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The Spiritual Writings of the Spiritual Astrologer יהונתן וואקסמאן



Healing your Neptune

All the logical and predictable aspects of life are defined by - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

All the illogical unpredictable extra-ordinary events are defined by - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto


The power of each of the 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - is to believe that you've got "gift" to do something extra-ordinary with your life - more than just living an old-fashioned traditional and predictable life.


None of the previous generations - especially people stuck in a mindset of prior to 1989 - can believe what has happened in the world. That's because since 1989 - the 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - have been more activated than at any other time in history - activated to create extra-ordinary things to happen - activated so that you can BELIEVE in MIRACLES.


The definition of a miracle is - something that happens today - that would have been IMPOSSIBLE to HAPPEN prior to 1989 - [and would have been totally impossible to think of and believe in - prior to 1939] - hence - lots of things that we accept as "normal" are in fact MIRACLES.


The Neptune miracle - defines - making your dreams come true - everyone has a dream - when you're a teenager and young adult - you dream of falling in love, getting married, having children and making lots of money to buy your dream home or automobile.


Your Neptune makes your dreams come true - because - your mind is FOCUSED and DEVOTED to your "dream" - your dream is your belief - your dream is the future you want to create in your life.


Some people get small dreams with small goals to believe in. Then as you grow-up - your dreams become bigger and bigger. Unfortunately - the midlifecrisis - at the ages between 30 => 40 - for everyone - means that "some" dreams - you give-up on - and - "some" dreams get shattered. Hence, the natural tendency for "some" people with Neptune affliction - is - to STOP BELIEVING that DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.


Healing-Your-Neptune - means - you can dream again - you can make things happen when you BELIEVE - as - you will always have the ability to BELIEVE in something - Neptune says you can make your dreams come true - all you have to do is believe in MIRACLES.


A Neptune "MIRACLE" is the manifestation of something FAR-AWAY and INVISIBLE to you - something that seems to be impossible - coming-close to you and coming into your life - and - changing your life - and to the extent that the "miracle" becomes an intrinsic part of your life - which without it - you'd be dead.


Many people - have had phases in life when dreams coming true seemed impossible - however with Neptune in Pisces from 2012 => 2026 - everyone in the whole world - will sooner or later - have a dream coming true. Because - Neptune in Pisces will encourage you to believe in your dreams - especially as the "dreams" you get - become vivid and strong in 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - that life will give you help to make your dreams come true.


Miracles define extra-ordinary talents and gifts - being "different" to others defines being MIRACLE child. Everyone born with STRONG astrological aspects of the 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - have been born with extra-ordinary gifts. And even you too - even today - when you realize the potential of these 3 planets - you can unlock the extra-ordinary gifts and do something extra-ordinary with your life - you too - can become a MIRACLE child.


The beginning of the biggest miracles are the moments when you wake-up with enlightened awareness and BELIEVE in MIRACLES - when you BELIEVE in MIRACLES - then - anything is possible. Healing Your 3 planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - means - believing that miracles are possible - because - the truth is - miracles are happening all around you.




Your Ability to Create Changes

Your Belief in Miracles

Whilst destiny defines fixed situations in everyone's lives - these 3 outer planets can set-you-free from destiny

Your belief that you can break-free from do something spectacular with your life is defined by Uranus - Neptune - Pluto


Let me define that every seemingly predictable aspect of your life is defined by all the other planets. The unpredictable, the most unexpected, the most unusual and the most life-changing is defined by the 3 outer planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


If you weren't influenced by Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - then you'd live and die in the same place - you'd have the same continuity from one day to the next - and - nothing dramatic would change. Therefore - EVERY FACT of your life that has created a CHANGE that isn't predictable is defined by your Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


When people do extra-ordinary things with their lives - it is done because Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - these planets define an ability to BELIEVE in the extra-ordinary - to BELIEVE in dreams - to BELIEVE that you can do something beyond what other "normal" people do - and beyond what other "normal" people think you can do.


The 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - define - EXCITEMENT - and - REBELLION from anything "fixed" - because you believe in whatever you believe in - and - you do it - in fact - these planets compel you to do it - because you know it's what life wants you to do.


Everytime something - UNEXPECTED - EXCITING - and - REBELLIOUS - from your "fixed" and predictable life would defined mould - especially when it creates a positive influence on OTHER people's lives too - then it is because your of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - are activated.


