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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

There is "nothing" except GOD אין עוד מלבדו

Audio file is - "GOD is everything - GOD is within everyone"


Liars say ... "There's NO GOD in the World & GOD Does Not Exist"

Fools say ... "My GOD is better than Your GOD & My religion is better than Your Religion"

Spiritually Wise say .... "I don't know the whole TRUTH - but I do know there is a DIVINE GOD"


The simple truth is - there is NOTHING in this Universe except GOD - for GOD IS EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING IS GOD. The whole Universe, the stars, the planets, infinite ether of space is all moving in complete harmony with a Divine plan.

Some people on planet Earth aren't living in PEACE nor in HARMONY with themselves - hence many times humans don't look DIVINE nor act SPIRITUALLY - but even so that too is in the DIVINE plan for humanity - from the "darkness" will come "enlightenment" - and you can only appreciate the LIGHT after experiencing DARKNESS.

The moment of transformation from "darkness" into "light" is when you become spiritually enlightened by finding the DIVINE LIGHT from within yourself - that's when you find peace, harmony and Divine aura of inspiration from WITHIN yourself and that's when you spiritually mature to ACCEPT everything that happens in life happens for a specific reason. The truthful enlightened realization that NOTHING happens by "accident" nor chance nor coincidence - is when you're in harmony with the DIVINE through power of your mind ACCEPTING everything in life.


The Journey Starts by Searching for Answers to Questions:-

There's nothing wrong in questioning - as long as you're questioning in order to FIND the truthful answers - and not questioning out of cynical disbelief - even so I've seen many cynical critics have begun by questioning and ended in becoming believers. So ASK the questions to yourself - ASK all the questions you're puzzled by life - and you will FIND the answers.

But you can only FIND the answers IF and WHEN you begin to ask all the right questions..... most people AVOID asking questions - because they realize when they start asking - they will begin to find the answers - and the answers will probably mean a change of priorities of life.


To Start the Journey into the Understanding & Believing in GOD

You Must be Awake and Question the Existence of GOD

Start with these Powerful Questions:-


"If there is a GOD - How Could the Holocaust Happen to His Chosen People"

When 6 Million Jews were allowed to be Murdered - amongst over 60 Million killed in WWII - 1939-1945


"If there is a GOD - How Can Bad Things Happen to Good People"


"If there is a GOD - How Can 1000's of People die in Floods, Earthquakes & Natural Disasters"


"If there is a GOD - How Can Anyone Have An Abortion of an Innocent Baby ?"


"If there is a GOD that Creates Life - Why is it that pain, misery, death and murder are allowed ?"


"If there is a GOD that Creates Life - Why is it that people die suddenly, get Cancer, have tragic deaths ?"


"If there is a GOD - Why is it that GOD allows man-made religions to exist ?"

They have all been a major source of Hatred, Death & Misery


It is a fact of life that humans only BEGIN asking questions when things go "wrong" - for it's human nature NEVER to ask questions about "life" - when things are going good. Successful and prosperous people rarely study astrology or anything spiritual - as "they" are too busy in the pursuit of "money" - therefore "destiny" always needs to wake-up most people with a SHOCK - to motivate them to ASK the right questions.

And it always starts by ASKING about "Why does GOD can allow BAD things to happen?" - with constant hysterical repetitive questioning - "If GOD is the source of all GOODNESS - then how can BAD things be allowed to happen?"Initially most sensible and logically-thinking people will conclude from the above questions that ....


"If ALL the above can happen - there can't be a GOD"

It's easy to agree that - there's NO GOD in the World

It makes LIFE simple to deny the existence of GOD


The truthful facts and reality of our lives is that we are living in the year 2014, and many alleged biblical truths have now been proven wrong, lies and mistakes and even many historical facts have also been proven as fictitious nonsense. We are living at a time when the world has more wisdom, enlightened knowledge, information and possibilities available to more people than at any other time, and is the miracle of the "internet" - yet the most important fundamental question to our existence and lives hasn't yet been answered - the search for TRUTH - is there a GOD or not ?


