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#8th Secret is Happiness

Happiness is Your Destination

"The 10 Planets of Happiness"


HONEST TRUTHS reasons for success & happiness

LIES/DECEPTION reasons for sadness & failure



Wisdom is knowing the definition of TRUTH & LIES


Destiny is Searching & Finding Truthful Relationships

Destiny is the Realization of Everything that's Deceitful


You've arrived at "Success" when "You're living-in-Truth"

The hazardous journey of life is full of "Deception & Lies"


You've become "Older & Wiser" via life's experiences

Learning what's deceitful is as important as finding truth

Knowing what makes you Sad - helps you find Happiness


Pluto in Aquarius [Air] demands that you become HONEST

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] will ensure "YOUR HAPPINESS"

Aquarius [Air] needs you to detach from "SADNESS"


You need to know-focus-determine "YOUR HAPPINESS"

You become "HAPPY" when you detach from "SADNESS"

You become "HAPPY" => when you're thinking "Positive"




"Happiness defines Your Soul's Success"

Aims-Goals-Ambitions defined by Happiness

Happiness defines Your Aims-Goals-Ambitions


Audio "Short-&-Sweet" - Happiness

Audio [12mins] - "10 Planets of Happiness"


"10 Planets of Happiness"


1. Sun [Fire]

Sun is the energy of cohesion [Heart-Fire]

Sun [Fire] creates the energy of everything to happen

Sun [Fire] creates constant vibrancy of Light & Warmth


Sun-activated people are warm-hearted happy people

Lazy & Cold-Hearted people are not happy with life

Depressed & "do-nothing" people are creating nothing


Sun [Fire] says - LIVE in LIGHT - BRIGHT LIGHTS

Sun [Fire] says - LIVE in WARMTH - healthy circulation

Sun [Fire] says - keep constantly active and busy

Sun [Fire] says - become like the Sun [Fire] to others

Sun [Fire] says - you cannot be happy - "doing nothing"

Sun [Fire] says - you cannot be happy - "being lazy"

You'll become happy when you're creating ENERGY

You'll be happy when you create happiness for others


Sun [Fire] - HAPPINESS is when you're BUSY

Sun [Fire] - HAPPINESS is Heart-Fire-is-TURNED-ON


Sun [Fire] - HAPPINESS is DOING what you LOVE doing

Sun [Fire] - HAPPINESS when you're creating ENERGY



2. Mercury [Earth]


Mercury is your [Earthly] thought energy

Mercury is your Earthly attachment to Your Life

Mercury communicates your reality with your brain


What you see in real life => resonates your thoughts

When you see happiness => you think happiness

When you see sadness => you think sadness


Your mind will decide what your thoughts are thinking

Mercury [Earth] says look at good things

Mercury [Earth] says refuse to look at badness

Mercury [Earth] is HAPPINESS of THOUGHTS



3. Venus [Air]


Venus [Air] defines what's "GOOD" & "BAD" for you

Venus [Air] wants you to LOVE THE GOOD

Venus [Air] wants you to HATE THE BAD

Venus [Air] can change anyday - any moment - anytime

Venus [Air] creates positive & negative distractions

Venus [Air] creates expression and respect


You TALK about whatever you "LOVE & HATE"

Your WORDS define your character "LOVE & HATE"

Your FUTURE is created by what you "LOVE & HATE"

You LOVE LIFE - the more you TALK about LOVE

You HATE LIFE - the more you TALK about HATE


Happiness must always be in sync with "LOVE & HATE"

Venus [Air] is HAPPINESS of "YOUR LOVE of LIFE"



4. Mars [Water]


Mars is the essential strength to get life moving

"Mars is the need to have everything you need"

When your life is STAGNANT - Mars is unhappy

When your life is MOVING - Mars is happy


Mars is like [Water] - you can't live without [Water]

Mars [Water] includes all essentials "food" & "water"

Mars [Water] is having everything you call "essential"


HAPPINESS is when you've got everything you need

"High-Maintenance" lifestyle creates lots of unhappiness

"Low-Maintenance" lifestyle creates genuine happiness

Poor-people can be much happier than "rich" people


When you've got what you need - Mars is HAPPY

When you've not got what you need - Mars is unhappy

Mars [Water] HAPPINESS is having everything you need



5. Jupiter [Fire]


Jupiter [Fire] the biggest planet in the solar system

Jupiter [Fire] - the BIGGEST thing of your life


The facets that make you LARGER-THAN-LIFE

Everything that creates your IDENTITY of RESPECT

Jupiter [Fire] is respect-ambitions-goals-achievements


Jupiter [Fire] is work-business-financial-status

Jupiter [Fire] is RESPECT because you've done "it"


Unhappy Jupiter [Fire] is not respected by anyone

Happy Jupiter [Fire] is respected and looked-up-to

Jupiter [Fire] HAPPINESS is appearing successful

"Appearance" is living better quality-of-life than others

Jupiter [Fire] HAPPINESS is Appearance of Happiness

Jupiter [Fire] HAPPINESS is Looking "Wealthy" !