All creative people - all writers - all people of influence over others - all religious people - all singers and song-writers - all movie-makers - all scientists - all Dr's - all healers - and - I add - everything that is created on the internet that changes the lives of people - ensuring that OTHER people believe in MIRACLES - are the essence of 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


I'm not a traditional astrologer - because - I believe in 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - and - many of you have seen the predictions I've written - and to your amazement - when something UNEXPECTED happens - you think it was "me" - it wasn't - the truth is - it was your belief in my predictions that unlocked your 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - to believe in yourself.


People who don't believe in MIRACLES have got a blocked Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - and - need healing. The good news is that thanks to the "internet" - and - thanks to Gipsy's, Astrologer's and Psychic's everyone in the world - believes in MIRACLES. There are 3 types of Miracles


[1] The Uranus miracle - totally unexpected surprises - sudden changes that take you from one place to another - that take you from one life into a new life - like getting on a Plane and flying-away somewhere new and exciting. Like"internet" access - or creating a website - which - connects you to people far-away from you with energy that excites you.


[2] The Neptune miracle - a dream you have - moments of inspiration that are guiding your life - Neptune means - something that you feel is a good idea - and - then you create the reality from the dream and vision you've been given.


[3] The Pluto miracle - deep-rooted inside you - you've got a knowledge of your future - of where you belong and what you're going to be doing with your life - you know it's so TRUE for you - because - it becomes the focus and determination that you will achieve it. It will appear to be a miracle to others - but - to you - it's what drives you forwards.



Definition of Neptune

Believing in the impossible - Believing in Miracles - Believing in making your dreams come true

Neptune defines you are where your thoughts are - Neptune controls your imagination ...


Everyone in the whole world is thinking of something - whilst - the inner planet of Mercury will define what you're thinking of - and - needing to do to live your real life in the present moment. Neptune is more than thinking normal thought - Neptune rules your imagination.


Some people have got BIG dreams and use their imagination wisely - whilst - others need years to develop the power of their imagination - and others have their dreams crushed then they stop dreaming. Neptune says - NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING of a better future.


Anyone who doesn't believe in the "future" - which includes - believing in "life-after-death" - believing in "spiritual" world of Souls - believing in GOD - is denying the existence of Neptune - and - Neptune will destroy that person's life - UNTIL - "they" too - believe in the "future" - and - believe in something BIGGER than life itself.


Neptune is the planet that makes people dream BIG. It's not logical - nor pragmatic - like Jupiter, Saturn or Mars - Neptune is your mind and imagination that makes you think BIG - and - makes BIG a possibility.


Neptune is the planet that dreams of Peace on Earth - and - Neptune in Pisces 2012 => 2025 - has the mission to make that dream come-true. Neptune in 1981 => 1990 - had the dream of the end of the Cold-War - the downing of the Berlin Wall - and - peaceful Europe - Neptune did it - created by the vision it gave all the dreamers of the world to make it happen.


Steve Jobs - a Pisces - a great empowered visionary - had the vision of iPhone and iPad - and he made his dream come true. Martin Luther King had a dream of racial equality - Gandhi had a dream of India independence from British Empire via peaceful.


All examples of Neptune - define - transformation and miracles - via the imagination - and - done peacefully. The power of your imagination - will ensure Neptune works it's magic and make dreams come true in your life.


The more you concentrate on your dreams - and - don't get distracted by whatever other people say you can or can't do - the more your Neptune imagination will work to make things come true for you. Neptune does not listen to logic - Neptune makes miracles via the power and strength of your imagination


Believing in miracles and believing in the impossible is why the world is transforming more than ever before - because - thanks to the internet - and - thanks to Neptune in Pisces 2012 => 2025 - even average people are activating their Neptune imagination more than ever before. Believing "it" is possible is the 1st step to activating your imagination.


In prior generations - they refused to believe that change was possible. In prior generations - they refused to welcome the power of Neptune into their lives - and - blocked their own potential.Even if some of your dreams are totally unattainable - Neptune says - it's better to dream of anything - than - dream of nothing.


People who believe life is a "dead-end" are missing a major component of life - Neptune wants people to believe in something much more than mere life itself - when you belief is something beyond "death" - when you believe in life-after-death - it makes you a BIGGER person.


In terms of Neptune - the BIGGER your imagination - the bigger a person you are. And as you grow-up and use your imagination to dream your dreams - your Neptune will mature too - to make you think wiser - in sync with the truthful spiritual reality which is forever trying to enlighten everyone.


