Powerful Zodiac Year 2022-2023





Life's about to be "On-The-Move" for Everyone

Are you ready for a "Brighter & Happier" Future ?


Audio Predictions for SunSign Leo [Fire]

Monday 28th Nov' => Monday 3rd Dec' 2022

"Exciting Energy" of Sun in Sagittarius [Fire]

This Week's Audio Summary SunSign Leo

Short-and-Sweet Weekly Audio for your SunSign [2mins]


[14mins] Introduction to TOXIC for Leo

***Introductory Audio to explain "TOXIC" & "HEALING"***


Short-Sweet-Straight to the Point - Summary for Your StarSign - [Audio 5 mins]

"Communicators Win" - Mars in Gemini [Air] Jupiter in Aries [Fire] Saturn in Aquarius [Air]



Monday 28th Nov' => Monday 3rd Dec' 2022

Week of "Excitement" for the Future [Fire-Energy]

Mercury-Venus-Mars-Saturn-Jupiter "XXXXX"

5 Planets Totally Energized by Sun Sagittarius [Fire]

Weekly Summary Audio - [6 mins] - "Wait-and-See-Changes"

This week - Venus opposes Mars & Mercury opposes Mars & Mars trines Saturn


Next Week's Summary Audio - [7 mins] - "Full Moon Week"

Next week - reveals "it" - Sun in Sagittarius opposes Mars & Full Moon in Gemini


* Sun 5° => 12° Sagittarius [Fire]

* Full Moon 16° Gemini [Air] - Wed' 7th/Thurs'8th Dec' 2022

* Mercury 16° => 27° Sagittarius [Fire]

* Venus 14° => 23° Sagittarius [Fire]

* Mars 19° => 17° Gemini [Air] - retrograde

* Jupiter 28°48' => 29°01' Pisces [Water]

* Jupiter enters Aries [Fire] - 20th December 2022

* Saturn 19°40' => 20°07' Aquarius [Air]

* Uranus 16°09' => 15°54' Taurus [Earth] - retrograde

* Neptune 22°39' => 22°39' Pisces [Water] - stationary

* Neptune goes direct - Sunday 4th December

* Pluto 26°43' => 26°53' Capricorn [Earth]


This Week for SunSign Leo


1st Question - How much do you "really want" change ?

2nd Question - How "fired-up" are you to change ?

3rd Question - What "magic" is actually happening ?


"Wait-and-See" - because by Full Moon - "it" all happens !

"Wait-and-See" - because the "Zest & Love-of-Life" happens


Sun in Sagittarius [Fire] 22nd Nov' => 22nd Dec' 22

Venus in Sagittarius [Fire] 16th Nov' => 6th Dec' 22

Mercury in Sagittarius [Fire] 17th Nov' => 10th Dec' 22

Full Moon in Gemini [Air] - Destination 7th Dec' 2022

Jupiter in Aries [Fire] 20th Dec'22 => 16th May 2023


The next 2 weeks - life's going to be changing for you

Life's going to ensure you eliminate "toxic-garbage"

Life's going to make you want whatever life knows you need


Sometimes you "chill-out" and sometimes you get "fired-up"

You're destined to get "fired-up" and sort your life out !


SunSign Leo [Fire] you need Sagittarius [Fire]

You need [Fire] in your life - to make things happen


Mars in Gemini [Air] trines Saturn in Aquarius [Air]

Your life will continue to be strengthened thru' March 2023


Your life's maximum will be during Sagittarius [Fire]

You're now re-activated and ready to be Successful "You"

The next few months are leading you to "BIGGER than BIG"


Sagittarius [Fire] talks-directly-honestly to SunSign Leo [Fire]

Sagittarius [Fire] will create maximum energy for You [Fire]


[Fire] is the 1st Major Ingredient for SunSign Leo [Fire]

[Fire] means getting FIRED-UP & PASSIONATE


Getting [Fired-Up] is essential for you to be Successful

Mars in Gemini [Air] until 25th March 2023

Jupiter enters Aries [Fire] 20th December 2022

Saturn in Aquarius [Air] until 7th March 2023


Mars makes "other" people attracted into your life

Mars means "they" have to be on-your-wavelength


Your maximum energy of success comes from "others"

Your success/money/happiness comes from "others"


Saturn in Aquarius [Air] defines people "Right for you"

Saturn in Aquarius [Air] is protecting you from "idiots"

Saturn in Aquarius [Air] is "energy via relationships"


Success & Happiness makes you "flip-your-internal-switch"

Success & Happiness makes you say "YES" to life's good

Success & Happiness makes you say "NO" to toxic bad

Success & Happiness makes you become "Optimistic"

Success & Happiness is the recipe of "Your Future"



"Magic" for Your SunSign Leo




This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Sagittarius [Fire] - 22nd Nov' => 22nd Dec' 2022

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Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Capricorn [Earth] - 22nd Dec' => 20th Jan' 2023

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Sun in Aquarius [Air] - 20th Jan' => 18th Feb' 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Aquarius - Next Next Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Pisces [Water] - 18th Feb' => 20th March 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Pisces - Next Next Month's Astrological Events"





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