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"Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


Astrology explains that "Timing is Everything" - "When you do things at the right time - because you're in a good mood - you will have success" - and if you attempt to do anything when you're in a bad mood - you'll have problems. Understanding Moon Astrology and which StarSign the Moon is in and the Moon's aspects - informs you of "when that right time is for you".


Moon Astrology defines receiving the feelings that you need to feel in order to get your life right - to - become SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY with your LIFE. "This Year - 2021" - means - You're living in the BEST karmic generation of all time.


"2021" is the BEST time to be alive on Earth to be SUCCESSFUL and "GET-IT-RIGHT". The only fact you need to know - in order to be 100% SUCCESSFUL - you need to be 100% certain about the way you feel. You need to see the TRUTH - and - you need to feel the TRUTH - you need to be HONEST with yourself.


There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you. I explain in the "Long Introduction to Moon Astrology" the basics of Moon Astrology, Moon squares & the Moon transits which are good for you and the Moon transits which are difficult for you.



Monday 1st March 2021 - Moon in Libra

Expect the Unexpected "Shocks" and "Surprises"

Moon in Libra defines "Kick-off" for Lively Week

Moon in Libra will be revealing everything you've been feeling at the Full Moon


The Astrological configuration EVERYDAY is going to be EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG

The "BIG MESSAGE" is knowing what is the definition of Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius for you


The "MESSAGE" is knowing what is the definition of YOUR FUTURE

The "MESSAGE" is knowing what is out-of-your-life FOREVER - and - what's in it FOREVER


Saturn & Jupiter will DETACHES-DIVORCES you from NEGATIVITY and WRONG for you

Saturn & Jupiter will get you EXCITED by something POSITIVE and RIGHT for you


Sun in Pisces - 12th StarSign of the Zodiac defines the most mysterious StarSign

Sun in Pisces - 12th StarSign of the Zodiac is StarSign of HAPPINESS, LOVE and SUCCESS


The Full Moon in Virgo on 27th February 2021 - has - delivered the "BIG MESSAGE"

Life is now going to be on-the-move for everyone - because of the "FULL MOON MESSAGE"


You've realized TRUTHFULLY everything you LOVE in your life - everything you "LOVE FOREVER"

You've realized TRUTHFULLY everything you FEEL NOTHING in your life - "nothing means nothing"


FEELING NOTHING towards "garbage" & bad people from your past is a GOOD SIGN

FEELING NOTHING means you've been SET-FREE from the bad relationships

FEELING NOTHING means you're now READY for someone NEW to come into your life


However, if you've got feelings - then - it defines "UNFINISHED" issues which need to be "FINISHED"

Sun in Pisces wants you to "FINISH" - "END" - "FIX" or "HEAL" - all the "UNFINISHED" issues


Moon Astrology defines that Full Moon in Virgo is INTROVERT in essence

During the weekend - the Full Moon in Virgo spoke SILENTLY inside you


The Full Moon in Virgo - everything and everyone in your life - you FEEL STRONG about

You didn't need to TALK - because - you've been together in "love" all weekend


If you've been ALONE - that too - was good for you - as you FELT the strong message

And now you're ready to do whatever life wants you to do next with your life


Moon in Libra on Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday will be REVEALING a lot of secrets

Libra can't keep secrets - especially with strong trines to - Mercury - Saturn - Jupiter in Aquarius


Moon in Libra will be creating a lot of NOISE - lots of SHOCKS & SURPRISES

Sun in Mysterious 12th StarSign of Pisces - with - Aquarius in 12th House - means - "UNBELIEVABLE" !


Moon in Libra on Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday will be GETTING your life MOVING

Moon in Libra will create negotiations and compromises in order to get-out of the "past"


Moon in Libra will be be NOISY in the business world - so - expect the unexpected MAYHEM !

Moon in Libra will be revealing the TRUTH about everything that Sun in Pisces defines has ENDED


Moon in Libra will ensure - STUBBORN & NEGATIVE situations - get - UNBLOCKED

Moon in Libra will ensure - "NEGATIVITY" VANISHES in order to make you feel LIBERATED


Sunday 28th February 2021 - Libra can't keep "Secrets" !


Moon enters Libra - 7pm UK - 8pm Europe - 11pm Dubai UAE

[Mon 00:30am India - 5am Australia] - 11am PDT - 2pm USA EST


Monday 1st March 2021 - "UNBELIEVABLE" Shocks & Surprises !


Moon 8° Libra trines Saturn 8° Aquarius

Moon 14° Libra trines Mercury 14° Aquarius

Moon 17° Libra trines Jupiter 17° Aquarius


Tuesday 2nd March 2021 - "UNBELIEVABLE" Shocks & Surprises !

Moon 26° Libra squares Pluto 26° Capricorn

Moon enters Scorpio - 9pm UK - 10pm Europe - [Wed' 1am Dubai UAE

2:30am India - 8am Australia] - 1pm PDT - 4pm USA EST


Wednesday 3rd March 2021 - "MORE" - Shocks & Surprises !