The Book of Daniel - written by Daniel over 2000 years ago - saw the vision of an enlightened world of peace. 75 years ago - the World was so far from being at "peace" - and - yet the vision created by Daniel - continued and continues to speak to believers.


Everyone who imagines PEACE - is living in sync with Neptune. Everyone who believes the impossible can become possible - is - living in sync with Neptune. Neptune is on your side - all you have to do - is - let - Neptune into your life to empower your imagination.



Neptune makes you imagine Success

Believing in the impossible - Believing in Miracles - Believing in making your dreams come true


Whilst it appears that the World is run by pragmatic down-to-earth people - the World is actually run by Neptune-dreamers - because without visionary imagination of change - then - nothing would ever change. All natural leaders of the World have a vision of the future - Neptune makes them see a better future for the everyone in the World.


History has proven to everyone that things can change - all you have to do is believe it can happen for you too. When you see anyone you know becoming successful - success isn't logical - success is manifestation of believing in your dreams. The bigger you can dream - the bigger your potential. That's why they call USA - the country where dreams come true.


For example, when Dr's and Attorney's go to College - their vision might be to become a Dr - but whether they become wealthy and successful is defined by their Neptune imagination. The imagination has to be BIG in order to empower your life.


A builder and architect has to imagine the project - if they feel the project is too big for them - they'll chicken out on doing it. Neptune says - don't fear - believe in yourself - believe you can do it - believe in miracles - and - most importantly don't listen to your fears.


When you take an exam or have a test - do you FEAR failure - or - do you imagine success? The imagination of success is a soft energy of happiness and peace that fills your imagination with calmness - and - then you know you're going to succeed. Neptune ensures your mind feels the imagination of success - and - because your mind accepts success - your physical real-life will then create it for you.


Neptune sends messages to your mind - like when people have quick "drink" of alcohol to calm their nerves - or - when people have an injection to numb the gums at the Dentist - or - turning the music on - watching the TV - or - giving candy to children to calm nervous fearful energies - all these diversionary tactics - are - Neptune talking to your mind and thoughts - to numb the pain of the reality. Neptune only creates imagination of good thoughts - imagines a world without pain and worry.




Neptune creates alternatives to reality

Neptune ensures you believe in something more than your current present-tense real life reality

Pure Neptune acts to numb the pain of your current reality - by distracting the attention of your mind


When your mind thinks of something pleasant - then - your current reality becomes pleasant. When you put your iPhone earphones in and listen to music - your thoughts are distracted from life around you.


You could be flying in a plane - in a commuter train full of noisy people - stuck in traffic-jam in your automobile - or - at home with other people around you - but - when your mind is SWITCHED-ON to something positive that fills your imagination - then automatically you don't even hear the negativity.


Life continues around you - but - you're not listening because your mind is somewhere else. That's Neptune - total distraction from negativity - to - think of something enchanting the talks to your imagination.


When you turn the TV on - watch a movie - your Neptune is taking-you-away from reality. That's good for your nerves - especially if you're having a stressful time - BUT - it is much more empowering to actively use your own Neptune to create your own imagination.


When you put your iPhone earphones-in and listen to music - your thoughts are distracted from life around you. The key to healing your Neptune is to create your own music that you listen to your own dreams - and - fulfill your own imagination. That's why many of us - have a picture on our desktop - of - somewhere we want to go - want to live - want to be - to empower the dream.


When you listen to your Neptune - your imaginative thoughts are thinking good thoughts that energize your real life. Your own imagination is so powerful - that it should "turn-you-on" - to excite yourself - so much - that you feel like your already living the dream. But - people who don't daydream and don't use their imagination of what can be - and - people who listen to their fears - are not enabling Neptune to be activated.



Neptune wants you to

#believe in "BIG" dreams

Neptune wants you to believe in something that is unreal - a fantasy - a dream

You can only activate your Neptune when you think with a BIG imagination


Every lottery ticket sold in the world is sold because of Neptune - the dream of winning. Everytime you buy a lottery ticket - your activating Neptune. Even though logically you shouldn't waste your money - the waste is worth it - IF - it activates your Neptune - your imagination. When "someone" spoils your fantasy or illusion - by - being "sensible" and "logical" - Neptune says DON'T BELIEVE the "non-believers".


