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Astrology Predictions for Aquarius

For everyone with Sun in Aquarius - Weekly & Yearly Astrology Predictions


Week from Monday 10th Feb' => Monday 17th February 2020

To be read in conjunction with "This Weeks Astrology"

* Sun 21° => 28° Aquarius

* Last Full Moon 19° Leo on Sunday 9th February 2020

* Next New Moon 4° Pisces on Sunday 23rd February 2020

* Mercury 9° => 12° Pisces

* Venus 2° => 10° Aries

* Mars 25° Sagittarius => enters Capricorn Sunday => 1° Capricorn

* Jupiter 15°39' => 17°02' Capricorn

* Saturn 26°06' => 26°50' Capricorn

* Uranus 3°02' => 3°14' Taurus

* Neptune 17°23' => 17°38' Pisces

* Pluto 23°42' => 23°54' Capricorn

Audio Version - This Week - for Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius - Unexpected "Shocks & Surprises"

Fun-Loving - Sillyness & Crazy - Liberating & Restless


Happiness is being "connected" to your destiny - everyone on your wavelength

Happiness is knowing you're in the right place with the right people

Happiness makes you feel successful - success-attracts-success


Sun in Aquarius - will create a - Battle between Positive and Negative

Aquarius is StarSign of "Freedom" - Setting-You-Free from "Negative"


This year's Sun in Aquarius will be an EXCITING ROLLER-COASTER of a ride. Unexpected shocks and surprises - with - lots of things being stirred-up - all of which will ensure - you attract good things to happen in your life - with some IMPORTANT NEW OPPORTUNITIES you need in order to get your life moving from the Full Moon on 9th February 2020.


All you have to do is ENJOY the Sun in Aquarius - can you please ENJOY "it"? Don't take life too seriously. Every Successful person knows that under-pressure you reveal your true character. Under pressure - you have to have FAITH and BELIEVE that everything will be alright. A successful person is one who BELIEVES and doesn't panic during the EXCITING ROLLER-COASTER.


SunSign Aquarius - "2020" - it's your turn for SUCCESS - but - to achieve "it" - the world wants to see the BEST VERSION of you. All the outer planets are on your side - TRUST & BELIEVE in life - smile and enjoy the gift of life.


Sun in Aquarius [Air Sign] Mercury in Pisces [Water Sign] Venus in Aries [Fire Sign]

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


For SunSign Aquarius [Air Sign] - the configuration of 3 planets - Sun in Aquarius [Air Sign] - Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] - and - Venus in Aries [Fire Sign] from 7th February on your side - means - SUCCESS - HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT.


But as you know - there's something IMPORTANT that is MISSING in your life that you need - and - "It" will happen - during Sun in Aquarius - by the Full Moon on 9th February 2020 - you will get "it". Finally this is "it" for you - to be SET-FREE & LIBERATED from anything that's been worrying you - and - anything negative. The way that you UNBLOCK BLOCKAGES is by shining a light of happiness, love and determination to be a "winner"!


Shocks and surprises can happen at any moment of any day - all you have to be is "ready" - and - when things happen - let yourself feel the happiness and excitement of life's coincidences - because - Sun in Aquarius - defines - "like-attracts-like" - when you're happy - you'll attract happiness - but if you oscillate and become annoyed - then you'll attract annoying idiots.



This Year 2019/2020 for Aquarius

Dec '19 - Jan '20 - Feb'20 - Mar'20

Audio Version - Summary for SunSign Aquarius


Uncovering The Real "You"

Be honest with yourself - Be "You"

The definition of "you" - is what "you" do for other people

The definition of "you" - is what other people do for "you"

The definition of "you" - is what your ambition is to do ...


Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



Attracting your destiny because "You" are being "You"

Be truthful with life - and life will create what happens to "you"

Deep inside you - you know yourself - you know what you want !

Destiny wants "you" to reveal yourself and what you want to the world.



[1] Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] from 2nd December 2019 => 17th December 2020

[2] 4 Powerful Full Moon's - 12th Dec'19 - 10th Jan '20 - 9th Feb '20 - Full Moon in Virgo on 14th March 2020

[3] Mars in Sagittarius 3rd Jan => 16th Feb' & Mars in Capricorn 16th Feb' => 30th March 2020

[4] Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn & Uranus in Taurus - 4 planets in [Earth Signs]

[5] Saturn enters Aquarius 22nd March 2020



For the 1st time in 30 years - all the planets are are in different StarSigns to what you've been used to.

For the 1st time in 12 years - the energy shift is to [Water Signs] & [Earth Signs]

For the 1st time in 7 years - everything has completely changed.



