Unique New Zodiac Year 2023-2024







"The-Astrologer's Astrologer"

"Wisdom enhances Quality of Life"

*** Introduction***

"Introduction to Becoming-a-Good-Astrologer"

Introduction - "Wisdom & Stupidity" [20 mins]


Lesson in Astrology

"Astrology of 15th => 31st May"


Teaching Astrology - Weekly Summary Audio

"Wait-and-See" - 15th May => 31st May 2023

"5 Major Energy Changes" - "Everything changes"

"Practice-what-you-preach" - [Long Audio 20mins]

"You believe in everything that works-for-you"

"You don't believe in anything that does nothing-for-you"


Teaching Astrology - Important Message Astrologer-Communicators

"Do-Whatever-You-Love-Doing" - May-June 2023

"Stop & listen" - "Stop doing things you hate-doing"

"Practice-what-you-preach" - [Long Audio 40mins]



1. "Stupidity is The New-Norm"


Stupidity is contagious - avoid catching their "dis-ease"

Stupidity is the opposite to age of enlightenment


Polarization will be direct result of age of enlightenment

Ensure you're always "disgusted-detached" from Stupidity


Daily-repulsion of "stupidity" - means - you're becoming "wise"

Daily-repulsion of "lies, liars, deceit and toxicity" => cleanses you


2. "Wisdom is Stability of the Future"


Wisdom is the clear-thinking honesty that creates your future

Exercise the daily-need to see "truth" => leads to clarity


Clarity and "truth" => enable you to see "the future"

Lies and deception => prevent you from seeing "the future"


Wisdom is the ability to "listen" to everything and know "truth"

Wisdom is your head - filtering-out "the lies" from "the truth"


Wisdom comes with age, experiences and "2023-2024"

Wisdom comes when you're ready to "think" for yourself


3. "Love-Hate defines Your Activity"

Exercise your mind & thoughts


Activity is activated via emotions of "Love & Hate"

You can become mentally-activated whilst "doing-nothing"


Meditation & thinking - defines - "doing-nothing" physically

Activate your mind by your own thoughts of your own life


Activate your aura by defining everything you've done in your life

Think-back to 1970's - 1980's - 1990's - 2000's - activates your life


Jupiter in Aries => Jupiter in Taurus in May 2023

Remind yourself of Jupiter in Taurus of "2012" & "2000"


Saturn in Pisces - remind yourself of all your relationships

Use your mind and memories to remind yourself of your life


Believing in your future => means => Believing in yourself

If you don't believe in yourself - you can't believe in the future


Exercise your mind - EVERYDAY - as explained in the intro' audio

ACTIVATE your life - by - THINKING about your past & present

ACTIVATE your future - by - THINKING about your past & present



"The-Astrologer's Astrologer"

"I'm Here to Help Astrologers"


I know lots of "Astrologers" who use me as their help and 2nd opinion

I'm currently advising Astrologers and realize my help can really help


Talking-it-over with me - 2nd opinion - can give you insights to help you

I'm totally secretive & confidential - contact me if you're an Astrologer


My Aim and Ambition is to help Astrologer's become even better

Lots of Wisdom from Spiritual Secrets of Torah/Noam Elimelecgh


My Aim and Ambition is to enable you to be your own Astrologer

If you've got any questions - then - I'm available via WhatsApp


"The-Astrologer's Astrologer"

"The Biggest Problem of Astrologers"


There's ONLY ONE problem I've experienced with

All the Astrologer's / Psychic's I've been working with


You're not living your own life - your own true destiny

You're living with 4 planets - "Sun-Mercury-Neptune-Pluto"


Your thoughts defines seeing the future for others

Your communication defines your ability to help others

You're feeling a "total void" in your own personal life


You're not living with "Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus"

You're not living with "love" of real-life relationships

You're not living with a "lover" - a healthy sexual partner

You're not seeing your own future clearly

You're not connected to your earthly reality in a positive way


It seems you're very good at solving other's problems

But - 2023/2024 - wants you to live your own life

Your seeing everyone else having success and you're not


Hence, I've advised that you need to "live your own life"

That means - giving-up doing "it" - if "it" is not making you happy

Once you've got your life - then - you can come-back and do "it"


People will respect you - when you've got "it" right for yourself

Prove to yourself - that - you practice what you preach

Then - you will come-back stronger than before


Zodiac Year "2023/24" is going to wholesome and strong

"2023/24" - means - living with energy of all the planets !



"The-Astrologer's Astrologer"

"I'm Here to Help Astrologers"


Due to the Astrological Configuration of 4 outer planets ...

Saturn & Neptune in Pisces [Water] - Practice What You Preach

Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus [Earth] - Live Your Life in Real Life


Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] - Since 2012 => 30th March 2025

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] - Good Psychic & Honest Predictions


The reason why you can predict correctly - is - knowing the "rules"

The reason why "bad" psychics & useless astrologer's fail is not knowing truth

I offer the information and wisdom to predict the future correctly



"Available to help Everyday"

"No Fixed Price for Helping Astrologers"

Contact me & we can talk about "$ Donation"





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