The same in religion - Neptune wants you to be believe in something - GOD - Buddha - Allah - Jehovah - Jesus - Mary - Ganesh - or - Divine Creator - doesn't matter the name you call "IT" - Neptune is activated when you BELIEVE in something BIGGER than yourself.


You see the essence of believing in Miracles - created by something BIGGER than yourself - means - your mind can conceive the idea and possibility. A Miracle can't be created by mundane or down-to-earth logic - the magnitude of a Miracle means - "It" has to be created by something MAGICAL and BIGGER than your imagination.


People who don't believe in anything BIGGER than themselves - can't believe in Miracles. People who refuse to look at Astrology - refuse to look up at the stars in the sky at night - and - realize there's infinite infinity of space - much bigger than anyone on Earth - that BIG entity of space defines your mind can believe in something BIG happening in your life.


People who refuse to THINK BIG - are blocking their own minds. You see - your imagination is as BIG as your mind will allow you to think. When you think small - your mind is small. When you think BIG - your imagination thinks BIG. When you're in a state of THINKING BIG - that's when your mind is opened to miracles - mysterious - something invisible and spiritual - something higher than "logic" - something that Neptune wants you to believe in and think about.


All Man-made religions are based on Neptune - the need to think BIG - because - whilst there are facets of religions that are nonsense - the intrinsic reason is valid - to believe in SOMETHING BIGGER than the individual - because the truth is there is SOMETHING BIGGER than all of us - that created life - that created the Universe - that created the planets - that creates everything to happen - and - that creates MIRACLES to happen.


Sooner or later in your life - Neptune will ensure you BELIEVE in something BIGGER than yourself. - that's when you'll believe in Miracles - and - before you expect to see the Red-Sea-parting and Jesus-coming-again - a Miracle is something that can happen TODAY - when something illogical happens that changes your life. Meeting someone by coincidence or being enlightened by wisdom you've found on the internet - are - all Miracles.


I'm writing this on the internet in a pretty city called Rzeszow in Poland in May 2018 - and - you wherever you are in the world - are reading this - which are inspiring you to THINK BIG - and - with as much energy that I'm feeling as I'm inspired to write what I'm writing - - I know that it is not me doing this - it is something BIGGER than myself - making me do what I do for you.


When you think about it - the internet is a miracle. Sir Tim Berners-Lee - was someone special who imagined the internet - and - then the internet was invented. Everything that every inventor invents - every cure a scientist finds - every musician that writes music - will tell you - that they felt - it was something BIGGER than themselves - making them do what they do.


The more examples you read about people who do BIG things - the more you'll realize that - something BIGGER than yourself is making you imagine MORE than you can imagine. Neptune wants you to believe in the "future" - believing in the impossible - believing in Miracles - but - you can only begin to believe in Miracles when you believe in something BIGGER than yourself.



Neptune proves itself to you

Everytime you read an astrological prediction - which comes true - strengthens your belief in Astrology

Everytime you follow your dreams and intuition - and it comes true - strengthens your belief in your Neptune

Believing in the impossible - Believing in Miracles - Believing in making your dreams come true

When you see something "magical" happening to others - you too - believe it can happen to you too



Most teenager girls dream of wearing a white-wedding dress - they might not dream of the Man - but they will dream of the White-Wedding dress. Most teenager boys dream of driving an automobile or motorbike. Almost all teenagers dream of leaving-home and having their own apartment.


Young adults too - have dreams - dream of earning money - living in different country - traveling - relationships - then - at a certain phase of life - usually - during an unhealthy dull and boring phase - people stop dreaming their dreams. The brutal reality of life sets-in - and - trapped by circumstances and shattered dreams - they stop dreaming.


However, Neptune is saying - never stop dreaming - and - for some people who've been born with a lifelong dream - it can take many years for the dream to come true - but - Neptune says - NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING of a better future.


And often at the point - when you're about to give-up-hope - life makes something MAGICAL happen. My neighbor upstairs - his 1st wife died in his mid-50's - his company collapsed by age of 60 - and - then he decided to move to Poland to teach English. He met someone new - fell in love - got married - and now at the age of 73 is the happiest man in the world. His true real-life story always inspires me - and - the lesson - is it is never too late for a Miracle - and - NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING of a better future.


Everytime - especially - when you're about to give-up-hope - life makes something MAGICAL happen - but the message from Neptune is let Neptune do it's magic - believe in miracles - believe in something - believe in something BIGGER than yourself which can male the miracles happen for you.


