAL - Sun in Libra says REAL LIFE LOVE !



Sun in Libra - 7th Star Sign of Zodiac

Libra Changes Everyone's Mind


We've all made mistakes in life - and - the 1st Step is admitting you got "it" wrong - then follows - the 2nd Step of getting "it" right. Mercury in Libra 5th September => 27th September 2020 - has made everyone realize that something is WRONG - something must CHANGE - something needs to CHANGE in order for life to become RIGHT.


Mercury in Libra - followed by - Sun in Libra 22nd September => 22nd October 2020 - will inform everyone that we need a CHANGE in order to break the cycle of WRONG into RIGHT - but to CHANGE - we - everyone individually needs to realize we need to CHANGE something we're doing in order to get it RIGHT.


13th September: Jupiter goes direct at 17° Capricorn

29th September: Saturn goes direct at 25° Capricorn

1st October: Full Moon 9° Aries

Full Moon squares Jupiter in Capricorn

Full Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn

Full Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn

Full Moon conjunct's Mars [retrograde] in Aries

5th October: Pluto goes direct at 22° Capricorn


The TURN-AROUND of attitude - and - CHANGING of MIND will be defined by 3 planets going direct - as well as Sun in Libra's Full Moon in Aries on 1st October 2020 - once you realize what needs to be done - you'll do "it" immediately - and - "it" will make things happen immediately.



Relationships - Magnetism of Attraction


When you LOOK good - you FEEL good - but - when you LOOK a "mess" - you feel a "mess". This paragraph is more directed towards MEN than WOMEN. Male readers need to know that WOMEN have an inbuilt sensitivity to take a glance at you - and - instinctively know if you're suitable or not.


If you've let-yourself grow into an "elephant" with an over-hanging belly - you are NOT attractive to women. They won't want to go to bed with you - and - you weren't born to look like an "elephant" - so loose the weight - and get FIT - if you want a loving relationship !


"Some" men think it's attractive to be "FAT" - most women find it REPULSIVE. The same applies to smoking cigarettes and being an alcoholic - most people - hate the BAD BREATH and BAD ATTITUDE that accompanies addictions. And the same applies to PORN addiction - most women HATE men who are addicted to PORN.


So - if you've moaning and complaining that NO-ONE wants you - then - "men" - clean yourselves up. Women have a sensitivity that they can sense a GOOD MAN - and - a CLEAN MAN is VERY ATTRACTIVE to women.


And so that it doesn't seem this paragraph is being unfair to men - the ONLY thing men want is a charming woman - a NON-ARGMENTATIVE woman is our ideal - men want real love - men want harmony and peace - men want love and the love that only women can do for men.


When we're young and immature - we've all made mistakes in relationships - now in "2020" - life is wanting everyone to get "it" right. The best month to prove that you're a relationship person - is - Sun in Libra.



Sun in Libra will create Oscillations to See the Truth

Everyone has got and has had "relationships"

People who "hate" others - People who refuse to understand others - are - failures

People who "love" others - and - People who understand others - are - winners


The reason why you're alive is to have and to experience relationships with OTHER people. It's not just about "YOU" - it's about "YOU" being needed for OTHER people's life-energy. When people have got "someone" to live for - they're much more ALIVE & HAPPY to be ALIVE than someone who's got no-one.


Immature selfish relationships look at OTHER people for whatever they can get from them - but - give nothing. Mature relationships understand that to live harmoniously - you need the RIGHT type of person suitable for being part of "YOU" - as - "YOU" become part of them.


The way to achieve success in life is by working-with the people in your life - working-with others is defined by UNDERSTANDING everyone in your life - KNOWING what the other person needs from you - and - BEING THERE for them. Then automatically and instinctively - they will be there for you. If you don't UNDERSTAND or don't KNOW other people - you won't be a SUCCESS in relationships.


The KEY to SUCCESS in life is to UNDERSTAND & KNOW everyone in your life - for "some" people you'll bring out the best in them - for "some" people you'll understand what they need - and - for "some" people you'll realize you're wasting your time because they're too immature and selfish for a sensible long-term RELATIONSHIP !



