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Magnetism of "Money & Success"

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה

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"2021" - "Age of Aquarius"

Think Big - Be Enlightened, Happy & Successful




Age of Aquarius

Believing in Miracles מעשה נסים

Magnetism of "Money & Success"

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


Magic is when something appears that wasn't in your life

Magic is when something you've lost is returned to you

Magic is when something unexpected happens for you


Magic is when you gave-up hope - then - something unexpected and surprising happens

because an inexplicable "Divine-intervention" creates "Magnetism" and makes "it" happen


"WORRY" and "FEARS" about "MONEY" is a contradiction


If you DESIRE MONEY - you have to THINK POSITIVE about MONEY


A combination of the Magic of Kabbalah with Astrology - means - there are energies available everyday - knowing how to use the energies - knowing when and how to break-through energetic fields wherever there's a BLOCKAGE - is what you're searching for - when you're puzzled by the inexplicable BLOCKAGES - in your life.


We call "it" - living your destiny - "RESET" by making you become the person you're supposed to be - back-on-track of your destined destiny - and - that means getting your own "MAGNETISM" back again.


Everytime something truly destined happens in your life - it is because - you've had your "MAGNETISM". Everytime you've had problems or blockages in your life or nothing happening in your life - was - because you "LOST YOUR MAGNETISM".


I explained on the lessons @ - the power of Kabbalist to make miracles. Kabbalist's, Magician's and Light-Workers are like Candle's of light floating in the Ether - "we are go-between's" - between - the Spiritual world of destiny and the physical world of people.


When you want "MAGNETISM IN MONEY & SUCCESS " - go to an expert who knows how to attract people - go to someone who has got a track-record in ATTRACTING IT into his life - and - I'll gladly help you - because I'm good at "it" !


Since "1981" - it's been NON-STOP for me - I've been CONSTANTLY ATTRACTING people into my life - even without trying - and - didn't realize how and why - until the past few years - now I know - I'm sharing the power with everyone who needs "HELP" in relationships.


In fact - I'd describe the reason why you want "MAGNETISM IN YOUR LIFE" - is - because you want AN EASY LIFE - of - attracting people - attracting clients - attracting goodness into your life - without working too hard to get it all to happen!



The Fear and Worry of "Money"

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


There are some people in the world - that - CONSTANTLY WORRY about MONEY - everyday of their life. Their existence - their thoughts - their decisions are defined by MONEY. "WORRY" and "FEARS" about MONEY are a contradiction. Because MONEY is POSITIVE ENERGY and "WORRY" and "FEARS" are NEGATIVE


You see the essence of "MONEY" and what it creates in people's lives is supposed to be a BRIGHT - POSITIVE - HAPPY energy. But - if someone is "thinking negative" about "something positive" - then - they will never get "it".


When someone is desperate and panicking about "money" - they emit a negativity that repels "money". So they end-up blocking themselves. For example - if you're trying to UNBLOCK a BLOCKED drain - but - keep pouring waste down "it" - "it" blocks it up even more.


You can only UNBLOCK your "BLOCKED MONEY" channel - when - you start the THINK POSITIVE about "MONEY" - and that begins immediately and for at least 30 consecutive days to - STOP WORRYING about "MONEY".


Unfortunately - the karma of "some" people is "they" can't STOP WORRYING about "MONEY" - that's because - there's something inside their soul - I believe "it" is either a STRONG-PAST-LIFE feelings about "MONEY" - or - that they genuinely believe they will be loosing all their "MONEY" in this lifetime.


Unfortunately, when someone believes from within themselves that "they" will loose-it-all - "they" attract situations into their lives - where "they" do loose-it-all. Conversely, when someone believes from within themselves that whilst you have nothing at the moment - you believe you can achieve and get-it-all back - then - you attract situations and good luck into your life - to get "it" all back.


This page - this lesson - the "SPIRITUAL SECRET of MONEY-MAGIC" is for everyone who believes you can achieve and you can get-it-all back - because - there have been moments in your life - when - you had "it" all.


When you reflect-back in your life - you've had moments and phases in your life - when you never worried about "Money" - that's been a good phase of your life - the same is what you're wanting to happen now - not to be worried about "money".


In order to UNDO the damage - in order to UNBLOCK your "BLOCKED MONEY" channel - you need to STOP creating anymore negative thoughts about money for the next 30 days. Trust in life - just like when you were a child - you trusted your parents would look after you - trust that life will look-after you. BUT - for your participation - you need to STOP WORRYING !



Activating your "Money- Magic"

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


1st - is - to stop-worrying - BELIEVE you can get "MONEY-MAGNETISM" - because - you've had "it" before

2nd - is - to stop mixing your negative thoughts of worry - with the positive energy of "MONEY"

3rd - is - aim for, dream of and make a list of what you're going to do with "MONEY" when you get it



The Kabbalistic prayers will ensure - a flow of life-energy - so that you feel LUCKY - but in order to truly feel LUCKY - you have to accept your current situation with genuine happiness. When you feel helpless but you know a RESCUE team is on-its-way - it should uplift you and make you feel LUCKY IMMEDIATELY.


The truth is you don't necessarily need the Kabbalistic prayers - because - the BLOCKAGES can be UNBLOCKED yourself - when you're focused and determined to work on unblocking the negativity yourself.


All you need is the Spiritual Secret of knowing that any BLOCKAGE you have is because "YOU" - your aura has created "it" - therefore - "it" is in within your power to UNBLOCK it yourself.


The way forward is to ACCEPT the situation you're in - it was your destiny - you created "it"

When you FIGHT your current situation with fear and anger - you're refusing to ACCEPT the lesson


When you AGREE with your current situation - you're ACCEPTING the lesson

Now - what you want is to get-back-on-track - and - that needs you to be 100% POSITIVE and determined



"Back-To-Source" - "Back-on-Track"

Love Life & Love All People in Your Life

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


When you've got a "BLOCKAGE" in your finances - you know "it" because of the "sadness" you feel

All "BLOCKAGES" are "sad & dark-energies" - the LIGHT of KABBALA - eliminates the "darkness"


As soon as you shine a BRIGHT LIGHT - all "darkness" vanishes

As soon as you feel PURE LOVE - all "hateful" and dark energies vanishes


"Dark-energies" - include - "evil-eye" - "jealousy" - "anger" - "hateful forces" - "sadness"

"White-magic" - is pure "light" energy - "love" - "compassion" - "kindness" - "understanding" - "happiness"



All I ask for you to do is follow the rules of Noam Elimelech are as follows:-


[1] For the zone of 40 days or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You LOVE everyone in your life

You LOVE everyone you've ever known

You LOVE everyone who annoys you

You LOVE everyone you hate

You LOVE your circumstances



[2] For the zone of 40 days and/or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You don't talk negative or badly about anyone - don't be jealous of anyone

You don't complain about life - don't complain about no-one

Ignore anything negative - switch-off to anyone or anything "bad"



Using Power of Kabbalah ויסע ויבא ויט

How to Activate your "Money"

For all Jewish Readers - simply read the following prayers ויסע ויבא ויט

For all non-jewish readers - THINK POSITIVE - as you pray and look at the images below


I'd suggest that the BLUE PRAYER of the

"Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum" - [See Wikipedia]

you use as Screensaver or save it





If it's destined to work for you

It will work within 40 days

Almost everyone I've been working with - it has worked within 40 days






"Books-of-Secrets" - Noam Elimelech

JW's - Books-of-Secrets - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

Translated and explained by Author of



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