Spiritual Astrology ספר כוכבי אור


Written by Jonny Waxman

Astrologer of www.astrology.co.at

Author of www.spiritualsecrets.info


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף - Astrological Energies transcending from the Infinite Outer Ether have Infinite Powers

The Journey of Life - "You always get to the destined destination - even on the pathway you choose to avoid it"



Astrology of The Outer Planets in 2020

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2020

Audio [20mins] for - "Why Mysterious Things Are Happening"


Audio [16mins] for - Introduction to "This Year 2020"


Audio [8mins] for - Freedom in the Year 2020"


The Year of Karmic Rewards - 2020

The Year of Cohesion & Magnetism

Destined Truth & Genuine Happiness

Everything that's been wrong on the past 7 years - will be deleted forever - thanks to Uranus in Taurus

2020 - has similarities to - 2008 - 1996 - 1991 - thanks to Jupiter in Capricorn & Saturn entering Aquarius


Many people - will be experiencing a "revolution" of ideas and/or "midlifecrisis" when faced with the "Truth"

Destiny is saying it's time for a change of attitude to the gift of life - and - do something with "life"



Written by the author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or The Book of Stars of Light Spiritual Astrology

Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה, The Month's Astrological Events,

This Weeks Planetary Movements & Karmic Years of 2020 => 2024


Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

The Outer Planets held in Orbit by the Sun create the "upgrade"

Mars starts the year 2020 at 28° Scorpio

3rd January - Mars enters Sagittarius

16th February - Mars enters Capricorn

30th March - Mars enters Aquarius

13th May - Mars enters Pisces

28th June - Mars enters Aries

10th September - Mars goes retrograde at 28° Aries

14th November - Mars goes direct at 15° Aries

Mars ends the year 26° Aries


Jupiter starts the year 2020 at 6° Capricorn

15th May - Jupiter goes retrograde 27° Capricorn

13th September - Jupiter goes direct 17° Capricorn

19th December - Jupiter enters Aquarius

Jupiter ends the year 2° Aquarius


Saturn starts the year 2020 at 21° Capricorn

22nd March - Saturn enters Aquarius

11th May - Saturn goes retrograde at 2° Aquarius

2nd July - Saturn retrograde back into Capricorn

29th September - Saturn goes direct at 25° Capricorn

17th December - Saturn enters Aquarius

Saturn ends the year at 1° Aquarius


Uranus starts the year 2020 at 2°42' Taurus retrograde

11th January - Uranus goes direct at 2°39' Taurus

16th August - Uranus goes retrograde at 10°42' Taurus

Uranus ends the year at 6°49' Taurus


Neptune starts the year 2020 at 16°16' in Pisces

23rd June - Neptune goes retrograde at 20°58' Pisces

29th November - Neptune goes direct at 18°10' Pisces

Neptune ends the year at 18°27' Pisces


Pluto starts the year 2020 at 22°23' Capricorn

26th April - Pluto goes retrograde at 25°00' Capricorn

5th October - Pluto goes direct at 22°29' Capricorn

Pluto ends the year at 24°09' Capricorn


Introduction to The Year 2020

The Year of Karmic Rewards - 2020

2020 is the year of "sooner or later" everything changes .....


The Essence of Life on Earth is defined by the fact that - NOTHING STAYS THE SAME FOREVER - sooner or later - everything changes - sooner or later - everyone changes their attitude - sooner or later - everyone awakens with desires to want to do something meaningful with life - sooner or later is the inevitability of evolution of life on Earth.


Many people are under the false-illusion that "they" can do whatever they want to Mother-Earth - "they" can do whatever they want to other people - "they" can even do bad things to themselves and nothing has consequence.


The word CON-SEQUENCE means there's a sequential - next-phase to whatever you do and every choice you make. When you regret the mistakes you've made - you're undoing in your mind that you refuse to follow the pathway of CON-SEQUENCE of those bad actions.


When you REFUSE to make a mistake - when you REFUSE to continue being the same person you have been in the past 7 years - means - that you're REFUSING to follow the wrong-pathway - that's when you - instinctively - GO-BACK and FIND the CROSSROADS of where "it" all went wrong.


