Powerful Zodiac Year 2022-2023




3 Audio's for Your Cancer StarSign

This Week's Audio Summary SunSign Cancer

Short-and-Sweet Weekly Audio for your SunSign [2mins]


[10mins] Introduction to TOXIC for Cancer

***Introductory Audio for the New Feature "TOXIC" & "HEALING"***


***New*** - Monthly Predictions for September for Cancer

***Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude - will unlock - ENERGY OF SUCCESS"


Astrology Predictions for Cancer

Monday 26th Sept' => Monday 3rd October 2022

Week of "Shocks" for Dead-Boring & Lazy People

Week of Exciting Surprises, Choices & Possibilities

Become a Winner by Saying "YES" to Love & Life


"YES-YES-YES" - Sun in Libra [Air] & New Moon in Libra [Air] - Sudden Surprises

"YES-YES-YES" - Sun in Libra [Air] opposes Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - Excitement

"YES-YES-YES" - Venus in Libra [Air] opposes Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - Excitement


"YES-YES-YES" - Mars in Gemini [Air] Saturn in Aquarius [Air] Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

"YES-YES-YES" - Mars in Gemini [Air] trines Saturn in Aquarius [Air]

"YES-YES-YES" - 6 planets in retrograde unlocks CLARITY - getting life "back-on-track"

"YES-YES-YES" - 6 planets in retrograde creates the VERY BEST "RE-CONNECTIONS"


"YES-YES-YES" - There are NO astrological Squares - Impulsive GOOD decisions

"YES-YES-YES" - There are NO astrological Squares - Toxicity & Idiots will suddenly vanish


[1] Sun in Libra [Air] - New Moon in Libra [Air] - Powerful Magnetism-Oppositions

Surprises created by Sun in Libra [Air] opposes Jupiter retrograde in Aries [Fire]

Surprises created by Venus in Libra [Air] opposes Jupiter retrograde in Aries [Fire]


[2] Mars in Gemini [Air] - 1st time in 2 years - create changes via talking-to-right people

Your personality is the "vibe" in your voice - Your lucky-charm is the tone of your voice

Surprises created by Mars in Gemini [Air] trines Saturn retrograde Aquarius [Air]


[3] "Retrograde Season" - Shocks & Surprises - created by "reconnections from the past"

Mercury retrograde - Surprises "finally" being GUTSY to be "YOU" - no more deceptions !

Jupiter retrograde - Surprises "finally" achieving whatever you've working-on and wanting

Saturn retrograde - Surprises "finally" getting your life back-on-track "reconnections"

Uranus retrograde - Surprises "finally" getting a change that get things "back to normal"

Neptune retrograde - Neptune HOME in Pisces [Water] - "Dreams Coming True"

Pluto retrograde - Surprises "finally" getting the destined job-done of Pluto in Capricorn [Earth]


Moon Astrology - Weekly Summary [6 mins]

***Change-of-Attitude - Monday 26th Sept => Monday 3rd October 2022***

***New Moon in Libra => Moon in Scorpio => Moon in Sagittarius***


Weekly Summary Audio - [8 mins] - TRUTH of "Sun in Libra"

***Powerful Changes - Sun-Jupiter & Venus-Jupiter Oppositions***


* Sun 2° => 9° Libra [Air]

* New Moon 2° Libra [Air] - Sun25th/Mon26th Sept' 2022

* Full Moon 16° Aries [Fire Sign] - Sunday 9th October 2022

* Mercury 27° => 24° HOME Virgo [Earth] - retrograde

* Venus 26° Virgo [Earth Sign] => 4° Libra [Air]

* Venus enters Libra [Air] on Thursday 28th September 2022

* Mars 18° => 20° Gemini [Air]

* Jupiter 3°48' => 2°52' Aries [Fire Sign] - retrograde

* Saturn 19°12' => 18°56' Aquarius [Air Sign] - retrograde

* Uranus 18°30' => 18°18' Taurus [Earth Sign] - retrograde

* Neptune HOME 23°47' => 23°35' Pisces [Water Sign] - retrograde

* Pluto 26°09' => 26°07' Capricorn [Earth Sign] - retrograde

This Week for SunSign Cancer

"Breakthroughs" - and - "Unexpected Good News"

"Good Energy Changes" for "Growth & Happiness"

Open-Yang-Energies will create Positive Changes


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] wants PEACE, STABILITY & ROUTINE in your life

Unfortunately - the Energy of the World around you is currently UNSTABLE & CRAZY


You feel GOOD about "Everything" and "Everyone" who are truly FOREVER GOOD for you

You feel GOOD about "NEW CHANGES" - because your feelings about life are changing


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] is traditionally YIN - but you know "Libra - YANG" is important !

