The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

"Spiritual Secrets ספר סודי סודות"

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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Prophecy of Wholesomeness

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The Hidden Secrets and the Prophetic Visions for the Whole World from the Book of Daniel

"לא ירעו ולא ישחיתו בכל הר קדשי כי מלאה הארץ דעה את יהוה כמים לים מכסים" Isaiah 11:9

"המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד" Daniel 12:3


Everyone in the Whole World will become Full of Spiritual Wisdom

Isaiah 11:9 - predicted that "Everyone in the whole world will be full of Spiritual Wisdom" ; Daniel 12:3 predicted "The enlightened wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever" - and it's happening now in our generation through the blessing of the Holy Internet.

This amazing and blessed generation that we are now living in - is known as the "Last Generation - דור אחרון" referred to and as predicted in the Book of Daniel. Even though it is NOT the Last Generation to live on Earth - it is the "Last Generation - דור אחרון" to live the way humanity has been living for the past 6000 years.


"גלגל חמה מהלך חמש מאות שנה - עץ החיים מהלך חמש מאות שנה" - The beginning of the prophetic fulfillment of the destined time on Earth has begun - in accordance with the "500" Year Period - "GalGal" - Wheel of Fortune of the World - a unique time when everyone will become spiritually enlightened and karmically wholesome.

This transformation won't be forced on anyone like a man-made religion - but will come from WITHIN each and everyone - as everyone finds true PEACE and spiritual enlightenment from WITHIN - and as individuals become enlightened - the collective progress of humanity means everyone will become enlightened. It won't happen through "miracles" and "messiahs" - but will happen through the influence of the transcending astrological energies that are changing the way each and everyone "thinks" - the DIVINE energy will resonate from WITHIN - and you'll instinctively realize the truth. The truth is the DIVINE has always been WITHIN - but in our generation humanity will FEEL it and comprehend it's meaning.

Collectively "humanity" for the past 6000 years has done all the "bad" karma - and now is the destined time for "good" karma. In the same way prior generations instinctively made karmic mistakes that created hate, evil and destruction - this generation will instinctively make good choices to become enlightened, loving, compassionate and peaceful. You might not believe it possible - but it will happen - did you honestly believe in the "internet" 20 years ago ? It was unimaginable to most of us - wasn't it ? And yet today - it is an important necessary part of all our lives.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"גלגל חמה מהלך חמש מאות שנה - עץ החיים מהלך חמש מאות שנה"

ספר תנא דבי אליהו Sefer Tana Dvei Eliyahu

The "500" Year Period

"GalGal" - Wheel of Fortune of the World

During the past 6000 years in the history of the World - the "mystery of the world" - has required that humanity acquires knowledge slowly - changes and transforms slowly - learn from experiences of each and every lifetime. Learn and experience "life" through each and every "past" lifetime - in different circumstances according to one's karma - one transforms to learn to become part of the family of humanity.

For in the evolution of pure spiritual enlightenment - if "humans" would have suddenly become enlightened full of wisdom - it would have SHOCKED and SURPRISED far too many people that would have brought catastrophic consequences for humanity. In the generation of Jesus Christ - "they" had the potential to "listen" to enlightenment - but "they" couldn't cope with such an enlightened soul - and hence murdered him - which through the world into destruction of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD and which through the world into the destined "dark ages".

Even in our generation - there are still a few stubborn people who are living in the "past" - who have attempted to keep humanity in the "darkness" - because "they" cannot cope with the enlightened transformation that is happening now in our blessed generation.

Thank GOD - the period of enlightenment has begun - destiny is in "control" - and as you see in reality - enlightenment is no longer a possibility - it has become a real reality that is signed and sealed each and everyday.


During past generations and purely through ignorance - there were idiots who believed the World was FLAT - and equally there were idiots who believed Abraham never existed - the father of Ishmail [leader of the Arab nations] and the father of Isaac [fore-father of Jewish nation].

Today - in our enlightenment - we can define the TRUTHFUL facts - that Abraham did exist - dated to have been born in 1976 BCE and died 1801 BCE - Ishmail and Isaac were his sons and they both existed - and that King David existed - dated to have been born 1040 BCE and died 970 BCE - and that Yeshua - Jesus Christ - a direct descendant of King David existed - dated to have been born 7/2 BCE and died 30/33 AD.