The "CROSSROADS" will be defined by both people and places of who are truly good for you - and - will always be good for you. Destined events and coincidences have already begun in December 2019 - and - will continue to happen in January & February 2020.


The conjunctions of "DESTINY'S CROSSROADS" - defined by - Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn conjunctions exact on 12th January 2020 - to ensure you get the message - the need to be CONNECTED to all the most important people in your life - as "they" too - will want to be CONNECTED to you - and - to be DISCONNECTED from anyone who does nothing good for you.


The importance of recognizing that January & February 2020 - will create - destined coincidences to get you back-on-track to "DESTINY'S CROSSROADS" - by - RECONNECTING to whoever and wherever you belong - and - DISCONNECTED from whoever and whatever has been a BIG MISTAKE.


Karmic relationships are karmic rewards - as - life ensures that via your connections to other people - you can always find the pathway to success and happiness. Karmic relationships are the key to finding your way back "home" - especially if you're in the wrong place with the wrong people. Karmic destined relationships always provide DEEP-ROOTED STABILITY.


Therefore whatever your problem is - the solution is RECONNECTING to whoever and wherever you belong connected to - and - DISCONNECTED from whoever and whatever has been a BIG MISTAKE.



The Next Phase of Life is Beginning

Everything has "comparisons" to the past cycle of 1991 - 1992 - 1996 - 2008

With one exception that now you're wiser and will get "it" right in 2020


Being "stupid" - making "mistakes" - acting like an "idiot" - are all normal things humans do and you can expect mistakes to happen. Because unless you make a mistake - you don't know the difference between what's really good for you.


The best ingredient for a GOOD relationship - is - the manure/fertilizer of having had a BAD relationship. All badness is like "manure/fertilizer" - badness ensures we grow into getting it right and being successful. All the BAD people you've known - ensure - that you appreciate the GOOD people in your life.


In the whole year of "2020" - you'll see comparisons to - the past cycles of these years - 1991 - 1992 - 1996 - 2008. And - anything that has gone wrong or been in "dead-zone" - since 2012 - will now be put back-on-track and you will come-back to life.


Especially areas of your life that have been DEAD since 2012 - will now be coming-back to life. Except now - you're wiser and know the difference of what works for you and what doesn't work for you. You've learnt about yourself - you've learnt about other people - you've learnt who you truly love - and - you've learnt what types of people are really good for you - as - you're good for them.


Now - there's an important fact to remember of - 1991 - 1992 - 1996 - 2008 - especially of the financial crisis of 2008 - and - that's many people thought it was the "end-of-the-world" - but - it wasn't. Things changed - major things happened - but - it wasn't the "end-of-the-world".


Afterwards - in each of the years - 1991-1992-1996-2008 - it created STABILITY in the World - and - everyone learnt from the experiences. The same with everything that happens in 2020 - it will happen - in order to create LONG-TERM STABILITY.


The people who will be affected most by "2020" will be everyone who has been "DEAD" during the past 3 => 6 years - that area of your life which has been "DEAD" will be awakened. And conversely - everyone who has excessively been concentrating on one area of their lives in the past 3 => 6 years - will be given "Time-out" of that facet - in order to repair the damage of relationships and damage to themselves. This is a zone of healing and stability.


The best facet of understand the cycle of astrology is to know that life repeats itself - and - this year 2020 - is all about getting it right - as the choices and opportunities come your way - don't make any mistakes like you did before!



Self-Realization & Ambition in "2020"

Self-Realization is your awakening from within you



Your inner voice says "DECIDE to DO SOMETHING REALLY RIGHT"


When you're young immature, ignorant and inexperienced - you need to listen to other people to awaken you. When you're older and wiser - enlightened and experienced - you don't need to listen to other people to awaken yourself - because - inside you - you become self-awakened.


Self-realization is like a taking a "Selfie" - you're in control of what happens. You make it happen. You awakened yourself. And whilst the truth is the Divine Astrological Karmic Clock is awakening everyone in 2020 - the awakening is from WITHIN yourself.


When you're awakened - you have dreams - you have ambition - you have desires - you love life - because - you want to be part of life - that's destiny awakening you to want more from life than you've already achieved - that's what we call ENLIGHTENMENT.


