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This Weeks Astrology שבע כוכבי לכת

12 StarSigns Weekly Predictions






This Week's Summary for 12 StarSigns

Monday 17th => Monday 24th June 2024





Full explanations for all 12 StarSigns @ "This Weeks Astrology"



"Duality" - 2 Planets in 4 StarSigns

"Duality Creates Obsessive Intensity"

1. Pluto in Aquarius [Air]

2. Saturn & Neptune in Pisces [Water]

3. Mars & Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

4. Sun & Jupiter in Gemini [Air]

5. Mercury & Venus in Cancer [Water]

6. Full Moon in Capricorn [Earth]


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* Sun 26° Gemini [Air] => 3° Cancer [Water]

* Sun enters Cancer [Water] - 20th June

* Moon Scorpio-Sagittarius-FullMoonCapricorn

* Full Moon 1° Capricorn [Earth] - 21st/22nd June

* Mercury 0° => 14° Cancer [Water]

* Venus 0° => 8° Cancer [Water]

* Mars 5° => 11° Taurus [Earth]

* Jupiter 5°06' => 6°41' Gemini [Air]

* Saturn 19°18' => 19°24' Pisces [Water]

* Uranus 25°02' => 25°23' Taurus [Earth]

* Neptune HOME 29°52' => 29°55' Pisces [Water]

* Pluto rx 1°40' => 1°32' Aquarius [Air]



"Zone of Major Changes"

"Mayhem of Week-Ahead"

"Shocks & Surprises"


"EXCITEMENT" is when you find what you're looking for

The Week Ahead is going to be a STRONG Full Moon Week

2 Planets in Each of these StarSigns will make it STRONG


Sun & Jupiter in Gemini [Air]

Mercury & Venus in Cancer [Water]

Mars & Uranus in Taurus [Earth]

Saturn & Neptune in Pisces [Water]


Sun enters Cancer [Water] 20th/21st June 2024

Full Moon in Capricorn [Earth] 21st/22nd June 2024



"The No Planet Effect"

"Adapt & Work-With"


No planets in Aries [Fire]

No planets in Leo [Fire]

No planets in Virgo [Earth]

No planets in Libra [Air]

No planets in Scorpio [Water]

No planets in Sagittarius [Fire]

No planets in Capricorn [Earth]

No planets in 7 starsigns means a need to be flexible/adapt



Sun in Gemini [Air] - Energy of Life

Sun in Gemini [Air] - 20th May => 20th June 2024

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Gemini - This Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Gemini [Air] creating REBIRTH of Your life

Sun in Gemini [Air] is the WIDE-AWAKE energy

Sun in Gemini [Air] is the NEW-LEVEL of energy

Everything you LOVE is your happiness & success

Everything you HATE/TOXIC must now CHANGE


Sun in Cancer [Water] - "Natural"

Sun in Cancer [Water] - 20th June => 22nd July 2024

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Cancer - This Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Cancer [Water] defines HEALTHY & NATURAL

Sun in Cancer [Water] is the 100% TRUTH energy

Sun in Cancer [Water] is the "Natural flowing of Truth"

Sun in Cancer [Water] is the "Flow of Destiny's" coincidences

Everything GOOD for you - will go naturally / smoothly

Everything BAD for yhou - will reveal big problems



Mercury in Cancer [Water]

Mercury in Cancer [Water] - 17th June => 2nd July 2024

Mercury will be moving "Supersonic Quick" in Cancer

Mercury is the compelling energy into "THE FUTURE"

Mercury is THOUGHT energy - whatever you're THINKING

Cancer [Water] is starsign of TRUTH & HONESTY



Venus in Cancer [Water]

Venus in Cancer [Water] - 17th June => 11th July 2024

Venus in Cancer [Water] - defines Heart's EXCITEMENT

Venus in Cancer [Water] - defines Who & What you NEED

Venus in Cancer [Water] - will reveal and create "it" all

Venus in Cancer [Water]- will be impulsive and illogical


Cancer [Water] - hates - lies - liars - bullshit !

Cancer [Water] - loves being loved - and - being loving

Cancer [Water] - loves TRUTH that's FOREVER



Mars in Taurus [Earth]

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - 9th June => 20th July 2024

Taurus [Earth] - instinctive natural honesty

Taurus [Earth] - makes things happen naturally

Outer planet - Mars in Taurus [Earth] - once every 2 years

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - says - BEGIN SOMETHING NEW

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - ensures - NEW IS REAL & HONEST

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - creates "determination/breakthroughs"

Mars in Taurus [Earth] - is something you needed and want



Jupiter in Gemini [Air]

Jupiter entered Gemini [Air] - 25th/26th May 2024

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] is once every 12 years !

