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The Spiritual Secrets of the Lights of the Universe - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

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From October 2020

This is for readers I trust and Know

& For all who've had Paid Readings

From now onwards this Service is for people who I trust and know

This is no longer a service available to "everyone" on the open internet




Audio - #1 - Healing Your Aura - Love-Everyone you've known

Summer of breakthrough's - getting-back your Magnetism



The Magnetism of Good Relationships - is - forever present in your Aura

Good people always have the power to bring-you-back-on-track


Magnetism of Love & Relationships

Truthful & Deceitful Relationships


Magic is when something appears that wasn't in your life

Magic is when something you've lost is returned to you

Magic is when something unexpected happens for you


Magic is when you gave-up hope - then - something unexpected and surprising happens

because an inexplicable "Divine-intervention" creates "Magnetism" and makes "it" happen


A combination of the Magic of Kabbalah with Astrology - means - I know the energies available - know how to use the energies - and - maximize the potential to make you be the person you're supposed to be - back-on-track of your destined destiny - and - that means getting your own "MAGNETISM" back again.


Everytime something truly destined happens in your life - it is because - you've had your "MAGNETISM". Everytime you've had problems or blockages in your life or nothing happening in your life - was - because you "LOST YOUR MAGNETISM".


I explained on the lessons @ - the power of Kabbalist to make miracles. Kabbalist's, Magician's and Light-Workers are like Candle's of light floating in the Ether - "we are go-between's" - between - the Spiritual world of destiny and the physical world of people.


When you want "MAGNETISM IN YOUR LOVE LIFE" - go to an expert who knows how to attract people - go to someone who has got a track-record in ATTRACTING people into his life - and - I'll gladly help you - because I'm good at "it" !


Since "1981" - it's been NON-STOP for me - I've been CONSTANTLY ATTRACTING people into my life - even without trying - and - didn't realize how and why - until the past few years - now I know - I'm sharing the power with everyone who needs "HELP" in relationships.


In fact - I'd describe the reason why you want "MAGNETISM IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS " - is - because you want AN EASY LIFE - of - attracting people - attracting clients - attracting goodness into your life - without working too hard to get it all to happen!



Love - Magic

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


The magnetism of attraction - "Love & Relationships" - is something you've got or haven't got. Some people attract lots of people into their lives - others attract some people some of the time - and - others attract no-one. The attraction of people into your life is not logical - it is due to MAGNETISM of your individuality and your personality.


When "you" are being YOURSELF - your PERSONAL MAGNETISM is on MAXIMUM - being well-connected to everyone you're supposed to be connected to - being LOVED by everyone who loves you. But - if for example you're connected to a STRONG negative influence on your life - then - that STRONG negative influence blocks you - and - prevents you from being connected to the RIGHT people.


The STRONG negative influence could be "internet-porn" - as much as it could be - "alcohol" - or - living with WRONG person - or - living in the wrong place - all of which creates "BLOCKAGES" in your aura. When you feel LONELY - UNWANTED - UNLOVED - you know there's BLOCKAGES in your aura.


The key to SUCCESS in attraction - "Love & Relationships" is to be HONEST with yourself - "Why" do you want someone in your life? is it - to satisfy your loneliness - OR - to live your destined destiny?


When you just want a "selfish" relationship to satisfy your loneliness - then - you'll get a short-term meaningless relationship. BUT - when you realize that you want to live your destined destiny - then - you'll realize the TRUTH - that relationships are about - you being NEEDED by someone else - the OTHER person NEEDS you - hence - relationship and love isn't about "you" - it's about SOMEONE else's needs.


A truly loveable person - a truly loving person - understands - that - "LOVE" is about being there for OTHER people - your desire isn't as important - as - the OTHER person needing you - the OTHER person wanting and desiring you.


That's why all "selfish" people are naturally lonely - because - OTHER people sense - that - "they" want love to satisfy their selfish needs - "they" emit a cold-hearted and repulsive energy that keeps people away from them.


Conversely, all loveable people - emit a warmth and charm that's attractive - as OTHER people sense - "we" have a lot of love to share with others. This lesson - I learnt from Kinga [photo above] - always available with warmth and love to share.


Audio #2 - Be Truthful - "Love-Magic" Magnetism

Summer of breakthrough's - getting-back your Magnetism


3 Types of "Love" Relationships

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


Let me explain the THREE types of LOVE relationships


[1] Love-relationships as a short-term "commodity".

