Powerful Zodiac Year 2022-2023




MidLifeCrisis is defined by being



Uranus in Taurus since January 2019

Your World Changed since January 2019

The Whole World Changes in Summer 2022



"You always get to the destined destination - even on the pathway you choose to avoid it"



"Mid-Life-Crisis in 2020 => 2024"

2 More Years of Karmic "Death & Rebirth"

2 Years of Life helping You Get "it" Right

"You always get to the destined destination - even on the pathway you choose to avoid it"



"Awakening to the Truth"

Awakening until Your get "it" RIGHT


"Mid-Life-Crisis" - is another way of saying - "everything" is changing

"Everything" that you assumed would never happen - happens to you.

"Everything" you assumed would stay the same forever - is being forced to changed.


When "everything" you never expected to happen - happens to you and when "it" is good - you're delighted and excited - but - when "it" is bad you're confused and puzzled. Mid-Life-Crisis is all about real-life changes being imposed on you and forced upon you - because - you SUDDENLY and UNEXPECTEDLY become AWAKENED to realize a REAL-LIFE TRUTH.


The destined purpose for things falling-apart at -"Mid-Life-Crisis"is to ensure you SEARCH for answers - SEARCHING is essential for you to FIND the answers. You see - the purpose of life is to SEARCH for answers and become WISER and ENLIGHTENED.


The more challenging your situation - the more you'll SEARCH for answers. The more puzzled you are by "unfair" and "unexpected" events - the more you're DETERMINED to SEARCH for the right answers.


Innately inbuilt to everyone is a BELIEF that there's always got to be an answer for everything that happens. A logical-thinking human cannot conceive the idea that something happens with a defined reason. The reason is to ensure you SEARCH for answers and become WISER and ENLIGHTENED.



Astrologically - 4 Outer Planets of - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - define MAJOR CHANGES

2021/2022/2023 - Saturn in Aquarius - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn



Saturn conjunct Your Natal Saturn - 1st Saturn return at 28-29-30 & 2nd Saturn return 55-56-57

Uranus opposes Your Natal Uranus - currently affecting everyone born between September 1975 => November 1981

Neptune squares Your Natal Neptune - currently affecting everyone born between 1970 => 1984

Pluto squares Your Natal Pluto - currently affecting everyone born between 1972 => 1984


"2022" - Window of Sunrise on the NEW Future of Life

Summer "2022" - Specific Facet - Finally getting "it" RIGHT

Jupiter in Pisces [Water Sign] - 1st Jan => 10th May 2022

Jupiter in Aries [Fire Sign] - 10th May => 31st October 2022

Jupiter in Pisces [Water Sign] - 31st Oct' => 20th Dec' 2022

Saturn moves 11° => 25° Aquarius

Uranus moves 10°57' => 18°55' Taurus

Neptune moves 20°40' => 25°27' Pisces

Pluto moves 25°56' => 28°21' Capricorn


"2023" - Healing & Finally getting "it" RIGHT

Jupiter in Aries [Fire Sign] until 16th May 2023

Jupiter enters Taurus [Earth Sign] 16th May 2023

Saturn 22° Aquarius => 7° Pisces

Saturn enters Pisces [Water Sign] 7th March 2023

Uranus moves 15°09' => 23°05' Taurus

Neptune moves 22°52 '=> 27°26' Pisces

Pluto moves 27°52' Capricorn => 0°21' Aquarius


"2023" - Surprises - Total Enlightenment Arrives

Saturn enters Pisces [Water Sign] 7th March 2023

Pluto enters Aquarius [Air Sign] 23rd March 2023


2020 => 2024 [Earth Sign] means everyone must "change"

Earthly Real-Life Changes - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] - Until => 7th July 2025

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] - Until => 30th March 2025

Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign] - Until => 21st January 2024

Pluto enters Aquarius [Air Sign] 23rd March 2023

Pluto in Aquarius [Air Sign] 23rd March => 11th June 2023


"2024 & 2025" - Brand New Beginnings for Everyone

Uranus in Gemini [Air Sign] - 7th July 2025 => 2032

Neptune in Aries [Fire Sign] - 30th March 2025 => 2038

Pluto in Aquarius [Air Sign] - 21st January 2024 => 2039


Everyone with planets - especially Your SunSign - and - your Moon StarSign - in the range of xx°=> xx° of these StarSigns - and - opposite/opposite StarSigns - and - squared StarSigns - and trines to these StarSigns - will be feeling the "CROSSROADS" of life.


