Powerful New Zodiac Year 2022-2023








New Top-Secret Zone

Introductory Video Clip of Hebrew Texts

Recorded on "Tuesday 3rd May 2022"

"Every week - I will record a New Video Clip of - Spiritual Secrets"


Video-Clip of Texts - for "End-Times" - Parsha Kedoshim - 6th/7thMay 2022

Messianic Times - means - Wholesomeness and World-Peace for Humanity


The only reason why people argue and fight - because - they're NOT SEEING THE TRUTH

The only reason why people argue and fight - because - they're BLIND TO THE TRUTH



Sooner or later - the whole world - will see the WHOLE-TRUTH OF GOD & OF LIFE


Living in darkness - is the only reason why people fear-the-future and do nothing with life

Age of Enlightenment - means - desiring and wanting to do something meaningful with gift of life



Introducing New Zone of Spiritual Secrets

"This Top-Secret-Section of not-for-everyone"


During each Phase of your Life - You learn something NEW and live-in that NEW TRUTH

Each NEW loving relationship you experience - you live in a NEW TRUTH OF LOVE


Each NEW phase of your life - is defined by NEW-ENERGY of "LOVE & MONEY"

Vast majority of people in the world are living for the pursuit of "LOVE & MONEY"


However, once you've found TRUE LOVE - you stop looking for a NEW LOVER

Once you've found and living in the perfect HOME for you - you stop looking for a "HOME"

Once you've got the perfect business, career, job, profession - you stop looking for anything "NEW"


When you're TOTALLY HAPPY with your life - your "LOVE & MONEY" sector is fulfilled

When your'e TOTALLY HAPPY with your life - you don't desire more "LOVE & MONEY"


The astrological upgrade - then defines - you're SEARCHING for something "MORE"

That something "MORE" is your soul's spiritual thirst and hunger for ENLIGHTENMENT


Your Soul wants to learn "MORE" and wants spiritual GROWTH OF PURE ENERGY

Then this NEW section - of - private offline lessons - via WhatsApp Messenger is for YOU



New Level of Enlightenment

"You're ready when you're no-longer worried"

If you're worried about anything - you're not ready !

"Detachment brings and unlocks Happiness"

When you go-away on "Holiday" or "Take-a-break" from work - stress vanishes !


Please watch the clip on www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqkeFXJLklI

Himalayan Sadhu Sharing Secret to Happiness - "detachment brings happiness"


Understanding that WORRY is defined by attachment to DARKNESS that exists

Understanding that WORRY is defined by attachment to EARTHLY DESIRES

You can't become enlightened if you're worrying about anything earthly


Naturally - You can't be ENLIGHTENED - until - you're ready inside you

Naturally - You can't be ENLIGHTENED - until you're HAPPY WITH LIFE


MAYA is learning to be DETACHED from DARKNESS that exists on Earth




Once you've got "LOVE & MONEY" - you're ready for spiritual enlightenment


"Some" of you - are ready now - in "2022" - "Some" of you have already begun in "2020"

"Some" of you - are still waiting for "LOVE & MONEY" to be wholesome in 2022-2023


You're ready - when you love-life - and - you're not worried about "LOVE & MONEY"

When you're ready - Contact me via WhatsApp - and - I will include you in weekly lessons



Messianic Times - Purity for Your Soul

"Attaining a New Level of Enlightenment"

"This Top-Secret-Section of not-for-everyone"


Everyone has got an aim-goal-ambition - when you're feeling OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE

Everyone has got NOT HOPE - NOT AMBITIONS - when you're depressed and dead-bored


Jupiter in Aries [Fire] - wants to give you NEW reasons to be OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE

Mars in Aries [Fire] - wants to give you NEW reasons to be OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE


Mars in Taurus [Earth] - wants to give you NEW reasons to be OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE

Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - wants to give you NEW reasons to be OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE


Mars in Gemini [Air] - wants to give you NEW reasons to be OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE

Saturn in Aquarius [Air] - wants to give you NEW reasons to be OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE


May-June-July-August-September "2022" will be making you OPTIMISTIC & ALIVE

Everyone is going to be experiencing a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF ENERGY


When and if - "2022" is your turn to feel "Spiritual" - Contact me via WhatsApp & Join

If - "2022" isn't your turn for "Spiritual" - then you'll be busy with "LOVE & MONEY"!

If - "2022" isn't your turn for "Spiritual" - then "2024-2025-2026" will be your turn !



Introducing New-Age "2023 =>2033"

5 Outer Planets Changing StarSign



Jupiter in Aries [Fire] 10th May 2022 => 16th May 2023

Jupiter in Taurus [Earth] 16th May 2023 => 25th May 2024

Jupiter in Gemini [Air] 25th May 2024 => 9th June 2025


Saturn in Aquarius [Air] 31st March 2020 => until 6th March 2023

Saturn in Pisces [Water] 7th March 2023 => 14th February 2026

Saturn in Aries [Fire] 14th February 2026 => March 2029


Uranus in Taurus [Earth] 16th May 2018 => 6th July 2025

Uranus in Gemini [Air] 7th July 2025 => 2033


Neptune sits at 28°/29° Pisces [Water] in May-June-July 2024

Neptune in Aries [Fire] 30th March 2025 => 2038


Pluto is sitting at 28°/27° Capricorn [Earth] May-June-July 2022

Pluto in Aquarius [Air] 24th March 2023 => 2040


The NEW AGE is coming for everyone - collectively - everyone will get "it"