Realization of Truth - Self-Realization is inner inspiration that awakens you from within you - Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda - the Journey to Self-realization - is one of my favorite books - [I can whatsapp you a pdf free ebook - if you ask me] - my favorite Spiritual teacher [google - "paramahansa yogananda self realization pdf" - you'll see the links of free books online].


2020 - will be a year of - Self-Realization is inner inspiration that awakens you from within you - listen to your own inner voice - listen to the determination you've got from within you. Listen and then do what you feel is right for you.


The reason why "evil" people's lives will be falling-apart and no-one will want them - is - because - the inner self-realization of truth will tell all good people to KEEP-AWAY from bad people - KEEP-AWAY from selfish people - KEEP-AWAY from destructive people.



Quality of Life is a Self-Realization

Quality of life is defined when you've got something very important in your life


The older you get - the wiser you become - and - the more you realize that "life" isn't about "quantity" - but "life" is all about the "quality" of "life". You can have lots of dead-boring meaningless days of life - but - your life is only truly defined by the "quality" of your life - and - what you do in the moments of "quality".


When you eat "junk" food - you will probably forget every meal you've ever eaten - but - when you go-out to special restaurant and have an exceptional meal - you'll never forget "it" - that's because the BEST QUALITY - touches - "YOU".


When you've got QUALITY clothes - or - QUALITY furniture - or - QUALITY auto-mobile - you feel good because - you're surrounded and living in an aura of QUALITY. All consumer products - clothes - watches - phones - TV's - furniture - and - "service-industry" - hotels - restaurants - even Dr's and Dentists - are sold to give you a QUALITY experience.


It's not enough to exist in life - but life wants you to have a BETTER QUALITY of Life. The better the QUALITY - the better you feel about yourself. When you've got something of QUALITY - you know you've got the BEST.


Now - let me say - that some people who've never experienced "KFC or McDonalds" - and - then for the 1st time in their life - have a 1st experience of KFC - "they" will feel the energy of "QUALITY".


That's because - QUALITY - is defined by what touches you - "INSIDE YOU". Do you remember the "QUALITY" moments of your life or do you forget things because "it" didn't touch you. Relationships too - did that person define QUALITY or was that person meaningless to you?


"2020" is about seeking more QUALITY from life. "2020" is not about existing or surviving - "2020" is about feeling alive - because - you're appreciating the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE. Initially it will be something you really appreciate - and - from that "something" - it will grow to become EVERYTHING that you will appreciate about your life.


Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] from 16th February => 30th March 2020

Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] until 19th December 2020

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] until 22nd March 2020 & from 2nd July => 17th December 2020

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] until July 2025

Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] until January 2024


The QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE is defined because planets in [Earth Signs] - means that - deep "INSIDE YOU" you're desiring to feel very connected to "LIFE" in an earthly sense - and - unless you feel CONNECTED in real life - then - nothing good will happen.


The emphasis will ensure the desire for life - and - ensuring by coincidences that you're CONNECTED to exactly where you need to be - with the people destiny defines you need to be CONNECTED to - whoever unlocks an energy deep "INSIDE YOU".


Warmth and attraction to other people in your life is the MAGNETISM of DESTINY. You might see lots of people around you - but - feel NOTHING towards them - in which case - you'll feel EMPTY. And you'll search until you are connected to the right people. "2020" will be defined by MAGNETISM of DESTINY - to ensure - you're in the right place with the right people.



The Year of Cohesion & Magnetism

Destined Truth & Genuine Happiness

Everything that's been wrong on the past 7 years - will be deleted forever - thanks to Uranus in Taurus

2020 - has similarities to - 2008 - 1996 - 1991 - thanks to Jupiter in Capricorn & Saturn in Capricorn/Aquarius


Many people - in fact EVERYONE of EVERY STARSIGN and EVERY AGE - will be experiencing a "revolution" of ideas and/or "midlifecrisis" when faced with the "Truth". Destiny is saying it's time for a change of attitude to the gift of life - and - do something with "life".


You see - when the planets unlock clarity and truth - instinctively - your eyes - your mind - your thoughts - are opened to see life clearly. That's when you look at everyone and everything - past - present - future - with a message from deep "INSIDE YOU" - that you either feel "it" is right or wrong for you.