The TENSION and URGENCY - the ENLIGHTENMENT, AMBITION and DESIRE to get back-on-track of destiny - and - escape from - run-away from the MISTAKE. You'll realize the truth that specific things in your life are 100% RIGHT - and - other things are truly 100% WRONG. There's no "maybe" - everything is "YES" or "NO".


Uranus in Taurus will affect all SunSign Taurus & Scorpio, Aquarius & Leo, Capricorn & Virgo [and anyone with planets in these StarSigns - especially your Moon, your Uranus and your Saturn]


Neptune in Pisces will affect all SunSign Pisces & Virgo, Scorpio & Cancer, Sagittarius & Gemini [and anyone with planets in these StarSigns - especially your Moon, your Neptune and your Venus]


Pluto in Capricorn will affect all SunSign Capricorn & Cancer, Aries & Libra, Taurus & Virgo [and anyone with planets in these StarSigns - especially your Moon, your Pluto and your Saturn]



MidLifeCrisis - Realizing the Truth

"You've arrived at the wrong destination"

You've got freewill with choices to make - your choices ensure you arrive at your destination

MidLifeCrisis are specific points when Destiny checks to see if you've arrived


Everyone in the world has got "FREEWILL CHOICE" - you can do whatever you want whenever you want to do it. You're specific personality will ensure you make CHOICES which are good for you.


But sometimes you'll make CHOICES which are MISTAKES - and - sometimes you'll make CHOICES which you're compelled to make in order to teach you lessons of life via your experiences.


The good news is that all MISTAKES can be UNDONE and must be UNDONE. At specific astrological moments - MISTAKES will be UNDONE for you - like a miracle happening to you - and - you'll be put BACK-ON-TRACK by destiny.


Unexpected sudden SHOCKS and SURPRISES will happen to you - in order that you get-out-of the BIG MISTAKE - and - ensure you become DETACHED & DIVORCED from the MISTAKE - whether you "think" it is a mistake or not - destiny knows best for you.


Let me say that - no-one in the world is perfect - everyone in the world makes mistakes. "Some" people make bigger mistakes than others. The truth is making mistakes is essential for your long-term stability - because - the experience of a mistake - makes you clear-headed to know when you've got-it-right. You only know for 100% certainty that you've got-it-right because you've got a MISTAKE to compare it with.



"You've arrived at the wrong destination"

Fast-Asleep - Distracted - "bad-choices"


You only realize you've made the BIG MISTAKE when you've arrived at the destination

You only made a BIG MISTAKE because you were wrongly enticed and deceived


Imagine you're at JFK - NY - USA - airport and you've got a flight to make - you've got the ticket and know your destination. Imagine that you were careless - made wrong choices - no-one corrected you at the check-in / departure gate - and you then boarded the wrong plane.


You made the mistake because you weren't attentive - you were distracted by someone talking to you - and/or you were sleep-walking through life. You only realize you've made the BIG MISTAKE when you've arrived at the destination - you never think you've made a mistake along the journey - and instead of arriving at Miami Beach Florida - you're lost somewhere in the world. You know you're not at the right destined destination - because - you feel - LONELY and LOST.


That's when you WAKE-UP and PANIC - that's when you question when and why did it all go-wrong - that's when you've arrived at the 1st Crossroads of the Mid-Life-Crisis energies. Which for most people comes at the age of 28-29-30 at your 1st Saturn return or at the age of 56-57-58-59 at your 2nd Saturn return.


The next WAKE-UP and PANIC - comes at Neptune square your Natal Neptune - then Pluto square your Natal Pluto - then the final one is at Uranus opposition your Natal Uranus.


The Saturn return - and - the Uranus opposition - always creates EXCITING opportunities to set-you-free and get-you-out of the "mistake" - and - get your life moving in the right direction. Saturn and Uranus provide you with HELP and SOLUTIONS - which appear like MIRACLES.