The BIG question is - if there is a GOD who created us, this Earth and the Universe then "WHERE IS GOD? & WHY DOESN'T GOD REVEAL OR APPEAR to US ?" - conclusively many people say GOD DOES NOT EXIST or as some fake nonsensical man-made religions will lead you to believe that GOD will reveal himself at the "end of time" - but as this is not proven nor truthful we discard this opinion to be objective. The BIG question remains - "WHERE IS GOD? & WHY DOESN'T GOD REVEAL OR APPEAR to US ?" Although I should add - when you ASK this question with honest sincerity - it will MAKE you THINK - and your mind will start to OPEN up to THINK.


Inside and Outside the Gas Chamber in Auschwitz Nazi German Concentration Camp


Finding & Accepting Truthful Facts

The next stage in the search for GOD is to THINK and contemplate any of the BIG questions about "life" - really spend quality time QUESTIONING and THINKING. Especially in our generation - with the gift of wisdom and "hindsight" - we can look back at "history" and be more honest than they were when they experienced it.


As the HOLOCAUST was one of my BIGGEST questions - I will share with you the analysis of questioning the HOLOCAUST - If the Jewish people, are the chosen people of GOD then how could GOD allow the murder of 6 million innocent Jewish people ? What had they done wrong that GOD allowed them to be massacred in the GAS chambers of Auschwitz and Birkenau ?


One obvious answer is that there is NO GOD - and that's what many Holocaust survivors concluded - and they'd be "right" to conclude that - because it really doesn't make sense. The next possibility is that there is a GOD but GOD is so DISTANT from Earth that "GOD" had no idea of what was going on Earth in Auschwitz - that the evil Nazis got away with it - until the moment when GOD found out then "HE" empowered the forces of goodness with the strength to beat the Nazis and free the survivors - in return "HE" felt sorry for the persecuted Jewish people and gave the Jewish survivors a safe land to live in of their own in ISRAEL.


Both possibilities means that GOD allows evil things to be done on Earth - and bad people can do bad things to good people - even if good people believe in GOD and turn to GOD in prayer - these prayers will be unanswered as EVIL is allowed to prevail. Both these answers - define that there is NO presence of GOD in THIS physical world.



The Entrance to Birkenau - the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi German Concentration Camps - located in Poland

The final journey of death for over 1,500,000 million people

One of saddest places in the world I've visited in my whole life


Awakening Spiritually via Emotions of Anger & Sadness

The irony of "life" is that we're only awakened through intense emotions of sadness and anger - it is ALWAYS the negative emotions that awakens people [as explained from Wheel of Emotions on Mystery of GOD] . Rarely is anyone initially awakened to THINK of GOD - when GOOD things happen. Hence, BADNESS is a necessity of "life" - only through EVIL and BADNESS - that intense emotions are awakened - which force you to QUESTION life and search for answers.


One of the reason WHY - thanks to the internet - the destined time for PEACE in the world has arrived - because all the pieces of the karmic puzzle of life are "available" and "in place" - all the evil that has been done is enough to become AWAKENED - and you can absorb and become awakened by what you learn, read and see on the internet.

Your emotions can become AWAKENED by "tuning-in" to what you see online. And if necessary you can fly to Krakow, Poland and visit Auschwitz-Birkenau in real life to become really AWAKENED. Although I must inform you - when you walk through the Gas Chamber in Auschwitz and after you walk around Auschwitz-Birkenau - you won't be able to sleep for a few days. It will AWAKEN you - and make you realize HOW LUCKY you are to be alive.

11th September 2001 in New York USA created an event that awakened many - but now astrologically - "history" has defined there's no need for any more BIG events on a collective scale - because via the "internet" everyone has EVERYTHING one needs to be come AWAKENED. Although on individual scale - until everyone is awakened - there's still the necessity for personal individual events to WAKE people up - and make them QUESTION "life".


Spiritual awakening comes when your deepest of negative emotions are awakened - either "Anger, Hate or Jealousy" - anyone who says they haven't any of these negative emotions are LYING - for it's a fact of life - EVERYONE has negative emotions in order to be awakened to deal with karmic issues. The necessity of real-life awakening "experiences" are needed to "disturb" you inside - at your deepest level - thereafter you can eliminate the need for negativity in your life - as you've become AWAKENED.


Having talked to camp survivors and talked to friends who've visited Auschwitz-Birkenau - everyone becomes ANGRY and UPSET - as the intense emotions disturbs everyone. Indeed, there are many people who REFUSE to go to Auschwitz - as deep-down they know they're going to be opened and it will FORCE them to QUESTION "life". Everyone asks "how could GOD - if GOD exists - have allowed the holocaust to happen?"