I have specifically defined these vitally important people - as in the history of the world - unlike in previous generations - whom you could feel sorry for believing the world was flat or that Abraham didn't exist - today - with truthful clarity - ANYONE who denies they existed - and ANYONE who either blocks them out of their lives - because it is too uncomfortable for "them" to accept they existed - are denying their own existence - and more importantly are denying the existence of a DIVINE GOD.

Whilst you "might" not be able to accept all the miraculous stories or the man-made laws of the "religions" - that have been passed down by "teachers" - you shouldn't deny their existence. The reason is - as we are now entering an important stage of collective enlightenment in the history of humanity - when - in order to become WHOLESOME - it will be karmically necessary to ACCEPT all the truths.



Abraham born 1976 BCE and died 1801 BCE

King David born 1040 BCE and died 970 BCE - King of Israel 1000 BCE

Yeshua Jesus Christ born 7/2 BCE and died 30/33 AD.


14 generations from Abraham => King David - direct descendant

14 generations from King David => Yeshua Jesus Christ - direct descendant


Therefore it should be clear to you that "destiny" has a plan - and has always had a plan for humanity - and as we have the opportunity through the gift of the internet to learn about the "history" of the world - it is also our duty to ACCEPT the truths - and ACCEPT everyone - more than ever before in the "history" of the world. That includes accepting all the great souls of the world and all the prophets of Abraham, Ishmail, Isaac, Joseph, Yusef, David, Jesus - for each and everyone contributed an important facet to the world.

In the same way - we are learning to ACCEPT - every nation of Earth - whether it be USA, Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Brazil, Poland, New Zealand, Uganda or even Ukraine, Spain, Dubai, Peru and South Africa - every nation and every country has an important contribution to make to the world - and in the same way you're becoming enlightened to realize this karmic truth - through the power of and the connectivity of the internet to numerous people in every country of the world - you're realizing that each and everyone in the world - and you too - has an individuality that contributes to the collectiveness of humanity.

In the same way the nature of the world has males and females - positive and negative - good and bad - light and dark - constructive and destructive - it's inherent in the natural flow of energy in the world - there are "givers" and there are "takers" - there are enlightened souls that have transcended to do BIG things for humanity - and there are old reincarnated souls whom over many past-lifetimes have remained trapped to the cycle of "life and death" on Earth's-School. That's what the Wheel of Fortune - GalGal HaChayim is all about - in one lifetime you're the giver - and the next lifetime you're the taker - and even within one lifetime you can oscillate between being a "giver" and a "taker" during karmic periods of your life.


"GalGal" - Wheel of Fortune of the World

As an intelligent human living in our enlightened internet generation - it should be quite clear to you - that the "history" of the world - has had and continues to have a Divine plan - for it is impossible to comprehend that humanity just "muddles" through in a haphazard manner.

There's something influencing your decision making process - there's something creating collective shifts and changes amongst nations and individuals - in our "internet" generation - there's something that makes people want to "question" and "explore" the unknown - whereas in past generations only a few wise enlightened souls "questioned" anything.

And although the phenomena of "searching" for answers, searching for truth, wisdom and understanding of what the "something" could be - could be explained by logical evolution or in "astrology" - that "SOMETHING" that's pushing humanity to THINK, QUESTION, SEARCH and EXPLORE is a DIVINE CREATOR of the infinite Ether of the Universe - with a specific Divine destined plan - that biblical Prophets as Elijah in the Book "Sefer Tana Devei Eliyahu" have been given - to inform enlightened souls of such a Divine destined plan.

Traditionally - man-made religions - have restricted people from THINKING, QUESTIONING & SEARCHING - but the current destiny of humanity has forced them to lose control of their believers - and the freedom from "religions" - especially from religions of Christianity and Judaism - has enabled many to find answers. In prior generations "Destiny" required humanity to ACCEPT - and now "Destiny" is requiring humanity to THINK - it's the same DIVINE plan.


The Divine Plan for Humanity

The clearest and perfectly precise prophecy that exists is written in the Book "Sefer Tana Devei Eliyahu". This is the Divine and exact knowledge that the physical world has a lifespan of 7000 years.

The 1st period of 2,000 years are years known as confusion ("tohu"); the 2nd period of 2,000 years of the Bible - Torah and the 3rd period of 2,000 years of the Days of the Messiah; thereafter there will be a period of 1000 years of complete peace, harmony in this physical world in the same way there is peace and harmony in the Eternal Divine Spiritual world of souls; the veil between the two worlds will be lifted for generations to live in peace with knowledge of everything spiritual.