The Neptune square and Pluto square - force you to work-it-out for yourself - the squares are painful - and - what most people tend to do is sweep-it-under the carpet - or - lock-it-away in a closet and pretend it doesn't exist. The squares make some people AVOID the problem by ignoring it - by using alcohol/drugs - or - delusionally thinking they're perfect.


All these 4 Mid-Life Astrological aspects define TRUTH - and if the problem exists - the lie exists - and - if the MISTAKE exists - then - until the MISTAKE is undone or healed - then it will continue to be there - until Uranus-opposition-Uranus at the age of 42 => 48 - when it finally forces breakthrough.


Now - some people - depending on your SunSign and your MoonSign - will define - the - date of "WHEN" it all happens - it could be at any age - even at 24 or at 65 - but - the key to understand the WHEN is - when things go inexplicably WRONG - and/or - when things go unexpectedly and miraculously RIGHT.


2020 & 2021 will be years of "WHEN" suddenly unexpectedly and surprisingly things go RIGHT for you - especially if things have been WRONG for you in the past 7 years. And - 2020 & 2021 will be "WHEN" things will collapse and go WRONG for some people - especially things you've ignored dealing-with in the past 7 years.



The Signs of Mid-Life-Crisis

You realize that "something" is wrong


You know when you feel "something" is wrong - because - it makes you restless

Applies to all readers - Who aren't living the life you were destined to live ...


All the signs are quite easy - the sensation that - something is wrong with your life. Remember - it's not a time to complain about "others" - or - blame "others" - you are human adult who has been empowered by making your own CHOICES.


It is your CHOICES that made you arrive at where you are today - and - you're not happy with your life - then - it is your fault - your problem - and - you are the one who has to UNDO the mistake - and - fix it.


Saturn & Uranus will help you - other people who are destined to be part of your life will help you - BUT - YOU are one that must become ENLIGHTENED to work it out YOURSELF.


The 1st stage of awakening and enlightenment - is - SELF-REALIZATION - SELF-AWARENESS - you'll realize with truthful clarity that "some" things in your life are 100% RIGHT - and - other things are truly 100% WRONG.


SELF-REALIZATION is from WITHIN you - no-one can tell you you've made a mistake or got it right. WITHIN you - means - you know if you've got-it-right in sync with your destiny - and - you know if you've got-it-wrong.


SELF-REALIZATION will create both TENSION and URGENCY - and - energy of ENLIGHTENMENT, AMBITION and DESIRES to get back-on-track of destiny - and - escape from - run-away from the MISTAKES and everything that's WRONG.


SELF-REALIZATION will ensure - you find yourself - find what's truly right for you - and - will ensure SUCCESS and HAPPINESS for your long-term stability. The only problem for "some" people is UNDOING the MISTAKES - and - making the corrections - as no-one can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself.


2022 - especially between - January => May 2022 & September => December 2022 - will define - if you're not wherever you're supposed to be - with whoever you're supposed to be with - then the effects of Saturn - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto will ensure you get put-back-on-track. "2020" will create the maximum amount of disruption and mayhem - destruction and opportunities - to ensure - you're living the life - you're destined to live.


FYI - Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda - the Journey to Self-realization - is one of my favorite books - one of my favorite Spiritual teachers [google - "paramahansa yogananda self realization pdf" - you'll see the links of free books online].



Mid-Life-Crisis & Mid-Life-Opportunities

Change in Attitude & Revolution of Ideas


People who "think" they know-it-all are missing the purpose of life


Whether it is religious people - atheists - academics - or - arrogant know-it-alls - anyone who thinks "they" knows-it-all are missing the purpose of life. None of us knows-it-all. The gift of life of being alive in this generation of enlightenment and self-realization is to learn that the answers for which you're searching for - are available to you. But 1st you have to realize that your missing something in your life.


People who know-it-all never search for answers. People who are MISSING something - will SEARCH for answers until they find whatever they are looking for. SEARCHING is more powerful when you have a problem to solve.


When "it" applies to you - you put more of an effort into "it". Life's experiences - life's puzzles - life's pain - is - in order for you to OPEN your mind to new ideas and USE your mind wisely - to find the answers you're looking for.


