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Audio "Short-&-Sweet" - "Secrets #5#6#7 Keys"

Audio "Short-&-Sweet" - "Activate Virgo"


"You can't be a winner - if you're thinking like a loser"

"You can't be a winner - if you're talking like a loser"

"You can't be a winner - if you're acting like a loser"


"Become a winner - by - thinking like a winner"

"Become a winner - by - talking like a winner"

"Become a winner - by - acting like a winner"

..........................................[Quoting Buddha]



#5th #6th #7th Keys/Secrets

"Mysterious Secrets of Life"

"Sincere" - Virgo [Earth]


HONEST TRUTHS reasons for success & happiness

LIES/DECEPTION reasons for sadness & failure



Wisdom is knowing the definition of TRUTH & LIES


Destiny is Searching & Finding Truthful Relationships

Destiny is the Realization of Everything that's Deceitful


You've arrived at "Success" when "You're living-in-Truth"

The hazardous journey of life is full of "Deception & Lies"


You've become "Older & Wiser" via life's experiences

Learning what's deceitful is as important as finding truth


"Truth creates Peace/Stability"

"Lies creates Anger/Instability"


"Truth & Lies" is the Destiny of all Virgo's

"Good & Bad" is an essential Fact of Life for you


"Truth & Lies" will define all your life's experiences

You can't avoid and you mustn't avoid "Truth & Lies"

"Truth & Lies" is what activates your Soul's energy


Energy is created the more that YOU HATE LIES

Energy is created the more that YOU LOVE TRUTH

In order to find TRUTH - you need to experience LIES


Finding "TRUTH" - ensures you hold-onto it

"TRUTHS" gives your mind/body/soul "PEACE"


Discovering "LIES" - ensures you detach/eliminate it

"LIES" - makes you angry to do something about it


"Confident" - Virgo [Earth]

"You Need to be Seen"


Virgo [Earth] - you need to be SEEN by others

Virgo [Earth] - maximum energy is via OTHERS


Being-a-Virgo [Earth] means living in "Stability"

Being-a-Virgo [Earth] needs to "Exude Peace"

Virgo [Earth] - is - "peace-stability-truth-routine"

Virgo [Earth] - is an aura of "loving-gift-of-life"

Virgo [Earth] - the world needs to feel your energy


Constantly "BEING-SEEN" by others

Living in an aura & glow of "PEACE"

Living in an aura & glow of "HAPPINESS"

Living in an aura & glow of "LOVE-OF-LIFE"

Being seen by other people creates ENERGY

Being available to listen to other people is ENERGY

Determine to always TALK POSITIVE everyday

Use & Create POSITIVE WORDS everyday

Bring-out-the-Best in others by "example"

Bring-out-the-Best in others via "compliments"

Bring-out-the-Best in others via "gratitude"


"Your Appearance is Louder than your words"

Age of Enlightenment means "Elevated Status"

"Elevated" means to rise-above/ignore squabbles

"Elevated" means set-an-example by acting wisely

"Elevated" means you must TALK-ACT WISELY

Your appearance attracts similar types of people

Other's are IMPRESSED by Your wisdom

Do wise things that IMPRESS others

"Be Unique & Different" from other people


You must avoid being a "TOXIC" Virgo [Earth]

Signs of being a "TOXIC" Virgo [Earth] are .....

"Elevated" means "never ever complain" !

"Elevated" means "never talk negative"

"Toxic" is being lazy & doing-nothing

"Toxic" is hiding/hibernating from the world

"Toxic" is talking negative & complaining

"Toxic" is being dead-boring & dead-bored

"Toxic" is being depressed & miserable

"Toxic" is being dead "silent" & "quiet"

"Toxic" is never saying "thank-you"

When you act like people who are "ungrateful"

Acting like people - you would hate to become

Listening to "other" stupid people who complain

Letting others control your "mind & mood"

Not thinking "wisely & positively" for yourself


Virgo [Earth] needs to be Constantly Elegant & Refined

Virgo [Earth] needs be seen as "Source of Positive-energy"

Other people receive energy - when they "SEE YOU"


"Some" people will hate you & others will love you

When you're being YOU - you'll see who LOVES you

You will ATTRACT who loves you - when you're SEEN

All your "good luck" is created by other's liking you

Your "honest sincere face" is your own "lucky" charm



#5th Secret of Virgo

Your Peaceful Thoughts


"Your Eyes & Ears are the Windows of Your Soul"

Whatever your eyes see => makes an impression

"Your Eyes & Ears" needs "Protection from Liars"

"Your Eyes & Ears" creates "Lies, Hate & Deception"

HAPPINESS is when you LOVE what you see & hear

SADNESS is when you HATE what you see & hear


Virgo [Earth] is sensitive to "LOVE" & "HATE"

Instinctively your "mind" knows what's good for you

You never need "time" to think nor decide ....