I make this very clear as THIS IS REAL TRUTH - it discards all the silly nonsensical stupid prophecies of Armageddon and total world destruction by aliens - THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN - this physical WORLD is here to exist in accordance with a Divine Destined plan for another 1000 years. In the meantime it is our duty to find the pathway to spiritual enlightenment to prepare and welcome an era of world peace amongst all peoples of all nations.

The beginning of a New World-Order of WORLD PEACE has already begun - and that's through the enlightened tolerance, acceptance and mutual respect for all "people" on this planet - whoever they are and wherever they are living - for true democracy - allows everyone to live their own lives with their own beliefs - and providing "they" don't negatively interfere with others - then the world has harmony and peace.


"גלגל חמה מהלך חמש מאות שנה - עץ החיים מהלך חמש מאות שנה"

ספר תנא דבי אליהו Sefer Tana Dvei Eliyahu

Each of the "500" Year Periods Has a Purpose

The "6000 years" in the Prophecy of Elijah - contains 12 x 500 Year "Sun" Cycle Periods of Destiny

Each period in the past has been defined by a specific existence of a unique Karmic Soul on Earth


Abraham born 1976 BCE and died 1801 BCE

King David born 1040 BCE and died 970 BCE - King of Israel 1000 BCE

Yeshua Jesus Christ born 7/2 BCE and died 30/33 AD.


Each period creates and is defined by a specific destined purpose - the purpose of our "internet" generation is to SEARCH and FIND the TRUTH. And unlike prior generations - we aren't being given "leaders" to lead - instead we have to accomplish this collectively and individually as each of us has the knowledge of all the pieces - and now we must use our minds and thoughts to put all the pieces together - to form the full karmic picture.

I've specifically quoted these dates - to show you that karmic destined time is precise - and in the same way that between 1492 => 1503 Christopher Columbus searched and found the New World of the Americas - both proving time and destiny - but equally proving to the ignorant clergy of the time that the Earth was round - and not flat. Destiny determined in the exactness of 500 year periods a need to search and find something specific.

You might correctly ask - "what about year 2000?" - I'd answer that give/take a few years - you are experiencing "it" right now - on the internet. The brilliant amazing karmic destined invention of the "internet" is taking your existence, your mind, thoughts and spirituality to a new level - a level you've never been able to find before in your past-lives - a deeper understanding of wisdom and knowledge that's been BLOCKED until now.

Hence, during this karmic phase of enlightenment - denying ANYTHING, denying ANYONE, lying and pretending pieces of "history" don't exist - means that you're going to be missing karmic pieces - and until you have all the pieces - you're still going to be searching and driven by an inner instinct to search. Children who've been lied to by their parents and people brainwashed by religious "cults" - will find themselves searching - and instinctively their spiritual soul will continue SEARCHING until they FIND inner peace - and that will identify to them they've found the karmic TRUTH. People who are wholesome have PEACE - people who aren't wholesome - have no PEACE.


People who predict Death & Destruction

Are Souls with "Bad Karma" that are locked in "the past"

I've read a lot of garbage on the internet - and I'm sure you've read it too - I've researched and found they've either all DIED or quoting people who've DIED. Historically and in hindsight - all those who made BAD predictions and who lied - have DIED - even the Jewish chabad Rabbi who lied and declared himself to be a "messiah" in the 1950's - DIED in 1994 - fact and truth.

There's a whole list on wikipedia of nonsensical dates for "end-of-the-world" predicted by people who are now DEAD - fact and truth - that in hindsight - we can see "they" are all wrong. Even the recent nonsensical prediction of Dec 21 - 2012 which was going to be end-of-the-world - has in hindsight - fact and truth - been proven as a big LIE and wrong.

It is indeed BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA to believe in nonsense. But instead of blaming "them" for lying to you - accept the BAD KARMA - has a purpose and that's to teach your soul to FREE yourself from a cycle of "death, bad karma and bad fate" - a cycle that's been deeply embedded in your soul and generated from numerous past lifetimes - which until now has defined all you can see and believe in is continual cycle of "DEATH & DESTRUCTION".

When you FREE yourself from this ill-fated bad-karmic cycle of believing in NONSENSE and LIES - especially if karmically if you used to believe in the "past" lifetimes - is when you truly comprehend the Divine destined plan for humanity. Luckily in our generation - the time is arriving - when the cycle of belief in LIES has ended as the karmic search for TRUTH has begun.