You see - if you didn't have a problem - then your life would be good. If you have got things right - then - you wouldn't feel you've got it wrong and wouldn't need to search for answers.


For example - when you're truly in love with someone - when you know you've found the right-one - then - you won't look at anyone else. You don't need to search for anyone else - you're not interested in searching for anyone. Like - when you're living in the right home for you - you don't look at searching for a new home.


The fact that some of you will be RESTLESS in 2020-2021-2022-2023 - means - that you know you've got something wrong with your life - and - now you need to SEARCH and FIND what "it" is that you need in your life - that's called searching for ENLIGHTENMENT for some people - other's call it AMBITION.


Enlightenment and ambition - merely - define that your life isn't right at the moment - and - you're wanting MORE from life. Wanting MORE is the reason for restlessness. The ironically funny thing is that when irritable people are restless - "they" often blame others - restlessness is a personal message which is making you feel restless - so - it's up-to-you to solve "it"!


The biggest thing you're find during your SEARCH - will be realizing - that when you CHANGE your attitude - and - when you THINK new ideas - when you OPEN YOUR MIND to believe in things you said you'd never believe in - is when - you will unlock the light that exists WITHIN you - and - that's when you'll find what you're really looking for - WITHIN YOU.


Nonetheless - each of the Mid-Life-Crisis astrological aspects - define - YOUR REAL LIFE - recognizing the truth of your real-life reality - Are you with the RIGHT people ? Are you in the RIGHT place for you? Are you living your destined destiny? Are you feeling ALIVE? Are you HAPPY with your life?



If you're not happy with your life

Then obviously something is wrong

It's up to you - you can do "it" - you can fix "it" - be determined - be honest with yourself


When you've got stomach-ache - you know you've eaten something "wrong". When you've got tooth-ache - you know something is wrong. When you're baby is crying and unhappy - you know something is "wrong".


Similarly in 2020 & 2021 - when you're unhappy and whatever you're unhappy about - then - you know something is "wrong". Empowerment and enlightenment - means - it's up to you to find the answers and fix the problem yourself.


The Astrology of Year 2021 says BELIEVE in yourself - have the confidence that you can do "it" and do "it". The only ingredient you'll need is HONESTY. When you're unhappy with your life without knowing why you're unhappy - means - that you've got a message from destiny but it needs translating into "why".


"Why" are you unhappy - is nothing to do with other people. Other's are quite happy with life. Unhappiness is your personal message - for you to do something about. You could avoid it and wait for it to hurt more in 2021 - but - why wait. Find the reasons "why" - and - heal yourself from within yourself.


Are mysterious things happening to you?

Are things falling-apart - unexpected shocks


The reason why many people follow "astrology" is because it creates a logical reason why illogical and inexplicable things happen. When your life-falls-apart - and - when suddenly things end that you expected to continue forever - and - when you become awakened to realize that the relationships and the life that you have isn't working-out good for you - is when you instinctively search to find the answers.


Astrology will help you understand yourself. Astrology will help you comprehend that - from December 2019 and throughout "2020" everyone of every StarSign will be undergoing - MAJOR - once-in-a-lifetime changes - to change your life for the better - with Jupiter & Saturn working together to find solutions - and - life intervening to implement the power of - Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn.


The changes will be defined by TRUTH - whatever is truthfully right for you - will be unlocked to happen - and - whatever is truthfully WRONG for you - will vanish from your life.


Whenever SUDDEN SHOCKS and UNEXPECTED CHANGES happen - many people go "out-of-their-minds" - because - it's always quite overwhelming - that's why you've searched the internet for answers to "why" things have gone crazy !



After "Mid-Life" you'll find Happiness

Stability is being at "Peace" with yourself

If you're not at peace with yourself - then - "you" need fixing

After each of the "mid-life" changes - you'll always find happiness


The purpose of each of the astrological aspects is to ensure - long-term stability - that you're in the right place with right people - doing whatever you love doing - and the most important facet is that you're at "peace" with yourself. Peace and happiness are karmic gifts - indicating - you've arrived at the right destination for you.


When you feel - you're at "home" - the right place for you - then you know everything is going to be alright. The one facet that defines STABILITY in everyone's lives is knowing you're at "home". If you're not at "Peace" with yourself - means - you're not at "home".



