Unique Zodiac Year 2023-2024




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SunSign Pisces should be totally in-Love-with-Life

Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus - Actions speak louder than words

Saturn & Neptune in Pisces - Luck via Sincere Relationships


"If you're not loving-life - something is WRONG with you"

"If you're not excited by life - something is WRONG!"

Now is the time to fix "it" - make "it" RIGHT for you



"Age of Enlightenment"

"Battle of Dark Souls v Light Souls"


Qualities of Dark-Souls

1. Jealousy - always looking at "others"

2. Never happy with "their" lives

3. Nothing is good in "their" lives

4. Complaining about "everyone"

5. Blaming "others" for their bad luck

6. Dark-souls can't love anyone

7. Dark-souls hate Light-souls

8. Dark-souls disrupt the lives of Light-souls

9. Dark-souls want everyone to become "Dark"

Dark-souls "try to convert" everyone to be "Dark"

10. Dark-souls own their miserable "darkness"

Dark-souls steal/live-off other-people's happiness



Qualities of Light-Souls

1. Shine Bright - don't care about "darkness"

2. Always Constantly Happy with "their" lives

Happy-go-Lucky - Always smiling - always loving

3. Everything is good in "their" lives

4. Never Complain about "anyone"

5. In-control of their own good luck

6. Light-souls love & understand everyone

7. Light-souls feel-sympathy for Dark-souls

Light-souls don't want to connect with Dark-souls

8. Light-souls are focused on positive-energy

Light-souls hate being distracted by Dark-souls

9. Light-souls understand "karma" of Souls

Light-souls don't go around "converting" Dark

Light-souls know the rules of "karma" of Life

10. Light-souls own their own "Success & Happiness"


You can become "Light" even if you've been "Dark"

Light is the excitement of Life - Darkness is misery

"Become Forever Light - by - Loving the Gift of Life"





All Invisible forces are created by "Mind-Energy"

"Your Mind" will protect you from "toxic-evil-eyes"

"Your Mind" must refuse to allow "-ve energy"


Light creates "something from nothing"

Darkness wants to destroy "everything"


1. Light-Souls always looking to create +ve energy

Light-Souls never give-up on doing something +ve

Light-Souls wants to do something meaningful


2. Dark-Souls searching to steal/take other's light

Dark-Souls are lazy, selfish, argumentative & -ve

Dark-Souls desire to destroy other-people's lives



Understanding Feminine StarSigns

All Earth & Water Signs are Feminine


Applicable if you've got planets in Earth&Water

Applicable to all Feminine orientated people


1. All Feminine StarSigns are "Mysterious"

2. Your Earthly Mission is to "attract" others

3. Your innate aura/persona "attracts" others

4. Your presence on Earth is for "others' energy"

5. Earth&Water Signs need to be "visible/present"

6. If you're not attracting attention - you feel "dead"

7. When you're attracting attention - you feel "alive"

8. People are attracted to your "Mysteriousness"

9. People are trying to "solve-the-puzzle" about "you"


10. You always need to be visible for "others' energy"

11. Attracting BOTH "Male & Female" energies

12. You'll attract "competitive jealous feminine"

13. You'll always attract "jinxed-jealous-evil-eyes"

14. Accept "your power of attraction" creates "jealousy"

15. "Power of attraction" will bring "Good" & "Bad"

16. The purpose of "attraction" is to bring you "Good"

17. You're given "intuitive-gifts" to protect yourself


The "Mind-Over-Matter-Imagination" is "Feminine"

18. "Attraction" is the "imagination" of the "Mind"

19. Your power is what your "Mind emits & Thinks"

20. You're "unlucky" when your "Mind" thinks so

21. You're "lucky" when your "Mind" believes it

22. Real-life reality isn't always as you "imagined it"

23. "Your imagination" isn't always as "it" is in reality

24. Happiness is when "imagination creates real-life"



Understanding "WaterSigns"

"Pisces-Water is Forever Connected"


1. WaterSigns are even more "Mysterious"

2. WaterSigns are like "Water" needs pure-clarity

3. WaterSigns can't let-go of emotional feelings

4. WaterSigns can't move-on until it's completed

5. WaterSigns are annoying until it's "done"

6. Other's find it hard to forgive WaterSigns



Audio "Jealousy towards WaterSigns"

#1234 astrology Star-Sign Pisces

Reasons for Your Jinxed Bad-Luck

Why people are Jealous of Pisces


Home-Money-Appearance-Age-Finances are ...

The usual reasons why people are jealous of you


Pisces have a persona that people are jealous of

Deep-down people are jealous of your personality



Qualities of Pisces - WaterSign .....

Everyone sees this - sense this - know this ....


Your Elegance - Style - Colors - Smile - Home

Your Personality "Sweet, Sincere & Charming"

Your Speech is "Healing, Soothing & Loveable"

Your Appearance is "Natural, Unique & Clean"

Your Choices demand the "Right-Feelings-for-You"

You're Born to be a "Bring-People-Together"

You're Born to be create "Desires-of-Love-Bonds"

And You're intrinsically "Annoying-to-others" !



Pisces-WaterSign Human Instincts towards You

Pisces-WaterSign Your instinct towards others


Everyone you've known either hates or loves you

Everyone that's had "bond" with you has power over you

Everyone you've known - you've got a "connection" with

People can't get rid of you - & - you can't get rid of them !