The reason I needed to create this Healing-Your-Planets section is because I realized many readers are reading the daily and monthly predictions - but - they're not experiencing the BIG changes that the planets are creating. One of the reasons is "they" don't believe things will ever changed for them - so even though they're experiencing some coincidences - they are BLOCKING it - as they refuse to believe that they have a better future.


Since 2012 - Neptune in Pisces has been creating a better future for many people - but - some people it's been start-and-stop and been blocked. In 2018 - and until 2026 - Neptune in Pisces will be pushing for a better future - because - life will make people believe in dreams again. Life will give you a dream to believe in - and - make that dream come true.



Neptune moves you into the future

Neptune ensures your thoughts are in the future whilst your body is in the present

Neptune will then ensure your physical body is moved into the future wherever your thoughts are

Believing in the impossible - Believing in Miracles - Believing in making your dreams come true


The only way that Neptune creates movement and changes - is by getting you to think of a better future. Neptune is imagination - so - Neptune does NOT operate because you want to run-away from negativity - Neptune makes you concentrate your thoughts and imagination of something POSITIVE in your future - that will ensure you don't feel the pain of the present-moment.


Then the more you concentrate on and imagine the future - the less you're attached to the present moment. BUT - and - here is the point for a fully-functioning Neptune - you have to learn to switch-off your mind to all negativity in the present and past.


Neptune is THOUGHT energy - so it requires - GOOD THOUGHTS. If Neptune senses negative and fearful thoughts - then - it gets deactivated and switches-off. If you allow other people to block your GOOD thoughts - then - Neptune gets blocked.


Neptune wants you to feel BRIGHT about the future - to get you to want to move your life into the future - Neptune will do it - even if it has to entice you - create a fantasy and illusion. Astrology is perfect tool for Neptune - as Astrology helps to combine Neptune thoughts of imagination - with the change of planets in StarSigns - however - some people don't believe in CHANGE - so even though Saturn has been in Capricorn since December 2017 - and - Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012 - they haven't changed "yet".


That changes in 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - because - specific things that must now change - whether people want the facets to change or not - some of the changes will appear to be "miracles" - ensuring - people wake-up and believe in "miracles".



Neptune - Psychic and Spiritual

All psychic energies are thought energies defined by Believing in the dreams and vision of the future ....


Neptune wants everyone to believe in something beyond "normal" life - Neptune wants you to believe in "life-after-death" - Neptune wants you to experience something mysterious and illogical in your life - so that you QUESTION - "is there something more than life?" - "is there something BIGGER and MORE to life than life?"


Everyone - sooner or later - has some "spiritual experience" - especially when someone you love dies - the inexplicable energy of enlightenment you will experience will indeed make you QUESTION. For some of you - it will make you turn to the internet for answers - for others - it will make you turn to religion.


Neptune says - QUESTION everything - EXPLORE with an open-mind to what you're feeling - but - always believe that there is something BIG out there - there is life-after-death - there is spirituality to life too - and - that there is always more to life than your current life.


One of the reasons "some" man-made religions discourage people from Astrology - is that traditional astrologers - created limitations - created rules that you can't do this and can't do that. But today - Astrology - has expanded it's belief system - because of Neptune.


In the same way we now see from NASA space telescopes that the Universe is infinite - and - even on Earth some facets of life like the internet seem infinite - your life too has never ending possibilities. Whatever your circumstances and situation there's always MORE to life - all you have to do is BELIEVE in MIRACLES - believe in Neptune - believe in your imagination - and - you'll unlock the door to MORE.


40 years ago - there were limited number of TV channels - now there are 1000's of TV channels - combined with Millions of Youtube channels - and - all the content on the internet too - Neptune has proven itself - to believe in MORE. Now do you believe in MORE coming into your life than you thought possible?



Neptune is Healing of the Mind

Neptune wants you to believe that everything is going to be alright ....

Neptune wants to heal you by healing your attitude to life - by empowering your mind and thoughts

When your Mind is calm and healed - then - your physical reality will be healed


Neptune seems to many people that it has one purpose that's to ensure no-one worries about anything, Neptune is the gift to soften the brutality, pain, anguish and negativity that can happen in life - Neptune might be an illusion - but when you feel the purity of Neptune - then you actually TRUST in something BIGGER than you - and - TRUST that everything is going to be alright.


When you believe it - then someone - it becomes alright. People who worry - will have seen that worrying doesn't help. Worrying is a useless by-product of the human-brain. Worrying doesn't help anyone. Neptune has it's job to ensure you realize this truth.


