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Healing in the Age of Aquarius

Healing is Believing in Miracles מעשה נסים

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"2021" - "Age of Aquarius"

Think Big - Be Enlightened, Happy & Successful




Healing in the Age of Aquarius

Healing is Believing in Miracles מעשה נסים

מעשה נסים ונפלאות


Age of Aquarius wants to RAISE the vibrational energies of everyone on Earth

Age of Aquarius wants you to BELIEVE in MIRACLES

Age of Aquarius is ENLIGHTENMENT - enlightenment is EXCITEMENT


Whenever you've been - SICK - DEPRESSED - MISERABLE - SAD - you've been DEAD

Whenever you're HAPPY - EXCITED - HEALTHY - LOVED and IN-LOVE - you've been ALIVE


All your BEST moments in life are defined as being ALIVE

All your WORST moments in life are defined as being DEAD


Irrespective of what life has been like - Age of Aquarius is ENLIGHTENMENT

Irrespective of what life has been like - Age of Aquarius is HAPPINESS

Irrespective of what life has been like - Age of Aquarius is HEALTHY


All natural healers - use LIFE-SOURCE to bring LIGHT wherever there's darkness

All Spiritual Kabbalists - use PRAYER to bring LIGHT wherever there's darkness


The Spiritual Prayer of St Francis of Assisi


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace

Where there is hatred, let me bring love; Where there is injury, let me bring forgiveness;
Where there is discord, let me bring harmony; Where there is falsehood, let me bring truth;
Where there is doubt, let me bring faith; Where there is despair, let me bring hope;
Where there is darkness, let me bring light; Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.

LORD, grant that I may not seek so much - To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love.
Because it is in giving that we receive, It is in forgetting ourselves that we find others,
It is in forgiving that we are forgiven, And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Then miracle shall follow miracle and wonders never cease . Amen אמן


Light - Healing - Life-force that CREATES - "SOMETHING FROM NOTHING"

Healers & Healing works - [you don't need know how it works - Age of Aquarius says "it will work" !]

Search & Seek the people who you feel are HEALING HEALERS of LIGHT-WORKERS



Magnetism of Good Health

Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה

Magic is when something appears that wasn't in your life

Magic is when something you've lost is returned to you

Magic is when something unexpected happens for you


Magic is when you gave-up hope - then - something unexpected and surprising happens

because an inexplicable "Divine-intervention" creates "Magnetism" and makes "it" happen


A combination of the Magic of Kabbalah with Astrology - means - there are energies available everyday - knowing how to use the energies - knowing when and how to break-through energetic fields wherever there's a BLOCKAGE - is what you're searching for - when you're puzzled by the inexplicable BLOCKAGES - in your life.


We call "it" - living your destiny - "RESET" by making you become the person you're supposed to be - back-on-track of your destined destiny - and - that means getting your own "MAGNETISM" back again.


Everytime something truly destined happens in your life - it is because - you've had your "MAGNETISM". Everytime you've had problems or blockages in your life or nothing happening in your life - was - because you "LOST YOUR MAGNETISM".


The word "MAGNETISM" is in Kabbalistic terms - just another way of saying YOUR SOUL. You see - when your soul sees the pathway you're on and dissapproves of your freewill choices - it withdraws it's power from you - that's when you loose YOUR MAGNETISM.


Freewill choices allows everyone to make mistakes - but - at a certain limitation of "mistakes" - it thwarts, it blocks and prevents anything else from happening. If necessary - it will make your life - collapse - so that you can't go any further.


All blockages are in order to - SAVE YOUR SOUL - to - SAVE YOUR LIFE from living the wrong life. When you say - "THANK YOU" - for the blockages - when you concede the necessity for the blockages - when you realize the need for your "pain-and-suffering" - is - in order to awaken you - and to put you -back-on-track - then - the blockages are removed.


You can remove your own blockages - by - saying "THANK YOU". It might sound "sarcastic" - but - the negativity has to be eliminated - the darkness - the negativity - the pain - can only be eliminated by "LIGHT" .


When you're in a BAD MOOD - and - turn music on - "it" helps. The same with "LIGHT" - when you shine a "BRIGHT LIGHT" on the negativity - the darkness vanishes - but - you must do "it" constantly - non-stop "LIGHT" - non stop "HAPPINESS" - non-stop "MUSIC".