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - 26th May 2024 => 9th June 2025


"BIGGER THAN BIG" is created by LUCKY Jupiter



"it" is the turn of BIG LUCK for Gemini [Air] energies

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - May 1988 => July 1989

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - June 2000 => July 2001

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - May 2012 => July 2013

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] - 25th May 2024 => June 2025


Jupiter in Gemini [Air] will be impulsive and natural

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] doesn't dead-boring anymore

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] hates depressing and boring

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] wants LOVE & EXCITEMENT

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] wants REAL LIFE excitement


Live-Life & Love-Life with the good energy of everyday

Everything and everyone that defines HAPPINESS to you !

You'll see the bright-lights and ignore dull-and-boring !



Saturn in Pisces [Water]

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - Sincere Relationships of "Forever"

Saturn in Pisces [Water] - 7th March 2023 => May 2025

Saturn is direct in Pisces [Water] - until 30th June 2024


Past-Present-Future - you never forget good people

Past-Present-Future - you never forget toxic/bad people

Saturn defines Specific Types of People you need

Saturn defines Relationships to ensure "You" are "You"


Saturn creates inexplicable attachments to "good-people"

Saturn creates inexplicable detachments to "bad-people"

Saturn wants you to "finally get your relationships" right

Saturn wants everyone to work-together with others


"Pisces" makes mysterious things just "happen"

Believing in "it" or not - "it" will happen !

"Saturn" is changing everything for every starsign

Saturn wants you to get "stable-honest-relationships"

Saturn wants everyone to "work-together with others"


Life's Success & Happiness is defined by "being connected"

Life's Success & Happiness is created by "working-together"


Saturn & Neptune in Pisces [Water]

What do you "believe"? Who do you "trust"?

Bonds of Karmic & Destined Relationships

Pisces [Water] means "mysterious and magical"



Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - thru' => 2025

Uranus is direct Taurus [Earth] until September 2024


Freedom from thinking negative - Freedom from "Prison"

Uranus sets-you-free because it gives "Choices-of-Freedom"

Uranus desires Freedom - anyone/anything irritating you

Uranus wants you to Love-Life and to stop worrying

Uranus wants you to Set-You-Free from "toxic" people


Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - "setting you free" from negativity

"Freedom from the past" & "goodbye to the past"

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] - creates the good-luck for Uranus

Receive the financial good-fortune and live-in-freedom



Neptune HOME Pisces [Water Sign]

Neptune HOME Pisces [Water Sign] => 31st March 2025

Neptune creates whatever you "DESIRE & IMAGINE"

When you imagine "it" - you know "it" will happen

Neptune gives the vision - but "some" don't see "it"


All Psychic's feel peaceful because "it" feels good

Nervous people feel unstable because "it" feels bad

Neptune in Pisces since 2012 - you've seen "it" clearly

Neptune & Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 - created "it"

Neptune is creating in REAL life what you IMAGINE


Neptune 29° Pisces [Water]

"Psychic Immediacy ....."


Many people are feeling this psychic "cusp" [Fire] energy

Neptune HOME at 29° Pisces [Water] nearly 0° Aries [Fire]

Neptune sits at 29° Pisces [Water] until end of September 2024


"Psychic Thoughts" are making you feel "EXCITED" [Fire]

"Psychic Thoughts" are making things happen "immediately"

"Psychic Thoughts" are creating "love-at-1st-sight" feelings



Pluto in Aquarius [Air Sign]

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - 21st January 2024 => 2044

Pluto will creates "intense" & "unforgettable" moments


Age of Aquarius [Air] is all about "The New Future"

Age of Aquarius [Air] is about being Detached from Past

Age of Aquarius [Air] is about being Set-Free from negativity

Aquarius [Air] creates inexplicable excitement of "New"

You can't do anything in life without getting "Excited"


You can't do anything in life without the "right-people"

The surprises will be by "who" defines the "right-people"

The surprises will be by not-needing lots of people !

Pluto in Aquarius wants the "best quality" people for you



"The Biggest Mistake We all Make"

"Feeling Neutral-Nothings is Stupidity"


Stupidity is "Hating" your life Today

Stupidity is being Neutral/Dead-Bored


All you have to do is LOVE THE GOOD ENERGY

All you have to do is IGNORE THE BAD ENERGY






Months Astrological Events

Sun in Cancer [Water] - 20th June => 22nd July 2024

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Sun in Leo [Fire] - 22nd July => 22nd August 2024

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Sun in Virgo [Earth] - 22nd August => 22nd Sept' 2024

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Sun in Libra [Air] - 22nd September => 22nd Oct' 2024

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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"