Unique New Zodiac Year 2023-2024






"Full Length Very Long Audio - Summary [Long 38 mins]

"12 StarSigns Excitement & Nervous-Energy" [38mins]

The reasons for "Nervous-Energy" for all 12 StarSigns


Audio Introduction to Saturn in Pisces [20 mins]

Long 20 mins Audio - "Saturn in Pisces" for ....



Audio - Introduction to Saturn in Pisces [16 mins]

Long 20 mins Audio - "Saturn in Pisces" for ....




This Month's Astrological Events

You'll always eventually get to your Destination

Even on the pathway you chose to avoid "it"


Aries [Fire] - 20th March => 20th April

Jupiter in Aries [Fire] until 16th May '23


Sun in Aries [Fire] - 20th March => 20th April 2023

Audio Introduction - Sun in Aries [Fire]

Audio #1 - Introduction to Aries [6 mins]


Sun in Aries [Fire] - 20th March => 20th April 2023

The purpose of Aries [Fire] is to initiate "New beginnings"


Sun in Aries [Fire] - forces all of nature to wake-up

This year's Sun & Jupiter in Aries [Fire] will be "BIG"


6th April: Full Moon in Libra - "BIGGER-than-BIG"

12th April: Sun conjuncts Jupiter 22° Aries [Fire]


"BIGGER-than-BIG" to make "it" 100% clear

Everything since January 2023 has been leading to this


Your future will be decided by what happens in March/April

Your future will be determined by the energy of Aries [Fire]


Jupiter is a 12 year cycle that "GIVES GIFTS" of energy

Jupiter-cycle is the "kindest, warmest and generous" of energy


Sun & Jupiter will give-you-right-direction of "your future"

"The future" - Mercury,Venus & Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

"The future" - Mars - [ruler of Aries] - in Cancer [Water]

"The new and exciting future" defined Pluto in Aquarius


All the planets are direct and creating lots of new-energy

Mercury in Aries [Fire] - 19th March => 3rd April 2023

Mercury in Taurus [Earth] - 3rd April => 11th June 2023

Venus HOME in Taurus [Earth] - 16th March => 11th April 2023

Mars in Cancer [Water] - 25th March => 20th May 2023

Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - 20th Dec' 2022 => 16th May 2023

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - 7th March 2023 => May 2025

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - Neptune in Pisces [Water]

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - 23rd March => 11th June 2023



New Zodiac Year 2023-2024 - Year of Happiness & Success

New Zodiac Year 2023-2024 - Year of Supersonic Moving BIG Events


Your Success & Happiness is the combination of [Fire] & [Air]

Or - Success & Happiness is the combination of [Water] & [Earth]


All the planets are direct - moving towards brighter future

Mars in Cancer [Water] Jupiter in Aries [Fire] Saturn in Pisces [Water]

Preparations for New Future - as - Pluto enters Aquarius [Air]


New Zodiac Year 2023-2024 - Defines - [Fire-Passion-Excitement]

20th March: Sun enters Aries [Fire]

20th March: New Moon 0° Aries [Fire]

23rd March: Pluto enters Aquarius [Air]

25th March: Mars enters Cancer [Water]

28th March: Mercury 18° Aries [Fire] conjuncts Jupiter 18° Aries [Fire]

30th March: Venus 16° Taurus conjuncts Uranus 16° Taurus [Earth]

30th March: Mars 2° Cancer [Water] trines Saturn 2° Pisces [Water]


"The Future" is defined by Mercury-Venus-Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

3 planets in Taurus [Earth] ahead of the Sun & Jupiter in Aries [Fire]


"The Future" is defined by planets inconjunct to each other

Aquarius [Air] Pisces [Water] Aries [Fire] Taurus [Earth]


Pluto in Aquarius [Air]

Saturn-Neptune in Pisces [Water]

Sun-Jupiter-Mercury in Aries [Fire]

Mercury-Venus-Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

Venus in Gemini [Air] & Mars in Cancer [Water]


3rd April: Mercury enters Taurus [Earth]

5th April: Mercury 3° Taurus [Earth] sextiles Saturn 3° Pisces [Water]


6th April: Full Moon 16° Libra [Air]

Full Moon 16° Libra [Air] trines Pluto in Aquarius [Air]

Full Moon 16° Libra [Air] opposes Sun & Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

Full Moon 16° Libra [Air] squares Mars in Cancer [Water]


8th April: Mercury 6° Taurus [Earth] sextiles Mars 6° Cancer [Water]

11th April: Venus enters Gemini [Air]

11th April: Venus 0° [Air] trines Pluto 0° Aquarius [Air]

12th April: Sun 22° Aries [Fire] conjuncts Jupiter 22° Aries [Fire]

14th April: Venus 4° Gemini [Air] squares Saturn 4° Pisces [Water]


20th April: New Moon 29°50' Aries [Fire]/0° Taurus [Earth]

20th April: Sun enters Taurus [Earth]

20th April: Sun/NewMoon 0° Taurus [Earth] squares Pluto 0° Aquarius [Air]

21st April: Mercury goes retrograde 15° Taurus [Earth]

23rd April: Mercury 15° Taurus [Earth] sextiles Mars 15° Cancer [Water]

25th April: Sun 5° Taurus [Earth] sextiles Saturn 5° Pisces [Water]

29th April: Mars 18° Cancer [Water] sextiles Uranus 18° Taurus [Earth]


"2023" Year of Supersonic Moving BIG Events

Next 3 Months of Supersonic Moving BIG Events


Destiny is when "something" happens Supersonic-quickly

Suddenly & surprisingly, unexpectedly & magically !


