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Audio Predictions for SunSign Virgo [Earth]

Monday 6th => Monday 13th February 2023

This Week's Audio Summary SunSign Virgo

Short-and-Sweet Weekly Audio for your SunSign [5mins]


Short & Sweet Straight-Forwards - Summary Thru March 2023 - [Audio 5 mins]

Communication - Mars in Gemini [Air] Jupiter in Aries [Fire] Saturn in Aquarius [Air]



Monday 6th => Monday 13th February 2023

"Love-Success-Money" - is - "Your Destiny & Truth"

"No Energy" for "Time-Wasting-Liars-Lies-Deceit"

Determination - "What You Want" & "Don't Want"

Short-and-Sweet Weekly Summary Audio - [5 mins]

"Short-and-Sweet" - Weekly Summary


"Air & Fire Signs" - Summary [3 mins]

Summary "FireSigns-Aries-Leo-Sagittarius

& "AirSigns Gemini-Libra-Aquarius"


"Earth & Water Signs" - Summary [5 mins]

Summary "Earth-Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn"

& "Water-Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces"


"Full Length Audio - Summary [Long 19 mins]

The Life-Changing "Week-After" the Full Moon

Energy of "Your Feelings" - [19mins Long-Audio]


* Sun 17° => 24° Aquarius [Air]

* Full Moon in Leo => Virgo => Libra => Scorpio

* Mercury 22° Capricorn => 2° Aquarius [Air]

* Mercury enters Aquarius [Air] - Sat' 11th Feb'

* Venus 12° => 21° Pisces [Water]

* Mars 11° => 13° Gemini [Air]

* Jupiter 7°01' => 8°25' Aries [Fire]

* Saturn 26°27' => 27°17' Aquarius [Air]

* Uranus 15°02' => 15°08' Taurus [Earth]

* Neptune 23°45' => 24°00' Pisces [Water]

* Pluto 28°49' => 29°02' Capricorn [Earth]


This Week for SunSign Virgo


SunSign Virgo [Earth] needs planets in [Earth] & [Water]

All [EarthSigns] & [WaterSigns] prefer "Peace & Stability"


This Week-Ahead - "Planets Good for Your Stability"

Mercury in Capricorn [Earth] 6th Dec'22 => 11th Feb'23

Venus in Pisces [Water] 27th January => 20th February '23

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] & Neptune in Pisces [Water]


Moon transits good for you will be Water & Earth Signs

Moon in Virgo [Earth] on 7th-8th-9th February 2023

Moon in Scorpio [Water] on 12th-13th February 2023

Moon in Capricorn [Earth] on 16th-17th February 2023


All the other planets are going to make you "restless"

Sun in Aquarius will be enticing and forcing "changes"


This week's surprises created by Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

Mercury in Capricorn [Earth] trines Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

Mercury & Uranus Trines to Your SunSign Virgo [Earth]


Zone of "Aquarius" Mayhem & Changes

Virgo [Earth] - "hates" - "Air & Fire"

Learn-to-Work with "Air & Fire"


Traditionally SunSign Virgo [Earth] hates "Air & Fire"

You want a peaceful-quiet-life or normal-routine


The truth is you want excitement when "you" want it

But you don't like changes being forced upon you !


Astrology is the reason why everything always changes

Even changes you don't like or don't want to change


Sun-Saturn in Aquarius [Air] & Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

Sun in Aquarius [Air] strengthens Mars in Gemini [Air]

New Moon in Aquarius [Air] => Full Moon in Leo [Fire]


Aquarius is like Airports-Airlines - getting you to destinations

It's the only way to get to far-away places and bring you home


Aquarius - like - Airports-Airlines are full of noise and activity

Aquarius - like - Airports are full of queues-selfish-pushy-people


Accept the Sun in Aquarius - and - avoid "selfish-idiots"

Your Sensible SunSign hates arrogance & "pushed-around"


Try and Work-With the planets in Aquarius-Aries-Gemini

Understand the world's energy will be "restless and pushy"


Keep-Cool & Be-Calm and by 7th March 2023 life's good !

SunSign Virgo's know how to "Be-Cool" & "Calm"

SunSign Virgo's are known to bring "peace and calmness"


Venus enters Pisces [Water] - 27th January 2023

Sun enters Pisces [Water] - 18th February 2023

Saturn enters Pisces [Water] - 7th March 2023

Mars enters Cancer [Water] - 25th March 2023

Jupiter enters Taurus [Earth] - 16th May 2023


SunSign Virgo [Earth] will experience "nervous-changes"

"Go-With-The-Flow" of whatever happens - it will be "Good"


Understand that "it" is life helping you move-forwards

Please "don't get angry and annoyed" - life is going to help you


"Hold-it-Together" - and - don't do "anything-stupid" !

Things will get solved thanks to your "Virgo-Charm"


Talk your way out of any difficult situations !

Talk your way into success and breakthroughs !




This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Aquarius [Air] - 20th Jan' => 18th Feb' 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Aquarius - This Month's Astrological Events"



Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Pisces [Water] - 18th Feb' => 20th March 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Pisces - Next Month's Astrological Events"






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