Unfortunately, when "death" and "illness" makes life look bleak without hope - Neptune will create the imagination that there is more to life than life. As a spiritual psychic - I've encountered souls - who immediately after their death - become powerful, happy and excited - because - at "death" their souls suddenly finds-out the truth - that their soul lives on. Even people that don't believe in life-after-death - get surprised - because everyone's soul lives on after death - that's what we call "Spiritual Rescue Work of EarthBound Souls".


Irrespective of whatever you believe in - no-one knows it all - Neptune defines there's infinite wisdom for everyone to learn. Look at the comparison to what we know today - in comparison with what we knew 10 years ago.


Healing-Your-Neptune means believing in something MORE than life - and - being open to believe in something BIGGER than you've been believing in - being open for miracles to happen in your life.



Neptune - Fantasies, Movies & Porn

When your mood changes because you watch a movie & When you get "turned-on" by porn on the internet

Means that your Neptune is activated - it's a good sign - because - it means that you can believe in the future


Now - in the next few paragraphs - I'm going to explain the power of Neptune - by comparing it to imaginative dreams, fantasies, Movies and "internet Porn" - so that you can see how powerful your imagination can be activated into creating something from nothing.


When you watch a movie - it takes your mind away from reality. In fact - your mind is so connected to a good movie that you can't even go to bathroom or make a cup of tea - until there's an interval - because you don't want to miss any part of the movie.


A STRONG movie - will totally - connect your Neptune to that movie - the movie will even make you believe that what you're watching is real-life true - even a movie based on real-life - will make you believe your watching the real life historical event. You'll find yourself - feeling the anxiousness of brave soldiers in a war-movie - [beating the shit out of the Nazis - always makes me feel good] - and - the final feeling the relief at Victory. Sometimes it's so real - a movie can make you cry.


The stronger you feel when you watch a movie - the stronger your Neptune is activated. All children have pure Neptune energies - that's why - children laught more at movie and cry too - hence parents are naturally careful what they let their children watch - because - they don't want them to believe in the "unreal" nonsense and "fantasy". As grown-ups you too need to be careful what you watch - but - so long as you know it is a fantasy - then it's ok.


What's your favorite movie ? How strong does it makes you feel ? What is it about that the movie ? What is it that the movie unlocks and makes you believe in ? What is it that your imagination feels when you think of your favorite movies. Test yourself now - what do you remember in your imagination about the movie - without even turning it on to watch it. What's your favorite scene that unforgettable ?


That's the same - with Adverts and Porn - all images you look at - but are not in real life - are - Neptune energies. Internet porn is a problem for many - but - when you see what it does - it creates such a STRONG imagination that it excites someone far-away. It's not real to you - but - to your Neptune imagination - it is real - because it turns you on.


Hence, whilst - "Porn" on the internet is actually good for activating Neptune - BUT - because it is unreal fantasy - your Neptune needs channeling into the right and truthful direction. This is the next phase of Neptune to use your imagination to create your own Movie in your own head - and - then make it become real.


Let me give you an example - when you watch YouTube clip of someone driving along the road at some far-away holiday destination - a place you've been to - your imagination of what your watching is connecting to your own memory - to be in sync with that which you're watching on internet. The same with "porn" - you're watching sex - something that you've experienced in your life - and - you're reconnecting your own experiences with the imagination of what you're watching.


BUT - the purpose is to prove to you that your Neptune is activated - Neptune is enlivening your imagination - but - now you need to take control of your own mind - and - channel the imagination into something happen to you in real life.


When you dream of "sex" - imagine - being in a real relationship. When you dream of victory like you watch in a movie - imagine - having a victory in real life. When you dream of driving a nice automobile or going on a nice holiday - them - imagine it happening for you in real life.


Neptune is the vehicle which converts your imagination into real-life reality. You're the driver of the vehicle - where you want to go to and what you want to manifest in your life - is up to you. The 1st step is to STOP all unreal fantasies like internet porn - and - use Neptune to direct your imaginative mind into creating real-life reality.



Neptune means Seeing Your Dream

When you look at a holiday destination - and - it feels good - your Neptune is dreaming of your future

When you arrive at the holiday destination - and - it is good - your Neptune is fulfilled

Each stage of life - Neptune wants you to dream a new dream of your future


Everyone has had a dream come true - the definition of which - is using your imagination to think of something - then - making that something come into your life. Whenever you go-away on holiday to somewhere you've never been to - your Neptune is activated - your imagination looks at the pictures and decides whether you want to go there.