Destiny is the instinctive energy of sudden-excitement

Destiny is the "love-at-1st-sight" of relationships

Destiny is the "feels-perfect" because it happens "perfect"


Destiny is life's coincidences - and "it" happens quickly

& Destiny is life's blockages that prevents mistakes too !


Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system

Jupiter is "bigger-than-big" real life events and energy


Jupiter has "no squares" to any planets during Aries [Fire]

Jupiter will make things happen Supersonic-quickly


"Jupiter is Impulsive & Decisive"

"Yes-please" & "Thank-You"


Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - 20th Dec' 2022 => 16th May 2023

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] 16th May 2023 => 25th May 2024


Jupiter in Aries - Aries is the StarSign of "Yes to the Future"

Venus & Uranus Taurus [Earth] ahead of the Sun is "Future"


Unfortunately "losers-failures" will not be impulsive

Unfortunately "losers-failures" will miss the changes

Unfortunately "missed-opportunities" will miss the magic


Followers of astrology - know "it" is Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

You know you must do "it" by 16th May 2023


After the 16th May 2023 - there's "no more planets in Aries"

Nothing major or big in Aries for at least 2 years - 2025 !


In fact - from 20th April '23 - there's a major change of energy

So, do the Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - before "it" is too late !

"Set-it-up" whatever you need and want for your future

"Set-it-up" - so that "it" is permanent fixture of your life


"Good news" is peace-harmony-stability is coming quickly ....

For readers who've been exhausted by Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] is going to reward you for your work


"Yes" is the reason why you'll be wanted and contacted

"Yes" is what your identity defines


"No" & "Miserable" types of people will be ignored

"Argumentative" types of people will be ignored


Jupiter is a "Yes-energy" "Yes-please" & "Thank-You"

Opportunities will come to you - because you're a "Yes"


Jupiter is generous-energy for kind-hearted people

Miserable and grumpy people are misers of energy


Saturn in Pisces sits in 12th house of trustworthy karma

Saturn will remind you to contact trustworthy people

Saturn in Pisces will remind others to contact you



Predictions of the Future - are - Facts-of-Life's Energy

Audio Introduction to Saturn in Pisces [12 mins]

Version #1 - 7 mins Audio - Saturn in Pisces

"Pisces" makes mysterious things just "happen"


Audio # 2 Introduction to Saturn in Pisces [7 mins]

Version #2 - 6 mins Audio - Saturn in Pisces

Believing in "it" or not - "it" will happen !


Everyone is fascinated by predictions of "the future"

Everyone wants to know "the future"


Everyone knows that "life" is a "Game of Intuitive Wisdom"

When you know "the future" - you've got an advantage


Everyone wants to know "the future" - to be successful

Everyone wants to know "the future" - to plan ahead


On the internet - everyone checks-out lots of opinions

You feel good when all astrologers tell you the same thing

Because we're all reading the same astrological timetable

=> [See Swiss Ephemeris Astrological charts at www.astro.com] <=


Planets in [Aquarius] [Pisces] [Aries] [Taurus] [Gemini]

Planets ahead of the Sun in Aries will define "The Future"


5 Major Real-Life-Changes

1. Pluto enters Aquarius [Air]

2. Saturn in Psychic Pisces [Water]

3. Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

4. Venus in HOME of Taurus [Earth]

5. Mars enters Cancer [Water]


The Future will be Revealed - Sun & Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

The Strength of Truth - Venus & Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

The Power of "Financial Success" - Mars in Cancer [Water]



Saturn in Psychic Pisces [Water] - Destiny's Answers

Predictions of the Future - are - Facts-of-Life's Energy

Sensing your Future - comes - from Emotional Stability


Inner Calmness is the ONLY ingredient to be a psychic

Inner calmness is created when "it" is right is Pisces [Water]


A Constant Inner Stability is Saturn in Pisces [Water]

Knowing something is forever is Saturn in Pisces [Water]


Panicky and nervy people - can't be psychics

Worried and anxious people - can't be psychics

Instability and bad-situation- can't be psychics


All negative situations need peace to solve the problem

All negative situations need clear-thinking-calmness


Pisces is everything that creates "Inner Calmness"