The changes for all SunSign Aquarius [Air Sign] - will be out-of-your-control

The changes for all SunSign Aquarius [Air Sign] - will be creating a NEW PHASE in your life

The changes for all SunSign Aquarius [Air Sign] - will be VERY GOOD for you - from 3rd January => 20th February 2020



BUT - and - it's a BIG BUT - you're going to learn to stop being so "controlling" - LISTEN to DESTINY !

You're going to learn that your HAPPINESS and SUCCESS is defined by what you do for OTHER people

You're going to learn that if something is BAD for you - you must STOP.



More importantly - your HAPPINESS and SUCCESS is defined by what OTHER PEOPLE DO FOR YOU

And if they do NOTHING FOR YOU - then - that's it - an END of those bad relationships.


Conversely - when YOU DO NOTHING for OTHERS - then - that's it too - an END of the relationship.

The END is defined by honesty of the need for two-way relationships.


For a SunSign Aquarius [Air Sign] - means - COMMUNICATION

You need to COMMUNICATE with OTHER people

If you can't be bothered and too lazy - then - you'll have BIG problems


Some of you - will become losers because you neglect relationships

So take-notice - don't dare neglect anyone who you want in your life

If you don't want them in your life - then - avoid them and don't communicate with them


The truth is - 2020 - is a REWARD year for your SunSign Aquarius [Air Sign]

REWARDS are defined by all the energy you've out into life and put into OTHER people


If they give you NOTHING - and - if they DO NOTHING for you - then - you'll get ANGRY !

Some of you - will instinctively get - ANGRY with IDIOTS - ANGRY with selfish people - ANGRY with them not helping you

ANGER is good - as - ANGER is REPULSION - getting you away from nasty people

And if you DO NOTHING for OTHER PEOPLE - then expect them to get ANGRY at YOU !


The good news is that you're going to LOVE EVERYONE who are GOOD for you - more than normal

Everyone who is kind to you - you'll LOVE so much more - with - HAPPINESS and LOVE for them


From December 2019 - you'll see TRUTH - the contrast between NASTY/SELFISH and the KIND-HEARTED people

You'll dump the "garbage" - you'll end all bad relationships - and - only want the LOVING KIND-HEARTED.



Mars in Scorpio [Water Sign] - 19th November 2019 => 3rd January 2020

Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] - 3rd January 2020 => 16th February 2020

Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - 16th February => 30th March 2020


All coincidences will happen because life is ensuring everyone moves-into a WHOLE NEW PHASE

And no-one in the world will have power to change the destined changes that will be happening


The quicker you ACCEPT the fact that the past 7 => 12 years has ENDED - the quicker you can move-on

The upgrade for you will come - during - Mars in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] - 3rd January 2020 => 16th February 2020


All the planets and facets of your life which have been ALIVE in the past 7 years - will now become DEAD

And all the planets and facets of your life which have been DEAD in the past 7 years - will now come ALIVE


You'll see it all change in December 2019 - January 2020 - February 2020 - March 2020

You'll begin the journey to your NEW destination between 3rd January => 22nd March 2020

You'll become restless to WANT and DESIRE your NEW destination from 3rd December 2019


The END is decided by DESTINY - which - means ACCEPTANCE of all ENDINGS

In December 2019 - and - January 2020 - immediately GET READY for NEW BEGINNINGS



Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - until => 22nd March 2020

Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - 22nd March 2020 => 2nd July 2020

Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn [Earth Sign] - 2nd July => 17th December 2020

Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - 17th December 2020 => March 2023


The Astrological configuration is ensuring that components of your life which have been DEAD in the past 7 years are brought back to life. And facets of your life which have been part of your dead-boring routine in the past 7 years will END.

The most important destined events will be ensuring you will have reasons to LOOK-FORWARD to the FUTURE.


Saturn will create a CHANGE of DESTINY - CHANGE of circumstances - CHANGE in relationships

Saturn in Aquarius will completely set-you-free from anyone who is not good for you

Saturn will ensure you attract someone truly 100% right for you - because - they will make you feel ALIVE


The past 7 years have come to an END - and - for some of you - it means a PAINFUL END

You'll be forced to face making a MAJOR decision - because - anything that's wrong has been forced to END

The good news is all bad things are coming to an END too - you're being SET-FREE from nonsense



Lots of changes coming - to put your life - back-on-track - with meaning and purpose

Coincidences and changes will be defined by ....

- depending on your own astrological chart

- depending on how "damaged" you've been in the past

- depending on what you've been doing which isn't right for you

- depending on who you've been connected to - who've lied to you

- depending on who you've been disconnected from - who are actually good for you

- depending on how unstable and wrong your life has been in the past 7 years

All of which will define what needs to happen and what will be happening by 22nd March 2020

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