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Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

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Tuesday 2nd June 2020 - Moon enters Scorpio

Feeling Connected to Everything that's "yours"

Audio - "Truth" - Tues' 2nd/Wed' 3rd June 2020

Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Gemini

Audio - Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Gemini


Sun in Gemini - positive StarSign - which is holding all the planets in our Solar system together - is defining "RELATIONSHIPS". The essence of your life is defined by whoever you're connected to. The happiness and success of life - and - the sadness and failure in life - is defined by WHO you know and how energetic your bond of "RELATIONSHIPS" is with them.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius - will be defining - "who and what" you really love in your life - "who and what" you've got lots of passion for - "who and what" turns-you-on with excitement - "who and what" unlocks lots of energy inside you to make you feel ALIVE.


I define the "who and what" because "it" could be anything - food that you eat - furniture that you have - automobile - home - business - money - and - most importantly - the GOOD PEOPLE in your life that you LOVE very much.


Moon in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mercury in Cancer [Water Sign]

Mars in Pisces [Water Sign] Jupiter retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto retrograde Capricorn [Earth Sign]


After the Moon Squares on Tuesday have passed-by - and - throughout - Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday - there's a powerful emotional energy of TRUTH and STABILITY - because of your feelings.


Emotions and feelings ensure you're CONNECTED to everyone and everything that's "Yours" - and - powerful feelings during Moon in Scorpio will ensure you're PROTECTED from and DISCONNECTED from anyone and anything that's got nothing to do with you.


Moon Astrology - ensures you feel whatever you need to feel during each Moon transit - and - Moon in Scorpio defines TRUTHFUL connections - the Full Moon in Sagittarius will also be TRUTHFUL - but - there will be a "battle" between "Truth" & "Lies" due to the Full Moon Squares on Friday.


Therefore - let yourself FEEL the HONEST TRUTH of BEING CONNECTED to everything that's "yours" - during - Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday - as it will prepare you for the decisions you'll be making at the - Full Moon on Friday.


Honest emotional connections - means - you feel what other people in your life feel. You feel their happiness - you feel their pain - you feel exactly what they're feelings - and - they feel everything that you feel too. That's a "sign" of "belonging" and being "connected". And when you FEEL NOTHING - that too is - the HONEST TRUTH. Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus will ensure you feel the FEEL the HONEST TRUTH.


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Moon 24° Libra squares Pluto [retrograde] 24° Capricorn

Moon 26° Libra squares Jupiter [retrograde] 26° Capricorn

Moon enters Scorpio - 5pm UK - 6pm Europe - 8pm Dubai UAE - 9:30pm India - [Wed' 2am Australia] - 9am PDT - 12noon EST USA

Moon 1° Scorpio squares Saturn [retrograde] 1° Aquarius


Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Moon 6° Scorpio trines Mercury 6° Cancer

Moon 8° Scorpio opposes Uranus 8° Taurus

Moon 14° Scorpio trines Mars 14° Pisces

Moon 20° Scorpio trines Neptune 20° Pisces


Wednesday evening 3rd June 2020 - "Flip-the-switch"

Sun 13° Gemini conjunct Venus [retrograde] 13° Gemini

As explained on Month's Astrology - change of attitude

Although many we feel it fully at the Full Moon


Thursday 4th June 2020 - "Powerful evening"

Moon 20° Scorpio trines Neptune 20° Pisces

Moon 24° Scorpio sextiles Pluto [retrograde] 24° Capricorn

Moon 26° Scorpio sextiles Jupiter [retrograde] 26° Capricorn

Moon enters Sagittarius - 6pm UK - 7pm Europe - 9pm Dubai UAE - 10:30pm India - [Fri' 3am Australia] - 10am PDT - 1pm EST USA

Moon 1° Sagittarius sextiles Saturn [retrograde] 1° Aquarius


Friday 5th June 2020 - "Strong Night of Love & Passion"!

Full Moon 15° Sagittarius - 8pm UK - 9pm Europe - 11pm Dubai UAE

[Sat' 00:30am India - 5am Australia] - 2pm PDT - 5pm EST USA

Moon 12° Sagittarius opposes Venus [retrograde] 12° Gemini

Full Moon 15° Sagittarius opposes Sun 15° Gemini - Full Moon

Full Moon 15° Sagittarius squares Mars 15° Pisces - exact at Full Moon

Sun 15° Gemini squares Mars 15° Pisces - exact at Full Moon

Moon 20° Sagittarius squares Neptune 20° Pisces


All the Moon squares are there to ensure you feel whatever and whoever is WRONG for you . There's no need to get involved - just IGNORE whoever is making immature "noises". You see Gemini is the StarSign of communication - but - immature people "moan" and "complain" - make "noises" which get on other people's nerves.


When sensible people - feel uncomfortable by Moon squares - we see the "problem" and use the power of communication to find a solution - and - if we can't find a solution - we WAIT until the BLOCKAGES and irritable "Moon squares" passby - hence - if things don't go smoothly on Tuesday - wait until Wednesday .


The FEELINGS will begin a journey to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday - all you have to do from now onwards is FEEL whatever you're FEELING - "good" and "bad" feelings - will guide you away from mistakes and ensure SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.