Sleep is healing - peace is healing - music is healing


Illness's and sickness's are due to inner restlessness

Everything "toxic" is due to taking-"it"-inside yourself


Healing means releasing "it" - eliminating "it"

Pisces healing begins with your mind and thoughts


Saturn in Pisces healing - needs - "Calmness & Peace of Mind"

Pisces will ensure you get the "Calmness & Peace of Mind"


You get bad-vibes when you meet someone "anxious/nervy"

You get good-vibes when you meet someone "Calm"


"Calmness is Peace of Mind" - " Peace of Mind is Calmness"

"Calmness creates Confidence" - "Calmness creates Success"


Saturn in Pisces [Water] 7th March 2023 => May 2025

Saturn in Pisces activates healing for your relationships

You see - "you" are defined by energy of "relationships"


You're a better version of yourself - "when you're in love"

Idiots say "never-ever-again" or "no-way" - but they're lying


Saturn in Pisces [Water] - Healing Relationships

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - Healing Your Destiny


Relationships will be back the Hands-of-Destiny

Destiny is out-of-your-hands - hence no-one can block "it"


Saturn in Pisces will be surprising as destiny is in control

Initially Pisces will make "single & lonely" very attractive

Without knowing why "single & lonely" will be desired


"single & lonely" define - pure & emotionally available

Saturn in Pisces [Water] defines - "ready-for-love"


Whereas "married" people - define "complicated"

Saturn in Pisces will keep-you-away from "complicated"


Saturn in Pisces [Water] - Healing Relationships

Time for Healing - Time for "You to be You"


Specific Relationships have defined Your Life

Specific Saturn transits made "it" happen for you


You can never forget "Destined Relationships"

You can move-on by "Healing-Past-Relationships"


Shocks & Surprises will be "hearing" from them

Pisces is mysterious of how healing happens

Even hearing that someone has died - is healing too


Pisces is the energy that isn't limited to present-time

Pisces defines energy of yesterday & 30 years ago


Pisces awakens all unfinished relationship energies

Pisces awakens all "bonds" of "true-love"


Saturn in Pisces is like "family-weddings & funerals"

Everyone who's related & connected is there [uninvited too!]


Saturn Transits
Saturn in Aquarius - July 1991 => January 1994
Saturn in Pisces - January 1994 => December 1996
Saturn in Aries - December 1996 => March 1999
Saturn in Taurus - March 1999 => April 2001
Saturn in Gemini - April 2001 => June 2003
Saturn in Cancer - June 2003 => July 2005
Saturn in Leo - July 2005 => September 2007
Saturn in Virgo - September 2007 => Dec' 2009
Saturn in Libra - December 2009 => October 2012
Saturn in Scorpio - October 2012 => December 2014
Saturn in Sagittarius - January 2015 => Dec' 2017
Saturn in Capricorn - December 2017 => Dec' 2020
Saturn in Aquarius - December 2020 => March 2023
Saturn in Pisces - March 2023 => May 2025
Saturn in Aries - May 2025 => May 2028




"New Zodiac Year 2023-2024"

Audio Intro' for New Zodiac Year


1. Adapt & Listen => To Be a "Winner"

Audio #1 - Introduction to Saturn in Pisces & Pluto in Aquarius [4 mins]


2. "Why Do You Believe in Astrology?"

Audio #2 - Introduction to knowing Astrology is a timetable that works[11 mins]



Important Dates-With-Destiny

Adapt to the Energies to be a Winner


Mars in Gemini [Air] 20th Aug' 2022 => 25th March 2023

Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - 20th Dec' 2022 => 16th May 2023


Saturn in Aquarius [Air] - until => 7th March 2023

Saturn enters Pisces [Water] 7th March 2023


Uranus in Taurus [Earth] until July 2025

Neptune HOME Pisces [Water] until 2025

Pluto in Capricorn [Earth] until 23rd March 2023


Pluto enters Aquarius [Air] - 23rd March 2023

Age of Pluto in Aquarius [Air] is "2023" => "2035"


Age of Aquarius is "Your personal-inner-enlightenment"

Aquarius defines "Detachement from Liars & Toxic-Past"


Anyone who "worries" is not enlightened

Anyone who creates "worry" is a "dark-soul"


Human-Malfunction - is - "anyone who worries"

Your mind was created to "think-positive"

Negative-thinking is a serious malfunction !


Audio Intro' - for - Spiritual Secrets of "Age-of-Aquarius" [7 mins]

***Aquarius is the StarSign of being Detached from negativity - Set-Yourself-Free***

***Human-Malfunction is defined by ANYONE who worries about ANYTHING***




"New Zodiac Year 2023 - 2024"

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Aries [Fire] - 20th March => 20th April 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Aries - This Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Taurus [Earth] - 20th April => 20th May 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Taurus - Next Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Gemini [Air] - 21st May => 21st June 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Gemini - Next Month's Astrological Events"




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