MatchMaking Zodiac Year 2022-2023



"Summer 2022" - A famous USA-Astrologer is creating a New Venture I'm collaborating with

I've created this page - to "test" my abilities at recognizing "good connections" & the "3-Types"

3 Types of Relationships [1] Genuine people [2] Sex-addicts [3] Bad-attitude "No-Hopers"



Video Clip - Part 3 - Moon & Mercury in Gemini - 2nd-3rd-4th May 2022

"MatchMaking" - creating energy in relationships - Connecting GOOD people to Each Other"



New MatchMaking Zone

3 Sets of Good-Energy Connections

Energy from 10th May 2022 => 31st March 2023

Saturn in Aquarius - Jupiter in Aries & Mars in Gemini


Saturn in Aquarius until March 2023

Saturn defines 3 Categories of People


[1] Detachment from "Toxic" Relationships


[a] All "Toxic" relationships that began prior to January 2018

All "Toxic" relationships that are one-way relationships will end

Saturn in Aquarius - wants you to be completely detached from them

Saturn refuses to give you someone NEW - until you've got FREEDOM


[b] For "some" of you Saturn in Aquarius is making you in "uninterested in Love"

Saturn in Aquarius will make you feel "Nothing" about wanting "relationships"

You need to wait until Saturn in Pisces in March 2023 for "Love"

Enjoy "2022" - Enjoy being FREE - Your HAPPINESS is FREEDOM

Saturn in Aquarius creates Detachment - The 1st step in "Healing You"


[2] Wanting "Sex-Energy" but not "marriage"


Saturn in Aquarius - wants you to be FREED from entanglements

Saturn in Aquarius - wants you to be FREE from stress and negativity

Saturn in Aquarius - wants you to ENJOY SEX but without attachments


Defined by your own astrological chart - you know "it" is - just "sex" !

Lots of dating-websites can help anyone who wants just "sex" !


The 2nd Step for many people - is wanting "sex-life" to begin again

The 2nd Step is Saturn in Aquarius - "sex" is enticing you back-into "love"


[3] Saturn desires of "Genuine-Love-Forever"


Saturn in Aquarius - is a serious and sensible energy of Destiny

Saturn in Aquarius - wants you to learn from past mistakes

Saturn in Aquarius - wants you to receive UPGRADE in relationships

Saturn in Aquarius - is the rewards for becoming improved "YOU"


Relationships are defined by "League's" - the BEST "League" for you

Your Saturn code-of-sex-conduct - refuses to lower your standards

Your Saturn code-of-conduct - defines good etiquette and refinement


Sexual promiscuity is looked-down-upon by Saturn in Aquarius

Porn-websites and "casual-sex" is a big "no-no" for Saturn in Aquarius

Sexual purity - waiting-for-the-right-one is - Saturn in Aquarius


If you're in category [3] - then - you're ready for Genuine relationships

I've got over 100 genuine contacts of genuine-relationship people

Contact me via whatsApp with your DOB - and - see what I can do !


Jupiter in Aries - Energy until May 2023

Jupiter in Aries defines 2 Types of Energy


[1] Happy-Go-Lucky Energy - Loves "People"


"Thinking-BIG" energy are contacts to like-minded intelligent people

You can only THINK-BIG - when you're in Happy-Go-Lucky Mode


Jupiter in Aries - will create - expansive THINK-BIG success energy

Jupiter in Aries - is all about NETWORKING - working your contacts

Jupiter in Aries - is BUSINESS - FINANCIAL orientated connections


People who are stressed-out - not happy with life - are "closed-minded"

Jupiter in Aries will help detach from stress and make you "open"

I've lots of contacts and ready for "open-minded" ideas - contact me


[2] Jupiter in Aries - "Having-a-Good-Time" !


Jupiter in Aries - is a BIG energy - but some people abuse "it"

Jupiter in Aries - makes people OPEN to all types of opportunities

Jupiter in Aries - wants everyone to have a good-time


Idealistically Jupiter in Aries - wants you to be FOCUSED on TRUTH

Unfortunately Jupiter in Aries - creates BIG temptations for "flings"

Jupiter in Aries - will urge people to have "a-good-time"

If you want a "good-time" - then - try the dating-flirt-websites

When you're fed-up with "flings" - then you're ready for true love


Jupiter in Aries - will turn-you-on - in order - to get you ready for true love

The 2nd Step for some people - is the urge for a "sex-life" to begin again

The 2nd Step is Jupiter Energy - "sex" is enticing you back-into "love-life"

Love begins after you've done the "meaningless-flings" with "liars & cheats" !


"It" is all about STRONG ENERGY - "Love & Sex" creates maximum energy

When you're ready for true-love - contact me - if I know someone for you !

When you're ready for true-love - contact me - and i will check your charts



Mars in Aries => Mars in Taurus => Mars in Gemini

Mars will entice and force - to get "life" moving !


[1] Mars in Aries - 24th May => 5th July 2022

Mars in Aries & Jupiter in Aries

Mars defines Energy - Aries refuses to be Lazy

Mars in Aries - will get everyone's lives moving

Aries - Everything "dead" will come-back to "life"!


[2] Mars in Taurus - 5th July => 20th August 2022

Mars in Taurus & Uranus in Taurus

Taurus wants you to want SUCCESS

Taurus wants you to want STABILITY

Mars in Taurus will eliminate instability


[3] Mars in Gemini - 20th August => 25th March 2023

Mars in Gemini [Air] - Saturn in Aquarius [Air] - Jupiter in Aries [Fire]

Everything GOOD that happens - will be via your GOOD connections

Everything GOOD that is created - will be via your ability to communicate

Everyone that comes into your life - will have to be "on-your-wavelength"


IGNORING - Everyone who doesn't understand you - and - you don't understand

IGNORING - argumentative and authoritarian types - ignoring selfish people



New MatchMaking Zone

Good-Energy Connections => March 2023

Astrologically "Opposites-Attract"


Planetary "Opposites" - are the best relationships that last forever-and-ever

Sunsign opposites or Sun-Moon Opposites - are the best relationships


"2019-2020" onwards is defined by MAGNETISM of ATTRACTION

"2020-2021-2022-2023" creates FOREVER-AND-EVER relationships


Relationships created PRIOR to 2018 - were defined by transit-astrology

Saturn-Transits from 2005=> 2018 enticed you into a "relationship-zone"

The relationships failed after 2018-2019 - because it was inappropriate you


"2022" will ensure you feel the DEEP-ROOTED energy in all relationships

"2022" is a very good year of strengthening STRONG relationships

"2022" Mars-Saturn-Jupiter means it's a year to begin NEW relationships





I will be working-with Danusia & Krisztina to help you find good connections

As explained in the "Video-clip" - I cherish relationships with good people

I will not introduce anyone to anyone who isn't sincere and honest !


"Anyone can find love - if - you really want to !"

Most people say they want "it" forever - but - are lying to themselves

Most people say they don't want "anyone" - but - are lying too !


"2022 & 2023" - wants everyone to want to be connected to other people

Life wants you to be honest with yourself - why do you want relationships?




Krisztina & Danusia are sensitive ladies - who wants to help you get the right connections

Every connection I make - I always check with Psychic Krisztina - to ensure "it" is right for you



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Next Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Gemini - 21st May => 20th June 2022

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This Year "2022" - defined by Saturn in Aquarius & Jupiter in Pisces/Aries

Coronavirus 2020 => 2024 - defined by - Meaningful Karmic Lessons & Changes

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - 2 More Years of Intensity of Death & Rebirth



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