Don't be frightened of changes - embrace life for the month of Sun in Libra - let "it" happen !


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] initially doesn't like changing things - as you want routine

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] wants to get the DESTINATION - but - a journey is necessary


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] - all you have to do is say YES PLEASE to good energies

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] - trust that life is leading you to a NEW DESTINATION


There's LOTS OF ENERGY whenever Your SunSign Cancer [Water] is about to change !



Let "it" all happen - naturally and instinctively - let the GOODNESS into your life !

This Year's Astrological Energies for Sun in Libra 23rd Sept => 20th Oct' are very powerful


Sun in Libra is all about "relationships" - every type of relationships - business & personal

Your Success & Happiness is defined by "working-together" with everyone in your life


TOXIC people can't work-together with anyone - TOXIC people are BAD FOR YOU

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] knows the types of people - you need to avoid !


The SHOCKS & SURPRISES will be defined by attracting GOOD PEOPLE into your life

The 6 planets in retrograde defines being reconnected to GOOD PEOPLE from your past



Prioritize who's really important to YOUR LIFE

SunSign Cancer [Water] - you knowTHE TRUTH

Cancer knows "Quality is better than Quantity"


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] priorities are DELETING & IGNORING nonsense

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] priorities are POSITIVE ENERGIES OF YOUR LIFE


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] knows life's about SINCERITY & TRUTH

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] knows life's about TRUTH & STABILITY


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] will be able to IGNORE garbage and unsuitable toxic people

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] will be empowered because you'll SAY " NO" TO TOXIC


You've been a goody-goody for so many years - now is time to CHANGE for the better

You're a kind-hearted StarSign - but - you need GOOD people who APPRECIATE YOU



Solving Your Life's Problems by Answering ....

4 Questions - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus ?


Mars in Gemini [Air Sign] - have you got the "finances" you need - "Earthly needs" ?

Mars is sincere and real - Mars hates "empty-promises" - Mars wants real-life actions

Mars in Gemini [Air Sign] - hates LIARS - hates NONSENSE - hates SELFISH IDIOTS


Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - are you feeling fired-up and excited about the future ?

When you can see the direction of your future - instinctively you feel EXCITED

Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - wants you to think of "The Future - 2022 - 2023 - 2025"


Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - do you love someone - does someone love you ?

Saturn is the protective energy of destiny - making you feel you BELONG ON EARTH

Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - the ONLY reason you belong is LOVE OF PEOPLE in your life


When someone LOVES YOU - you know YOU BELONG ON EARTH



Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - are you feeling the "old-depressing" version of you has gone?

Uranus hates restrictions - hates you being "trapped" in negative situations - Uranus is FREEDOM

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - wants you to LOVE-LIFE - feel ecstasy of FREEDOM



"Forget & ignore anything" that's not working-out!

"Your don't careless" attitude is your "FREEDOM"


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] wants everything in life to be PERFECT

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] is currently on a journey to find "perfection"


Your SunSign Cancer [Water] is learning to be DETACHED FROM TOXIC

Your SunSign Cancer [Water] is awakening to realize you need to be MORE DETACHED


DETACHING FROM TOXIC means you don't careless about "garbage" anymore !

DETACHING FROM TOXIC means you don't careless about selfish people anymore !