For, intrinsically and inbuilt to human nature is that we hate to see bad things happen to good people, for me personally, the experience of seeing Auschwitz created an overwhelming energy of rebellion against anything that is EVIL - it fired me up with a passion for love and for life - it instilled in me the OPPOSITE of what I was seeing in real life - with a passionate desire to want to defend everything that is good with a refusal to allow anything bad to happen to good people.


Seeing in real life and walking through the ghastly gas chamber in Auschwitz instilled in me - very powerful past-life karmic energies. Therefore, I stopped inside the Gas Chamber in Auschwitz, opened the hebrew book Noam Elimelech I always have with me, read a few pages, closed my eyes and thought - at this very place in Auschwitz over 1.5 million Jews were gassed to death - this was the last place they stood before their spirit left this world and went over to the Eternal Divine Spiritual realms. What THOUGHTS went through their minds at the last minutes of life ?


Immediately I shuddered and realized this holy spiritual place is one of the largest spiritual gates & portals in the world. Many people will tell you the moment they sensed a powerful transformation when visiting Auschwitz & Birkenau was walking through the Gas Chamber in Auschwitz for indeed it is a very powerful place and spiritual portal in this world.

Moreover, this is the place in Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 1,500,000 + people had faced physical death in fear and pain - and then suddenly their spiritual soul departed their physical body to enter the spiritual world - each one had the same question before death - if there is a GOD - how could this be allowed to happen ? Would there be "DIVINE" intervention that will save them?

I tuned-in spiritually to their thoughts inside the GAS CHAMBER in AUSCHWITZ - and asked the same question ? I closed my eyes and waited to see what I would feel then ...... something very special happened ...... I felt calm and peacefulness - with an aura of ACCEPTANCE.

For the TRUTH is - Death is inevitable facet of Life - the moment you're born is the moment you begin the journey to Death - and yet many of us FORGET this fact - until we're faced with life-threatening dangerous situations OR until we're awakened to realize that "death is a fact of life". Spiritual maturity arrives after you've been emotionally disturbed, awakened, questioned life - and thereafter when you acquire CALMNESS through ACCEPTANCE.


Divine Decrees - Acceptance - This is Life on Earth

Bad things are allowed to Happen

Inexplicable Karmic Events

After questioning and after experiencing an awakening through intense emotions - automatically - one comes to a NEUTRAL level of ACCEPTANCE. Indeed, after seeing Auschwitz - I felt a very powerful spiritual calmness and acceptance - I couldn't question anything anymore in my mind - I simply accepted the fact that it was the DIVINE DECREE - the will of GOD for the mass murder of Jews in Europe and with this acceptance in my mind I then "felt" an extra-ordinary powerful spiritual energy.


After saying a few prayers I opened the hebrew book of the Noam Elimelech and all the answers where on the page I opened - "There is destined and Divine plan for everything and everyone; both collectively and individually on this planet".


There was a DIVINE DECREE that the European Jews were to be murdered - it was destined - it was karmic - and like at the time of Mordechai and Ester in the Book of Ester in the Bible - there are karmic decrees. Except the decree in Ester's time was deferred to a later time in the history of the world. The DIVINE DECREE upon European Jewry wasn't. It was the destined time for the "holocaust".


The question and reason why many Jewish people stopped believing - was they lost faith in GOD and especially in their leaders and spiritual Rabbis in Europe - who at that time should have been sensitive to "know" and "sense" the DIVINE decree - in order to pray to be saved but in the 1920's & 1930's in Europe - but the pre-war spiritual leaders were useless and failed to see the "future" and failed to look after the people spiritually. Why were "they" spiritually blind - that they couldn't predict that the "holocaust" was going to happen.


In my "questioning" - it's ironic and strange - that pre-WWII - no-one predicted a "armageddon" war that killed more than 60 Million people in WWII - as they all delusionally believed in "peace" with Hitler - and now the same types of delusional idiots are predicting end-of-the-world "armageddon" - [which is totally 100% nonsense] - for the TRUTH is there's only PEACE and SPIRITUAL enlightenment to look forward to.


