"2024" - Energetic & Exciting




#1234 Astrology


#1 - Are you Loving & Being Loved ?

#2 - Are you Loving Life Today ?

#3 - Are you Finances Good ?

#4 - Are you Excited by the Future ?


If any answer is "NO" then very soon..

Jupiter in Gemini will create "Changes"

Answer will be "YES" by Sept' 2024



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Every Aries should be totally in-Love-with-Life

Everything that's RIGHT because you're working with others


The ONLY problem is LIES-LIARS-TOXIC-"EVIL" people

Anything "WRONG" => solve by "working-with" other people



"Age of Enlightenment"

"Battle of Dark Souls v Light Souls"


Qualities of Dark-Souls

1. Jealousy - always looking at "others"

2. Never happy with "their" lives

3. Nothing is good in "their" lives

4. Complaining about "everyone"

5. Blaming "others" for their bad luck

6. Dark-souls can't love anyone

7. Dark-souls hate Light-souls

8. Dark-souls disrupt the lives of Light-souls

9. Dark-souls want everyone to become "Dark"

Dark-souls "try to convert" everyone to be "Dark"

10. Dark-souls own their miserable "darkness"

Dark-souls steal/live-off other-people's happiness



Qualities of Light-Souls

1. Shine Bright - don't care about "darkness"

2. Always Constantly Happy with "their" lives

Happy-go-Lucky - Always smiling - always loving

3. Everything is good in "their" lives

4. Never Complain about "anyone"

5. In-control of their own good luck

6. Light-souls love & understand everyone

7. Light-souls feel-sympathy for Dark-souls

Light-souls don't want to connect with Dark-souls

8. Light-souls are focused on positive-energy

Light-souls hate being distracted by Dark-souls

9. Light-souls understand "karma" of Souls

Light-souls don't go around "converting" Dark

Light-souls know the rules of "karma" of Life

10. Light-souls own their own "Success & Happiness"


You can become "Light" even if you've been "Dark"

Light is the excitement of Life - Darkness is misery

"Become Forever Light - by - Loving the Gift of Life"




All Invisible forces are created by "Mind-Energy"

"Your Mind" will protect you from "toxic-evil-eyes"

"Your Mind" must refuse to allow "-ve energy"


Light creates "something from nothing"

Darkness wants to destroy "everything"


1. Light-Souls always looking to create +ve energy

Light-Souls never give-up on doing something +ve

Light-Souls wants to do something meaningful


2. Dark-Souls searching to steal/take other's light

Dark-Souls are lazy, selfish, argumentative & -ve

Dark-Souls desire to destroy other-people's lives



Audio "Jealousy towards FireSigns"

Aries - Energy-of-New-Beginnings

#1234 astrology Star-Sign Aries

Reasons for Your Jinxed Bad-Luck

Why people are Jealous of Aries


Home-Money-Appearance-Age-Finances are ...

The usual reasons why people are jealous of you


Aries have a persona that people are jealous of

Your best & unique Aries-FireSign qualities


Aries FireSign - Your Best Qualities

Your BEST quality is creating NEW beginnings

You're gutsy to begin New Things

You'll never give-up on life

You'll never give-up on love

You'll never give-up on "today"


Aries have got the power to make "today" good

Depressing dark-souls want "today" to be bad

Aries needs to fight everyday to make "today" good


Aries are full of happiness which annoys others

Aries constantly exude Love-of-Life & Happiness


You must always keep-bouncing-back to life

Especially after people have destroyed you


"Jealous People" will always try to destroy you

You mission is to learn to IGNORE "Jealousy"


You can't fight darkness with darkness

You can obliterate darkness with bright light

Keep-smiling - keep-loving-life - be bright always



Aries FireSign - You Need to Avoid Blocks

"Aries - You must never give-up on Life"


Everyone you've known either hates or loves you

Everyone that's had "bond" with you has power

"Online" people from the past can see what you're doing

Don't need to "hide" but be aware of "jealousy"

You can't "hide" - it is wrong for you to "hide"

Your persona needs to be "on-show" to everyone

But - precious things - always keep "it" secretive

Never share online the most important things to you


Your "ex's" are going to be jealous of whatever you do

Toxic people - will always be jealous of whatever you do

You've got to learn to by-pass their energies by being bright

Fight the negative darkness by being brighter than usual

Bright & Light is an "enlightened-energy" from within you


All the people you deemed "toxic" - intrinsically hate you

Selfish-idiots from your past - will always be jealous of you

"Toxic" nasty people will never truly forgive you

"Their-Thoughts" of jealousy & resentment are "Blocks"


Define who it is - when you're "unlucky/blocked/jinxed"

Recognize where & who the "Blocks" are coming from


Then define - "they" are in the past - "let go of the past"

Jealous energies are from people who want you back in the past

Your bright future is defined by setting-yourself free from the past

"The Toxic Past" must never be allowed back into your life



Aries FireSign Have You Received "The BIG"

Jupiter in Taurus defines "Bigger Than BIG"

Aries has "it" manifested in your life yet?

Forget the "toxic" past - don't go back !


Jupiter in Taurus means living "it" in real life today

Jupiter in Taurus is a a whole new phase since May 2023


"You're Jinxed" - if you've not got "it" & living "it" in real life

Unblock the blockages by setting yourself free from the past


Your problem is because "jealous" people are wishing you bad

Move-away from the darkness - become BRIGHT and HAPPY



Aries FireSign - Turn Your Light "On" everyday

Problem is you forget to "turn-the-light-on" !


To achieve a breakthrough - you need to be "bright"

"Bright" creates energy to breakthrough the darkness

The darker it is - the more it annoys you

The darker your life is - the more rebellious you become

Now is the time to "turn-your-bright-light-on" !

Even after you've had a miracle - the light must remain ON !

Even years later - you need to remind yourself of your miracles !

"Good-Memories" of miracles are "bright-lights" of Gratitude

Gratitude is the reason for your continual flow of good-energy



Aries - Fire-Sign - You Need to Keep One rule

The rule for Successful "Aries" is "Secrecy"


"Secrecy" is The power of real success and happiness

"Secrecy" ensures you contain the power for yourself

"Secrecy" is the protective shield of your own aura

"Secrecy" will be very powerful with Jupiter in Taurus

"Secrecy" is a vital necessity with Saturn in Pisces


The people who are in-tune with you will feel your energy

The people who hate you will always attempt to destroy you


Whenever you feel blocked - use the following mantras.....

"Let me live my life - I don't want to be connected to the past"

"Let me live my future - I don't want to be stuck in the past"


The only reason why you get stuck by "blocks"

You want to elevate yourself to brighter future


Let the blocks vanish by your bright desires for happier future

Focus your energies on a happier future - then blocks vanish



You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"