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"7 Secrets for You to Be a Winner"

Spiritual Secrets of Noam Elimelech


#7 Secrets "Mind-Body-Spirit" of Your Destiny

Things Change when your "Mind-Body-Spirit" activated


#7 Secrets will get your life "Activated by Destiny"

#7 Secrets connects your "Life's Energy" to "Your Soul"


"#7 Secrets for Leo [Fire]"



#1st Secret - "Mind-Body-Spirit"

"Your Memories of Destiny"

Audio "1st Secret - Short-&-Sweet Version"

Audio "1st Secret - 15mins Long Version"


"Destiny is Everything You Remember"

"Hindsight is the ONLY Truthful Proof"


#1st Secret is "Mind-Body-Spirit" of Your Destiny

Everything you remember in hindsight is Destiny


#1st Secret is everything you've done for "1st-Time"

The "1st-Time" => created confidence for "2nd-Time"

The "2nd-Time" => created energy for "All-Times"


"The 1st REALLY BIG excitement of your life"

"1st-Lover" & "2nd & all" Sexual-Lovers you've had

"1st-Home" & "2nd & all" homes you've lived in

"1st-Automobile" & "2nd & all" cars you've driven

"1st-Holiday" & "2nd & all" holidays you've had

"1st-Flight" & "2nd & all" long-journeys you've to

"1st-Major-Decision" & "2nd & all" BIG decisions

"1st-Marriage" & "2nd & all" marriages/relationships

"1st-Heartbreak - 1st-Divorce" & every heartbreak

"1st-Job/Business" &"2nd & all" Jobs/businesses

"1st-BIG-paycheck" & "2nd & all" BIG $$$ you've had

"1st-Large-Amount of $Money" & every surprise


The "1st-Time" => was => "Your Date-With-Destiny"

Thinking of "1st-Time" - re-activates your Destiny

Thinking of "1st-Time" - raises your "Mind's Energy"


Higher-Excited-Thought-Energy is your Soul's Destiny

Destiny needs your mind to think with "excitement"


"Specific Destined Events for Leo"


Leo [Fire] is the battle between "HOT" & "COLD"

Leo [Fire] must always be "HOT" & "YANG"

You're NOT born to be "introvert-yin" or "cold-hearted"


Your Destiny is the "Your Attraction to ENERGY"

Your Destiny is the "Attraction to YOUR ENERGY"

You're DEAD when no-one is "attracted to your energy"


"HOT" [Fire] is when you're loved-wanted-desired

"TOO HOT" [Fire] is when you're annoying & hated


"some" types of people - will always hate you !

"accept" you're not destined to be loved by everyone

"accept" you're destined - to be hated by quiet-types !


Leo [Fire] is the search for "Good-Energy"

Your Destiny is everyone you're attracted to

Your Destiny is everyone who's attracted to you

Your Destiny is everyone who's been attracted to you

Your Destiny is created by your personal magnetism

Your Achievements created by who's attracted to you


When you're a NATURAL - Leo [Fire] is attractive sign

When you try-too-hard /or lie - Leo [Fire] is a nuisance


Everyone who's been attracted to you - is - ENERGY

Your Destiny is the NATURAL & HONEST attraction


Destiny of "Mind-Body-Soul" is "Thinking-Back"

Think of Your "Power of Leo [Fire] Attraction"

.... even if "they" don't want - nor - love you anymore

You had the "magic" - and - you've still got "it" !


You did something "right" when you attracted ENERGY

All your luck has come via MAGNETISM of attraction


You need to be "connected" to ENERGY to be ALIVE

When you're dead-bored => THINK of GOOD ENERGY


"Destiny" is +ve ENERGY of EVERYONE you've known

"Destiny" is +ve ENERGY of EVERYTHING you've done


"Re-Activate Your Destiny" by THINKING +ve ENERGY

Make-a-list In-Your-Mind of EVERYTHING you've done

Make-a-list In-Your-Mind of EVERYONE attracted to you

You've done "it" before => now => you'll do "it" again !