The NEW AGE isn't just a gimmick - the NEW AGE is intelligence

All the outer planets moving into the NEW AGE - will enhance "intelligence"


Intelligent and Enlightened people - naturally and instinctively BELIEVE IN LIFE

Intelligent and Enlightened people - naturally and instinctively BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE



The reason for Introducing these Spiritual Secrets

The current stupid phenomena of "fake" Kabbalist's


The reason for introducing this New Section - in advance of "2023-2024" is because of LIARS

There's a sickness - an illness of negativity - especially amongst FAKE KABBALISTS & FAKE PSYCHICS


These LIARS & FAKES - are convincing people - to NOT BELIEVE IN LIFE

These LIARS & FAKES - are convincing people - to NOT BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE


"Fake" psychics and "Fake" Kabbalists - create negative energy by predicting "FEAR"

There's so much of "it" on the internet - that - it's lunatic crazy !


For example - some of the "fake" NONSENSE circulating the internet ....


It's "fake" NONSENSE - that - London will be "nuked"

It's "fake" NONSENSE - that - Israel will be "nuked"


It's "fake" NONSENSE - that - Istanbul/Constantinople will be invaded by "Russia"

[known as the Vilna-Gaon prophecy - it's been recently "made-up" - it was never said by him]


It's "fake" NONSENSE - that - there will Nuclear Armageddon

It's "fake" NONSENSE - that - mankind will destroy the planet





The psychic voice inside your head - is saying - EVERYTHING'S GOOD

The psychic voice - is saying - EVERYTHING'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT



AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT is predicted for all of humanity


The Full series - Explaining the EndTimes from the Talmudic Secrets

Full Series #2 of 26 Lessons @ on the Tawkit App Platform [Each audio 5 - 7 mins]



*** New Series of Talmudic Spiritual Secrets of End-Time***

***26 Audio's @ Tawkit Audio App Platform***


Your Success's and Your Happiness are Your Secrets

Knowing & Living the Secrets Of Your Destiny



המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever" דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3


Anyone who predicts "The End" is Evil !


History has shown that anyone who attempt predicts the "end" or the coming of a "messiah" always ends up getting it wrong. Liars and especially "Man-Made Religions have always lied and conned people" - all of which a defining their own dead-end.


In Constantinople in the year 1666 - a famous kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi - conned and convinced people to believing he was the Messiah and the redemption of the Jewish People was underway - and that everyone should sell-up and move to Palestine. Yes the year 1666 alone - excited people - but it was all evil, lies and nonsense. Eventually destiny revealed him to be the evil liar that he was - but he ruined lives of people who believed in his nonsense garbage. Every generation has bad people who create fear and lies in the name of "religion". And in the age of the internet - there's plenty of it on the internet!


In hindsight - we read his story and other stories of liars that continually get it WRONG - liars claim to be "Messiahs" and therefore in this age of enlightenment we should come to the same honest conclusion that they are all liars as they have all ended up DEAD. It is clear as predicted by the Book of Daniel that - anyone who attempts to predict the "end" or predicts the coming of a "messiah" - ends up "dead"!


"The Divine Day"

"No-one knows the Day or the Hour of the Lord" - [Mark 13:32, Mathew 24:36 & Malachi 4:5]


In all the spiritual teachings - there's a constant reference to a "Divine Day" - a "Day of the Lord" - a specific DAY that no-one knows when that "DAY" will be - but it seems to indicate that humanity might suddenly vanish from existence - in less than a second - all will be gone - a day just like the time of DEATH. No-one knows when it happens - but it is predicted to happen.


In the meantime it is our duty to live each day to the fullest - enjoy the GIFT OF LIFE. Give-thanks every moment of every day - for the GIFT OF LIFE. According the biblical prophetic visions - it seems that the "Day of the Lord" - will come - because humanity is lost and incapable of finding "peace" - the Divine Lord takes "everyone" collectively together into the spirit world of souls.


I've added this here - incase - the "Day of the Lord" comes suddenly - you won't be shocked - as you'll be spiritually prepared to know it's a possibility. The prophecy defines that it will come in a second - without no warning - and will be declared as "The Divine Day" - at which time collectively all of humanity - will face the karmic truth in the spiritual world of souls and "thought-energies" which will take-over from this world as - this physical world will suddenly cease to exist in it's entirety.



"Every-One Can Experience Magic Every-Day"

"Unbelievable, Unconventional, Happy & Exciting"

Every Star Sign has Magical Powers - Every Month of the Year has Magic

Every Moon Transit Unlocks Magic - EveryOne Can Experience Magic EveryDay

To Experience the Magic of your StarSigns you need to connect all the Stars of Your StarSign

A New 7-Part Audio Series on "Your Magical Energy" - Explaining Everything




This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Gemini [Air] - 21st May => 20th June 2022

Full Explanations @ "Sun in Gemini - This Month's Astrological Events"



This Year "2022" - defined by Saturn in Aquarius & Jupiter in Pisces/Aries

Coronavirus 2020 => 2024 - defined by - Meaningful Karmic Lessons & Changes

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - 2 More Years of Intensity of Death & Rebirth



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