"2020" means there's no "maybe's" anymore. 2020 defines "YES" or "NO". The quicker you realize and say - "NO" - "NO" - "NO" - "NO" - "NO" - "NO" - to useless and meaningless things that have been part of your life since 2008 - 2012 - the quicker you will be ready to say - "YES" - "YES" - "YES" - "YES" - "YES" !


I should add that - since September 2019 - or - 2nd December 2019 when Jupiter entered Capricorn - "some" of you have already - LET-GO of the past - and - MOVED-ONTO something NEW - and - now the "NEW" becomes more SOLID and powerful.


When you feel you BELONG somewhere and doing something - the more you feel ATTACHED to someone who is truly good for you - the more you feel ALIVE to life-energy. That's what is called "Cohesion and Magnetism" of destiny. The more you feel - the more energy you feel - the more MAGNETISM of ATTRACTION comes-into your life.


In business and career - the more you love your work - the more successful you are - the more other business people, clients, customers and connections - are ATTRACTED to you - and the busier your life becomes.


If you don't love your life - if you don't love what you do - if you don't love your work - then - you've got no magnetism of attraction

- so - if you want SUCCESS - you'll need to LOVE life - LOVE what you do - and - feel "it". What and who do you love in your life - who and what makes you feel ALIVE?



Astrologically - The 7 Years from 2013 until 2020

During the past 7 years - you've been given lots of "pieces" - 2020 is the year you bring it all together

The phase of enlightenment and self-realization of your destiny begins 4th/5th January 2020

Self-Realization means you've got all the answers within you - now make "it" happen


The astrologically destined events of the past 7 years - have been leading to 2020. You've had lots of experiences during the past 7 years - and - now is the destined time of long-term stability. Living the life you were born to live - means - really living life - not imagining it anymore - but - really living life.


Many people forget the reasons why they're alive - forget the real reasons why they were born. From January 2020 - an awakening of enlightenment - self-realization of why you're alive - knowing the truth from within your own mind and thoughts what you're doing on Earth - and - the most important fact is to find INNER PEACE - via - self-realization of ENLIGHTENMENT.


Many products - many services talk about "ENHANCED EXPERIENCE" defined by "BETTER QUALITY of LIFE". The year 2020 is all about living life - but - instead of existing from day-to-day - life wants you to live the fullness of life's experience.


A BETTER QUALITY of LIFE is not defined by "more" money or being needy for something external to improve your life - BETTER QUALITY of LIFE begins by you feeling more ALIVE from WITHIN you - by you appreciating the gift of life - by you enjoying being ALIVE with gratitude - with happiness - with love - as you journey 2020 on Earth.


Because when you feel more ALIVE from WITHIN you - with - enlightenment - self-realization of why you're alive - then - automatically you will ATTRACT your destined destiny. You can't attract "it" - if you're not feeling ALIVE or AWAKENED from within yourself. Are you feeling ALIVE?



During the past 7 years - blockages happened for everyone

During Each Month of 2020 - a blockage will be unblocked

Understanding the Spiritual component of Astrology means


The only time in history I can compare the past 7 years to - is WWII - 1938 => 1945 - when the individuals astrological charts would not have been predictable - as the whole world was "on hold" because of WWII. Thereafter - everyone got their lives back together - and - moved on to a new future.


For this - was given to me - in 2012 - by a Chassidish Rebbe - the Komarna Rebbe - who explained that for many people - that 7 years from 21st December 2012 => 21st December 2019 - would have facets of everyone's lives that would be "on hold".


7 years of "dead-zone" of bad luck of 7 years. Now that's concluded - you - me - and - everyone who have been "on hold" - will now have GOOD LUCK RESTORED to you to get on with your lives - in sync with your own specific astrological chart - and - the destined destiny of your life.


When astrological charts go "on hold" for 7 years - being "dead-zone" - this defines - destined relationships have been "on hold" - and - it felt that NOTHING happened in the past few years. This doesn't apply to everyone - but - if it applies to you - then - don't worry - you've not missed your destiny - you'll get-it-back-quickly - in 3 months - January - February - March 2020 - and - then you can get on with living life.


What you need to do is study your own astrological chart - and - see what facets of your life have had NOTHING happening in the past 7 years - and - then ask yourself - what should have happened. Then find the way to put yourself - back-on-track.