The more your Neptune imagination makes you feel excited by "it" - the more your Neptune is making you become imaginative. Then defined how you feel - when you get there - will define how insync your Neptune is with real-life reality. Sometimes it's better than you imagined - sometimes it's not as exciting as you imagined and sometimes it's a total disaster - your Neptune fooled you !


As you grow-up and as you experience TESTING your imagination - you're developing your Neptune. Astrology too - when I predict what planets will unlock and create in your life - my Neptune is taking into account experiences from the past - whilst - trying to imagine what it will be like in the future. Sometimes I get it 100% right - and - sometimes I get it wrong !


That's why - when - I'm predicting the future - using Neptune - I always wait for Neptune energies to be activated and honest - then I write and record lots in advance - because when the "gift" of Neptune is present - I always want to maximize the flow of imagination.


Neptune means seeing "it" clearly - and - when you see "it" - you know - because - the imaginative power of Neptune always carries lots of energy with it too. It makes me thrilled and excited when I see the future clearly. And if I don't feel excited then it's not Neptune speaking to me.



Neptune defines dreams coming true

Make a List of Your Dreams

Neptune in it's purity - creates the vision and the dream - then makes the dream come true


Make a list - what do you want in your future ? Now let me say - even if your dreams won't come true - making a list of what you want in your life - is activating your imagination. You see - when people give-up on life - they refuse to believe in the future - so they can't be bothered imagining anything for the future.


In 1992 - a psychic taught me this lesson - so I wrote a list of all the places in Europe I wanted to visit. Vividly, I remember going into a travel-agent and picking up Visiting European Capitals - and - feeling the energy of the places. I will never forget - I felt attracted to Budapest in Hungary - it looked beautiful. I forgot about the list I made in 1992 - until - 2008 - when by coincidence I ended-up in Budapest - because I went to Vienna for business and found myself on a daytrip to Budapest.


I made that list - half-hearted - but still did it - because I was listening to that Psychic. I'd forgotten all about it - UNTIL - I got there when Neptune reminded me that I once wished to visit Budapest. Sometimes you will do the imagination work - and - only years later - will Neptune deliver it into your life.


BUT - and - here is my point - if you don't make a list of dreams that you want to do with your life - then you can't have a dream come true. Neptune wants to begin to make a dream come true - you need to give your imagination a dream of what you want.


I know that Neptune is making be believe that I will one-day be back in USA - whilst I've been in NY and Miami - Neptune is telling me LA - California - the land of Neptune. Maybe it's a dream - but - you don't dream - then you can't have a dream come-true.


Where do you want to go - Paris - London - Rome - Vatican - Budapest - Vienna - New York - Miami - Los Angeles - USA - Sydney-Australia, Hong Kong-China , Mumbai-India - make a list .... activate your Neptune. What do you want in your future - make a list and imagine it happening.


Even something small - like receiving flowers from a man who desires you - or - receiving the feelings that someone wants you - imagine someone being attracted into your life - imagine being loved - imagine new apartment - new home - imagine job - career - business - imagine money flowing - imagine what you'll do with success in your life.


The difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE is defined whether you use your imagination to activate your believe in life - believe in miracles - believe that something that seems impossible will become possible - believe it can happen - because it has happened to everyone who BELIEVED.



Healing Your Neptune

Believing in Your dreams "again"

Very often when dreams don't come true - or - dreams gets shattered - so - people stop believing in dreams


It happens to everyone - when you believed in a dream coming true - you get the dream - and then it all goes wrong. For example - you imagined a dream white-wedding - which was beautiful - but then it ended in Divorce - so you stopped believing because a dream got shattered.


Everyone has a phase - usually after a disaster - when you stop believing in dreams. Saturn in Capricorn defines a fresh new start - combined with Uranus in Taurus and empowered by Neptune in Pisces - says - BELIEVE once-again in life.


In fact - because you've had past experiences - when your imagination made things happen for you - you know - that when you focus your imagination - it can come-true. You've done it before - it's easier to believe that you can do it again.



Healing Your Neptune

Believing in Spiritual Magic !

Neptune is saying - BELIEVE in something BIGGER than yourself - BELIEVE in miracles - BELIEVE in magic


Neptune - asks - What have you tried - what works for you - What have you explored ?



