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Audio "Short-&-Sweet" - "Secrets #5#6#7 Keys"

Audio "Short-&-Sweet" - "Activate Leo"


"You can't be a winner - if you're thinking like a loser"

"You can't be a winner - if you're talking like a loser"

"You can't be a winner - if you're acting like a loser"


"Become a winner - by - thinking like a winner"

"Become a winner - by - talking like a winner"

"Become a winner - by - acting like a winner"

..........................................[Quoting Buddha]



HONEST TRUTHS reasons for success & happiness

LIES/DECEPTION reasons for sadness & failure



Wisdom is knowing the definition of TRUTH & LIES


Destiny is Searching & Finding Truthful Relationships

Destiny is the Realization of Everything that's Deceitful


You've arrived at "Success" when "You're living-in-Truth"

The hazardous journey of life is full of "Deception & Lies"


You've become "Older & Wiser" via life's experiences

Learning what's deceitful is as important as finding truth



Leo [Excitable Fire Sign]


You're born to be "Successful" at "Being-YOU"

You're not born to "copy" other stupid people


Being-an-Leo [Fire Sign] means being "ENERGETIC"

Leo [Fire Sign] born to be "ENERGETIC-EVERYDAY"

Constantly KEEP-BEING-BUSY Everyday

Living with Constant Optimistic Excitement

Everyday Make-a-New-List of "THINGS-TO-DO"

Ambition & Determination creates ENERGY

Determine to do something NEW everyday

Use & Create NEW ENERGY everyday

Bring-out-the-Best in others by "example"

"Your Actions are Louder than your Words"

"Elevated" means to rise-above/ignore squabbles

"Elevated" means set-an-example by activity

"Elevated" means you must THINK WISELY

"Elevated" means thinking of living a brighter-future

As you act => you attract similar types of people

You're IMPRESSED by other people

Other's are IMPRESSED by Your Leo [Fire]

Do things that IMPRESS others

Always Be "Different" from other people


You must avoid being a "TOXIC" Leo [Fire Sign]

Signs of being a Stupid & "TOXIC" Leo are .....

"Elevated" means "never ever complain" !

"Elevated" means "never be negative"

"Toxic" is being lazy & doing-nothing

"Toxic" is thinking negative & complaining

"Toxic" is being dead-boring & dead-bored

"Toxic" is being depressed & miserable

Acting like people who are "lazy-low-life"

Acting like people - you would hate to become

Copying & listening to "other" stupid people

Letting others control your "mind & mood"

Not thinking "wisely & positively" for yourself


Leo [Fire] needs to be [Constant-Busy-Vibrant-Fire]

"Some" people will hate you & others will love you

When you're being YOU - you'll see who LOVES you

You will FIND who loves you only when you're BUSY




#5th #6th #7th Keys/Secrets

"Mysterious Secrets of Life"

Leo [Excitable Fire Sign]


Leo [Fire Sign] - needs to be - "Elevated & Excited"

Leo [Fire Sign] - Your Mind needs to be "Excited"


You change your existence via "Elevating Your Thoughts"

You change your life when "Your Heart is Turned-on"

Mindless activity means you're "Boring & Not Elevated"

Mindless activity means "Your Mind is Being Distracted"

Mindful activity means you're "Elevated & Excited"

Mindful activity means you're "Focused & Determined"


Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - "Time for MAJOR Changes"

Leo [Fire Sign] - "Enlightenment is Mind & Soul's Energy"


Excitable Leo [Fire Sign] means full of "new" energy

Excitable means you're determined to achieve "it"

Excitable means you're "head/heart-strong" Leo [Fire]



#5th Secret of Leo

Your Honest Thoughts


HONEST TRUTHS create Stability, Success & Happiness

HONEST TRUTHS Strengthens Your Determination

LIES/DECEPTION are reasons for Sadness & Failure

LIES/DECEPTION creates Disruptive Distractions


Leo [Fire] - you must be HONEST with yourself

Every "HONEST THOUGHT" creates +ve energy

Every "LIE/DECEPTION" doesn't belong in your head

Your "THOUGHTS" needs to be controlled by "YOU"



"Thoughts" - Leo [Fire]

"Your Thinking Exercise"


"THINK HONESTLY" - whenever you're distracted

"THINK HONESTLY" - whenever you're depressed

"THINK" - when you want "NEW" things to happen


Your thoughts can "immediately" activate your life

Your thoughts & soul are energized by "Love" & "Hate"

"Hate" is more powerful to create "immediate-results"

