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"Every-One Can Experience Magic Every-Day"

"Unbelievable, Unconventional, Happy & Exciting"

Every Star Sign has Magical Powers - Every Month of the Year has Magic

Every Moon Transit Unlocks Magic - EveryOne Can Experience Magic EveryDay

To Experience the Magic of your StarSigns you need to connect all the Stars of Your StarSign

A New 7-Part Audio Series on "Your Magical Energy" - Explaining Everything




"The-Astrologer's Astrologer"

"I'm Here to Help Astrologers"


I know lots of "Astrologers" who use me as their help and 2nd opinion

I'm currently advising 4 Astrologers and realize my help can really help


Talking-it-over with me - 2nd opinion - can give you insights to help you

I'm totally secretive & confidential - contact me if you're an Astrologer


My Aim and Ambition is to help Astrologer's become even better

Lots of Wisdom from Spiritual Secrets of Torah/Noam Elimelecgh


My Aim and Ambition is to enable you to be your own Astrologer

If you've got any questions - then - I'm available via WhatsApp


"The-Astrologer's Astrologer"

"The Biggest Problem of Astrologers"


There's ONLY ONE problem I've experienced with

All the Astrologer's / Psychic's I've been working with


You're not living your own life - your own true destiny

You're living with 4 planets - "Sun-Mercury-Neptune-Pluto"

Your thoughts defines seeing the future for others

Your communication defines your ability to help others

You're feeling a total void in your own personal life


You're not living with "Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus"

You're not living with "love" of real-life relationships

You're not living with a "lover" - a healthy sexual partner

You're not seeing your own future clearly

You're not connected to your earthly reality in a positive way

It seems you're very good at solving others problems

But - It seems you're worried about your own life

Because - your seeing everyone else having success and you're not


Hence, I've advised that you need to "live your life"

That means - giving-up doing "it" - if "it" is not making you happy

Once you've got your life - then - you can come-back and do "it"


People will respect you - when you've got "it" right for yourself

Prove to yourself - that - you practice what you preach

Then - you will come-back stronger than before


Zodiac Year "2022" is going to wholesome and strong

"2022" - means - living with energy of all the planets !



"The-Astrologer's Astrologer - Here to Help Astrologers"

"May & June & July 2022"


Due to the Astrological Configuration of Planets in Pisces [Water Sign]

Things will happen by "coincidences" via people you already know & trust


Pisces [Water Sign] defines Psychic and Trustworthy connections

Everything NEW that happens - happens - via the BEST people you know


Mars in Pisces [Water Sign] - 15th April => 24th May 2022

Jupiter in Pisces [Water Sign] - 30th Dec 2021 => 10th May 2022

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] - Since 2012 => 30th March 2025


Official Price is $750 for 12 Months

Although I wanted to say "No Fixed Price for Helping Astrologers"

And if you can't afford this - we'll talk about "$$$" when you call me


My Bank account @ BGZ BNP PARIBAS POLSKA S.A.,

And my Full Name & Postal Address for Western Union


Use www.westernunion.com or www.transferwise.com / www.wise.com

For international bank payments or direct from your own online banking

I recommend www.wise.com for most countries


IBAN is the SWIFT code - the international bank transfer code

IBAN begins PL39 is the code for my bank account in Poland


Or www.westernunion.com offices at most shopping malls/Grocery stores in USA

Can be used to make your local payment in cash - then send me the RECEIPT #number






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