Neptune wants you to BELIEVE in something BIGGER than yourself - that's part of life - the search for what you believe in - is your Neptune journey to enlightenment - nothing is considered wrong by Neptune - if something works for you - then - it is right for you. Neptune making you believe in "it" - because - Neptune wants you to believe in "MAGIC" - and the truth is "it" has worked and been proven to work for many people.


Here are few examples of what Neptune will make you BELIEVE in .....

When you try any of them - and - they work - you're activating your Neptune


Wearing Stones and Crystals

Wearing Lucky Charms

Wearing "spiritual" - Star of David & Christian Cross


Lighting Candles in Temple or Church

Lighting Candles at Cemeteries - Gravestones of Family

Lighting Candles at Home


Sleeping directions - Feng Shui

Praying some magic prayer

Meditation - chanting some mantra - singing some song

Having a psychic reading with a Guru or Gipsy

Etc etc etc


Everything you've "tried" that isn't logical - defines - you've been exploring and activating your Neptune

People who don't "believe" in anything - have a "dead" Neptune - Neptune wants you to open your imagination


But even people who say they don't "believe" in anything - are merely looking for something strong to believe in

Because everyone intrinsically believes in something more than physical life


However, people who REFUSE with arrogance to "believe" in anything - often become alcoholics and drug-addicts

Because Neptune is forcing itself on everyone - Neptune wants everyone to live a better "alternative" to life


Hence, the enlightened choice is to "Believe" in something spiritual - rather than - have Neptune damaging your life

Born-again - means - your Neptune will ensure you believe in something truthful and spiritual - instead of escaping

All atheists have a blocked mind - atheists who don't believe - are saying is - "don't talk to me about anything"


Ignorance is the blockage that prevents people from "Thinking" bigger than reality

Ignorance ignores the truthful reality that life is defined by both physical and spiritual


Neptune is saying - BELIEVE in something BIGGER than yourself - BELIEVE in miracles - BELIEVE in magic



Healing Your Neptune

The Neptune Truth of Astrology

Healing your Neptune - means - getting it right - when you believe in something and then it comes true


The 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - are an astrological over-ride to other planets - these 3 planets create extra-ordinary situations - and - hence - when I'm predicting for you - when you're trying to understand - why EXTRA-ordinary things happen in your life - it is because of the STRONG influence of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


Neptune is the strength of your imagination and thoughts - BUT - and - this is important point - if you wish to BLOCK what Neptune is saying - if you wish to BLOCK the vision Neptune is creating for your future - by contradicting Neptune and saying - you can't imagine it - or you don't want to believe it - then ....


You're like a person sitting in front of a TV which is switched-off and complaining that you can't see anything. Neptune is saying switch-on your imagination - and - then you'll see a bright future.


I should conclude that depending on your age - and - the power of your Neptune in your astrological chart - will define - if Neptune is the component of your life that needs healing. If - at every stage of your life when you had success was because you BELEIVED - then - your a Neptune-based person.


In our generation - because of the enlightenment of Neptune intuitive wisdom and imaginative energies that's been unlocked by Neptune in Pisces 2012 => 2025 - means - everyone needs Neptune in their life - just like everyone watches TV and Movies !


Neptune might appear to be irrelevant to some people - because it's the outer most planet - but the truth is - people who have NO dreams of their future - and - people who don't believe in anything BIGGER than themselves - really do need Neptune to be healed and activated - before all the other planets are felt fully in your life.


Very often - when people have lived without Neptune activated in their lives for many years - then - they find Neptune - it's like finding GOD and finding religion. Finding enlightenment after years of "darkness" - once you find the LIGHT - you'll never go back to darkness. Thereafter, all you have to do - is ignore all non-believers - don't listen to what others say you should believe in - you know what works for you - that's your Neptune talking to you.



Healing Your Neptune

Believing in Your Future !


Being online in the past 10 years - i've read a lot of garbage of FAKE astrologers predicting the end-of-the-world - Neptune refuses to listen to such negativity. Neptune activates and listen to DREAMS of a better future. Anyone who messes with Neptune's vision of a better future will end-up in the graveyard of history.


Astrology - teaches - all the planets are in our Solar system for a specific purpose and reason. Even if you don't believe that any of the planets exist - they all exist - and all create positive energy for each and everyone to experience. If you're not DREAMING of a better future - then - Neptune needs healing. All you have to do is DREAM and IMAGINE a better future.





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