Libra Balances Everyone's Life

Libra Scales - Sees what you needs and brings "it" in

Karmic Justice - Destined Time for Balance and Harmony

The Karmic Balance and Adjustment is Karmic from the past 12 years


Whatever you've experienced in "2020" - has revealed that "Life is out-of-balance" - Sun in Libra - means - destiny revealing the truth of the meaning of life - and - showing everyone clearly the meaning of life.


Most STUPID people have falsely believed that life is only about MONEY and MATERIALISM - and - such STUPID people have ignored "RELATIONSHIPS" - Sun in Libra will re-address the truth about life - that life is about PEOPLE.


The most precious thing in the world is LIFE. The gift of life is precious - and - yet so many people FORGET that every moment of LIFE has to be DOING something meaningful with LIFE.


The most meaningful thing you can do with LIFE is to share YOUR life-energy with OTHER people - by doing something for others - by loving other people - by respecting the preciousness of LIFE itself - knowing that at any moment "it" could all suddenly end.


Libra - defines - whatever is out-of-balance in your life - will be re-addressed. And for all who've focused your life on OTHER people - then - the Sun in Libra will bring you whatever you need for your life to continue being in love and being there for OTHER people.



Libra Brings Your True Personality Back

"Libra" Sees what you are and ensures you are "you"

Especially if you've not been yourself since 2010 !

The Karmic Balance and Adjustment is Karmic from the past 12 years


There are TWO versions of everyone - [1] "dead" - dead-depressed with nothing happening - and - [2] "alive" - alive means - in-love-with life with lots of the things happening. Sun in Libra - defined by the fact that Earth as viewed from the Sun is in Aries - Libra-Aries has the destined job to bring you BACK-TO-LIFE.


The Strong Zodiac Year of 2020 - means - that this is the month when you come BACK-TO-LIFE - your personality - your individuality and your true character of who you are - who you were destined to be comes BACK-TO-LIFE - BACK-ON-TRACK.


Thanks to Mercury in Libra from 5th September 2020 - part of you has already come BACK-TO-LIFE. Sun in Libra will bring every part of you BACK-TO-LIFE. This year's Libra is about "LOVE" - and - as you all remember - when you're in "LOVE" [with sex too] you're really feeling 100% BACK-TO-LIFE.


Due to the astrological configuration - the last time that "some" of you would have felt like this - is back to 2010 - 2011 when Saturn was in Libra - for others "it" would have been 2016 or 2018 - and for others "it" would have even been 1992 or 1996 or 2002 !


When you see what "it" is - then you'll know what "it" is - and - you'll realize "it" is something that you've been missing in your life - that - you really NEED - as you'll realize - you can't live without "it". "it" has to be something you really NEED!



3 Options - Past - Present - Future

Libra gives you - your personality and individuality


Sun in Libra - will give "You" 3 options to choose from


[1] Something TOTALLY NEW - New Possibilities - NEW START at life

when you look at your life - and realize - "it" is a mess - "it" is all wrong

then you'll simply walk-away and want to make a - FRESH NEW START at life


[2] Going Back to "Reset" to the Birth Chart version of yourself

With all the planets in retrograde - life gives everyone opportunity to "RESET"

to be the person you were destined to be - back in 1990's


[3] Combination of your own individuality and a NEW UPGRADE

depending on who you've turned-into in the past 7 years

as you've changed - you need a different type of relationship in your life

by a set of coincidences - you'll be attracted to a NEW UPGRADE in life



Roller-Coaster Libra - or - Stability Libra

Libra gives you - your own choice ....


Sun in Libra - will give you a FREEWILL CHOICE - whichever suits you. When you go to fair-ground do you love the thrill and excitement of a roller-coaster - or - do you prefer feet-on-the-ground and observing others. Some "Libra's" love peace and quiet - other "Libra's" have to do something exciting - even if it means nervous roller-coaster ride !


Either-way - you'll end-up at a good destination - you will end-up a different destination depending on your own FREEWILL CHOICE - and you won't be able to make a MISTAKE - because "it" will be exactly what you instinctively know you need. Nontheless - due to the numerous Sun squares - I'd give you advice - please don't do anything risky or stupid !



Avoid Risks especially Financial Risks

Wait-and-see what happens at the Full Moon


Sun in Libra - "Major Squares" - combined with all the Planets - Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn going direct - means - the pressure will be "on" again soon. This Time - everyone will have to Get "it" Right - because Sun in LIbra can't allow another "mess" like it was 6 months - Sun in Libra will ensure the "mess" has to be cleared-up - by - "RESET" or "POSITIVE" energy balancing-out the negative.