Mind-over-matter - means - that when your mind is NON-STOP and CONSTANTLY thinking in the "LIGHT" - then - no darkness can enter. This is why all prayers are constantly and repetitively chanting mantra's that create "LIGHT".


It has to be done CONSTANTLY for at least 3 days - to have effect - according to Noam Elimelech - if you dedicate 3 days - then - suffering and darkness will vanish in 3 days. Unfortunately, many people begin with an hour or so and then the remaining 23 hours of the day - back into the darkness.


Noam Elimelech - promises - if you dedicate 3 days - then in 3 days - it will be LIGHT. Even if you're distracted for some of the time - if for the majority of the 3 days - you're THINKING POSITIVE - then - LIGHT will return and you'll be healed.



Freewill Choices - Life or Death

If humans can kill life - humans can restore life

If humans create pain - humans can create healing


Healing Energy is a Natural Human Resource

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


When you talk - you've got freewill choice to tell the TRUTH or to LIE. When you eat - you've got freewill choice to eat a little of whatever you need - or - eat enormous amounts of food that you don't need to eat. During the day - you've got the freewill choice to - exercise your body - or sit-in-your chair go nowhere.


When you wake-up in the morning - you've got the freewill choice to decide to be a POSITIVELY HAPPY PERSON or to be a GRUMPY NEGATIVE PERSON. Everything we do in life is defined by freewill choice to either be a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.


Circulation of energy is your freewill choice. You can either circulate POSITIVE or NEGATIVE energy - that's your only freewill choice you have in life. Then depending on whether you CHOOSE - POSITIVE or NEGATIVE - will define - what you attract into your life.


If you choose POSITIVE - you create POSITIVE - LIFE-GIVING energy - or - if you choose NEGATIVE - you destroy energy - and - that's a form of "death". Irrespective of age or circumstances - you've always got the your freewill choice - that can create CHANGE.


Your freewill choice - can create CHANGE - like hating other people, like hating "life" that kills life, like being argumentative, being nasty and horrible - that kills relationships - OR - you can create CHANGE - by LOVING all the people in your life - and - bringing people together - that creates new positive and loving relationships.


Today - you can - change the course of your life - be deciding to change your attitude to life - the freewill choice to be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE - will define - what you attract into your life - what happens next in your life - and - what you eventually end-up with.


No-one does anything to you - you do it to yourself. The 1st rule of healing is you mustn't blame anyone for your circumstances - accept responsibility for your own life - accept it - embrace it - and - love living your life.


Everytime you think of a negative thought - the energy of negativity circulates in your physical body - and - ends-up creating damage somewhere in your physical body. 1st it begins with repelling people from your life - then - it repels good luck from your life - then - it hurts your physical body.


The solution is EASY - as you damaged your own body with negative thoughts - you are the only one that can fix and repair your own body with positive thoughts. All the kabbalistic mantra prayers - define - "LOVE" - "HOPE" - "LIGHT" - the key is "LOVE".


Anyone who HATES another human-being is actually hating something about themselves - "hatred" is deadly and poisonous. Anyone who LOVES another human-being is loving-life. When you CHOOSE to LOVE your life - When you CHOOSE to LOVE all the people in your life - When you CHOOSE to LOVE every moment of everyday of your life - you're healing your own life - and - healing your destiny.


Destiny is all about your destination. If you choose to hate - you'll have a different destination than choosing to love life. LOVE life will heal everything. LOVE life will change everything for the better. LOVE life will ensure you arrive at a good destination.



Your Heart Energizes Your Body

When Your Heart Loves-Life - Your Energy is Positive

When Your Heart Hates-Life - Your Energy is Negative


Let me explains the Biology and Chemistry of your Physical Body. Your Whole Body is made-up of Cells - each of the cells are connected together - and - your whole circulating energy is defined by the BLOOD-CELLS in your arteries and veins.


The RED and WHITE BLOOD-CELLS - are pumped around your body by YOUR OWN HEART - the blood cells have been oxyginated by the air you breath - POSITIVE energy is inserted in your HEART - and then the life-giving energy circulates throughout your whole body from top to bottom.