Your Virgo [Earth] is instinctively "knowing"


The problem is - you allow yourself to be "DECEIVED"

Being ruled by appearances - you get "DECEIVED"

Enlightenment means "NOT" getting "DECEIVED"

Enlightenment means "THINKING CLEARLY"

Enlightenment means "AVOID LIES & LIARS"


Your thoughts need to live in truth - truth is stability

Anything that makes you "panic/anxious" is instability


HONEST TRUTHS create Stability, Success & Happiness

HONEST TRUTHS Strengthens Your Determination

LIES/DECEPTION are reasons for Sadness & Failure

LIES/DECEPTION creates Disruptive Distractions


Virgo [Earth] - you must be HONEST with yourself

Every "HONEST THOUGHT" creates +ve energy

Every "LIE/DECEPTION" doesn't belong in your head

Your "THOUGHTS" needs to be controlled by "YOU"



"Thoughts" - Virgo [Earth]

"Your Daily Thinking Exercise"


"THINK HONESTLY" - whenever you're distracted

"THINK HONESTLY" - whenever you're depressed


Your thoughts can "immediately" activate your life

Your thoughts & soul are energized by "Love" & "Hate"

"Hate" is more powerful to create "immediate-results"

"Love" is activated when you truly "Hate" something

"Desires" for brighter future because you "Hate" today


The more you "Hate" => the more "ANGRY" you get

"ANGER" is the fire energy to create "CHANGE"

Only use "ANGER" when you really need to ....

Otherwise "IGNORE" anything that makes you "ANGRY"


"Enlightenment" means NOT-REACTING to others

"Enlightenment" means IGNORING nonsense & idiots


Remember => "Your Thoughts" are YOUR thoughts

"Your Thoughts" must be controlled by YOU

"Your Thoughts" must never be controlled by OTHERS



#6th Secret of Virgo

Your "Useless" Words


Have you noticed that "No-one really listens to you?"

Have you noticed that "Your Words are Useless?"

Have you noticed that "Your Words have NO power?"

Have you noticed "Your Prayers are never answered"

Whenever you speak to others => "they're not listening"

Others that contact you - just want you to listen to them


The "TRUTH" is your words are "USELESS"

Virgo [Earth] - your energy is in "BEING"

Virgo [Earth] - life needs what "YOU DO"

"Talking" is an insignificant part of "BEING-USEFUL"

That's why no-one is listening to whatever you say


Virgo [Earth] - defines "PHYSICAL" activity

Builders-Deliveries-Cooks-Cleaners-Services etc...

Eating-drinking-sleeping-sex doesn't need "WORDS"

All "PHYSICAL" activity doesn't need "WORDS"


"Destined-connections" is the purpose of "WORDS"

"WORDS" are like keys for you to open doors

You don't really need "WORDS" to succeed in life

When you do need to "TALK" => talk "QUALITY"


The secret to your words is "YOUR INNER POWER"

"WORDS" for Virgo [Earth] is your voice in your head

"WORDS" you're secretly saying to yourself in your head

"WORDS" & "LISTENING TO MUSIC" in your head

"MUSIC" are "WORDS" in your head are POWERFUL


"WORDS" you hear in your head is "YOUR POWER"

"WORDS ARE INTUITIVE" that guide you to do things

"YOUR OWN INSPIRATION" talks and guides you

That's why you don't listen and refuse to listen to others

You don't trust others - you must only trust yourself


Happiness when you get "it" right - because you knew "it"

Happiness because your own mind got "it" right

Unfortunately when you get "it" wrong - "it" hurts you

["it" hurts you because your own mind deceived you]


You need an agile "clear-thinking" mind - to succeed

You need "clear-thinking-voice" in your own head

Hence you need to "convince" yourself to succeed

You need to tell yourself - "it" is going to succeed

You need to tell yourself - "it" is going to happen

You need to tell yourself - "it" is right for you

etc etc ... work on words "convincing" yourself !


The "WORDS" you hear is your destiny guiding you

When you listen and know it is right => you succeed

In your career/business "WORDS" are just a vehicle

Fact Your "WORDS" aren't really listened to by others

Fact "Actions/Results" is what people want from you



#7th Secret of Virgo

Your Real-Life Actions

Drink "RED-BULL" !


Virgo [Earth] - defines "PHYSICAL" activity


Virgo [Earth] - StarSign of "Physical Natural Beauty"

You need to be SEEN by others to be activated

Virgo [Earth] - real-life activity that activates you

"SEX" - is most powerful physical action !

"Food" - Eating & Drinking

"Food" - Cooking & Baking

"Food" - Excellent Quality Speciality Foods

"Food" - Enjoy Eating/Drinking Slowly

"Body" - Movement Walking/Jogging

"Clothes" - clothes you wear - your style

"Clothes" - creates status - respect - energy

"Clothes" - attracts attention - admiration

"Home" - style - appearance - furniture

"Home" - "lights" as the outside sees "light"

"Vehicle" - style - color - model - appearance

"Vehicle" - takes you places - use your car !

"Travel" - everywhere you go creates energy

"Buildings-Church-Temple" - activates energy

"Green-Gardens-Parks-Countryside" - activates energy

"Home-Cleaning & Tidying-up" - activates energy


Toxic Virgo [Earth] - is afflicted by - LAZINESS

Home-exercises & movement instead of "Being-a-Sofa"

If you're"Dead-bored" with life - you need to get "Outside"

Instinctive Toxic Virgo [Earth] - feels - "Dead-bored"


You'll have time to be LAZY when you're DEAD

Whilst you're ALIVE - you're born to be BUSY

When you're BUSY that's when you're SUCCESSFUL

Being "BUSY" creates "Successful Business's"

Being "BUSY" creates successful Virgos [Earth]

Virgo [Earth] is like being a "RED-BULL" drink !





#8th Secret is Happiness

Happiness is Your Destination

"The 10 Planets of Happiness"





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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"