Powerful Zodiac Year 2023-2024







"New-Mini-Series Deception עלמא דשיקרא"

The 10 Deceptive Illusions of Life

"Enlightenment reveals Deceptions"


***I admit a POWERFUL TRUTH - "I'm a confidence-artist" [5 mins]

"The Moon's Energy" wants you to want to change your life

"The 10 Lies & Deceptions" - "New-Mini-Series of 10 x 3mins"



Life's Full of Deception-Lies-Liars

Deception of Addictions & Corruption

"The Corruption of Your Mind & Soul"

"Greed" is Source of all Deceptions


"New Mini-Series" recorded Tuesday 10th January 2023

Just recorded - "Short-and-Sweet" - 3 mins each audio


"# Introduction - 3mins Audio"

Deception & Lies are Facts-of-Life's Illusions

Exterior & Interior are "Contradictions-Deceptions"


"#1 - Naked-Truth - 4mins Audio"

"#1 Deception" - Clothes-Dyed-Hair-"Make-Up"-Fashion-Perfume

Your appearance - defines - "What you want the world to believe"


"#2 - Money-Purchase-Real-Value - 4mins Audio"

"#2 Deception" - Business-Wholesale-Retail-"Finance/Banks"

Everything you buy - the price has been "inflated by people"


"#3 - Fake-Love One-Way Love - 4mins Audio"

"#3 Deception" - Manipulative Relationships "Fake-Love"

"Fake-Love & Liars" are all Greedy One-Way Relationships


"#4 - Addictions of Life Control You - 4mins Audio"

"#4 Deception" - Toxic-Food is addictive - Unhealthy-Habits

"Addictive foods & drinks" own you and control your mind

Healthy foods don't need to be "addictive" to deceive you


"#5 - Words creates Deceptive Thoughts - 4mins Audio"

"#5 Deception" - Flattery-Uplifting-Motivational-Words

Words talking directly to Your Mind - require - "Truth-Proof"


"#6 - Greedy people refuse to Listen - 3mins Audio"

"#6 Deception" - Religions-Superstitions-Black-Magic

Stubborn-Arrogant-Deceitful people refuse to "Listen to God"

"Bypassing-God & Manipulating-God" is an Evil Deception


"#7 - Are You Living Your "Aims" - 3mins Audio"

"#7 Deception" - Your "Deceptive" Aims-Goals-Ambitions

Aim-Goals-Ambitions have to be "Earned and Achieved"

"The Cheats. Liars & Lazy" don't want to put energy into life

The 7th deception is believing you can get "something for nothing"

"Liars and Cheats" - always try to get "something for nothing"


"#8 - Are You Believing Liars or Truths - 3mins Audio"

"#8 Deception" - Sales-People's Ability to "Convince" you

"Liars" need you to participate in creating "their own deception"

"Liars" aren't doing it for "You" - they're doing it for "them"


"#9 - Escapism is the reason you believe - 3mins Audio"

"#9 Deception" - Why do you believe in "lies" and "liars" ?

When life's too painful - you want to believe in "magic"

Escapism is the Avoidance of Truth - the negative-side-of-truth

Escapism is - Music-TV etc - anything that distracts your mind

Escapism is a "temporary" gift of energy to help you thru' life


"#10 - Live-Life today - No-one lives forever - 3mins Audio"

"#10 Deception" - "Death and Endings" - Life's real Truth's

No-one wants to think about "dying" until it's too late

Everyone deceptively thinks that "death" won't apply to them

Facing-the Truth of Life's limited time - is - "The Awakening"



"Enlightenment reveals Deceptions"

"עלמא דשיקרא" Reveal the Eternal Truths

"#1 "Live-Life" & "Embrace-Life" with Open-Eyes

"Enlightenment needs to know all the Deceptions" - 3mins


"#2 "Live-Life" & "Embrace-Life" with Open-Eyes

"Enlightenment needs to know all the Deceptions" - 15mins

Eternal Truths are Truths that last "Forever and Ever"

Lies-Liars-Cheats-Deceptions eventually all "Vanish & Die"



1st Stage to being Enlightened is knowing Truth & Lies

2nd Stage is accepting "it" is life => then => "detachment"

3rd Stage is to Live-in-the-Light of Enlightened truths


We're living in the Age of Aquarius-Enlightenment

Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023 => thru' => 2038

More Enlightenment of Truths will be arriving soon



Few Sample Clips - More Video's for "Members"


Clip #1 - Surrounding Yourself with Good Energy [1min]

Going inside a "synagogue" - surrounded by "Energy"

The Invisible Energy of "Chozeh's Synagogue" in Lancut



Clip #2 - Surrounding Yourself with Good Energy [2mins]

Prayers On the Wall in "Chozeh's Synagogue" in Lancut

Psalm 111 & 112 - The Invisible Energy of Life

Traditional Weekly Prayer - to - Love-Life with Full Heart

Because - It's a curse to live-life "half-hearted" !






"Unique Zodiac Year 2023-2024"

Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Virgo [Earth] - 23rd Aug' => 23rd Sept' 2023

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Intelligent-Astrology Monthly Summary Audio

**This-Month's Summary** - Intelligent-Astrology" [11mins]


Sun in Libra [Air] - 23rd Sept' => 22nd October 2023

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Sun in Scorpio [Water] - 23rd Oct' => 22nd Nov' 2023

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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"