"2024" - Energetic & Exciting



Audio "Expect Unexpected"

"Astrological Predictions"

"Power of Pluto in Aquarius"


Astrology is all about the "powerful invisible" energies

Astrology explains the "inexplicable & illogical" events


Moon Astrology defines "Daily Changing Moods"

Inner Planets Astrology defines "Thoughts-Love-Heart"

Outer Planets Astrology defines "New Opportunities"


Pluto in Aquarius defines "A New Age for Humanity"

Pluto in Aquarius awakens the "Realizations of Truths"


Pluto in Aquarius reveals LIES-LIARS-FAILURES



Astrology informs of when to "Expect the Unexpected"

"The Unexpected" comes with "Pure Honest Energy"

"The Unexpected" will create "Shocks & Surprises"


"Shocks" that things/situations have "Died & Ended"

"Surprises" created by "New Exciting Beginnings"



"Pluto Conjunctions"


Pluto Conjunctions are New Beginnings

Pluto Conjunctions are New & Exciting


Pluto enters Aquarius [Air] - 21st January 2024

Sun conjuncts Pluto Aquarius [Air] - 21st January 2024

Full Moon opposes Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - 25th January

Mercury conjuncts Pluto Aquarius [Air] - 5th February 2024

Mars conjuncts Pluto Aquarius [Air] - 14th February 2024

Venus conjuncts Pluto Aquarius [Air] - 17th February 2024


21st January => 14th Febuary - "Lots of initial surprises"

"Surprises" by things that have been waiting to happen

"Surprises" by endings of anything that's "Dead" energy

"Surprises" by being "SET-FREE" from "Toxic" situations

"Surprises" by beginnings - "New" exciting energy


Aquarius [Air] is the seeing of RIGHT & WRONG

Seeing RIGHT - you can't continue with WRONG

Seeing TRUTH - you can't continue with Toxic & LIES


Sun & Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - connection to RIGHT

Sun & Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - disconnection to WRONG


Pluto in Aquarius [Air] says - QUIT living in the past

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - QUIT - time-wasting nonsense

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - QUIT - and - walk-away !


QUITTING is easy when NEW & BETTER appears

ENDINGS are easy when NEW BEGINNINGS appear


Sun in Pisces [Water] means

"Pluto is in 12th House"


Pluto in 12th House with respect to Sun in 1st House

Mysterious-strange-fascinating-unusual coincidences


12th House of Karma will create "Strong Honest Feelings"

12th House of Karma will create "Deaths & Detachments"

12th House of Karma will create "Endings-to-Toxicity"

12th House of Karma will create "Destruction-Endings"

12th House of Karma will reveal "Lies-Liars-Nonsense"



Sun in Aries [Fire] means

"Pluto is in 11th House"



Pluto in 11th House with respect to Sun in 1st House

The official permanent beginning of New Beginnings


11th House of Freedom will create "New-Age Surprises"

11th House is pure "Expect the unexpected Surprises"


11th House says "Detachment from irrelevant Past"

11th House says "Freedom-from-Toxic"

11th House says "Listen-To-Honest & Be-Honest"

11th House says "Ignore liars-losers-failures-nonsense"

11th House says "Happiness at Finally Getting-it-right"

11th House says "Love-Life because Life-is-Good"

11th House is "Maximum Excitement & Happiness"

11th House is "Forever-Honest-Genuine-Happiness"



"Pluto is the New Future"

Happiness is Life

Sadness is Death



"Toxic-Negative-People" are frightened of the future

"Toxic-Negative-People" complain about life & hate you !

"Sadness is the beginning of Death" are "Toxic-thoughts"

"Complaining" is the 1st stage "Death & Endings"


Healthy-Positive People are looking-forward to the future

Healthy-Positive People are loving life & they love you !

Healthy-Positive People are Positive & Exciting People

"Genuine Excitement" is the 1st stage of "New Beginnings"



"Magic of Pluto Trines"
"May-June-July 2024"


Pluto Trines will be "Destiny's Destination"

Pluto Trines will be "Dates-With-Destiny"

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] trines Gemini [Air]

Gemini [Air] is Pluto's "House of Happiness"


Sun in Gemini [Air] trines Pluto - 22nd May 2024

Venus in Gemini [Air] trines Pluto - 25th May 2024

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] trines Pluto - 3rd June 2024

Mercury in Gemini [Air] trines Pluto - 4th June 2024

Mars in Gemini [Air] trines Pluto - 22nd July 2024


Pluto's message will be delivered-in-full by Mid-June 2024

Learn to LISTEN to the HONESTY of Pluto in Aquarius


Learn and adapt to what you know is RIGHT-FOR-YOU

Let-go of anything-useless that does NOTHING for you




"2024 is Year of Truth"

Everything is "Yes" or "No"




"Power of Pluto in Aquarius"




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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"