Readers, may question my thoughts, but astrologically - it is clear - that although we have the illusion of being in control of destiny and life - we are NOT in "control" - because astrologically "destiny" has it's time and place for everything to happen. It is our purpose - to learn the art of acceptance.

The first time you experience "death" of a loved-one - Do you have a protest-march and complain against GOD - for creating DEATH ? You know and accept - "death" - it's a fact of life - likewise - everything in your life - it's a fact of life - and when you ACCEPT life - work-with and live in-harmony with your destiny - that's when you find peace - and most importantly that's when you FIND GOD.


Awakening Spiritually via Emotions of Love & Gratitude

Arriving at "neutral" emotions and "acceptance" of everything that happens in life - still does NOT answer the question whether or not there is a GOD in the world - but at least you're not FIGHTING with GOD anymore.


Now you're ready to be really awakened - by positive emotions of love and gratitude - emotions that will put you directly in contact with the DIVINE energy - GOD is LOVE - the DIVINE energy that constantly creates "something good from nothing" is forever present - and it is through your emotions that you too - will realize there's something DIVINE - WITHIN YOU.


Many of us are lucky to enjoy emotions of love and gratitude from childhood - but it is only - as adults - through the sexual union and creation of "something from nothing" - that the real life-changing emotions of love and gratitude are created. The greatest events in everyone's life are defined by EMOTIONS - the greatest of which are inexplicable emotions of LOVE and GRATITUDE - which create the BIGGEST events in one's life.


Love & Gratitude

Love & Gratitude - When you are truly grateful to someone - you instinctively love them ....



Paradoxically - it was Omaha Military Cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mer Normandy

The place where 9,387 American soldiers sacrificed their lives for our freedom on 6th June 1944


This place instilled deep respect and sincere gratitude for brave men who gave their lives to liberate Europe - personally, as I walked throughout - I felt sincere gratitude for them - for each of these young men that gave their lives - so that we have PEACE in Europe. Then through deep sense of gratitude - automatically creates deep sense of LOVE for these brave soldiers.


Fact and Truth

Love & Gratitude is a Good Energy & Creates Life Energy

Drawing from "Somewhere" - an Infinite Source of Energy

Sefer Shinuyim ספר שנויים The Book of Changes in chapter "Life of Love" explains that everyone in the world feels and knows how to love something or someone - it is impossible to exist or survive in life on Earth without an energy of love. However, many people rarely concentrate to think of "loving" thoughts for more few mins a day - truly spiritually enlightened souls how found that the secret to life and that is to LOVE EVERYTHING and EVERYONE - EVERY SECOND of EVERY MINUTE of LIFE - the thoughts of "LOVE" ensures you're ALIVE, stay ALIVE and have an inner desire to LIVE life to the fullest.


No matter how dull and boring your life may seem - I guarantee to you there is SOMETHING or SOMEONE you love, when you think of them - it makes you feel alive, they may not even be with you - but just the thought of them arouses feelings of LOVE - and thereby the energy of LOVE in your mind - connects your soul to an inexplicable source of life energy. The exact same energy is created when you're full of gratitude for the gift of life.


Think carefully - EVERYTHING in your life costs money - but your own personal thoughts of LOVE - are FREE - no-one can charge you for "thinking" - no-one can take them from you - they are yours forever. Whoever and whatever is the catalyst to make you think LOVE is ensuring your connection with the source of all life energy through creating energy of LOVE from "nowhere". Once the door of love is opened - you feel connected, alive and able to draw on the infinite energy of love by yourself.


Therefore, in order to FEEL ALIVE - you need to constantly use your mind to think LOVE and GRATITUDE whatever works for you - music, food, clothes, pop or film stars, special places in the world you visited, good experiences you have had, holidays, sunshine, friends, family, handsome men or beautiful women, wisdom and knowledge or even thinking of loved ones you miss who are now in spirit world of souls - whoever and whatever is the catalyst that makes you feel alive with thoughts of LOVE and GRATITUDE are the keys to the source of your life energy.

Your current status is irrelevant - if you're ALIVE - then you should be smiling - full of LOVE and GRATITUDE for the gift of life - and if you want a better quality of life - then it's time to begin to THINK - LOVE and GRATITUDE.

A grumpy old man complaining, angry and frustrated isn't going to attract anything NEW into his life - with a bad attitude - so change your attitude and fill your mind with LOVE and GRATITUDE and you'll sense an inexplicable invisible energy coming into your life. That invisible energy is the DIVINE GOD.