MidLifeCrisis is when it all falls-apart

Midlifecrisis is when realize everything you wanted has fallen-apart

or everything you've achieved you don't want - and - you want something "more"


Midlifecrisis is an awakening when you realize with honesty that you need to and must change the course of your life. The awakening makes you realize that you're on a pathway you don't want to be on and you must break-free. Everyone survives the Midlifecrisis - but life is always different afterwards ......


The midlifecrisis astrological energies always appears to make people's lives fall apart - and - sometimes you can loose everything - I did - I lost everything - but the purpose was to have a fresh new start. The purpose is not to destroy - the purpose is to ensure you get it right - for long-term stability for your future.


The outer planets create MAJOR changes in our lives - and whilst sometimes those changes happen slowly - many of the changes - happen suddenly and quickly - over a period of 1 month - as it creates a MAJOR change - that's why it's called "Midlifecrisis" !


During each MAJOR change - it will unlock a lot of energy to ensure you have the strength to get through what you need to get through - and - ensures you get the answers you need to move-forwards. Outer planets in these karmic years of 2008 => 2024 - especially between "2020 => 2024" - are teaching each of us that life is precious and life must have meaning - life wants to remind us that we are all in "transit" to a better destination and that nothing stays the same forever - especially things that we know aren't right.


It never makes sense WHY certain things happen and WHY big changes suddenly come - but it's an astrological fact of life that between the ages of 29 => 60 - everyone experiences at least 4 BIG moments of life-changing consequence.


The ongoing problem's that happens for some people - after their BIG crisis moment - is defined by - resisting and fighting the destined changes that life wants to create. The purpose of each of these Midlifecrisis moments is NOT to crush anyone - the purpose is to SET-YOU-FREE from a life that's wrong for you and guide you into a life that's right for you.


The purpose of these 4 Midlifecrisis astrological aspects is to ensure you stop living a life that's STUPID for you to live - and - begin to live a more meaningful life. Indeed, I'll be honest - looking back in hindsight - it's been brutal - but - the end result is WONDERFUL and HEALTHY in more ways than one.


When a marriage or relationship ENDS - the truth is - it is painful - but when you see in hindsight - how it liberates you to set your free - to find yourself and find who life has prepared for you - then when you arrive at the time when you can look-back - you'll realize with truth WHAT A BIG BLESSING the disaster was. "What a big blessing it was that you've been saved from something wrong" will be the end result of the changes and transformation.


For example, no-one complains that we don't have to send letters in the post anymore - or - NONE of us complains that we don't have to take pictures on a camera with film - get them developed and printed - and spend money of doing so !


We accept it's modern life to send emails - to take digital photos on the phones we have - even able to listen to music on our phones. The transition was indeed VERY PAINFUL for everyone in the postal services and in the photographic business - but in hindsight - it was inevitable and necessary for progress.


Likewise - you too - think of it - as PROGRESS - the quicker you accept and adapt - the quicker you get through it all - and move-on to the destined destination that life has planned for all of us. I'd say that Midlifecrisis is facing the TRUTH - and - you can only deal with the TRUTH when you're ready. Humanity is indeed much wiser now than it has been - humanity is now ready for the TRUTH.



MidLifeCrisis is when see the Truth

Midlifecrisis says - see the truth - face the truth - deal with the truth - the truth will set you free


Although it's midlife - anytime between the ages of 29 => 60 - it can happen anytime - it's a sense of being ready to deal with the truth - accept the truth - adapt to the truth - and - move-on forwards. Prior to the age of 29 - most people are adaptable - when they see an answer is NO - or - something is blocked - they accept it easily.


ACCEPTANCE is an essential part of dealing with the TRUTH. And the refusal to ACCEPT changes is reason why people get "stuck" and "frustrated" is because they're refusing to accept the truth. When relationships fall apart because one has gone-off with a new lover - it's a truth - that is sometimes very difficult to accept - but the sooner you accept it - the quicker you too can move-on.


The 4 major astrological aspects of midlifecrisis are in fact supposed to be LIBERATING and HAPPY. So the happier you are when it happens - the happier you are because you're embracing the changes - the more you're in sync with exactly what life wants you to be.