"Online" people from the past can see what you're doing

Don't need to "hide" but be aware of "constant jealousy"


Anyone you've rejected/discarded hates you intensely

Anyone you've left-behind in the past - hates you


Pisces always create strong-hateful-spiteful-enemies

Pisces always wants to get-it-right and others hate that


You can't "hide" - because - it is wrong for you to "hide"

Your persona needs to be "on-show" to everyone


But - some specific precious things - you need to be secretive

Never share online the most important things to you


Your "ex's" are going to be jealous of whatever you do

Toxic people - will always be jealous of whatever you do


You've got to learn to by-pass their energies by being bright

Fight the negative darkness by being brighter than usual

Bright & Light is an "enlightened-energy" from within you


All the people you deemed "toxic" - will hate you forever

Anyone you deem to be "toxic & liars" - will hate you forever

Selfish-idiots from your past - will always be jealous of you

"Toxic" nasty arrogant people - will never truly forgive you


You're an honest water starsign that always moves-on in life

"Their-Thoughts" of jealousy & resentment create "Blocks"

"Their-Thoughts" want you back - and - you'll never go back!


"Blocks" are when "Their-Negative Thoughts" are strong

Luck happens when "Your-positive Thoughts" are stronger


Define who it is attacking you - when you're "unlucky/jinxed"

Recognize where & who the "Blocks" are coming from ....

Then define - "they" are in the past - so - "let go of the past"


Jealous energies are from people who want you back in the past

Your bright future is defined by setting-yourself free from the past


"The Toxic Past" must never be allowed back into your life

Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus - wants you to move-on with life

Saturn & Neptune in Pisces - destiny wants sincere-connections


Pisces are very stubborn when you've formed your opinions

Pisces are stubborn when you've decided what you want/dont want

Pisces are stubborn and refuse to listen to other people !


People hate your stubborness because "they" can't convince you

When you see things clearly - you're always right

When you want what you want - no-one can change your mind

People are jealous of your clear-thinking ability to see truth


You always win - when you stick to your strong honest opinions

You loose - when you listen to other people's opinions

People are jealous and hate your ability to be a winner

People are puzzled by you - and - want you to be a loser



Pisces-WaterSign - Turn Your Light "On" !

Pisces-WaterSign - "You Live in the Moment"

Daily Exercise to activate "Your-Light-Energy"


To achieve a breakthrough - you need to be "bright"

"Bright" creates energy to breakthrough the darkness


Pisces-WaterSign - is defined "Bright & Light" thoughts

"Bright-thoughts" created by your thoughts or other people's


Pisces watch TV, movies, listen to music for "Mind" activity

Pisces should keep your mind busy with positive thoughts


Depression-Sadness-Boredom - because you're not "Thinking"

Happiness-excitement - you're busy "Thinking" good-things


Daily-Moods-Change - hence - you need to "activate" your mind

Pisces-WaterSign - your mind moves you to a brighter future

Pisces-WaterSign - gets depressed when you're not thinking +ve

Your mind is very powerful and sensitive - use your mind


"Thinking" of everyone you hate - activates you

"Thinking" of everyone who hates you - activates you

"Thinking" of everyone no longer in your life - activates you

"Thinking" of everyone you escaped from - activates you


Everyone you've known - you've feelings of "hate or love"

Everyone who's proven themselves - you love even more

Anyone who has hurt you - you'll feel the "pain" in thoughts


Pisces don't tolerate lies/liars - even for one moment !

Pisces don't tolerate any negativity - even for one moment !

Pisces are sensitive to negativity - to ensure you protect yourself


In order to awaken your energies - you need to think of "it" all

Be happy and feel lucky - you're not living in the past anymore

Be happy and feel lucky - that "toxic" evil people hate you !

Be happy and feel lucky - that you moved-on with your life



Pisces-Water-Sign - The Reasons You're Hated

Pisces-Water-Sign - Your Instincts Get "It" Right


Logical-thinking-people always make mistakes

Sensitive-thinking-people always listen to their sensitivity


You listened when you made successful wise decisions

You didn't listen whenever you've made mistakes


Pisces is the sign of listening to your 1st gut-instincts

Pisces is the sign to listening to your inner voice

Pisces will always get "tempted" to try something

Pisces needs to always listen to your instinctive sensitivity


Listen to yourself - When you've got "decisions" to make

Don't be frightened of saying "no" or changing your mind !


To achieve a breakthrough/changes - you need to be "bright"

"Bright" means the energy has to prove itself to be "bright"


"Bright & Right" creates energy to breakthrough the darkness

Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus - wants you to find "bright & right"

Saturn & Neptune in Pisces - destiny wants you to see sincerity


Jealous people hate other people - who get "it" right

Jealous people from your past - see you getting "it" right

Don't let their jealous-vibes prevent you from getting "it" right

Be yourself - listen to what you know is right-for-you


You're ruled by "Thoughts" => you're battle is "Mind-energy"

Don't be distracted by other people's "Toxic-Thought-energy"


Focus on what's right-for-you - live in your own thoughts

Then no-one's "Jealous Thoughts" will have power over you


Remember - your life is a "battle of the mind-energy"

Be determined everyday to win the "battle of the minds"

When you focus your mind => you always win the battle !

When you're head-strong determined => you're a winner !


You've been "Unlucky" - because you allowed others to win

You've been "Unlucky" - because your mind wasn't determined


Now is the time to become "Lucky" by stop listening to others !

Everytime you've been "Lucky" - you listened to yourself

Everytime you've been "Lucky" - you were honest with yourself



"Unique Zodiac Year 2023-2024"

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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"