Lots of changes coming - to put your life - back-on-track - with meaning and purpose

Coincidences and changes will be defined by ....



- depending on your own astrological chart

- depending on how "damaged" you've been in the past 7 => 12 years

- depending on what you've been doing which isn't right for you

- depending on who you've been connected to - who've lied to you

- depending on who you've been disconnected from - who are actually good for you

- depending on how unstable and wrong your life has been in the past 7 years

All of which will define what needs to happen and what will be happening by 22nd March 2020



The Full Moon's which define "back-to-life" in each of these 4 areas of your life

Love - Relationships - Health - Money


Full Moon in Gemini 12th Dec'19

Full Moon in Cancer 10th Jan '20

Full Moon in Leo 9th Feb '20

Full Moon in Virgo on 14th March 2020


What you'll see happening is that "some" changes will have already happened in December 2019 - or - January 2020 - but - as we go through each month "2020" - the components of your life which have been "dead" will be coming-back-life .


Each facet of you which has been "dead" - will be fully back-to-life by each of these Full Moon's. So that by 14th March 2020 - you're 100% ready for the Zodiac New Year - and - ready for beginning a NEW and HEALTHY chapter of your life



Saying "Goodbye" to the "Past"

Healing releases you from the "past" - saying "goodbye" is movement forwards


Letting go of the "past" is one of the most difficult things to do - especially - when the "past" had good moments. But - in order to move-on with life - we all need to ACCEPT that life is moving-on forwards to a brighter future - towards a more stable future.


ACCEPTANCE is a definition of AGREEING with destiny - AGREEING with everything that's happening - means - you're not fighting with "life" - you're not resisting "change" - you're going-with-flow - and - the more you AGREE with events - the happier you are in ACCEPTANCE - the more chance of quicker changes.


There are "some" destined events - like "death" - that are inflicted on humanity. Destined events are beyond our control - destiny defines that we are in Earth-School to learn about yourselves - via - your life-experiences. If you have no experiences - then - you're missing the point of "life".


When you ACCEPT everything that happens - especially things that are beyond your control - then - you are AGREEING with destiny. When someone external to you does something bad to you - and - you ACCEPT it - the karma is released - and - you're SET-FREE from the pain of the situation.


Everytime a relationships ends and hurts you - you only get fully healed - when you find someone NEW - even better than the "past". This year "2020" will provide you with upgrade in relationships - but - 1st you must ACCEPT with HAPPINESS - AGREE with destiny that all the "past" - and - all the things that have ENDED - you're REALLY HAPPY about "it" ending.


When you move-into a new home - you forget your past home. When you move-into a new job - you forget your old job. When you move-into any new phase of life - you'll always forget the last phase.


GOODBYE - is - The mantra - the word - the thought - you need to think as you're moving forwards - "GOODBYE TO THE PAST" - repeat "GOODBYE" - over and over - GOODBYE - GOODBYE - GOODBYE - GOODBYE - and - you'll be SET-FREE !



Freedom from "worrying"

Saturn in Aquarius from 22nd March 2020 - defines - Freedom from worrying


Letting go of the "past" is one way of saying "FREEDOM". When you wake-up and something has changed that you instinctively stop worrying about "it" - means - "it" has changed. Either because the problem has been solved - or - situation has changed.


Either way - Saturn in Aquarius - means - FREEDOM from whatever "it" was that's been worrying you for the past 3 years - and - for some of you for the past 14 years - and - for some of you since 1992. "FREEDOM" is a gift of destiny.


Saturn in Aquarius defines being SET-FREE and LIBERATED from a destined phase of your life. From 21st January 2020 - due to Saturn moving from 24° => 29° Capricorn - destined events will be unlocked to happen - to start the process of SETTING-YOU-FREE!



Uranus in Taurus - Freedom from "idiots"

An "idiot" is someone who doesn't understand you

An "idiot" is someone who isn't on-your-wavelength


Uranus in Taurus - defines - Freedom of being connected to "idiots"

Uranus in Taurus wants to ensure everyone understands each other


The brilliance of understanding Astrology - of knowing the meaning of Uranus in Taurus - will ensure you know how to handle the Karmic Years of 2020 => 2024 - as fundamental to Taurus energies is the ability to be connected to all the good people you know - and - to ignore all the "idiots".


