"2024" - Energetic & Exciting




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Predictions for Taurus [Earth]

"Energy determines Your Future"

This Week's Audio Summary SunSign Taurus

Short-&-Sweet - Weekly Taurus

Audio Intro' for "2024"

***Weekly "FUNNY" Version for Taurus


Monday 15th => Monday 22nd April 2024

Solving Your "Headaches & Problems"

"Solutions - Don't You Dare Give-Up!"

What Do You Need-Want-Must-Have?

Who-NeedsU-WantsU & Who-LovesU?

Full explanations for all 12 StarSigns @ "This Weeks Astrology"



Alignment of Planets in 4 StarSigns

Pluto in Aquarius [Air]

Mars-Saturn-Neptune in Pisces [Water]

Sun-Venus-Mercury in Aries [Fire]

19th April - Sun enters Taurus [Earth]

20th April - Jupiter conjuncts Uranus 21° Taurus

21st April - Sun squares Pluto


* Sun 25° Aries [Fire] => 2° Taurus [Earth]

* Moon in Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra

* Full Moon 4° Scorpio [Water] - 24th April

* Mercury retrograde 20° => 16° Aries [Fire]

* Venus 12° => 20° Aries [Fire]

* Mars 18° => 23° Pisces [Water]

* Jupiter 20°26' => 22°02' Taurus [Earth]

* Saturn 15°07' => 15°49' Pisces [Water]

* Uranus 21°30' => 21°53' Taurus [Earth]

* Neptune 28°25' => 28°39' Pisces [Water]

* Pluto 2°02' => 2°05' Aquarius [Air]


"Taurus - Assessment Zone"

Taurus [Earth] StarSign


Taurus [Earth] needs "Sincerity-Peace-Stability-Honesty"

Taurus [Earth] LOVES planets in [Earth] & [Water]

Taurus [Earth] HATES planets in [Air] & [Fire]


But - you need [Air] & [Fire] to make life "EXCITING"

Without [Air] & [Fire] Your life would be DEAD-BORING


You're LUCKY that there's only 1 SQUAREto Taurus

You're LUCKY that all the planets are HELPING YOU

All you have to do is LISTEN to LIFE HELPING YOU

All you have to do is IGNORE anything/anyone useless



1. "Positive" for Taurus [Earth]


YOU LOVE is everything that's FOREVER RIGHT for you

YOU HATE is anything/anyone that's WRONG for you


You're in "Assessment Zone" => UNTIL => Mid-June 2024

Planets in Earth & Water Signs - define - "100% TRUTHS"



If you're NOT HAPPY - then - URGENT changes need to happen


Mars in Pisces [Water] - 22nd March => 30th April 2024

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - March 2023 => May 2025

Neptune in Pisces [Water] - 2012 => 2025

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] - 16th May 2023 => 24th May 2024

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - Jan' 2019 => until July 2025



2. "Negative" for Taurus [Earth]


"Negative" is "Frustrating-Anger-Annoying-Restlessness"

"Negative" is anything/anyone who "ANNOYS YOU"

"Negative" reveals what's "WRONG" with your life

"Negative" reveals what's "WRONG" with the world


Mercury in Aries [Fire] - 10th March => 15th May 2024

Sun in Aries [Fire] - 21st March => 19th April 2024

Venus in Aries [Fire] - 5th April => 29th April 2024

Mars in Aries [Fire] - 1st May => 9th June 2024


All these planets in [Air] & [Fire] want a CHANGE

In order to CHANGE - you'll 1st see what's WRONG !


Detach from TOXIC-WRONG & stop-thinking "negative"

LOVE everything that creates Excitement & Happiness



Planets in Taurus [Earth]


This is when "You'll get to Your Destination"

"You're going to be SHOCKED & SURPRISED"


Monthly Summary for May 2024

***New*** Summary "May 2024" for Taurus


The BEST month of 2024 for you will be Sun in Taurus

Planets in Taurus [Earth] creates GOOD LUCK for Taurus


Everything that happens is "GOD" helping you

"It" all begins immediately on Friday 19th April 2024

"Shocks & Surprises" at the Full Moon 24th April


Sun in Taurus [Earth] - 19th April => 20th May 2024

Full Moon in Scorpio [Water] - 24th/25th April 2024


Venus-Mercury-Mars will strengthen MORE GOOD LUCK

Venus in Taurus [Earth] - 29th April => 20th May 2024

Mercury in Taurus [Earth] - 15th May => 3rd June 2024

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - 9th June => 20th July 2024

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] - until => 24th May 2024

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - until => July 2025



"Truth is Forever in 2024"

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth]

"You'll always eventually get to your Destination"

.....Even on the pathway you chose to avoid "it"


Life's changes are enhancing your FUTURE STABILITY

Your FUTURE happiness needs to eliminate INSTABILITY


Planets in Pisces [Water] - sextiles - Your Taurus [Earth]

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] - conjuncts - Your Taurus [Earth]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - conjuncts - Your Taurus [Earth]

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - sextiles -Your Taurus [Earth]

Neptune in Pisces [Water] - sextiles - Your Taurus [Earth]


Taurus [Earth] - Expect the unexpected GOOD surprises

Taurus [Earth] - SAY THANK YOU when it happens


Searching & Finding "Your Truth" is "Your Destination"

Everything that's "Truthful" is "Stable & Feels-FOREVER"

"Your Truth" in "Your Relationships-Home-Belonging"

"Your Truths" create "Peace-of-mind, Love & Harmony"


"Lies" create "Anger, Frustration, Arguments & Pain"

"Lies" anything that's "deceitful"/"wrong/unhealthy for you"


"You'll always eventually get to your Destination"

.....Even on the pathway you chose to avoid "it"




Month's Astrological Events

New Zodiac Year 2024-2025


Sun in Aries [Fire] - 20th March => 19th April 2024

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Aries - This Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Taurus [Earth] - 19th April => 20th May 2024

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Taurus - Next Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Gemini [Air] - 20th May => 20th June 2024

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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"