If your HEART STOPPED for 1 minute - you'd be "dead". YOUR OWN HEART - sustains your life - YOUR OWN HEART - is your life source - YOUR OWN HEART - and - NOT SOMEONE-ELSE'S HEART !


The "HEART" - is - defined as - LOVE. Everyone in the World knows that "HEART" - is - LOVE. Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך explains that a HEART is source of LIFE energy - Your "HEART" - is - "YOUR LOVE of LIFE".


When you love-life - your heart loves-life - and - the energy with which your inserting and pumping the BLOOD-CELLS around your body is full of LOVE. The more you love-life - the more your energy is inserted into your BLOOD-CELLS. In every HEART-BEAT of every minute - the BLOOD-CELLS in your body are being given YOUR energy from YOUR OWN HEART.


If you HATE-LIFE - if you are complaining about your life - if you jealous of others - if you are angry at life - if you are sad - then your HEART is inserting POISONOUS NEGATIVE energy from your HEART into the BLOOD-CELLS into every corner of your physical body.


Everyone's HEART has the power to POISON and everyones's HEART has the power to HEAL. Even the food you eat - has - no emotional energy attached to it - UNTIL - you energize the food.


When you LOVE LIFE - and - your HEART is HAPPY to be ALIVE - whilst you're breathing and eating - the food which becomes part of your physical body is full of POSITIVE LOVE-ENERGY.


But if you HATE LIFE and your HEART is sad and depressed whilst you're breathing and eating - the food becomes damaged energy filled with your own self-made inserted negativity. And if you're not even thinking about life - like being "neutral" - then - you're not energized at all.



Your Heart Within You is Healing You

Everything you need is "Within You"


All you need - to HEAL YOUR LIFE - is - WITHIN YOU. The energy and power - is - WITHIN YOU in every HEARTBEAT. You can do it yourself. You don't need meditation - you dont need magic - you've got it already - in every HEARTBEAT. It is defined by you LOVING YOUR LIFE - your - HEART needs to be HAPPY to be ALIVE - every moment of every day for 7 days.


Kabbala say - 7 WHOLE DAYS - LOVE-LIFE - LOVE everything in your life - LOVE everything about your life - LOVE your physical body - LOVE every part of your physical body - LOVE all the blood-cells in your body - millions of cells working to sustain your life - working to heal your life.


LOVE is the only energy that you need to HEAL YOUR LIFE - and - LOVE is what you're creating in your own HEART. When people get confused about the meaning of life - the - essence of what YOU produce - and - the ONLY thing we produce is LOVE.


All the Self-Help books - written by all the spiritual healers like - Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your Life - [ Hay] - she explains - THE TRUTH - that - it's a fact of life - that applies to EVERYONE on the Earth - because - every human-being has a HEART.



Love-Life - Heal Yourself in 7 days

Your Heart will Heal Your Life

Everything you need is "Within You"


All you need - to HEAL YOUR LIFE - is - WITHIN YOU. You don't need anyone to help you - it's up to you. All the Kabbalistic prayers are defining - "LOVE". The Love that Divine GOD has for EVERY human-being by giving you the gift of life.


Unfortunately - the bad karma of souls - defines that many people have negativity inside them - "they" hate life - "they" hate other people - "they" moan and complain about everyone and everything that happens to them. Anyone who hates and complains - Kabbala can't help them.


The Kabbalistic reason for destined events in "2020-2021" is to ensure - people awaken to realize how good we all had it last year - how good life was - and - now - humanity is "BEGGING" to get life back to normal again.


Unfortunately and sadly - "some" people won't get the karmic message - of - "LOVING LIFE" - even given life-threatening situations - can't change nor learn the lesson to - LOVE LIFE - the karma is simple - LOVE the gift of your life - LOVE being alive.






תכתב זאת לדור אחרון ועם נברא יהלל יה

Write this for the Last Generation - People created to Praise GOD - [Psalms 102 - verse 19]

The karmic lesson for the End of Times is to appreciate the Gift of Life



Power of Kabbalah ויסע ויבא ויט

The Source of all Life is Love

GOD Loves Everyone


The essence of all Religions is re-assure every human-being - that - GOD LOVES YOU. All religions define that even people who don't believe - people who've forgotten the meaning of believing in GOD - people who've wasted-away life - everyone on Earth - can - come-BACK to Source. The Source of all life is "LOVE".