Moon 6° Scorpio trines Venus 6° Pisces

Moon 7° Scorpio opposes/opposes Uranus 7° Taurus

Moon 8° Scorpio squares Saturn 8° Aquarius

Moon 13° Scorpio trines Sun 13° Pisces

Moon 17° Scorpio squares Mercury 17° Aquarius

Moon 17° Scorpio squares Jupiter 17° Aquarius


Thursday 4th March 2021 - OPEN ENERGIES for HAPPINESS

Moon 20° Scorpio trines Neptune 20° Pisces

Mars enters Gemini - 4am UK - 5am Europe - 8am Dubai UAE

9:30am India - 3pm Australia - [Wed' 8pm PDT - 11pm USA EST]

Moon enters Sagittarius - 11pm UK - 3pm PDT 6pm USA EST

Moon 0° Sagittarius opposes Mars 0° Gemini [USA]

***Mercury 17° conjunct Jupiter 17° Aquarius***


Friday 5th March 2021 - "3 Exciting" Dates-with-Destiny

Moon enters Sagittarius - 00:00am Europe - 3am Dubai UAE

4:30am India - 10am Australia

Moon 0° Sagittarius opposes Mars 0° Gemini [WorldWide]

Moon 8° Sagittarius sextiles Saturn 8° Aquarius

Moon 17° Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter 17° Aquarius

Moon 18° Sagittarius sextiles Mercury 18° Aquarius


Moon Astrology defines your SENSES and your FEELINGS the energy of the day

The Moon wants you SENSE and FEEL the "TRUTH" and to make WISE decisions


Whatever is WRONG has in fact been WRONG SINCE PRIOR TO 2017

Whatever is RIGHT has in fact been RIGHT SINCE JANUARY 2019


Now comes the breaking poing for WRONG - and - the passion for love of what's RIGHT

Unfortunately and sadly for "some" - "it" defines the PAST has ended - ENDINGS have ended

Happily and delightfully for "some" - "it" defines you've finally been LIBERATED from the PAST


During the next few days - you'll be HEARING what's been going on and how it will affect you

UNEXPECTED NEWS about changes for YOU will be defined by your connections to OTHER people


Any facet of your life which was DEAD in the 7 years prior to "2020" - it's come ALIVE in "2021"

Any facet of your life which is no longer going to be part of your future - has come to an END


The "make" or "break" - will define DIVORCE and DETACHMENT & ENDINGS

The "make" or "break" - will define PASSION and LOVE - with a LOVE OF LIFE


Anything you've been negatively - worried about - anxious about - will VANISH and get sorted-out

Anything you've been positively - thinking about - wanting "it" to happen - will have a BREAKTHROUGH



For the next few days - FORGET trying to ask "WHY"!

Moon in Libra - Listen to Your Feelings of Loving Life

The Full Moon revealed EVERYTHING that's important to you


It's inexplicable WHY you LOVE and WHY you HATE - but - "it" is important you FEEL "it"

FEELINGS of LOVE ensure attachment - FEELINGS of HATE ensure you avoid and detach


Everything is about TIMING - there's an astrological TIMETABLE that defines what happens

The reason WHY everyone will be ready to DO what life wants them to DO is because of the Full Moon


Whatever happens - whatever feelings - whatever events created by Sun in Pisces will be MYSTERIOUS

The GOOD news is that the Full Moon revealed your TRUTHFUL feelings - and - will define "YOU"


Whatever is truthfully IMPORTANT to you - you'll be entirely CONNECTED & THINKING of "it"

Whatever is truthfully MEANINGLESS and USELESS to you - you'll no longer think of "it"


That's why - unexpected shocks and surprises - communication from people who've HURT you

If you don't hear from them during Moon in Libra - means - "they're DEAD" - out of your life forever


Moon in Libra - due - to all the TRINES to Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury in Aquarius will be very lively

Moon in Libra on Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday will be full of shocks and surprises




Everyday until 14th May 2021 - "Age of Aquarius"

Feeling Liberated - "Disconnected" & "Connected"


Jupiter moves from 17° => 29° Aquarius - Jupiter enters Pisces on 14th May 2021

People who are "Losers" - always complain about life - and - sound Miserably Depressed

People who are "Winners" - Love Life - fill the world with Happiness, Love & Excitement


"LOSERS" always HATE LIFE - because they made MISTAKES & BAD DECISIONS

"WINNERS" always LOVE LIFE because you've made GOOD DECISIONS


The natural human-instinct of HAPPINESS and SADNESS is vital to your FUTURE existence

HAPPINESS and SADNESS are the signposts that guide the way forwards


The planets in the Age of Aquarius - wants - HAPPINESS and SUCCESS for everyone

The planets in the Age of Aquarius - wants - TRUTH and FOREVER HAPPINESS for everyone


The 1st step is - "Being HONEST with yourself" - and - then be determined to do something about "it"

Life's too short to live SAD & MISERABLE - that's why we're VERY LUCKY to live in Age of Aquarius




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