The "Wheel of Karmic Fortune - GalGal HaChayim" is going to show EACH of you - that you don't need to listen to anyone - you don't need to believe in any Rabbi or Priest - for your truthful search to find the karmic truth is YOUR individual mission and Divine destiny will ensure you find the truth that you're looking for. The karmic age of peace and wholesomeness - is now defined by the fact that EVERYONE - each and everyone - will be driven to search to their own karmic answers - in order to find their own individual wholesomeness - AND everyone will find the answers.


What do you see in "The Future" of Your World

Light or Darkness ?

Test yourself - at anytime - and on any day - ask yourself honestly .... Are you frightened about the "Future" of the world? OR Are you looking forward with an inexplicable spiritual optimism to the "Future" ?

Depending on your mood - and depending on your level of spiritual awareness of GOOD or BAD past-life karma - you will know with clarity that the world has a profound enlightened future of peace, tolerance, love and compassion OR you will believe that your world is doomed to total destruction - that "belief" is a delusion - and just like all the nonsensical prophecies of fakes and liars - sooner or later you'll see that your beliefs will be shattered by the TRUTH.

I'll be honest - the day I was enlightened - I was shocked - and felt such an idiot that I'd believed the nonsense - the bad karmic nonsense that creates FEAR, WORRY and DARKNESS. It then took many years to decipher amidst many spiritual teachings what is truly truthful and what's man-made nonsense. The purpose of this website is to help you - help yourself out of the darkness of your nonsensical beliefs and help you see the LIGHT of TRUTH. It's WITHIN you, the internet and the "Wheel of Karmic Fortune - GalGal HaChayim" has defined that NOW is the time to SEARCH and FIND the truth.


Although, I should caution you that "old" souls - with a lot of BAD KARMA carried-over from past-life experiences - will have an inherent arrogance and stubbornness - it is intrinsic in the nature of people. But just like the Catholic priests in 15th century who believed the world was FLAT and forced their nonsensical beliefs on others - were proved and revealed to be LIARS - likewise the ultra-orthodox Haredi cults - are being shown by destiny to be the same - and their beliefs have the same BAD KARMA. Likewise - anyone who believes and propagates beliefs of hatred, death and destruction - are indeed acting as instruments of BAD KARMA.

When people become enlightened - the Divine light of good karma means that you respect, love and have compassion for all of humanity - every human life is as important as another. The fact that DIVINE DESTINY created each and everyone - defines that everyone has a karmic right to exist. It's a sign of karma that those "religious" people who should be tolerant - are in reality the least tolerant and the most abusive.


The good news is that NOW in the age of the internet - the "Wheel of Karmic Fortune - GalGal HaChayim" has defined that NOW is the destined time to SEARCH and FIND the truth - and in so doing - becoming wholesome as individuals and collectively - everyone will become tolerant, respectful and accepting towards everyone else. Everyone will accept everyone else's right to exist. Even those with heavy past-life BAD KARMA will succumb to change - such as the "Tribes of Israel and Philistines" reincarnated into "Israelis and Palestinians". That's the karmic destiny of the world - to bring karmic harmony, peace and wholesomeness to all.


במדה שאדם מודד בּה מודדין לו "As you do for others - so is done for you"

The Divine Spiritual Light teaches respect of Life, Love and Compassion

Evil Darkness teaches violence, threats, anger, hatred, abuse and curses

The irony of many man-made religions and cults - is they have an inexplicable hatred and intolerance for "others" - which manifests within their own cults - as they have a hatred and intolerance for their own kind. The karmic truth is "they" are deeply disturbed by something WITHIN them - and this manifests as hatred for "others" even hatred for their own kind - even their own "brothers".

"Those" dysfunctional humans have ensured the destructive karmic cycle has survived for many generations - amongst nations and families - but not for long - as the karmic time has arrived for all destructive cycles to end. The Divine light that resides WITHIN everyone - will permeate love and compassion to respect all life - a mutual respect and tolerance for all life. The reason it will do this - is each individual will become enlightened from WITHIN - and each person will realize with humility that the DIVINE LIGHT is found WITHIN them - which will make them have compassion, love, respect and tolerance for everyone else- because WITHIN everyone else is the same DIVINE LIGHT.

Hence a Muslim will respect a Jew - as much as a Jew will respect a Muslim - for BOTH are the blessed children of Abraham - and all are the creations of the DIVINE GOD. You might find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe this now - but the DIVINE karmic plan for the world - has defined peace in the world - therefore it will happen.