When you LOVE SOMEONE - you hope that - that someone loves you back. When they love you back - you feel ALIVE from within you. When you LOVE GOD - and - you feel GOD loves you back - then you feel ALIVE from within you.


The aliveness that you feel from within you - is - your invisible soul - speaking to you - and - it is saying - you've got "it" right. The aliveness of LOVE that exists from within everyone - is - your personal MAGNETISM.


All Kabbalistic prayers - awaken this truth.


I'd suggest that the BLUE PRAYER of the "Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum" - [See Wikipedia] use as Screensaver or save it. Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum was known as the YISMACH MOSHE - the word YISMACH means - "he will make you HAPPY".


The power of your own love of life - the power of your love towards other people - the power of your own heart to heal yourself - via - feeling the true joy of life - the happiness of life - is - all you need to be successful. When you've got "it" - you feel "it" - because - your heart is filled full of love of life.



The Kabbalistic Prayer of Ana BeKoach is on Youtube


with translation and explanations




Activating your Self-Healing Energy

"Back-To-Source" - "Back-on-Track"

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


Love is essential in everyone's life - even as a short-term commodity - even as a test of your personal magnetism. Because - when you're IGNORED and when you're INVISIBLE to others - when no-one loves you - and - no-one wants you - it makes you feel as though - you don't exist. The pain of not-being-loved by anyone - and not having anyone to love that's yours - is - defining a TRUTH - that you need LOVE from the right type of person.


"Back-to-Source" - and - "Back-on-Track" - means - going back to the beginning of your life on Earth. As a New-Born baby - you were loved by your parents and grandparents - you were considered to be a MIRACLE in their eyes - you were considered to be an "ANGEL-FROM-HEAVEN" - you were the SOURCE of JOY and HAPPINESS by other people who LOVED you.


Everyone you've met in your whole life - have been attracted into your life - because - you were their SOURCE of JOY and HAPPINESS by all the people who've ever LOVED you. You changed their lives - they LOVED you - and - you LOVED them !


Each person who was destined to have come-into your life is a definition of JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE in your life. You can't live a successful love-life without acknowledging that there was a "moment" when you LOVED them - even the "ex's".


In order to move-on with your life - you have to HEAL these pieces. Anyone who you'd prefer not to think about - because - "they" hurt you - "they" damaged you - "they" still have energy of yours - so - the ONLY way you get your energy back is FORGIVENESS and make a "RESET" of "LOVE" in your aura.


Have you noticed that whenever you've had good luck to move-onto someone NEW - is - when "they" contact you and want you back. Have you noticed whenever you're depressed about your love-life - then - no-one wants you. But when you're in LOVE - then - everyone wants you. The way to get your "LOVE MAGNETISM" back again - means - LOVING IN YOUR HEART everyone you've ever known.


When you've got a "BLOCKAGE" in your love-life - you know "it" because of the "sadness" you feel

All "BLOCKAGES" are "sad & dark-energies" - the LIGHT of KABBALA - eliminates the "darkness"


As soon as you shine a BRIGHT LIGHT - all "darkness" vanishes

As soon as you feel PURE LOVE - all "hateful" and dark energies vanishes


"Dark-energies" - include - "evil-eye" - "jealousy" - "anger" - "hateful forces" - "sadness"

"White-magic" - is pure "light" energy - "love" - "compassion" - "kindness" - "understanding" - "happiness"



All I ask for you to do is follow the rules of Noam Elimelech


[1] For the zone of 40 days or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You LOVE everyone in your life

You LOVE everyone you've ever known

You LOVE everyone who annoys you

You LOVE everyone you hate

You LOVE your circumstances



[2] For the zone of 40 days and/or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You don't talk negative or badly about anyone

You don't complain about life - don't complain about no-one

Ignore anything negative - switch-off to anyone or anything "bad"



If it's destined to work for you

It will work within 40 days

Healing will always be felt in 7 days

Almost everyone I've been working with - it has worked within 40 days






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