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New Zodiac Year 2021-2022

Unbelievable, Unconventional & Exciting

Welcome to the New Version of this website for New Zodiac Year 2021-2022



"2021" - "Age of Aquarius

"Unconventional & Truthful"

New Audio [14mins] - Revealing About Me"

"Unconventional, Secretive and Truthful"



Age of Aquarius מעשה נסים ונפלאות

Revealing The Truth about "me" !


Living in 2021 - means we've all "made" it to the Age of Aquarius - Age of Enlightenment

I've always BELIEVED in GOD - BELIEVED in Magic even when everything went wrong


Thanks to my Father - David Waxman - I was born with Jewish ancestors

Thanks to my father's unconventional life - I was blessed with lots of advantages


My mother was a convert to Judaism - they married for "TRUE LOVE" !

Thanks to my mother's family - I was blessed with Christian ancestors


I was born in Liverpool in 1964 - Saturn in Aquarius defined it was unconventional year

The year of the Beatles in Liverpool in 1964 - defined an unconventional city


In July 1981 - my parents went to live in Tiberias Israel - Surprising & Unconventional

I went to Boarding-School in Haifa - and - ran-away in December 1981 unconventional

I went to live with my grandparents 1981-1983 - concluded School in Manchester England


1983-1985 - studied at Imperial College London University

1985-1986 - studied at Torah Ore Talmudical College Jerusalem

1987-1988 - Began working career as a mortgage-broker for commercial property

1989-1990 - married and divorced in London, England

1990-1994 - real-estate broker in commercial investment property in Bournemouth, England

1995-1996 - worked in Lugano, Switzerland as a broker/trader of grey-market imports/exports

1997-2012 - worked in London, England as a broker/trader of grey-market imports/exports

1997-2012 - salesman/broker in Photographic wholesale grey-market - annual turnover of £5 Million

2013-2020 - moved to Rzeszow Poland - focused on - "Astrology" & "Antique Jewish Books"


All my unconventional decisions were guided by Rabbis & Kabbalistic Psychics

Rabbi C.D. Altusky 1983/1989 - Rabbi R Elbaz 1985 - Reb Gedalia Schneider 1985/1989

Rabbi Akiva Ginzburg 1987/1989 - Rabbi E. Schlesinger 1987/1989

Rabbi Y.Z. Segal 1987/1992 - Chacham Maimon Revach 1992 - Rabbi S. Rubin 1992

Biala Rebbe of Lugano 1995/2008 - Komarno Rebbe Rabbi Suffran 2008/2015


Living in ultra-orthodox Jewish communities was very important for good "connections"

The collective importance of "looking-out" for one another, loyalty and doing business


Thanks to D. Gottesfeld - a descendant of Rabbi Teitelbaum - I found Noam Elimelech/Lizhensk

Thanks to advice of the Komarno Rebbe in December 2012 - I moved to Poland in 2013

I owe a lifelong thanks to his good advice to study the book of Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך


I've revealed this to show you that I'm unconventional astrologer - unconventional in life

In Rzeszow - I've found an idealistic psychic Gipsy - Krisztina - whom I listen to for guidance

Even if I don't know the answers for you - I will always ask her what she senses


RELATIONSHIPS - I've been unconventional too - I've loved many lovely women

But - None of my relationships have lasted more than 3 months - never found the right one !


RELATIONSHIPS - I missed a great love opportunity during Saturn in Aquarius in 1992

RELATIONSHIPS - I need to wait for Saturn in Aquarius in 2021/2022 for TRUE LOVE


RELIGION & BELIEF - I believe in GOD - I believe everything that WORKS

RELIGION & BELIEF - I believe in JEWISH RABBIS - and - I believe in JESUS CHRIST


BUSINESS CONNECTIONS 2021-2022 - I'm back in the business world Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius

BUSINESS CONNECTIONS 2021-2022 - I'm back in the world and PROVING "it" works


BUSINESS CONNECTIONS 2021-2022 - I'm back on track - practicing what I preach !

BUSINESS CONNECTIONS 2021-2022 - I'm listening to all possibilities - contact me if you're interested


BUSINESS CONNECTIONS 2021-2022 - I've lots of connections in the whole world - CALL ME!

BUSINESS CONNECTIONS 2021-2022 - I'm here to broker connections in the business world - CALL ME!