When you embraced your digital camera, iphone and emails - you didn't even think how much money it would save you in postage and film for your camera - and yet it's changed all our lives for the better. We should be feeling LIBERATED AND HAPPY that karmic gift of technology has changed our lives.


The TRUTH sets us free - whilst I admit that initially the TRUTH can hurt - it's only natural to feel the pain - especially when you believed in something and then found out it was a LIE. It makes you feel STUPID - but - that's part of growing-up. To experience a lie - and then to find the truth - the truth will set yourself FREE - achieving "FREEDOM" is truly a liberating and enlightened experience.



Never Loose Hope in the Future

An indication that you're going through a Midlifecrisis is that you've lost hope that good things can happen


You see - your mind has been conditioned from an early age to want something - with a goal and ambition - it's the goal that you set yourself and you're determination to get it - is why you achieved it. The problem comes is that you've arrived and you're not happy with what you've got.


Midlifecrisis could be when realize everything you wanted you'll never achieve - or more than likely - it is defined by everything you've achieved you don't want anymore - it doesn't do it for you - it's empty and meaningless.


That should not mean you give-up on life - it merely means you've been STUPID and IGNORANT to want something "stupid" and meaningless. Do you remember as a child or teenager how you had an obsession to want something - and - then when you got "it" - you were really disappointed - you see as a child you ACCEPT it - but as an adult - people find it difficult to accept it.


Instead of falling-apart - the best therapy of healing is CONFESSION to yourself - that you've been STUPID and IGNORANT to want something "stupid" and useless - then you reset yourself to being YOU.


I always compare life to a computer that needs a complete RESET to it's factory settings or an iPhone or iPod that needs a RESET / RESYNC with the working and functioning version of itself. You too - have a version of yourself that works - but life is showing all of us that we need a RESET to a version of ourselves that is the TRUTHFUL version of ourselves.


When you've found yourself - that's when you'll unlock - what works for you and what doesn't work for you. When you've found yourself - that's when you will come alive again with vitality and energy. You see these 4 strong Midlifecrisis energies that create BIG changes - means - all you need to do is see what needs changing - see what direction your life needs to take - and then you will UNLOCK the full potential that's sitting within you.


When you computer or iPhone freezes - you don't throw it out - you simply press RESET - RESYNC - and then it all gets restored - you might loose some of the garbage that created the problems - but - you will NEVER THROW it out - you simply make RESTORE.


Likewise you too - when you get the moment of dead-end - all you need to do is realize you've gone along a dead-end pathway - now is time to RESET and RESYNC your life with the true real version of yourself. Find yourself by going-backwards and realizing what's been wrong and what's been right in your life - what's created success in your life and what's created failure in your life - and then - use all your wisdom and experiences to get "it" right.


The destiny of the Outer Planets - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune defined by Pluto in Capricorn - 2008 => 2024 is a transformative journey to destined destiny and destined stability for everyone. Hence that means if your life is UNSTABLE at the moment - then something will be changing. The good news is that you will arrive at your destined destination sooner or later - and thanks to Saturn in Capricorn & Saturn in Aquarius - you will do it via really good people in your life.


However, you should remember that good people in your life should be TWO-WAY relationships - if you don't respect them - if you don't care for them - if you don't give them any positive energy - as you want them to care about you - you will loose some of your friends. Indeed Saturn defines relationships - the people who are genuinely good for you - as you are genuinely good for them.


I have to add that unfortunately the "internet" creates a world of ONE-WAY relationships - were people take from others and give nothing in return. This is a karmic lesson - so if you've become an "internet" addict that just takes from the "internet" and gives nothing back - or - you've been giving far too much to others and no-one gives you anything back - then the internet will teach you about "relationships" - as you will change and learn to SHARE with others - who are truly good for you and ignore everyone else.


The key is to NEVER GIVE-UP ON LIFE - have faith in the future - in that the same way a BIG SHOCK has happened - then - a BIG SURPRISE will happen - to liberate you from the negativity and create a stable positive phase of your life.


When you feel STUCK in a negative situation - when you feel you've arrived at a dead-end - the only way out is to keep moving forwards. Find a way - persistence that there's always continuity to life - there's always an answer - there's never a dead-end - so keep moving - the internet has lots of answers - self-realization has even more answers.


