Powerful New Zodiac Year 2022-2023





"Hidden Secrets of The Talmud"

"Living-Torah" is "Living-it" in Real-Life


I began in Summer of 2022 - A New-Weekly-Series of Short-Video's

Each Week a Series of 1min Video-Clips will include Teachings in English of :-


[1] Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

[2] Zera Kodesh of ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz of Ropshitz

[3] Talmud of End-Times - Agadata of Shas - Kesuvos 111 & 112

[4] Tana Dvei Eliyahu ספר תנא דבי אליהו - [see wikipedia]

2 Introductory Video clips - from - Tana Dvei Eliyahu

[5] Sefer GilGulim from Reb Chaim Vital - Quoting the "Etz-Chayim"


Global Warming - was Predicted 2000 years ago - Tana-Dvei-Eliyahu

Don't Worry - There's a Destined Plan - "Global Warming" was Predicted !

A SIGN of "LIVING-IN-AN-OVEN" is "TUMA" - and - it's a GOOD SIGN !



"Sabbath & Your Weekly Cycle"

Audio for - Spiritual Secrets of knowing Your Day of the Week [21 mins]

***Everyone has a specific day of "Beginnings"***

"New-Beginning-Energies" create Your Weekly Cycle"




w/ 30th Jan' => 7th February2023

Parsha BeShalach - Sun in Aquarius

"Maximum-Energy of Full Moon"


Audio for - This Week's Spiritual Secrets of Parsha Beshalach - Exodus [21 mins]

***Full Moon - BeShalach-Exodus - 5th February 2023***

"NewBeginnings - Ready to Live with Maximum Energy"

***Long Audio for Sinai-Temple in California, USA***




Clip #1 - Parsha BeShalach-Exodus [1min]

1. "Where is GOD?" - Where is "Justice"?

"Why is it Bad people have Success?"


Clip #2 - Parsha BeShalach-Exodus [1min]

2. "Why-Why-Why?" is a spiritual question

Life is School of Karmic Lessons - "Good & Bad"


Clip #3 - Parsha BeShalach-Exodus [1min]

3. "Reincarnations - Wheel of Fortune"

"Sooner or later - things change for the better"


Clip #4 - Parsha BeShalach-Exodus [1min]

4. Remedy of Breakthrough is Acceptance

Acceptance - Embrace-life instead of fighting-life




Clip #1 - Surrounding Yourself with Good Energy [1min]

Going inside a "synagogue" - surrounded by "Energy"

The Invisible Energy of "Chozeh's Synagogue" in Lancut


Clip #2 - Surrounding Yourself with Good Energy [2mins]

Prayers On the Wall in "Chozeh's Synagogue" in Lancut

Psalm 111 & 112 - The Invisible Energy of Life

Traditional Weekly Prayer - to - Love-Life with Full Heart

Because - It's a curse to live-life "half-hearted" !






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"Your 10 Secrets are Your Foundation"

Your Soul's Secrets are "י- סוד Yud-Sod" is "יסוד - Yesod"



*** New Mini-Series 10 x 5 min Audios Explaining YeSod ***

***10 Audio's recorded 28th April 2022 @ Tawkit Audio App Platform***

***10 Audio's to prepare you for Jupiter in Aries - 2022 & 2023***




The Sefirah is the Image of Every Human

Keter is your Top-Crown-Head

Yesod is your Base-Sexual-Organs


"Your 10 Secrets are Your Foundation"

"י- סוד Yud-Sod" is "יסוד - Yesod"


"YESOD" is the Hebrew word for FOUNDATION

"SOD" is the Hebrew word for SECRET


"YESOD" is the definition of finding "YOUR 10 SECRETS"




"Hidden Secrets in The Talmud"

Talmud Kesuvos - Pages - 111 & 112

Every "Secret" is a Truthful Fact

New Audio Series will be coming in "2023"



Few "Old" Video's from the "Radio-Show"

Here they are - "click on-orange-links" below ...


3. Visit to Tomb-Grave of Rabbi Horowitz in Lancut, Poland


6. Yarzeit of Rabbi Elimelech in Lizhensk 22nd Febuary 2022


8. "What-a-Week" Dizzy-Exciting Noam Elimelech - March 2022 !


9. Meeting my old boss in Lancut -[who originally brought me to Poland in 2007]


12. Clip of Elegance of Rzeszow - "Lubomirski Palace"




This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Capricorn [Earth] - 22nd Dec' => 20th Jan' 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Capricorn - This Month's Astrological Events"


Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Aquarius [Air] - 20th Jan' => 18th Feb' 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Aquarius - Next Month's Astrological Events"


Sun in Pisces [Water] - 18th Feb' => 20th March 2023

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Pisces - Next Next Month's Astrological Events"




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