Uranus in Taurus - says - if someone does NOTHING for you - then - you mustn't do ANYTHING for them. And conversely - when someone does SOMETHING for you - then - you must do SOMETHING for them.


Uranus in Taurus - combined with - Saturn in Capricorn & Pluto in Capricorn - defines destined destiny - destiny knows the boundaries - destiny knows who has taken something from you - destiny knows who has done nothing for you. Destiny knows all the people and all the connections you've got - of people - who've done a lot of good for you - and - who are on your wavelength.


Uranus in Taurus - means - the rewards of Karma - will set you free from anyone who has damaged you - hurt you - annoyed you - been bad to you - and from Uranus direct in Taurus from 11th January => 16th August 2020 - you'll see SUDDEN MAGIC created by Uranus - as you're SET-FREE from "bad" people forever - and - get totally connected to "good" people forever.


The purpose of being SET-FREE from "idiots" and SET-FREE from people who don't understand you - is in order to be FREE to be with everyone on your-wavelength - people who understand you - people who will always understand you - people who've always understood you.


Uranus in Taurus will ensure - everyone who understands you - everyone on your wavelength - will be CONNECTED to you. Uranus in Taurus until 2025 - will define - LONG-TERM stability - which means - being CONNECTED to people who are truly loyal and trustworthy - people who are really good for your stability, success and happiness.



The Astrology of 2020 & 2021

Jupiter-Capricorn | Saturn-Aquarius | Neptune-Pisces

3 outer planets lined-up & Saturn entering Aquarius on 22nd March 2020


These 3 outer planets - lined-up in order of the 3 last StarSigns - of - Capricorn - Aquarius - Pisces - means - maturity - thoughtfulness - understanding - wisdom gained by life-experiences. All you have to do is THINK about all your life-experiences - learn from your experiences - KNOWLEDGE is knowing to discern the difference of - what works well for you - and - what is a mistake.


Jupiter in Capricorn - Saturn in Aquarius - Neptune in Pisces - defines - "FINALLY GETTING IT RIGHT" . And because - 2021 will be defined by Jupiter in Aquarius - Saturn in Aquarius - Neptune in Pisces means - 2021 will be even better than 2020.


And because 2022 will be defined by Saturn in Aquarius - Jupiter in Pisces - Neptune in Pisces - means - EVEN BETTER in 2022. 2021 and 2022 will be defined by "FINALLY GETTING IT RIGHT" in 2020. So believe in yourself - believe that 2020 is the year to concentrate on your attitude to life - and - "GET IT RIGHT".


When life says "GET IT RIGHT" - life is talking to you - from WITHIN yourself. You "know" when you've made a mistake - and - you "know" when you've got it right. All you have to do is LISTEN to the truth from WITHIN yourself.


When you "GET IT RIGHT" - you instinctively feel the ALIVENESS from WITHIN you. "GETTING IT RIGHT" - that's what everyone will be searching for in 2020 - especially between - January => June 2020.



Being Yourself & Believing in your Destiny

2020 will ensure everyone has reasons to believe in the future

You were born to live your life - you weren't born just to "exist"


There's 2 things that defines your future in "2020"


[1] to BELIEVE you've got a better future to come

[2] to BE yourself - BE honest with yourself - know who you are - and - accept who you are


When you don't BELIEVE in yourself - you don't BELIEVE in your future. When you BELIEVE in yourself - BELIEVE in your destiny - then you BELIEVE in a future - and - then you can dream of a better future. During the past 7 years - many people couldn't BELIEVE in a future. But - now - SUCCESS will be defined by BELIEVING in the future.


BEING yourself - means - you're being honest with yourself - you'll find the right and perfect destined people will be attracted to you - as your aura is happy to be you - as you are at peace with being yourself - in sync with your destined - then other people who are destined to be in your life will sense the real "you" with truth and sincerity.


Whenever "nothing" is happening in your life - it's because - we don't accept ourselves - we're not being truthful with ourselves. That's the purpose of understanding your astrological profile - to learn about yourself - to know what you need to be the best version of yourself - and - to be able to attract into your life - your destined destiny.


Denying any facet of your life is like denying you've got a heart inside your body. Every truthful component of you - that's defined the journey of your life - even the mistakes - is a part of your existence. I've defined the truth about me - to attract what comes next in my life to whoever wants me - and - to avoid whoever doesn't want me!


