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"Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius 2021"

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Monday 18th January => Monday 25th January 2021

This Week is full of unexpected "shocks" and "surprises"

Sun, Mercury, Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius [Air Sign] creating RESTLESS EXCITEMENT

Mars & Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - re-arranging your life for "FOREVER" "FOREVER"

Venus & Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - defines STABILITY & TRUTH

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Weekly Summary of 18th January => 25th January 2021


Sun in Aquarius [Air Sign] Full Moon in Leo [Fire Sign] on 28th January 2021

Mercury in Aquarius [Air Sign] Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Aquarius [Air Sign] Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


[1] Sun conjunct Saturn & Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius - Truth - Success - Happiness

[2] Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus - Prosperity & Finances - Back-on-Track - Ambition

[3] Unexpected Coincidences - Excitement - Good people - GOOD for you

[4] Unexpected Shocks - ENDINGS of everything BAD for you


* Sun 28° Capricorn => 5° Aquarius

* Sun enters Aquarius 20th January 2021

* Next Full Moon 9° Leo on 28th January 2021

* Mercury 15° => 23° Aquarius

* Venus 12° => 20° Capricorn

* Mars 5° => 9° Taurus

* Jupiter 6°49' => 8°24' Aquarius

* Saturn 3°39' => 4°27' Aquarius

* Uranus 6°43' => 6°46' Taurus

* Neptune 18°52' => 19°03' Pisces

* Pluto 24°45' => 25°00' Capricorn


This Week for SunSign Scorpio

It's all "Exciting" - because of - Mars & Uranus

& it's all "Complicated" - because of - Saturn & Jupiter

Sun in Aquarius - with - Mars & Uranus in Taurus EXCITING for - your SunSign Scorpio

Awakening - with - Lots of Energy - Determination - Ambition - Desires of Love and Life


This Year's Sun in Aquarius [Air Sign] will be COMPLICATED & BUSY for EVERYONE - even YOU !

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius [Air Sign] are ensuring MAJOR NEW EXCITING changes - for YOU too !


There are 3 facets that are being AWAKENED and ACTIVATED

Even though you've been content in life - DESIRES are being AWAKENED


Saturn-Success & Jupiter-Happiness in Aquarius [Air Sign] - will ensure a NEW PHASE of life begins

Saturn-Success & Jupiter-Happiness all depends on how much you LOVE TALKING to GOOD people


The more you LOVE talking - the more you LOVE communicating - the HAPPIER you'll be

More importantly - when you find GOOD people on your wavelength - then you'll find TRUE HAPPINESS


Anyone who is BAD for you - anyone is is WRONG for you - LIES & LIARS are all BAD

All the SQUARES and CONJUNCTIONS - from now and the Full Moon on 28th January will be TRUTH


20th January: Mars 6° Taurus conjunct Uranus 6° Taurus

23rd January: Mars 7° Taurus squares Jupiter 7° Aquarius

24th January: Sun 4° Aquarius conjunct Saturn 4° Aquarius

26th January: Sun 6° Aquarius squares Uranus 6° Taurus

28th January: Sun 9° Aquarius conjunct Jupiter 9° Aquarius

28th January: Sun 9° Aquarius opposes Full Moon 9° Leo

Full Moon squares Uranus 6° Taurus

Full Moon squares Mars 10° Taurus

Full Moon opposes Sun in Aquarius

Full Moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius

Full Moon opposes Jupiter in Aquarius

Full Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius


Conjunctions & Oppositions - Truth creates FOREVER STABILITY - and - MAGNETISM of LOVE

The Full Moon in Leo oppositions - defines - TRUE LOVE for whatever and whoever you honestly LOVE

The Full Moon in Leo squares - defines - jealousy of your grumpy "ex's" because you've got someone NEW

The Full Moon in Leo squares - reveals - that you're no longer connected to "ex's" because you're FREE

The next 2 weeks - the squares will ensure the elimination of anything wrong and bad for you from your life




[1] Sun in Aquarius [Air Sign] - for your SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign] - should be GOOD for you

GOODNESS for a SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign] - is - 100% TRUTH and STABILITY


Sun in Aquarius - energizing - Mars & Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign]

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] from 6th January => 4th March 2021 - GOOD LUCK happens for you


GOOD LUCK thanks to Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign] from 8th January => 1st February 2021

6th => 17th January 2021 - SOMETHING will positive CHANGE for Your SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign]

That defines - something BRILLIANTLY wonderful appearing and positively changing in your life


All SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign] - are CLEVER at manipulating conversations

All SunSign Scorpio [Water Sign] - know how to SOLVE problems by TALKING

Use the power of your speech to get life fixed and repaired - talk your way out of trouble !



[2] Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] from 6th January => 4th March 2021

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] conjunction Uranus in Taurus - exact on 20th January 2021


Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] will reveal the TRUTH in PROSPERITY & FINANCES

You will be feeling more CONFIDENT because of knowing definition of STABILITY 2021


Everything and everyone that gives you LOTS OF ENERGY - is FOREVER-IN your life

Everything and everyone that DOES NOTHING - is FOREVER-OUT your life



[3] Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign] and Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] - SOLID and FOREVER

For "some" quiet. moody and introvert SunSign Scorpio - this will make you RESTLESS


Venus in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - 8th January => 1st February 2021

Mars in Taurus [Earth Sign] - 6th January => 4th March 2021


Remember - BOTH are being energized by Sun in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Which - means - BOTH planets are working to create STABILITY for your future

Listen to your feelings and don't ignore the coincidences of your AWAKENING



[4] "It" all depends on HOW MUCH YOU LOVE TALKING !


Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius - for - your SunSign Scorpio - makes it complicated for you

The reason is because - traditionally - part of you likes a quiet life - now it gets "NOISY"


Jupiter in Aquarius [Air Sign] Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign]

Mercury in Aquarius [Air Sign] 8th January => 15th March 2021


If you love talking - then - you're going to LOVE the next 3 => 12 years of your life

If you want peace and quiet in your life - then - "HIDE" - because - it's going to get noisy !

The only talking - will have to be the TRUTH - as Aquarius REFUSES LIARS access to success !


Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius - means - TALKING to all the right people

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius - means - RELATIONSHIPS to all the right people


NO-ONE on the planet was born to live-alone

NO-ONE on the planet was born to be "silent"


EVERYONE on the planet was born to be in RELATIONSHIPS with OTHER people

EVERYONE on the planet was born to TALK with everyone you're destined to be connected to


Even if you've not been interested in the past 3 => 6 => 12 years - now "it" all changes

The ONLY way to have INCOME - SUCCESS - HAPPINESS is via being connected to OTHER people


A natural SunSign Scorpio - means - you've got GOOD instincts to know who are good or bad for you

A natural SunSign Scorpio - means - you know who is LYING & DRAINING you or TRUTHFUL


Your SunSign Scorpio - will see the results and rewards of LOYALTY & HONESTY in your relationships

Your SunSign Scorpio - will see positive changes in your finances - work and anything "money" related


This Week's FOREVER-GOODNESS & HAPPINESS will be created for your SunSign Scorpio by

TWO New sets of energies are UNLOCKED defined by Sun, Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius



New Year 2021 for Scorpio

1st January => March 2021

Introduction to the Membership Website



The Next 3 Months - Sun in Capricorn - Sun in Aquarius - Sun in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn - Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius - Neptune in Pisces

Working with Uranus in Taurus - Mars in Taurus - Mars in Gemini


The next 3 months Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius will be revealing MAJOR change

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius will be activating areas of your life which have been DEAD

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius will be awakening areas of your life which have been DEAD


The next 3 months will be ensuring an "UPGRADE" - with Meaning to Life

The true meaning of your life is doing something POSITIVE with life



Using your Individual Natural Instincts

Life wants you to use your natural instincts of "attraction"

Life wants you to do what you do best - and - that's "TALK"


The definition of "you" - is all the good people in your life - "everyone" has got "someone"

The definition of "you" - is whatever and whoever makes you happy - happiness is aliveness within "YOU"

The definition of "you" - is how you talk to other people - and - how you respect other people



The definition of "you" is how you deal with difficult situations

The definition of "you" is how you solve your problems


Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius - will force you to deal-with-your situation in December'20, January & February 2021

How you solve your problems - how you deal with life - how you operate successfully - is either [1] [2] or [3]


[1] Walk-away from all difficulties - when things get too-much - you walk-away

This is the "detached" way to - detach yourself from negativity

The more you detach - the more you feel happiness and freedom

Everyone who walks-away - always walks-away from bad situations


Everyone who walks-away - always BELIEVES that new beginnings can only begin when you walk-way

Financially and personal relationships you can only BEGIN something NEW after you've ENDED something BAD

The quicker you END something BAD - the quicker you can BEGIN something NEW

Mars in Aries wants everyone to BEGIN a NEW phase - hence - ending of something BAD has to happen too!



[2] Panic - Frustration - Worry - Complain - Protest - Anxiousness - Nervousness

This is the type of person that immerses themselves in "negativity" and can't break-free

The type that fights negativity with negativity - always looses - and - gets more frustrated

The only way a "panicky" person deals with negativity is going-to people who can save them


Everyone who panics always - has a "go-to person" to help save them solve their problems

If the "panicky" person becomes too-much trouble - then - people will stop helping them

When "everyone" is under-pressure - no-one wants "excess" baggage of negative-people around them

This is why "some" heavy-relationships will break-up - as no-one wants negativity

Positive people will say - better to be "alone" - than - with someone who is excessively negative



[3] The best way of dealing with life is with an optimistic Happiness-attitude-to-life

Optimism - means - believing and saying - "everything will be alright"

A "HAPPY" person emits positive energy of light and happiness - with - smiles and positive words

A "HAPPY" person accepts the negative situation - but - keeps being positive to cancel-out the negative

because - from past experiences - a "HAPPY" person believes - "everything will be alright"



The next 3 months will ensure everyone deals-with negative situations in your own instinctive way

You'll use your instincts to get-through-it-all - with the help of Mars in Taurus


All I can say is - I hope - you'll keep cool - keep calm - trust-in-life - won't worry

And - appreciate each day as a gift of life - appreciate all the good people in your life

And - understand with love and compassion - that - everyone in the world is suffering too.

A wise and enlightened soul - always trusts and believes that - "everything will be alright"



Listen To the Message of the Full Moon's

Each Astrological Month - WAIT - until the Full Moon

Each Full Moon will speak truthfully and honestly to you

WAIT until Full Moon before you DECIDE !

Explore all possibilities - and - DECIDE at the Full Moon


3 Powerful New Moon's & Full Moon's


30th December 2020 - Sun in Capricorn - Full Moon in Cancer

13th January 2021 - Sun in Capricorn - New Moon in Capricorn


28th January 2021 - Sun in Aquarius - Full Moon in Leo

11th February 2021 - Sun in Aquarius - New Moon in Aquarius


27th February 2021 - Sun in Pisces - Full Moon in Virgo

13th March 2021 - Sun in Pisces - New Moon in Pisces


Each New Moon & Full Moon will UNLOCK something NEW inside you

Each New Moon & Full Moon will create MAGNETISM of TRUTH that you need to know


Each New Moon & Full Moon will give you energy to WANT and DESIRE a change

If you're uncertain - always wait until the following New Moon and Full Moon before decision-making


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