"2024" - Energetic & Exciting





Short & Sweet - Straight-to-the-Point

Your Life is defined by Combinations


The right 4 digit **** PIN number for your bank account

The right foods/drinks that your body needs everyday

The right climate/home/country/routine your aura needs

The right types of people that create stability for you

The right people that makes your life meaningful

The right places and activities that energize your life

The right wisdom and knowledge that feeds your mind

The right career/job/activity that activates your personality


When you get 1 digit **** wrong - you can't get your $$$

When you get 1 facet of life wrong - you feel "dead"

Age of Enlightenment wants everyone to get "it" right

"2023-2024" has the perfect energy to get "it" all

Specific facets will be worked-on - to ensure you get "it"

But - you're going to need to be honest - don't dare lie !


Your SunSign is what you do for the World

Your MoonSign is what you Feel from Life


Your SunSign StarSign has got specific purpose for the World

Your SunSign StarSign has got energy to give to the World


Success is when you're doing what your SunSign wants you to do

Success & Happiness is when you're flowing with the right energy


Failure/Sadness is when you're not doing anything for the World

Failure is when you're doing the wrong thing for your SunSign


Your MoonSign StarSign feels and receives feelings

You can do things but feel nothing and not appreciated

You can be doing your SunSign activities but feel nothing


Your MoonSign StarSign needs to feel something

Your MoonSign StarSign needs love and energy

Your MoonSign StarSign needs feeding and energizing


SunSign is logical - MoonSign is illogical & emotional

You can technically be married - but - not being loved

You can technically be single - but - everyone loves you


You can technically be poor - but - be very happy and loved

You can technically be rich - but - be very sad and miserable


Astrology of "2023-2024" wants both SunSign & MoonSign

The restlessness and changes wants you to be happy & loved


Irrespective of Logic - MoonSign people are happy with life

Irrespective of Emotions - SunSign people get-on with life


Opposites are "The Perfect Energy"

Opposite StarSigns activate "Maximum"


Oppositions create the easiest clear honest-to-see energies

Oppositions makes life flow-easy - without stress or pain

Oppositions creates the maximum energy to make things happen


Once-a-month - the Moon transits creates oppositions

Every 30 days - everyone gets boosts of maximum energy

Every few days - the Moon transits changes-the-mood

The Moon-transits - gives your emotions energy to do "it"

Every few days - you get new energy to make things happen

Finally Full Moon's - totally energize everyone on Earth


Oppositions make the BEST combinations

Conjunctions create "reset" NEW energies

Trines & Sextiles - makes life's energy flow easy


Squares always makes life difficult and challenging

Squares always creates problems and negativity


Earth & Water StarSigns belong together

Earth needs Water & Water needs Earth


Air & Fire StarSigns belong together

Air needs Fire & Fire needs Air


Maximum Energy for Aries is Libra

Maximum Energy for Taurus is Scorpio

Maximum Energy for Gemini is Sagittarius

Maximum Energy for Cancer is Capricorn


Maximum Energy for Leo is Aquarius

Maximum Energy for Virgo is Pisces

Maximum Energy for Libra is Aries

Maximum Energy for Scorpio is Taurus


Maximum Energy for Sagittarius is Gemini

Maximum Energy for Capricorn is Cancer

Maximum Energy for Aquarius is Leo

Maximum Energy for Pisces is Virgo


Never ever waste your time during "Your Oppositions"

Your maximum luck is during "Your Oppositions"

Everyone in-sync-with-you is compelled to say "YES"


During "Your Squares" - Life says "NO" and is irritating

During "Your Squares" - you see everything "Wrong"


"Your Squares" will complain and criticize you

"Your Squares" will never be happy with you

"Squares" are important to know when to avoid "them"

"Transit Squares" always pass and end - like a "storm"


Instinctively Everyone wants Success

Happiness is defined by Your Opposites


Freewill choice - gives everyone numerous "opportunities"

Enlightenment - gives everyone power to get finally "it" right


Mistakes have been essentially important to get "it" right

Your squared/bad StarSigns have taught you lessons


Now You're ready and want to find the Your right StarSign

2023/24 life's making everyone ready to find the right energy


Don't waste "Your Time & Energy"

Everyday of Your Life is Precious


Don't waste your opportunities - don't wast your good luck

Good luck - is everytime there's an astrological opposition


Astrology of our Solar System is a simple formula of energy

Astrology of the Monthly Sun transits - creates lots of energy


Use "it" wisely when "it" activates your astrological chart

And then chill-out on days when "it" squares your chart


Everyone will be Positively Energized

2024 will create Success & Happiness


Outer Planets create New Energy, Stability & Success

I begin with the Outer planets - recipe begins with Pluto


Pluto enters Aquarius [Air] - 21st January 2024 => 2044

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - Dramatic Sudden Energy Change

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - The "End" of the curses & blockages

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - The "Freedom" to change your life


Neptune in Pisces [Water] - Success for Virgo [Earth]

Neptune in Pisces [Water] - New Energy for Pisces [Water]


Saturn in Pisces [Water] - 7th March 2023 thru' June 2025

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - New Energy for Pisces [Water]

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - Maximum Success for Virgo [Earth]


Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] - 17th May 2023 thru' 25th May 2024

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] - Maximum Success for Scorpio [Water]

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] - New Energy for Taurus [Earth]


Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - Maximum Success for Scorpio [Water]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - New Energy for Taurus [Earth]


Mars in Capricorn [Earth] - 23rd Jan' => 13th Feb' 2024

Mars in Capricorn [Earth] - Success for Cancerians [Water]

Mars in Capricorn [Earth] - Energy for Capricorn [Earth]


Mars in Aquarius [Air] - 16th February => 22nd March 2024

Mars & Pluto in Aquarius [Air] powerful for [Air & Fire] Signs



Journey of Conjunctions => Oppositions

New Beginnings created by Conjunctions

Destination-arrived-at at the Oppositions


Astrology is a timetable - follow the timetable of life's energy

Happiness and Confidence is when you know "it" is coming

Happiness and Confidence is beginning "it" at the right time

Success is Confidence in knowing exactly what you need


Your Life's Success is defined by "Being Connected"

Your Failure is because you're "Not connected"


The Maximum Energy for YOU is Your Opposite

Planets in Your Opposite StarSign "Your Natural Luck"

Planets in Your StarSign means "Be Honest with Life"


All Mistakes are because of being "Deceived"

All Success, Love & Happiness is because of "Truth"

Deception & Lies are instability - Truth is stability


Deleting everything "Wrong" & strengthening "Truth"

Life will strengthen "Truth" - life will weaken "Lies/Liars"



7 Planetary Relationship-Energies

You're in a Constant Relationship with Life


Your SunSign and Moon Sign are important

Your 7 Planetary Relationships are important too








Month's Astrological Events

"New Zodiac Year 2024-2025"

Sun in Taurus [Earth] - 19th April => 20th May 2024

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Sun in Gemini [Air] - 20th May => 20th June 2024

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Sun in Cancer [Water] - 20th June => 22nd July 2024

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Sun in Leo [Fire] - 22nd July => 22nd August 2024

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Sun in Virgo [Earth] - 22nd August => 22nd Sept' 2024

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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"