Indeed - the truth is you've searched and found this website and you're reading this to inform you that you're not at a DEAD-END - so listen to advice of someone who has been through lots of changes - and that's keep moving. The 1st step forward is to follow the pathway of what makes you feel ALIVE - and keep away from anything that makes you feel DEAD. The answer is found from WITHIN you of what makes you come ALIVE - but to find it - you're going to have to THINK with clarity.


Often people make the stupid mistake of thinking of the negativity instead of finding a positive way out. Like a Dr acknowledges the illness - the Dr doesn't keep on talking about the illness - the Dr works on finding the cure - finding the positive answers is what you need. So whatever trouble life is giving you - it's the illness - not the cure - your midlifecrisis is telling you to search for the cure.



Fears that your life is a "dead-end"

& fears of end-of-the-world is an illness

The cure is to feel alive with optimism

Everyone in the world will be experiencing transformation - the "cure" for humanity is believing


Whilst "some" idiots still believe the only answer is WWIII and an end-of-the-world - the truth is humanity is being driven forwards to find the answers - instead of creating more problems and instead of complaining of the situation - the outer planets - will ensure everyone concentrates on finding the cure instead of complaining about and creating the illness. The cure is optimism - believing in a future.


The illness is defined by something that's not right - something that's wrong - something that makes you feel your life is a dead-end - whereas the cure is defined by something that's right - something that gives you hope for the future - something that makes you look-forwards with happiness - something that makes you want to live life with an aliveness.


Indeed, the World - Mother Earth - will appear to be going through it's own Midlifecrisis - which will awaken all of humanity to face the truth - that some things are unacceptable and wrong - some things will have to be faced and confronted - some things in all our lives will have to be changed.


The quicker we accept the need to change - the quicker we change and adapt - the quicker humanity gets the cure and begins to live with optimism instead of continuing along a pathway that's creating the illness and pessimistic fears of end-of-the-world.



We've all been through a midlifecrisis

Your freewill choice is to come out of it happy or grumpy!


Unfortunately, many people get hurt by the inexplicably strong aspects that are forcing changes that they get stuck into a negativity that fixes them into a life of being grumpy and miserable forever. But - there's no need for sadness - when you realize that life is giving you a new life. But, it can only give you the new life when you've let-go of the old life.


There's a lot of people who go through a traumatic midlifecrisis with an illness - the moment they get cured - they come-out of it with a joy of life - a sincere happiness to be alive - and - a gratitude for the gift of life. Hopefully, you won't have to through that - but the end-goal after any midlifecrisis - is to be a different person and appreciate the gift of life.


We've all been through something BIG during midlifecrisis - everyone gets something - it's fact of life - and - on the other side is a much better quality of life - true happiness - acceptance and appreciation of the truly good things in life - whilst simultaneously it creates a sense of honesty - hopefully you'll say - "I was so immature and silly - because prior to seeing the TRUTH that I've seen - I was stupid and ignorant". Thereafter it is the power of truth and honesty that will set you free and ensure you stay of the pathway of freedom.



Follow the pathway of what makes you feel ALIVE

Keep away from anything that makes you feel DEAD

It sounds obvious - but many people get stuck in negativity that they forget to move-forwards



The 3 Midlifecrisis Astrological Aspects

The 3 Midlifecrisis astrological energies - affecting everyone sooner or later ......

Everyone survives the Midlifecrisis - but life is always different afterwards ......


1. Transit of Pluto squares Your Natal Pluto - affecting everyone born between 1972 => 1984

2. Transit of Neptune squares Your Natal Neptune - affecting everyone born between 1970 => 1984

3. Transit of Uranus opposes Your Natal Uranus - affecting everyone born between September 1975 => November 1981



It's complex because it depends on all your planets

and on whether your Sun & Moon is affected too

Saturn - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn are affecting everyone


I'd suggest you study your chart and realize what fact is being affected by the 4 outer planets of Saturn in Capricorn - followed by - Saturn in Aquarius from 22nd March 2020 - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn - because each planet is affecting and will continue to affect you UNTIL you realize the message it has for you - and UNTIL you change what life is asking you to change.