Unfortunately - due to the financial burden for "some" countries - there will probably be a make-or-break on financial markets - just like there always is everytime there's a build-up of negative situations - Sun in Libra will "RESET" it all !


I've explained a few months ago the Sun in Libra squares because of what will be happening in October. For all who are thinking of "financial" investments and real-estate. Wait until the "storm" of the squares has passed - and - then "it" will be safe.


Audio - Preview for Sun in Libra - "the Squares"

[Recorded - 28th May 2020 - 5mins]


13th September: Jupiter goes direct at 17° Capricorn

29th September: Saturn goes direct at 25° Capricorn

5th October: Pluto goes direct at 22° Capricorn


The major squares during Sun in Libra


1st /2nd October: Full Moon in Aries squares to Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto

11th October: Sun in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn

15th October: Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn

18th October: Sun in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn


29th September: Mars [retrograde] in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn

10th October: Mars [retrograde] in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

19th October: Mars [retrograde] in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn


When the 3 outer planets Jupiter - Saturn - Pluto - go direct - that's when the energy which will be forcing changes to happen - will be re-ignited - except it's stronger and will create MAJOR changes with - Sun in Libra squares & Mars in Aries squares.


Traditionally Sun in Libra - always creates stock-market crashes - 2008 - 2001 - 1992 - 1987 - and - 2020. They normally call stock-market crashes as CORRECTIONS that need to be made - and - Sun in Libra will be balancing the Scales and making MAJOR CORRECTIONS to the whole world.


Hence, astrologically - make changes that you need to make - that you want to make - PRIOR to 13th September 2020 - but AFTER 13th September - don't do anything RISKY - until AFTER 22nd October 2020 at the earliest - unless you like to "gamble" - then - "gambling" could be making a fortune on the stock-market and real-estate - but if you can't afford to "gamble" - don't do it !



One-way Journey into a New Future

Dec' 20 - Jupiter & Saturn enter Aquarius

19th December 2020 - Jupiter enters Aquarius & 17th December - Saturn enters Aquarius


Sun in Libra - will give you the sensation and feeling that we're all moving into a New Future

Whilst there are some similarities to the following years - "it" will create the best of both


Jupiter in Aquarius - 2009 - 1997

Saturn in Aquarius - 1991 - 1992


The negative side to "Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn" has defined


Whatever you've felt STUCK and STAGNANT about

Whatever you've felt DEPRESSED about

Whatever you've felt RESTRICTED and LOCKED-IN


Therefore "Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius" will ensure FREEDOM

The changes and sensation of FREEDOM will begin during October


"Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius" will create MAJOR changes for Aquarius - Leo - [and anyone with planets in Aquarius and Leo]. Anyone who's had NO RELATIONSHIPS in the past 3 => 6 years.


"Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius" will create a NEW POSITIVE CHANGE of circumstances for all Aries - Gemini - Libra - Sagittarius - and - all who remember having had MAJOR changes happening to you in Jupiter in Aquarius - 2009 - 1997 & Saturn in Aquarius - 1991 - 1992.


11th October: Sun in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn

15th October: Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn

18th October: Sun in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn


The reason I've added this here is that - during Sun in Libra - Sun square Jupiter & Sun square Saturn will reveal to you - SOMETHING that NEEDS changing in your life - SOMETHING WRONG - and - that will indicate the negative side to "Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn" - once you see what "it" is - then you'll know what's going to be changing from December 2020 - and - throughout 2021.


19th December 2020 - Jupiter enters Aquarius

14th May 2021 - Jupiter enters Pisces

29th July 2021 - Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius


I should inform you that "2021" - Jupiter in Aquarius & Jupiter in Pisces -

will actually be doing SOMETHING POSITIVELY BIG for


Aquarius - Leo - [and anyone with planets in Aquarius and Leo]

Pisces - Virgo - [and anyone with planets in Pisces and Virgo]


Lots to look-forwards to and many of you will feel "it" strong during Sun in Libra

Happy New Year - Rosh Hashana to all Jewish Readers




Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change because deep-down

The outer planets held in orbit by the Sun means you'll desire change more than ever before

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it



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