#2nd Secret - "Mind-Body-Spirit"

"Your Soul's Feelings Today"

Audio "2nd Secret - Short-&-Sweet Version"

Audio "2nd Secret - 9mins Long Version"


"Life is Everything in Your Life Today"

"Attachments to Life is Your Life's Energy"


#2nd Secret is "Awakening Your Feelings" of the present

#2nd Secret is "Presence of Your Mind-Body-Spirit"


#2nd Secret is "Loving-Everyone-in-your-Life-TODAY"

#2nd Secret is "Loving-Everything-in-your-Life"


#2nd Secret is created by Your happiness TODAY

#2nd Secret is created in "your feelings/attachments"


Happiness of Feelings is everything that's yours

Happiness of Feelings is everyone who is "yours"

Happiness of Feelings is everyone who loves-you

Happiness of Feelings is everyone who you love


Something is wrong with you - if you're not happy today

Something is wrong with you - if you've got no feelings


Activate/Exercise of Your Mind - to LOVE-YOUR-LIFE

You can't achieve anything NEW - "Without Your Desires"


Your desires are activated by whatever you love today

Your desires are awakened by whoever you love today


Your emotions/feelings/desires RAISE your energy

If your energy is "dead-bored & flat" - you'll fail at life

You can't achieve anything-good if you're sad/depressed

When your energy is "activated & uplifted" - you'll win


Your Mind's Desires are all your addictions to your life

Your Mind's Desires is the motivation to do "something"


#2nd Secret of Mind-Body-Spirit wants "HAPPINESS"



All of life - people are rushing-around & not enjoying life

#2nd Secret - says - ENJOY LIFE - QUALITY of LIFE


"Specific Daily Energies For Leo"


Leo [Fire] is defined by "What's in Your Life"

Leo [Fire] everything/everyone creates ENERGY


Your "Mind-Body-Soul" needs ENERGY everyday

"Normal Daily" activity needs to "FEEL ENERGY"


Doing anything in "dull-and-boring-mode" is useless

Doing something "with excitement" is higher-energy


"Higher-Energy" involves your "Mind-Body-Soul"

"Higher-Energy" ensures you "Remember it"

"Higher-Energy" leaves impression on "Your Soul"



Leo your excitement is "Food-Drinks-Sex"

Leo your maximum excitement is "SEX" with others

"SEXUAL" energy means someone really "LOVES YOU"


Leo your excitement is "Making-Money$$-Business"

Leo your excitement is "Travelling & Spending-Money"

Leo your excitement is "Clothes-Elegance & Style"

Leo your excitement is "All Your-Earthly-Possessions"


"Love-Your-Life" - whenever you're eating & drinking

"Love-Your-Life" - whenever you're doing anything


Taste-Tongue - all food has flavor - Tongue receives "it"

Gobbling-down food quickly - you're missing the TASTE


Enjoying the TASTE SLOWLY - maximizes your energy

The sense of TASTE is Leo [Fire] - TASTE excites !



All the negative boring-stuff - you can do quickly

All the positive exciting stuff - do "it" & enjoy doing it



#3rd Secret - "Mind-Body-Spirit"

"The Crossroads of Your Life"

Audio "3rd Secret - Short-&-Sweet Version"

Audio "3rd Secret #1 - 6mins Version #1"

Audio "3rd Secret #2 - 9mins Version #2"



"Miracles always happen @...

"The Crossroads of Your Life"


Getting "it" right is the purpose of all "good & bad"

Freewill choice ensures you make destined "mistakes"

The more mistakes you've made => the wiser you are

"Wisdom" of knowing what's "good & bad" for you

"Wisdom" comes to you - from living "it" in real-life

"Wisdom" does not come from "books" or teachers


"Wisdom" is a gift that ensures you know what to do

"Wisdom" is your natural instinctive reactions to life

"Your Wisdom" is "Your-own-inner-God" that helps you

"Intuitive Wisdom" is "Your-own-God" talking to you

"Wisdom" is your "Go-To" when you need help

"Instinctive Wisdom" is your "Go-To" to solve problems


"Go-To" - must be "100% pure, honest & trustworthy"

"Go-To" - your father - when you need strength/confidence

"Go-To" - your mother - when you need love/compassion

"Go-To" - Masculine energies - when you need $$$$

"Go-To" - Feminine energies - when you need LOVE

"Go-To" - is your own INNER WISDOM of answers


"Go-To" - Dr - when you're sick/ill

"Go-To" - Dentist - when you've got toothache

"Go-To" - Car Mechanic - when car-troubles

"Go-To" - Psychic/astrologer - when you can't see your future

"Go-To" - Alcohol/Cigarettes - to calm your nerves

"Go-To" - Food/Chocolates - to calm your nerves

"Go-To" - Synagogue/Church/Temple - to pray

"Go-To" - Medicine/Alternative therapy to heal

"Go-To" - Kabbalists/psychic/healers to help you

"Go-To" - XYZ - when you're "in-the-shit" !