The strongest moments will depend on your own circumstances and astrological chart - but it's clear that between 2020 => 2024 - everyone will experience 4 major changes in your lives. Some of the changes you'll love and will appear to be miracles - whilst other changes will challenge you - until you make the changes yourself.


The most remarkable destined events will be created because suddenly you'll wake-up and see something with a truthful clarity - that will make you say "oh yes - now I see life clearly" - and - it make you know exactly what to do next - but if you need some help to understand when these moments will happen - why not ask me ?





Summary of the Astrological Midlifecrisis aspects

1. Transit of Pluto squares Your Natal Pluto


Pluto in Leo 1936 => 1958 - Saturn in Aquarius in March 2020 will awaken your Pluto - major changes are coming in 2020/21

Pluto in Virgo 1958 => 1972 - period of stability began in 2008 and will continue until 2024

Pluto in Libra 1972 => 1984 - BIG transformation and it's painful for all stubborn people refusing to grow-up

Pluto in Scorpio 1984 => 1995 - transformation is happening and is all GOOD for you - growth and good changes

Pluto in Sagittarius 1995 => 2008 - you're growing-up and loving it all - defined by good relationships


Pluto square Pluto creates the MAJOR life change affecting everyone born with Pluto in Libra 1972 => 1984

but Neptune square Pluto, Uranus opposing Pluto & Saturn conjunct Pluto will also define strong changes



2. Transit of Neptune squares Your Natal Neptune

Transit of Neptune in Pisces until 30th March 2025


Neptune in Virgo 1928 => 1943

Neptune in Libra 1943 => 1956 - dreams shattered - no fun - as it's painful until accept "life"

Neptune in Scorpio 1956 => 1970 - easy to accept the truth - enjoying clarity - seeing the truth - enjoying life

Neptune in Sagittarius 1970 => 1984 - the moment when Neptune squares your Neptune - revelations of truth - painful for liars - illusions shattered - dreams shattered - no fun - as it's painful until you move-on

Neptune in Capricorn 1984 => 1998 - easy to accept the truth - easy to be happy - and - moving-onto new things

Neptune in Aquarius 1998 => 2011


Neptune square Neptune creates the major change of finding the TRUTH - affecting everyone born Neptune in Sagittarius 1970 => 1984 but Pluto square Neptune, Uranus square Neptune & Saturn square Neptune will also define strong changes in this zone - especially things you've neglected in the past 7 => 12 years.



3. Transit of Uranus opposes Your Natal Uranus

Transit of Uranus in Taurus until 7th July 2025


Uranus in Aries - April 1927 => March 1935

Uranus in Taurus - June 1934 => May 1942 - exciting and enjoyable - life has come alive again

Uranus in Gemini - August 1941 => June 1949

Uranus in Cancer - September 1948 => June 1956

Uranus in Leo - August 1955 => August 1962 - having Uranus square your natal Uranus is forcing you to change

Uranus in Virgo - November 1961 => September 1968 - exciting and enjoyable - life has come alive again

Uranus in Libra - October 1968 => September 1975 - huge relief that your crisis have ended - ready for life

Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981 - urgent sense "midlifecrisis" - urgent need for change

Uranus in Sagittarius - November 1981 => November 1988

Uranus in Capricorn - February 1988 => January 1996 - very lucky period when good things are coming to you

Uranus in Aquarius - January 1996 => March 2003 - Uranus square your natal Uranus is forcing you to grow-up

Uranus in Pisces - March 2003 => March 2011

Uranus in Aries - March 2011 => May 2018



Uranus opposing your Uranus is the MAJOR unexpected midlife change - affecting everyone born with Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981. Which combined with Neptune square your Neptune for those born with Neptune in Sagittarius 1970 => 1984 - and - combined with Pluto square your Pluto - for those born with Pluto in Libra 1972 => 1984


The good news is that everyone who has had a challenging time since 2011 - from now onwards 2020 => 2024 will be a huge relief - as all solutions will be created to all problems - and - stability will be defined in your life.


All you have to become aware of - is - no longer you have to listen to others - no longer you have to think you're stuck in a bad situation. When you believe you can do "it" - you will do "it". All you have to do is BELIEVE in LIFE - BELIEVE in your FUTURE.






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