6. Saturn [Earth]


Saturn [Earth] is the Manifestation of Destiny

Living Destiny in Real-Life - and - not imagination


Saturn [Earth] includes every real facet of your life

Saturn [Earth] includes all your life's experiences

Saturn [Earth] defines everyone you've known

Saturn [Earth] magnetism of attraction to destiny



Saturn [Earth] is FOREVER & EVER

Saturn [Earth] wants & needs you to GET-IT-RIGHT

Saturn [Earth] is HAPPY when you GET-IT-RIGHT

Saturn [Earth] is SAD when you GET-IT-WRONG


Saturn [Earth] says "please get-it-right"

Saturn [Earth] says "don't make any more mistakes"

Saturn [Earth] says "analyze what you're doing wrong"

Saturn [Earth] says "focus on what you're doing right"





7. Uranus [Air]


Uranus [Air] is your personal "Back-Up-Plan"

Uranus [Air] rescues when you've made mistakes

Uranus [Air] says "Freedom" from mistakes

Uranus [Air] says "Reset" to be "Back-on-Track"


Uranus [Air] creates the energy to "Run-Away"

Freedom is "Running-Away" from your mistakes

Freedom is "Escaping" toxic deceitful relationships

Uranus [Air] "Freedom" to do what you know is right

Uranus [Air] "Freedom" to detach from anything wrong

Uranus [Air] is the power to take-control of your life

Uranus [Air] refuses you to listen to other people's lies

Uranus [Air] wants you to listen to your own truths

Uranus [Air] is FRESH-AIR when you open the windows

"Choose to OPEN-the-windows of your own SOUL"


Uranus [Air] is HAPPINESS of FREEDOM from LIES

Uranus [Air] is HAPPINESS of LIVING in TRUTH




8. Neptune [Water]


Neptune [Water] - planet of dreams & beliefs

Neptune [Water] - is a real planet which isn't visible

Neptune [Water] - exists far-away you can't see "it"


Depressed & sad people - don't believe in anything

Depressed & sad people - don't believe in the future

Happy People - always believe-in & see the future

Happy People - believe anything can happen anyday


Believers in Neptune [Water] - "Believe-in-miracles"

Neptune [Water] believes that dreams can come true

Neptune [Water] believes in the invisible power of "GOD"


The greeks called it the "GODDESS" Neptune [Water]

"FEMININE GODDESS" is kind-beautiful-charming

Believing that "GOD IS KIND" is key to "Miracles"

Miracles happen even if you don't deserve miracles

Miracles happen because you believe in miracles


Neptune [Water] wants you to Believe in God of Miracles

Neptune [Water] HAPPINESS is "Believing in the Future"



9. Pluto [Fire]


Pluto [Fire] defines the deepest meaningful power

Pluto [Fire] is the strongest of all the life's energies

Pluto [Fire] is the outermost planet of our solar system

Pluto [Fire] is invisible - but - it is held in orbit

Pluto [Fire] defines doing something extra-ordinary


The power of Pluto [Fire] is not truly known

The potential power of everyone is Pluto [Fire]

You can't imagine what you can truly accomplish

Pluto [Fire] is the power of accomplishing anything

Pluto [Fire] is when you do something extra-ordinary


Pluto in Aquarius [Air] will activate the "Pluto of Fire"

Pluto in Sagittarius [Fire] 1995 => 2008 was Pluto [Fire]


Pluto [Fire] HAPPINESS is getting the "Pluto of Fire"

Pluto [Fire] HAPPINESS is deep-feeling energetic again

Pluto [Fire] HAPPINESS is accomplishing "NEW"



10. Moon [Water]


Moon [Water] - You can't live without "Water"

Moon [Water] - Your body is "70% Water/Electrolyte"

Moon [Water] - Earth's surface content "70% Water"


Planet Earth would be "dead" - without [Water]

Your Life would be "dead" - without "Feelings"


"Feelings" define - everyone who is important to you

"Feelings" define - everything that's important to you

"No Feelings" - everyone who is meaningless to you

"No Feelings" - everything irrelevant to your life


Moon transits all [Fire] [Air] [Water] [Earth] signs

Moon applies constantly to every StarSign every month



Moon [Water] HAPPINESS is FEELING LIFE'S energy



"2024 is Year of Truth"

Everything is "Yes" or "No"






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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"