Remember the Sun in Gemini is POSITIVE starsign and the destination is Full Moon in Sagittarius POSITIVE starsign - hence the journey is to ensure - POSITIVE - POSITIVE - POSITIVE - so do yourself a favor and sense the NEGATIVE and then avoid "it".


I should add that the reason for many people RECONNECTING with you is that their emotions defined by Sun in Gemini and 4 planets in [retrograde] - Venus [retrograde] in Gemini - Jupiter [retrograde] in Aquarius - and - Jupiter [retrograde] & Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn - reminding everyone of all the POSITIVE & HAPPY moments from your life - defined by GOOD people you've known in your life.




Full Moon of Truth on 5th June 2020

Truth is both "Happiness & Success"

Duality of "The Gemini Twins" - "Flips-the-switch"

Light Versus Darkness - Light Always Wins!

Positive Versus Negative - Positive Wins!

Love Versus Hate - Love Wins!

[ As explained on Month's Astrology ]


5th June: Full Moon 15° Sagittarius

Full Moon - 8pm UK - 9pm Europe - 11pm Dubai UAE

[Sat' 00:30am India - 5am Australia] - 2pm PDT - 5pm EST USA


Prior Full Moon 15° Sagittarius opposes / opposes Venus [retrograde] 12° Gemini

Full Moon 15° Sagittarius opposes / opposes Sun 15° Gemini - Full Moon

Full Moon 15° Sagittarius squares Mars 15° Pisces - exact at Full Moon

Sun 15° Gemini squares Mars 15° Pisces - exact at Full Moon

Then after the Full Moon 20° Sagittarius squares Neptune 20° Pisces


Due to the power of the Moon - from Monday 1st June and until 6th June 2020 - everything and everyone in your life - will be polarized into TWO camps. Decisions will be made - because - you're seeing things HONESTLY and CLEARLY.


Gemini is the StarSign known as the "TWINS". Gemini has dual-personality - Gemini has 2 pathways - Gemini has the ability to "flip-the-switch" - in fact - GEMINI needs to change-it's-mind to be SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY.


Gemini - understands that if you've been following a specific pathway - and - it has NOT created HAPPINESS or SUCCESS - then - when the moment is right - the Gemini - "flips-the-switch" - and - "does the opposite" - in order to find HAPPINESS or SUCCESS.


In fact it's quite SENSIBLE and LOGICAL - that if you're unhappy - and - if you're unsuccessful - then - YOU are obviously doing something WRONG. You'll compare yourself to OTHER people - and - think of why is they're happy and why you're not happy.


"They" are doing something RIGHT - and - you are doing something WRONG. The stress and pain of feeling like an unhappy failure - will ensure - you change your mind - and - do something RIGHT with your life to become HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL.


The Gemini energies - defined by the MAXIMUM / MAXIMUM moment of energy - the Sagittarian Full Moon on Friday 5th June 2020 - will ensure - lots of people will be recognizing the need to "flip-the-switch" - and the Full Moon will give you the power to do "it".


I define the Full Moon's energy of both good and stressful - MAXIMUM / MAXIMUM energy - because - "some" people need to feel the pain to the MAXIMUM before "they" change - whilst other people - make the decision naturally and it unlocks the MAXIMUM energy inside them - to know it's truly RIGHT.



Audio - Gemini - Flipping-the-Switch

Defining events leading to the Full Moon 5th June 2020

[Recorded - 26th May 2020]


Duality of "The Gemini Twins" - "Flips-the-switch"

Full Moon "squares" & Sun "squares"

The Gemini squares to Mars & Neptune in Pisces are defining a change


3rd June: Sun 13° Gemini conjunct Venus [retrograde] 13° Gemini

3rd June: Venus [retrograde] 13° Gemini squares Mars 13° Pisces

5th June: Mercury 8° Cancer sextiles Uranus 8° Taurus

6th June: Sun 16° Gemini squares Mars 16° Pisces

11th June: Sun 20° Gemini squares Neptune 20° Pisces



Squares - define - powerful moments of facing-the-truth - almost everyone under-pressure of squares - especially at the Full Moon - listen to the message - and - actually CHANGE - but stubborn people - arrogant people - liars and cheats - who refuse to CHANGE feel the pressure that eventually forces them to ADMIT the TRUTH.


The squares don't want to hurt anyone - the squares want to create a change - based on LONG-TERM stability - with correctness for getting-it-right - especially where it's blocked and wrong. The squares defined by Sun in communicative Gemini - means - - it's going to be "loud" - "noisy" - "argumentative" - UNTIL - happiness and breakthrough of honesty is achieved.


How "It" affects you - is defined by what's TRUTHFUL & DECEITFUL in your life - what's been WRONG in your life - what's needed to make you HAPPY. The squares will define UNBLOCKING blockages.


Anytime from 1st June => 11th June 2020 - everyone will experience - a MAJOR CHANGE / CHANGE - for "some" it will be the beginning of the "mid-life-crisis" - as something they believed would last forever - will come to an abrupt end.


For "others" everything that's been "stuck" - will become "unstuck" and after months of stagnation and failure - your life will be ON-THE-MOVE - because - a MAJOR CHANGE will turn your life around.







This Week's Full Moon about Honest Relationships

Here I am with the most trustworthy psychic I know !


"Books-of-Secrets" - Noam Elimelech






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