From January 2020 and especially during Summer 2020 - you life will be about magnetic and truthful attraction to whoever your aura wants you to be connected to - but to attract your destiny - life will be ensuring you become truthful with yourself, accepting yourself, knowing yourself and by definition of your astrological energies - you will know what works for you and what doesn't.


Astrology - Jupiter - Saturn - Neptune in 2020 - defines DOING something - LIVING real-life - not just teaching about life. I'm not just an "astrologer" that talks about astrology - I'm an "astrologer" that does things with life - that lives life for loving relationships - that goes to wherever life is taking me - and - that's what "astrology" of 2020 will encourage you to do too.



The Year 2020 - Clarity - Honesty - Growth

Polarization of People - Truth for You

Enlightened souls are loving life | Immature souls are still moaning and complaining


Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] until 22nd March & 2020 & from 2nd July => 17th December 2020


With all the planets in Earth StarSigns [Earth Sign] will define the truth about all different types of people in your life. The truth is the truth - the truth is not meant to hurt you - or - damage you. The truth defines that "some" people are VERY GOOD for you - and - other people are VERY BAD for you.


All you have to do is focus on - work-with - be connected to - all the VERY GOOD PEOPLE - and - learn to ignore and disconnect from all the VERY BAD PEOPLE. Remember - the definition of "GOOD" and "BAD" is what you feel is "GOOD" and "BAD" for YOU.


Your home is "VERY GOOD FOR YOU and for everyone who belongs in your life" but your home will be "VERY BAD for anyone who doesn't belong in your life". The same with your mind and thoughts - your energy is defined by whoever you're thinking about - when you THINK about EVERYONE who is good for you and everyone who belongs in your life - you'll feel ALIVE. And automatically when you THINK of EVERYONE GOOD - you haven't got time to think about those who've been bad.


2020 will ensure you're able to THINK about EVERYONE who is good for you and everyone who belongs in your life - because - life's events will ensure - that every moment of every day - you'll only have GOOD people around you.


If "some" of you - have still got entanglements with people who are BAD for you - then - Sun in Aquarius from 21st January => 19th February 2020 - followed by - Saturn in Aquarius from 22nd March => 2nd July 2020 - and - Saturn in Aquarius from 17th December 2020 => 7th March 2023 - will COMPLETELY SET-YOU-FREE from anyone bad.



"Don't waste your time on idiots"

2020 is a precious year of Karma

"Quality - not - Quantity"

Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


There's only one year of this unique combination of planets - it's so powerful - it's so precious - it's so important - so - unlike the past 6 years of your life - take everyday with profound importance. Everyday will be powerful to ensure you get SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.


As a human being - your identity is defined by what you say and who you say it to. Communication is essential to your life energy - the more alive you are - the more good people you're communicating with.


Thanks to the internet - this is why there's more life-energy in the world - than ever before in the history of mankind. The aura of the world is "BUZZING" full of communication. Communication is the secret for Success.


There are people you communicate with who offer you no energy - whereas there are people you communicate with - who unlock lots of energy from within you - and - there are people you communicate with - with whom you CO-CREATE energy. When you talk and create laughter in your conversation - you're co-creating energy together - and that's powerful to energize you.


3 planets in Capricorn - Jupiter in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - define - working with everyone on your wavelength - working with life - and - IGNORING anyone who does NOTHING for you.



Mars in Aries - Ambitions of 2020

Mars in Aries from 28th June 2020 => 6th January 2021

Mars in Aries - long retrograde in Aries - means - everyone will be awakened with ambitions


When you do nothing with "life" - it often means - you've got no energy to do anything. When you're "existing" instead of "living" - you look at life as a "prison" and feel like a "slave" - working to exist - instead of living for life.


Thanks to Saturn in Aquarius from 22nd March 2020 - [which I will explain fully on updated version of this website in March 2020] - and - the beginning of the New Zodiac year from 21st March 2020 - everyone will be ready to live-life instead of being in a dead-boring state "existing". Combined with Mars in Aries for 6 months - means - you'll have the power - the desire - the energy to live life.