"Go-To" - at all decision-making "Crossroads" in life

"Go-To-GOD" - is your religious DNA you're born with

"OMG" - is expression of - "Go-To-GOD" - in panic !


#3rd Secret always defines "NERVOUS-PANIC"

When you're totally seeing a "VERY BIG PROBLEM"

#3rd Secret defines "DEAD-ENDS" & "BADNESS"

#3rd Secret defines "EMERGENCIES" & "PANIC"


#3rd Secret is "Panic - is FULL NERVOUS energy"

#3rd Secret is "Panic - is activating Mind-Body-Soul"

#3rd Secret is "Panic - is awakening of Your GOD"

#3rd Secret is "Panic Attacks - Your Soul is Talking"


If you're in a "PANIC" situation - this isn't the 1st time

You've had "PANIC" situations before => so "Go-To"


"REMIND" yourself of all your "PANIC" situations

"REMIND" yourself of how "Miracles" happened


"MAKE-A-LIST" of all the "Miracles" of your life

You should "REMEMBER" all your Miracles everyday


"Gratitude" to "Go-To" whoever created your Miracles

"Daily Gratitude" to "Go-To" of all your Miracles


#3rd Secret is "Daily Gratitude" for "Your Miracles"

#3rd Secret keeps your "Mind-Body-Soul" in #lucky


When you're feeling LUCKY => you become LUCKIER

Remembering "LUCKY" miracles => activates "LUCK"


#3rd Secret is because you need a "BIG CHANGE"

#3rd Secret you're Mind-Body-Soul needs a "Miracle"


"LUCK" happens because you're in sync with "Miracles"

"Miracles" happen because you're thinking "Miracles"


"Peace, Love & Money"

#1st #2nd #3rd Secrets


"Peace of Mind is Stability of Mind-Body-Soul"

#1st #2nd #3rd Secrets create "Peace & Stability"


"Back-On-Track - in - Your Destined Love of Life"

"Money" is the 1st reason for lack of peace-of-mind

"No-Love" is the 2nd reason for lack of peace-of-mind



"1-2-3 Having-It-All"

Audio "1st-2nd-3rd Secrets"


Your all inclusive-ambition is "Wanting-it-all"

"Wanting-it-all" needs your gratitide of "Having-it-all"


People who complain => always "lose" what they have

Negative-thinking people => attract "failure & loss"


"#1-#2-#3 Secrets" => "Reset" - Your Mind-Body-Soul

"Gratitude & Love" - "in hindsight" all that you've had



"Crossroads & Decisions"

#4th Secret - "Mind-Body-Spirit"

"Happiness is Your Destiny"

Audio "4th Secret - Short-&-Sweet Version"

Audio "4th Secret - 6mins Long Version"


"Your Happiness is a Forever Happiness"

"Happiness is Your Soul's Higher-Energy"


The 4th Secret defines "Happiness" & "Unhappiness"

"Happiness" & "Unhappiness" is your Soul talking to you


"Happiness is When You Find What Your Soul's Searching for"

"Happiness is When You're Living Your Life"





Define everything that creates "Happiness" in your life

Define everything that creates "Unhappiness" in your life


You can't solve your problems if you see "Unhappiness"

You can solve your problems when you see "Happiness"


To obliterate "Unhappiness" needs "Happiness"

To obliterate "Darkness" needs "Light"

To obliterate "why you hate life" needs "you to love life"


The key word for your mind is "WHY" are you "Unhappy"

The key word for your mind is "WHY" are you "Happy"



#5th #6th #7th Secrets

"Focus & Concentration"


The 4th Secret will activate "Your Mind, Body & Soul"

The 4th Secret leads you to => "#5th-#6th-7th Secrets"


"#5th-#6th-7th Secrets" are specific to your own Soul

"#5th-#6th-7th Secrets" wants you to become enlightened


"#5th-#6th-7th Secrets" needs you to "focus & concentrate"

"#5th-#6th-7th Secrets" needs "Your mind to concentrate"


The Secret of all your Success's was "Concentration"

"Concentration" - means - no distractions

"Concentration" - means - not listening to others

"Concentration" - means - focus on what's important

"Concentration" - means - your mind's determination

"Concentration" - means - desire to live your destiny

"Concentration" - means - your soul's awakening



"Part II Mind-Body-Soul"

"Part II of 7 Secrets"

#5th #6th #7th Secrets







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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"