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Powerful Zodiac Year 2021-2022

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"The Color-Energy of the Day"

Lucky Colors Attract Good Energy


Audio for - Introduction Color-Moon-Astrology 2022

Dress-up with Something Different - Color Attracts New Energy





Moon Transits asks - What are you in the MOOD to wear?

Sun in Capricorn asks - What's your Natural "COLOR" ?


"YOUR COLOR" is what people expect you to wear

"YOUR KARMIC COLOR" is what your Soul wants you to wear

"YOUR COLOR" is what gives you your identity & LUCK


What's the COLOR everyone always expects to see you in?

What's your favorite color that always works for you?

It's all about the TRUE KARMIC YOU - the natural YOU


Whatever you wear will attract energy into your life

Whatever color you wear SPEAKS-TALKS to the ether

Wear a color that SPEAKS whatever you want to say !


The Color of Your Clothes are your "Calling-Card"

Dull & Boring colors - define - you're dull-and-boring

Bright & Happy colors - define - you're Happy & Optimistic


Are you HAPPY or SAD ? Are you BRIGHT or DARK

Colors shows the world you've got a happy personality

Your Color needs to change - when the Moon changes StarSigns




The 3 Primary Colors

3 Primary Colors You Can't Live Without

3 Primary Colors You Need in Your Life

7 Mins Audio - Introducing the Rainbow-Colors contained in Pure White Light

Wearing the Right-Life-Energy - Finding the Right Color of Your Life-Energy


Everything is Created from Pure White Light

Everything is Energy - Colors are Energy

Lights are Energy - Your Identity Resonates to a Specific Color


The Lowest Frequency Visible Color is Red

The Middle Frequency Color of the Spectrum is Green

The Highest Frequency Visible Color is Indigo/Violet


Earthly Existence needs the Maximum amount of Red

Harmony & Peace needs the Maximum amount of Green

Idealistic, Psychic & Thought-Access needs Maximum Indigo/Violet


During every phase of your life - your "Color" energy changes

During each and every Zodiac Month - the "Color" changes


During each and every Moon Transits - the "Color" changes

During each Moon Transit - Your Mood and Color Changes

***I will be incorporating this fact on Daily Moon Astrology & Weekly 12 StarSign Astrology pages ***





Red is Your Love for Life - Red includes all Desires & Sex

Red is your Heart-Center - Red is Success & Energy

Red is everyone and everything you can't live without

Red is the reason why you're alive and want to live


Specific Moon & Sun transits will activate YOUR RED

RED Angers - Frustrates - Motivates - to activate you

RED Awakens desires of Love & Sex - to activate you


Don't Avoid RED - Don't Neglect RED - Listen to RED

RED is the Healthiest Color for Your Earthly Existence

RED is the Best Color for Financial Success - Love & Money





Green is Your Natural Harmony - Green is Good Health

Green reveals Where you Belong - Green is Your Home

Green is your Stability & Peace - Green is Instinctive Energy


Green needs protecting from external forces

Green instinctively gets your life back-on-track

Green brings you back to yourself - after exposure to extremes


Don't Avoid Green - Don't Neglect Green - Listen to Green

Green is the Healthiest Color for Your Home

Green is the Healthiest Color for Bringing You Back-Home

Green is the Healthiest for Honesty & Long-Term Stability





Indigo/Violet includes all Your Idealistic Goals & Dreams

Indigo/Violet includes Your Dreams for Your Future


Indigo/Violet is Where you want to be and What you want

Indigo/Violet are the Psychic Visions of Your Future


Indigo/Violet reveals something you can't see in your life yet

Indigo/Violet reveals the invisible future that's not yet real


Indigo/Violet reveals a world of imagination that doesn't exist yet

Indigo/Violet reveals the "invisible future" within your thoughts




The 3 Primary Colors

The 3 Primary Colors You Can't Live Without

The 3 Facets You Constantly Need in Your Life


The 7 Colors of the Rainbow

Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Violet - Indigo

The 7 Colors of the Rainbow that Exist in Pure White Light


7 Facts of Life that define Perfection & Happiness

7 Facts of Life that define Your Wholesomeness


The Lack of LIGHT defines what's MISSING & DEFICIENT

The Fullness of LIGHT defines what's PERFECT & RIGHT


The Beginning of LIGHT is defined by Activating Your Red

Your Life is DEAD-BORING without Activating Your Red


3 Primary Colors Activated by Red - Green - Violet/Indigo

7 Colors of the Rainbow activating all 7 Facets of your Life


Pure White Light contains all 7 colors of the Rainbow

When you've got wholesomeness - you're in Pure White Light


Age of Enlightenment means Being Wholesome in Every Facet

Age of Enlightenment means living in LIGHTS/COLORS


Age of Enlightenment means Ignoring all the darkness

Age of Enlightenment means Ignoring all the empty-spaces


Age of Enlightenment will bring Lights/Colors into Your Darkness

Age of Enlightenment will reveal what Colors your soul needs


It's easy because you already know what you're missing in your life

It's easy because all life-energy is defined by LIGHTS & COLORS


Suggested Exercises

Suggested Exercises to Activate/Find the Specific Colors


1. Stop wearing your usual colors - it's obviously blocking you

Stop wearing the same-old colors - whatever you normally wear


2. Switch to wearing BLACK or WHITE for a day or two

This completely RESETS you to a blank screen


3. Choose a color and wear that color - see what happens

Don't mix colors - don't wear patterns - don't wear stripes

Change the color everyday - until you have a LUCKY DAY


4. When you find the specific color that works magic for you

Continue to wear "it" for 7 days - even for a full 30 days

Magic means that suddenly everyone contacts you

Magic means that suddenly life comes "alive" with vibrancy


5. Initially don't mix colors at the opposite ends

Stick to REDS OR BLUES - either-side of the GREEN


When you need BALANCE & PEACE then wear GREEN

GREEN - doesn't activate activity - GREEN is a destination


If you need help to know what color you're missing contact Krisztina

During the past few months - most people are MISSING RED


The foundation of YOUR HEART & CIRCULATION is RED

RED is the LOVE OF LIFE - RED is your reason to be alive







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