Hence, whatever you're beginning - you don't need to worry about "it" - because - the power and momentum will ensure - you'll have the energy to keep "it" going. But - I should add - if you've got no energy - no desires - no aliveness in whatever you're doing in January - February - March 2020 - means - it's "dead".


Mars defines AMBITIONS - Mars in Aries - means that because you've got your life back-again - because you've got success and finances sorted - you'll have EXTRA money for something NEW in your life.


The reason I've added this here is that 2020 is all about getting your life back - getting your life back-on-track - and - that means - having HOPE for a better future - with an AMBITION to want MORE out of life than you've got in your life.



Magnetism of Summer of Love

Summer 2020 - A "Love of Life"


Sun in Cancer - opposing - Moon in Capricorn - Full Moon 5th July 2020

Sun in Cancer - opposing - Jupiter in Capricorn - 14th July 2020

Sun in Cancer - opposing - Pluto in Capricorn - 15th July 2020

Sun in Cancer - opposing - Saturn in Capricorn - 20th July 2020


The Outer of - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto will get-through to you - at the maximum moments of OPPOSITIONS which will be creating irreversible changes during July 2020. Summer 2020 - will be Summer of Love - not just love in relationships - but more powerful - will be a TRUE LOVE OF LIFE.


By 31st July 2020 - you will be at your destination for your long-term stability - and - reflect back with happiness on how much has changed in 2020. Jupiter in Capricorn & Saturn in Capricorn means something specific and destined has to happen.



Astrological energies are infinite - you have infinite capacity

The Mysteries and Secrets of your Life will be revealed in 2020

Do you believe in "infinity" ? Infinite Love and Light ?


The ancient hebrew saying of "השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף - Astrological Energies transcending from the Infinite Outer Ether are infinite in their power" - is so true - as I honestly agree with this 2000 year old principle and mean it truthfully - because over 2000+ years - it's proven the continuity of life and proves that life will continue to continue until the karma is complete. It shows that although we think "everything" is contained within the planet Earth - the truth is our life is sustained by energies that transcend from the infinite outer ether.


Unfortunately mankind - especially creepy fear-mongering characters together with fake man-made religions with small "closed" minds believe in a confined limited world of FEAR, JEALOUSY, GREED and SELFISHNESS - have defined "LIMITATION" and limited belief-system that creates fear - hence the reason they can't comprehend that there's an infinite amount of energy nor can they accept that the DIVINE GOD is infinite.


All man-made "limitations" are eventually blown-away by enlightenment - humanity will see the TRUTH and realize that there's infinite amount of energy that transcends to sustain and influence everyone on Earth. HAPPINESS, LOVE, LIGHT and SHARING ENERGY with other people is infinite. If you ask anyone to quantify - "how much love is there is the world? The answer is infinite as love continues to be created from nowhere each and everyday...."


When the Sun shines - you don't stop to think - that the sun is shining for the other 7 billion people on the planet - and the billions of animals, plants and trees that are all absorbing the Sun's energy - all you think of is a limited feeling of "it's a nice sunny day". Astrologically - there's infinite amount of energy transcending and it's far greater than any human could ever imagine - that's because human minds have been limited in their capacity.


During the past few years - especially through the power of the karmic gift of the internet - people's minds have been OPENED creating an EXPANSION OF MIND - and people can now comprehend MORE than they did 10 years ago. During the next few years - a bigger opening of people's minds will take place - as everyone will sense and become spiritually enlightened.


This expansion of mind and thoughts has needed to be gradual - because humanity couldn't withstand it quickly. Destiny has defined that NOW is the time that spiritual secrets need to be and must be revealed to humanity in order for people to able to become WHOLESOME - and the slow process of expanding one's mind will show humanity the reasons - especially as mysterious and karmic secrets of life will be explored, revealed and "found".


The truth is the mysteries and secrets have always been present - but it has needed the RIGHT time before they can be revealed and most importantly for humanity to be READY TO ACCEPT them. 2020 => 2024 will be the RIGHT karmic time for humanity to grow-up and mature - for humanity to realize - you can only live - if you believe in HAPPINESS, LOVE, LIGHT and SHARING ENERGY with OTHERS.






Major Karmic Changes - 2020 => 2024

The Outer Planets - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

I've explained the meaning of outer planets of Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - on "2020-2024"





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