"Love" is activated when you truly "Hate" something

"Desires" for brighter future because you "Hate" today


Love - everyone you've loved

Hate - everyone you've hated

Love - everything in your life you love

Hate - everything in your life you hate

Love - everyone who has GIVEN you anything

Hate - anyone who has STOLEN anything

Love - everything you OWN

Hate - anything you've LOST


Love - everything that's TRUTH/RIGHT for you

Hate - everything that's a LIE/WRONG for you

Love - people better-than-you that you RESPECT

Hate - liars that you don't respect/listen to


Love - everything you WANT in your future

Hate - everything you DON'T WANT in your life

Love - everything you BELIEVE in

Hate - everything you DON'T BELIEVE in

Love GOD - who gives you life

Hate - anyone who destroys life







When you LOVE-LIFE => Life will LOVE you

When you HATE-LIFE => Life hates-you-back


Remember => "Your Thoughts" are YOUR thoughts

"Your Thoughts" must be controlled by YOU

"Your Thoughts" must never be controlled by OTHERS


"Your Thoughts" activate Your Own Mind, Body & Soul

"Your Thoughts" needs "positive focused exercises"

"Success" is created - the more your mind is "exercised"



#6th Secret of Leo

Your Honest Words


HONEST WORDS reasons for Success & Happiness

HONEST WORDS creates Strengths & Determination

LIES/DECEPTION reasons for Sadness & Failure

LIES/DECEPTION creates Disruptive Distractions


Leo [Fire] - you must ALWAYS TALK HONESTLY

Leo [Fire] - gets very ANGRY WITH LIES/LIARS

Leo [Fire] - you're very sensitive to TRUTH/LIES

Leo [Fire] - everything you do must be TRUTHFUL


Success/failure is created via power of communication




Talking Truthfully - Strengthens Your Own Mind

Talking/Praying to Yourself - Strengthens Your Soul

Listening to Truth - creates - Your Determination

Talking to Truthful people - creates - Stability

Talking Truthfully - creates - Loving Relationships

Talking Truthfully - creates - Financial Success


Talking to Liars - creates - Frustration/Anger

Liars/Lies - will damage - your Mind/Thoughts


Leo - sometimes you want to lie - "to be nice"

Leo - "It is better to KEEP QUIET THAN LIE"

Better to say "YOU DON'T KNOW" THAN LIE


"Your Endings" created by unforgiveable lies/liars

"Your Future" is created by admission of TRUTH

"Your Relationships" are created by TRUTHS

"You NEED to talk" to convey YOUR TRUTHS

Other people aren't psychic to know your thoughts!


Pluto in Aquarius [Air] - "Giving You Energy to be Gutsy"

Being "HONEST" needs "GUTS" to talk truthfully

When you want something - life gives you the "GUTS"!

Beginning anything "new" needs "gutsy" self-confidence


"Your Words" are an expression of "YOUR SOUL"

"Your Words" must define "WHO YOU ARE"

"Your Words" will attract "WHO IS IN SYNC WITH"

"Your Words" will attract "Good Luck in 2024/25/26"



#7th Secret of Leo

"Problem" - Your Real-Life !


Leo [Fire] are excellent "Energy-Thinkers & Talkers"

"Thoughts & Speech" - "#5 & #6 - It's Easy for You"


Your "Problem" is making "it" happen in real-life

Your "Real-Problem" is believing "it" can happen


Manifestation in "Real-Life" is a "Real-Problem"

Manifestation in "Real-Life" is "YOUR BELIEF"


"Deception" is saying you "BELIEVE" but you don't

You're saying the words - but "it" doesn't happen


Because "Deep-Down" you DON'T BELIEVE "it"

Your Success comes when you 100% BELIEVE "it"


Leo [Fire] - Your own Mechanism for "BELIEVING"

Leo [Fire] - instinctively you already know this ....


"Believing" created everything you've achieved

"Believing" is your soul's energy talking to you

"Believing" is the most honest fact of life


Define honestly everything you "BELIEVE IN"

Eliminate everything you don't "BELIEVE IN"


You never believe "it" - until - "it" happens

Think-Back to Everything You've achieved



You ONLY achieve because you believed "it"

You FAILED because you didn't believe "it"


Not-Believing in something is "your achilles heal"

Success will happen when you learn to BELIEVE


Alignement of Your Mind-Body-Soul is "BELIEF"

When Your SOUL believes in "it" - "it" happens

You BELIEVE "it" because Your Soul wants "it"


Leo [Fire] "YOU ONLY BELIEVE" when things happen

Planets in Aries [Fire] will make you BELIEVE

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] will make you BELIEVE



Test-Your-Self #7th Secret

"Not Worried Anymore?"


Worrying about anything is because YOU DON'T BELIEVE

When you stop worrying => proves => YOU BELIEVE


Or When something good happens - you stop worrying



When you're in love - you're not worried about being alone

When you've got money - you're not worried about money


PRIOR to achieving "it" - you need to STOP WORRYING

PRIOR to achieving "it" - you need to BELIEVE IN LIFE


Leo [Fire] must live with "DETERMINATION"


When you doubt yourself or dither => then => you fail

When you're 100% certain => then => you're a winner





#8th Secret is Happiness

Happiness is Your Destination

"The 10 Planets of Happiness"





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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"