"Unconventional & Truthful"

Magnetism & Attraction to 6 StarSigns

My Natural attraction to Everyone with Planets in

Aquarius-Leo - Taurus-Scorpio - Virgo-Pisces


My astrological chart - the planets define my natural MAGNETISM

I've learnt over the past 12 yers that my MAGNETISM is specific to certain 6 StarSigns


[1] My Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - Mars in Leo [Fire Sign] - Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

MAGNETISM and ENERGY for all - Aquarius & Leo - and - all with planets in Aquarius & Leo


[2] My Moon in Taurus [Earth Sign] - Jupiter in Taurus [Earth Sign] - Neptune in Scorpio [Water Sign]

MAGNETISM and ENERGY for all - Taurus & Scorpio - and - all with planets in Taurus & Scorpio


[3] My Uranus in Virgo [Earth Sign] - Pluto in Virgo [Earth Sign] - Mercury in Virgo [Earth Sign]

MAGNETISM and ENERGY for all - Virgo & Pisces - and - all with planets in Virgo & Pisces


MAGNETISM includes anyone born between - 20th => 31st May - because of my Gemini Ascendant


My Astrological chart defines that "some" StarSigns don't agree with me

My Astrological chart defines that "some" StarSigns don't believe me

My Astrological chart defines that "some" StarSigns HATE me


REPULSION - does NOT mean I dislike or hate the other StarSigns

REPULSION - means that I don't have the energy or understanding for other StarSigns


The other StarSigns - DON'T BELIEVE ME - until - something happens - then they believe me!

The other StarSigns - DON'T BELIEVE - are - Libra - Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aries - Gemini - Cancer


These 6 StarSigns need PROOF before they believe - and - I find it difficult to work-with these Signs

Therefore - I'd suggest you contact another better Astrologer than me - as - I find it difficult to help you




Astrological Chart with thanks to www.astro.com



Astrological Charts reveals Energy

"Magnetism of Attraction " for Relationships

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

Who you attract into your life - who you're attracted to is defined by the planets


When I give readings - I look for the energy of planets in people's charts

When you study your own chart - look for where your planets are


StarSigns of where your planets are in - and - the OPPOSITE StarSign is where you energy is

Wherever there's ENERGY - there's LUCK and MAGNETISM of ATTRACTION


Wherever there's NO ENERGY - there's NO LUCK or NO MAGNETISM of ATTRACTION

The Age of Aquarius wants you to get-it-right - that's the purpose of Astrology in 2021-2022




"100% Secretive - B2B"

My WorldWide Connections & Contacts

2021/22 - means we must practice what we preach

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius - defines - loving relationships & prosperity/money


I believe in LOVE - hence - I love good people - and looking forward to new loving relationship

I believe in making MONEY - hence - I'm back in the business world - looking for success

I believe in using ASTROLOGY - to maximize our potential - I'm back in the business world


I'm a negotiator - deal-maker - talker-communicator - salesman - with lots of good connections

I've been a real-estate/broker for 6 years & 2 years in Switzerland as a "dealer/broker"

15 years - Grey-Market Wholesaler for PhotoGraphic business - with sales turnover $5Million a year

All my life - I've made a lot of money for a lot of people and now onwards I'm back in "business" world

If you feel we can work-together or feel that I can give you good business advice - then call me


In relationships too - thanks to the numerous people who know me - I've made CONNECTIONS

Via WhatsApp groups - and - via my personal introductions - people have become CONNECTED

CONNECTIONS in 2021/22 - whoever I can help - and - whoever I can introduce one to another


If you feel I can help you - if you want me to help you - CONTACT ME VIA WHATSAPP

Relationships & business contacts - I'm SECRETIVE - if you want to talk - CONTACT ME VIA WHATSAPP




About the Author - "The Truth"!

I know a lot of people - I'm in contact with a lot of people

If my connections can help you - then - I'm here to help !





Thanks to all the places and loving relationships

All the life-energies and good connections to good people and place define my life







Thanks to the wisdom of Jewish books

All the inspiration and knowledge I've learnt has come from Jewish Books






Praying at the Tomb of Holy Rabbi Elimelech of נועם אלימלך of Lezajsk amongst orthodox Jews



"Books-of-Secrets" - Noam Elimelech

JW's - Books-of-Secrets - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

Translated and explained by Author of www.the-astrologer.net




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