What a beautiful World we live in !



I'm sure in every town, city, street, garden and place in the world - you too see blossoming trees and flowers !


I think humans are "blind" - for in our internet generation - we're more impressed by a photo online that seeing it real life - even so I hope that by posting photos of vibrant colors of nature - you will OPEN YOUR EYES - and see what a beautiful world we live in. When you OPEN your eyes - when you really OPEN your eyes - is when you LET IN energy - and it fills you full of love of life - and gratitude for the beauty of life.

LOVE and GRATITUDE for the gift of life - helps you find a specific invisible energy that resides WITHIN everyone - an energy that's enlivening - and is truly DIVINE. You can't see it and you'll never see it - and yet you know it's there WITHIN you. Now you're beginning to comprehend "life" - a "life" full of invisible, inexplicable energies that defines WHO you really are and WHAT happens in your life. Only when you've found LOVE with a HAPPINESS and GRATITUDE for the gift of life - that's when you can begin to understand the mystery of GOD.


What is the Source of LOVE ?

I KNOW that the source of LOVE - is the Eternal Divine Universal Creator - who created each and everyone of us - and offers each of us the same DIVINE compassion, love and good energy to everyone equally. Now it is up to you too - to think with your own mind to arrive at the same conclusion, learning from your own life experiences and understanding what makes you think "loving thoughts" and how you can change your mood instantaneously from sad to happy - just by thinking of something or someone that triggers your emotions of love. When you have concluded that LOVE is an inexplicable power, you will conclude that LOVE energy comes magically from somewhere you cannot see nor explain.


People who falsely believe, they are unique, special or chosen, or atheists that deny the existence of a source of Eternal energy, deny the creator of the Universe, deny existence of GOD, are in fact denying the source of their own existence and thereby disconnecting themselves from the ONE thing that can sustain their lives and that is LOVE.


In our generation, I have heard, seen and met 1000's of people who have had Cancer, some people I have been lucky enough to know them before and after, each of them changes IMMEDIATELY they find out they have Cancer.

After periods of fear and therapy - the bottom line is they change to become this enormous wellspring of LOVE and COMPASSION - facing death - each survivor has found the ONLY way is to change - and they do - through tapping into the inexplicable invisible source of energy - of LOVE.


It doesn't matter, whether at this moment you believe in GOD - what does matter is that you believe in the power of love.

Think LOVE - be LOVING - and focus your mind and thoughts on anything and everything that brings you LOVE energy.


"Believing or Not Believing in GOD"?

Spiritual interviews with Professor Dr Carl Jung on youtube

where he discusses the difference between TRUTH, REALITY & BELIEFS.


As Professor Dr Carl Jung says " I don't believe in GOD because I KNOW there is a GOD"

During your life and reading these online writings - I hope you too will come to the same conclusion.

Even if you don't - you cannot disagree that there is an inexplicable source of energy for life - I call GOD



And a personal note added - as soon as I CHANGED and found Enlightenment from within...

"I was wrong - but I'm doing my best to get-it-right!"

I believed GOD was "OUTSIDE" but found GOD "WITHIN"

Like, everyone - I went searching for GOD - in temples, in synagogues, in tombs of saints and in churches - but found GOD - WITHIN. The specific moment of "spiritual enlightenment" can come at anytime - but as I always say - if you're not looking nor searching - then how can you FIND it? The journey to enlightenment begins with YOUR desire to SEARCH for answers to "meaning" of Life and "mystery" of GOD.


The Paradox of Life

There is "nothing" except GOD אין עוד מלבדו

The World of Opposites - Contradictions - Paradox

"Nothing" means "Everything" & "Everything" means "Nothing"


"When you think you know EVERYTHING - you actually know NOTHING

& When you think you know NOTHING - you actually know EVERYTHING"


"When you know you are RIGHT - you are actually WRONG

& When you think you are Wrong - you are in fact RIGHT"


When BAD things happen to you - they're actually GOOD

& When GOOD things happen - they're actually BAD


Indeed many things in real life seem to be a contradiction but are in fact the spiritual truth

As everything in this physical world is a paradox of opposites to the real truth in Spiritual world


These spiritual secrets and deep concepts - I will explain in the "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות"



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