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New Zodiac Year - 2021

New Features for the Members-Only Section of the Website

Introducing the Secretive Members-Only Section of the Website


"2021" - "Age of Aquarius

"Unconventional & Truthful"

***New Audio [14mins] - Revealing About Me"

"Unconventional, Secretive and Truthful"



"Free Reading Sunday's"

Every Sunday - 15mins - Members-Only


Due to my new work-Schedule - I've changed to Sunday's for calls to talk

I will always reply to TEXT messages via WhatsApp everyday of the week


12noon => 8pm - Central Europe TimeZone

6am => 2pm - USA EST TimeZone

Call Me - Text Me - Via - WhatsApp Only




12 Month Membership includes Free-Readings

"12 Month Membership" includes


Access to Audio's consist of Daily Audio's, Weekly Audios for 12 StarSigns

Monthly Summary Audio's for 12 StarSigns - and - other inspirational Audio's




"Unconventional & Truthful"


New Zodiac Year 2021-22 - means - HAPPINESS and SUCCESS

HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL - is doing life which is - "RIGHT FOR YOU"


Whenever you need someone to talk to - I'm here to talk "it" over with you

As explained in the above audio - I understand and accept everyone




"Connections and Contacts"

2021/22 - means we must practice what we preach

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius - defines - loving relationships & prosperity/money


I believe in LOVE - hence - I love good people - and looking forward to new loving relationship

I believe in making MONEY - hence - I'm back in the business world - looking for success

I believe in using ASTROLOGY - to maximize our potential - I'm back in the business world


I'm a negotiator - deal-maker - talker-communicator - salesman - with lots of good connections

I've been a real-estate/broker for 6 years & 2 years in Switzerland as a "dealer/broker"

15 years - Grey-Market Wholesaler for PhotoGraphic business - with sales turnover $5Million a year

All my life - I've made a lot of money for a lot of people and now onwards I'm back in "business" world

If you feel we can work-together or feel that I can give you good business advice - then call me


In relationships too - thanks to the numerous people who know me - I've made CONNECTIONS

Via WhatsApp groups - and - via my personal introductions - people have become CONNECTED

CONNECTIONS in 2021/22 - whoever I can help - and - whoever I can introduce one to another



"Unconventional & Truthful"

Magnetism & Attraction to 6 StarSigns

My Natural attraction to Everyone with Planets in

Aquarius-Leo - Taurus-Scorpio - Virgo-Pisces


My astrological chart - the planets define my natural MAGNETISM

I've learnt over the past 12 yers that my MAGNETISM is specific to certain 6 StarSigns


[1] My Saturn in Aquarius [Air Sign] - Mars in Leo [Fire Sign] - Venus in Leo [Fire Sign]

MAGNETISM and ENERGY for all - Aquarius & Leo - and - all with planets in Aquarius & Leo


[2] My Moon in Taurus [Earth Sign] - Jupiter in Taurus [Earth Sign] - Neptune in Scorpio [Water Sign]

MAGNETISM and ENERGY for all - Taurus & Scorpio - and - all with planets in Taurus & Scorpio


[3] My Uranus in Virgo [Earth Sign] - Pluto in Virgo [Earth Sign] - Mercury in Virgo [Earth Sign]

MAGNETISM and ENERGY for all - Virgo & Pisces - and - all with planets in Virgo & Pisces


MAGNETISM includes anyone born between - 20th => 31st May - because of my Gemini Ascendant

If you're any one of these StarSigns - then - you'd make perfect MEMBER !







"Books-of-Secrets" - Noam Elimelech

JW's - Books-of-Secrets - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

Translated and explained by Author of www.the-astrologer.net




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