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Audio "Short-&-Sweet" - "Secrets #5#6#7 Keys"

Audio "Short-&-Sweet" - "Activate Scorpio"


"You can't be a winner - if you're thinking like a loser"

"You can't be a winner - if you're talking like a loser"

"You can't be a winner - if you're acting like a loser"


"Become a winner - by - thinking like a winner"

"Become a winner - by - talking like a winner"

"Become a winner - by - acting like a winner"

..........................................[Quoting Buddha]



#5th #6th #7th Keys/Secrets

"Happiness - Keys of Destiny"

"Peaceful" Scorpio [Water]


HONEST TRUTHS reasons for success & happiness

LIES/DECEPTION reasons for sadness & failure



Wisdom is knowing the definition of TRUTH & LIES


Destiny is Searching & Finding Truthful Relationships

Destiny is the Realization of Everything that's Deceitful


You've arrived at "Success" when "You're living-in-Truth"

The hazardous journey of life is full of "Deception & Lies"


You've become "Older & Wiser" via life's experiences

Learning what's deceitful is as important as finding truth


"Truth creates Peace/Stability"

"Lies creates Anger/Instability"


"Truth & Lies" is the Destiny of all Scorpio's

"Good & Bad" is an essential Fact of Life for You

"Truth & Lies" will define all your life's experiences

You can't avoid and you mustn't avoid "Truth & Lies"

"Truth & Lies" is what activates your Soul's energy


Energy is created the more that YOU HATE LIES

Energy is created the more that YOU LOVE TRUTH

In order to find TRUTH - you need to experience LIES

Finding "TRUTH" - ensures you hold-onto it

"TRUTHS" gives your mind/body/soul "PEACE"

Discovering "LIES" - ensures you detach/eliminate it

"LIES" - makes you angry to do something about it


Answers that work immediately

"Urgency" of Scorpio [Water]


Scorpio [Water] needs immediate solutions to "Problems"

Scorpio [Water] needs "it" NOW with URGENCY

Scorpio [Water] needs "healing" IMMEDIATELY

Scorpio [Water StarSign] is like "Water"

You only need "Water" when you're THIRSTY

When YOU need HELP => you need it RIGHT NOW

Theory of "Mind-Words-Spiritual-Soul" is "USELESS"

Wisdom-Books-Meditation "Useless" for Scorpio [Water]

Man-Made religions are - "Useless" for Scorpio [Water]

Scorpio [Water] needs answers that work "IMMEDIATELY"



1. Scorpio [Water] - Your "SPACE" around YOU

Scorpio [Water] - like "Fish-in-Water" needs Water

You need to be totally SURROUNDED by good things

You mustn't have anything ANNOYING in your space

Your "SPACE" needs to be 100% CLEAN & PURE

Empty "SPACE" - with NOTHING - is the BEST

Walking in Fresh Air "alone" is healing for you

Walking near seas/rivers/lakes "alone" is healing

Your "SPACE" needs "PEACE" & "QUIET"


Your "SPACE" is your sofa-bedroom-office-home

SUCCESS is when you've got "Your own SPACE"


Your Immediate Solutions.....

***Move-away from Toxic - Sit in Your Space***

***Find Your Favourite Peaceful Space***



2. Scorpio [Water] - Your "CLOTHES"

Your BODY is energy that must be comfortable

Your BODY is energized by Your "CLOTHES"

Only Wear whatever feels comfortable for you

Only Wear whatever YOU WANT to wear

Only Wear whatever YOU LOVE wearing

Listen WaterSigns - this is important to you


Your Immediate Solutions.....

***Freshen-Up by Changing Your Clothes***




3. Scorpio [Water] - "PANIC" that You must do "it"

BAD vibes affects your NERVOUS-PANIC system

BAD vibes creates "Anxious-Restless-Nervous-irritation"

BAD vibes creates URGE to fix whatever is WRONG

Your Sensitivity to "BAD" vibes of anything WRONG

"LIES" & "LIARS" always give you "BAD" vibes

"TV NEWS" & "BAD NEWS" give you "BAD" vibes

"EVIL" & "DESTRUCTION" give you "BAD" vibes


Your "BAD" vibes is because you're "TOO OPEN"

When you "SWITCH OFF" => then you have PEACE


You must LISTEN to that "BAD"-vibe-sensitivity

You can't LIVE-IN-PEACE with "BAD" vibes

You can't BE HAPPY when you feel "BAD" vibes

Find the reason-acknowledge source of BAD vibes

When you know reason"WHY" then you can solve "it"

You will solve "it" because of obssesion to solve "it"


Your Immediate Solutions.....

***Be Obsessed & Focused to Solve "it" quickly***

***Your Mantra is "I'm going to solve it quickly"***

***Say "I'm determined to solve it quickly"***

***The voice in your head says "I'm going to do it"***

***Life will help you when you know what you need



4. Scorpio [Water] - Familiar & "BELONGING"

"BELONGING" is important to Scorpio [Water]

Scorpio [Water] needs to be surrounded by [Water]

Scorpio [Water] needs to feel "SAFE & SECURE"

Scorpio [Water] love being at "HOME"

Scorpio [Water] works-goes-does in "SAFETY"

"SAFE & SECURE" - decisions - it's up-to you


"SITTING" - defines - You're "BELONGING"


Your Immediate Solutions.....