People want something more than "Love" - "Love" is disguised in deceit

People want status - people want beauty - people want "money"

People want "sex" - people want to use others for their short-term convenience


All love-relationships which are a "commodity" - are - short-term

In hindsight - all your short-term love-relationships were a "commodity" - not true-love

There is value in such "commodity" - because - it awakens the need for "Love"


Unfortunately - when - you've got no-one in our life - jinxed or blocked by some NEGATIVE blockage

then you need a LIGHT of LOVE to UNBLOCK the BLOCKAGE to get your "LOVE BACK INTO YOUR LIFE"

To be loved by someone new - to be loved by anyone good for you - who is on your wavelength




[2] "TRUE LOVE" are relationships that last forever

Your parents - your grandparents - all your best relationships


When you meet someone who is a definition of "TRUE LOVE"

They are in your life - "FOREVER" - you can't loose "TRUE LOVE"

Because - "TRUE LOVE" is someone who "RESCUE'S YOUR LIFE"


When someone comes into your life who LOVES you - they RESCUE you

When you come into someone's life who you LOVE - you RESCUE them


Everyone has had "TRUE LOVE" and everyone can get "TRUE LOVE"

That's because the dynamics of life is always to provide source of "TRUE LOVE"


Unfortunately - when - you've been damaged - jinxed - by some NEGATIVE blockage like "jealousy" "evil-eye"

then you need a Bright Spiritual LIGHT to UNBLOCK the BLOCKAGE to get your "TRUE LOVE BACK"




[3] Spiritual Love is "TRUE LOVE" that lasts forever


When you believe in GOD - you know GOD LOVES YOU - because in prayer - GOD saves you

When you believe in JESUS CHRIST - you know JESUS loves you - because in prayer - JESUS saves you


I believe in Rebbe Elimelech - I know he loves me - because since 2007 - he has saved my life

I believe in Rebbe Elimelech - I know he loves me - because since 2013 - I moved to Poland and he has saved my life

I believe in Rebbe Elimelech - because - he ensures - I love you - and - I know he will save you too


Everyone can attain Spiritual Love is "TRUE LOVE" that lasts forever

All you have to remember is in your innocence of childhood - what/who did you BELIEVE in?

All you have to remember is in your life-threatening moments - what/who did you BELIEVE in to save your life?



Activating your Love - Magic

"Back-To-Source" - "Back-on-Track"

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


Love is essential in everyone's life - even as a short-term commodity - even as a test of your personal magnetism. Because - when you're IGNORED and when you're INVISIBLE to others - when no-one loves you - and - no-one wants you - it makes you feel as though - you don't exist. The pain of not-being-loved by anyone - and not having anyone to love that's yours - is - defining a TRUTH - that you need LOVE from the right type of person.


"Back-to-Source" - and - "Back-on-Track" - means - going back to the beginning of your life on Earth. As a New-Born baby - you were loved by your parents and grandparents - you were considered to be a MIRACLE in their eyes - you were considered to be an "ANGEL-FROM-HEAVEN" - you were the SOURCE of JOY and HAPPINESS by other people who LOVED you.


Everyone you've met in your whole life - have been attracted into your life - because - you were their SOURCE of JOY and HAPPINESS by all the people who've ever LOVED you. You changed their lives - they LOVED you - and - you LOVED them !


Each person who was destined to have come-into your life is a definition of JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE in your life. You can't live a successful love-life without acknowledging that there was a "moment" when you LOVED them - even the "ex's".


In order to move-on with your life - you have to HEAL these pieces. Anyone who you'd prefer not to think about - because - "they" hurt you - "they" damaged you - "they" still have energy of yours - so - the ONLY way you get your energy back is FORGIVENESS and make a "RESET" of "LOVE" in your aura.


Have you noticed that whenever you've had good luck to move-onto someone NEW - is - when "they" contact you and want you back. Have you noticed whenever you're depressed about your love-life - then - no-one wants you. But when you're in LOVE - then - everyone wants you. The way to get your "LOVE MAGNETISM" back again - means - LOVING IN YOUR HEART everyone you've ever known.


When you've got a "BLOCKAGE" in your love-life - you know "it" because of the "sadness" you feel

All "BLOCKAGES" are "sad & dark-energies" - the LIGHT of KABBALA - eliminates the "darkness"


As soon as you shine a BRIGHT LIGHT - all "darkness" vanishes

As soon as you feel PURE LOVE - all "hateful" and dark energies vanishes


"Dark-energies" - include - "evil-eye" - "jealousy" - "anger" - "hateful forces" - "sadness"

"White-magic" - is pure "light" energy - "love" - "compassion" - "kindness" - "understanding" - "happiness"



All I ask for you to do is follow the rules of Noam Elimelech

The only conditions for getting "HELP" - [use the Contact-Form] are as follows:-


[1] For the zone of 40 days when I will help you ....

or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You LOVE everyone in your life

You LOVE everyone you've ever known

You LOVE everyone who annoys you

You LOVE everyone you hate

You LOVE your circumstances



[2] For the zone of 40 days when I will help you ....

and/or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You don't talk negative or badly about anyone

You don't complain about life - don't complain about no-one

Ignore anything negative - switch-off to anyone or anything "bad"








"Books-of-Secrets" - Noam Elimelech - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

Translated and explained by Author of



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