All I say is FOCUS ON THE ONE facet of your life which will become your HAPPINESS

When you see SUCCESS IN ONE facet - you'll feel TOTALLY HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL


Sun in Libra is all about FOCUS & CONCENTRATION on good facets of your life

Sun in Libra is all about obsessive determination & SENSIBLE HONEST LOGIC

Sun in Libra is all about maximizing your potential because you're FOCUSED


Libra [Air] is the StarSign of Scales - GOOD & BAD

Libra [Air] is gratitude - when GOOD people do GOOD things to you


* Sun in Libra [Air] - 23rd September => 23rd October 2022

* Venus in Libra [Air] - 29th September => 23rd October 2022


* Mercury in Libra [Air Sign] - 26th August 2022 => 23rd September 2022

* Mercury retrograde HOME in Virgo [Earth Sign] - 23rd Sept' => 10th Oct' 2022

* Mercury in Libra [Air Sign] - 11th October 2022 => 29th October 2022


Learn to DELETE & IGNORE - Anything and anyone that gives you NOTHING

If someone/something does NOTHING for you - then - you do NOTHING for them


You have a RIGHT to DELETE them out of your life - because they're SELFISH

When someone does SOMETHING for you - then you know it's GOOD for you


You're a StarSign of GRATITUDE - when someone does SOMETHING for you

You're a StarSign of GRATITUDE - when life's MAGIC does SOMETHING for you



Zodiac Year 2022-23 for Cancer

Happiness for Cancer [Water Sign]

Once-in-a-Lifetime "MAGICAL 2022"


Happiness in 2022 is defined by SOMETHING NEW & EXCITING that's happening for you

Happiness in 2022 for Your SunSign Cancer [Water Sign] - because of all these transits:-


Jupiter in Pisces [Water Sign] - 31st Oct' => 20th Dec' 2022

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - Until => 7th July 2025

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] - Until => 30th March 2025

Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - Until => 21st January 2024


Happiness in 2022 is unusually defined because it's going to be an ALL INCLUSIVE year

Sometimes you get a "GOOD THINGS" in one area of your life - and - NOTHING in other areas


The Year "2022" is going to ensure - ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE happen for you

Happiness in 2022 in areas of your life which have BEEN DEAD - are ACTIVATED in 2022


Success and Happiness - because - DESTINY WILL CREATE MAGIC

Planets create MAGIC because of - it's trine to your SunSign Cancer [Water Sign]


Planets in Pisces [Water Sign] is when "life" is gifting you lots of Energy

Planets in Pisces [Water Sign] trine your SunSign Cancer [Water Sign]


"Finally" Planets in Your StarSign of Cancer [Water Sign]

Planets in Cancer [Water Sign] is when you receive NEW UPGRADES


Sun in Cancer [Water Sign] 21st June => 22nd July 2022

Mercury in Cancer [Water Sign] 5th July => 19th July 2022

Venus in Cancer [Water Sign] 18th July => 11th August 2022


All the planets are defining YOUR FUTURE - a BRIGHT FUTURE

Your SunSign Cancer is going to be DOING SOMETHING BIGGER THAN BIG

Your SunSign Cancer is going to be FEELING ALIVE - because - NEW FOCUS IN LIFE


The essence of "2022" is TO LOVE LIFE is to adapt & change - stop living in the "past"

The essence of "2022" is TO BELIEVE IN LIFE is to fully live for SOMETHING NEW


Don't you dare COMPLAIN about anything - COMPLAINING isn't go to fix anything

COMPLAINING destroys your life - COMPLAINING destroys relationships


If you've a problem - you're the ONLY ONE who can fix it by BEING POSITIVE

If you've got a blockage - you're the ONLY ONE who can fix it by POSITIVE ATTITUDE




This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Libra [Air] - 23rd Sept' => 21st October 2022

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Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Scorpio [Water] - 22nd Oct' => 22nd Nov' 2022

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Sun in Sagittarius [Fire] - 23rd Nov' => 22nd Dec' 2022

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This Year "2022" - defined by Saturn in Aquarius & Jupiter in Pisces/Aries

Coronavirus 2020 => 2024 - defined by - Meaningful Karmic Lessons & Changes

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - 2 More Years of Intensity of Death & Rebirth


"Every-One Can Experience Magic Every-Day"

"Unbelievable, Unconventional, Happy & Exciting"

Every Star Sign has Magical Powers - Every Month of the Year has Magic

Every Moon Transit Unlocks Magic - EveryOne Can Experience Magic EveryDay

To Experience the Magic of your StarSigns you need to connect all the Stars of Your StarSign

A New 7-Part Audio Series on "Your Magical Energy" - Explaining Everything



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