***Think of all the places made you "BELONG"***

***Go-and-sit in places you "BELONG"-NOW!***

***Sit-in-Your-Car & Feel You "BELONG"***





5. Scorpio [Water] - "Communication/People"

[Includes the energy of "WORDS & MUSIC"]

Your "Mind" vibrates to different energies

Everything you listen to - is "Communication"

Scorpio [Water] - is a "NEEDY" StarSign

You're "NEEDY" when you urgently need "it"

You're not "NEEDY" when you don't need "it"


Your Immediate Solutions.....

***Speak to people who UNDERSTAND you***

***Call-Contact-People who CALM you***

***Call-Contact-People who can HELP you***

***Listen to MUSIC that CALMS you***


6. Scorpio [Water] - "FOOD & DRINK"

Your BODY is energized by "FOOD & DRINKS"

Scorpio [Water] addictions to your "must-have-foods"

Scorpio [Water] can't live-without "must-have-foods"

Addictive-drinks/alcohol - Doesn't matter to you!

Addictions are GOOD - makes you feel "ALIVE"

If the "DRINK" calms you - then - you need "it"


Your Immediate Solutions.....

***EMERGENCY Eat & Drink "it" immediately***

***Freshen-Up by Drinking-your-"Drink"***

***Calm-your-mind by Drinking-your-"Drink"***


Your Calmness is the MOST important facet for you


When you're "CALM" - you're ready for Enlightenment!



#5th Secret of Scorpio

Your "Dreamy" Thoughts


Only when you're CALM => you THINK clearly

Your CALMNESS => creates "Clear-Thinking Ideas"


Ironically when you're ANGRY => you get awakened

Getting ANGRY is because of SOMETHING WRONG

Getting ANGRY needs you to FIND PEACE


All your answers come when you've FOUND PEACE

Your MIND NEEDS CALMNESS => to be inspired

Your MIND feeds-on & lives-in your IMAGINATION


Your IMAGINATION are your dreams of the FUTURE


Your PLANS & DESIRES are energies of the FUTURE


When you don't believe in the future => you feel "depressed"


Scorpio [Water] loves to dream and imagine things

Scorpio [Water] needs to dream and imagine good things

Scorpio [Water] your brighter future begins in your mind


You don't believe in a future - when you're FRIGHTENED

You don't believe in a future - when you're PANICKING

2024-2025 - wants you to BELIEVE in bright future



#6th Secret of Scorpio

Your "Telepathic" Words


Have you noticed that "No-one really listens to you?"

Have you noticed that "Your Words have NO power?"

Have you noticed "Your Prayers are never answered"

Whenever you speak to others => "they're not listening"

Others that contact you => they want you to listen to them

Others that contact you => they don't really care about you


The "TRUTH" is your words are "USELESS"

Scorpio [Water] - your energy is "INVISIBLE VIBES"

Scorpio [Water] - telepathy is "INVISIBLE VIBES"

Scorpio [Water] - your communication is TELEPATHIC


There's NO POWER - if you idly-talk-chit-chat nonsense

There's ONLY POWER - when you convey ENERGY

Your Communicative POWER is conveying ENERGY

The secret to your words is "YOUR INNER POWER"

"WORDS" you hear in your head is "YOUR POWER"

"WORDS ARE INTUITIVE" that guide you to do things

"YOUR OWN INSPIRATION" talking/guiding you


That's why you don't listen and refuse to listen to others

You don't trust others - you only trust yourself

Happiness when you get "it" right - because you knew "it"

Happiness because your own mind got "it" right

Unfortunately when you get "it" wrong - "it" hurts you

["it" hurts you because your own mind deceived you]



#7th Secret of Scorpio

Actions - Life is a "Game"


For Scorpio [Water] - Life is a "Game" of Achievement

The "Game" of achieving - "Love"-"Money"-"Success"

The "Game" is "MANIFESTATION of your THOUGHTS"

"MANIFESTATION" of visions of "Love-Money-Success"


Scorpio [Water] You're a WINNER - when "it" happens

Scorpio [Water] You're a LOSER - when "it" doesn't


To be a WINNER => you need to use "YOUR HEAD"

"DETERMINATION" is your winning magic ingredient

"DETERMINATION" says "You can't & mustn't fail"

"DETERMINATION" says "You've got to WIN"


Scorpio [Water] you always need to be "DETERMINED"

BUT - the "Game" of life has cheats-liars-villains

Even if you play honestly - you can still lose the "Game"

& ANYTIME - you've lost the "Game" it was unfair


HENCE life wants you to play the "Game" you can win

Destiny wants you to focus on WINNING your destiny

Achieving your destiny is the "WINNING GAME" of life

Achieving your destiny creates "REAL HAPPINESS"


Scorpio [Water] - You've been a WINNER in the past

Scorpio [Water] - Be a WINNER again in the FUTURE




#8th Secret is Happiness

Happiness is Your Destination

"The 10 Planets of Happiness"





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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"