"Life & Love" versus "Death & Hate"

Authoritarian Dictatorship - defines a karmic refusal to accept other people's values, opinions and lives - which causes hatred, violence and an inhumane desire to want to MURDER and KILL other people. That's defined "past" generations.

True Democracy - defines a karmic acceptance to accept everyone and respect other people's values, opinions and lives - which creates a love, compassion and instinctive spiritual Divine desire to want to protect life, save lives and help other people.


The Karmic Destination is Peace

There is NOT going to be Armageddon or WWIII

There's NOT going to be any destruction of "Israel" - nor of any nation of the world. That's all fictitious nonsense ... and "time" over the next 10 years - will prove that to be the truth. There will also NOT be any man-made Messiah or religious cult coming to redeem the "world" - instead of all the predicted nonsense - everyone in the whole world will become spiritually enlightened with a sincere desire to want to live in peace with everyone else.

Now, it might seem that the overwhelming energies in the world - might define - an "end-of-the-world" - but that's a past-life bad karmic belief based on destructive cycle of "death and hate" - but astrologically since Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 - Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 - with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 - the karmic cycle of "death & hate" is gradually being replaced by tolerance, respect , peace, "life and love". Which is defining why there won't be Nuclear "Armageddon" and that's why there will be Universal spiritual enlightenment and peace.

Just like Abraham "knew" there is a Divine GOD ; King David "knew" there is a Divine GOD ; Jesus "knew" there is a Divine GOD ; Christopher Columbus "knew" there was something to search for - you too - know that you're searching for something - and like those before you - the Divine Karmic Destined plan has determined that YOU will FIND it.

If it's Not Peaceful - and if it's not wholesome - then it's not "the End" - There's a Divine Plan for the World - and if the status of everyone in the whole world is NOT happy, wholesome and peaceful - then it's not "the end". Likewise - in your life - if you're not wholesome and you're not peaceful - then it's not the "the end" yet. And all souls that have died - but not found "peace" when they died - according to the prophetic words - they too will reincarnate until they find peace and live "in peace".


"The Divine Day"

"No-one knows the Day or the Hour of the Lord" - [Mark 13:32, Mathew 24:36 & Malachi 4:5]


In all the spiritual teachings - there's a constant reference to a "Divine Day" - a "Day of the Lord" - a day that no-one knows when that "Day" will be - but it seems to indicate that humanity might suddenly vanish from existence - in less than a second - all will be gone - thereafter in the same way that spiritual souls continue to exist after death - likewise all the souls of humanity will continue to exist in a spiritual dimension.

According the biblical prophetic visions - it seems that the "Day of the Lord" - will come - because humanity is lost and incapable of finding "peace" - and the Divine Lord - includes to take "everyone" into the spirit world of souls.

I've added this here - incase - the "Day of the Lord" comes suddenly - you won't be shocked - as you'll be spiritually prepared to know it's a possibility. The prophecy defines that it will come in a second - without no warning - and will be declared as "The Divine Day" - at which time collectively all of humanity - will face the karmic truth in the spiritual world of souls and "thought-energies" which will take-over from this world as the physical world will cease to exist in it's entirety.


All the Prophetic Visions Have been Written

& Embedded into Spiritual Teachings

Many years ago - after realizing an enlightened truth - I questioned WHY was it that non of the Rabbis predicted WWII and the Holocaust - the almost total destruction of Jewish people in Europe. It didn't make sense - because "if" the Rabbis of 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries - were spiritual - they should have predicted and seen the catastrophe coming. They should have used their spiritual gifts to warn people - and get-out of Europe before it was too late.

The karmic question is WHY didn't any of the spiritual Jewish Rabbis and leaders - predict and see the holocaust coming ? Indeed, this IS the reason why so many holocaust survivors lost FAITH in their Rabbis and lost FAITH in their Religion - because it failed to warn them and failed to save them. But the truth is they were BLIND - and the karmic truths were not revealed to them. Destiny determined that needed to be BLIND. And now Destiny is determining that we OPEN our eyes, search for answers and seek the TRUTH.


The purpose of our generation is to

Search for answers and to THINK for yourself


The karmic answer is CLEAR - and that it is to teach each individual to learn to THINK for themselves. This was taught by a few - and is indeed the teaching of a famous Spiritual Rabbi known as the Kotzker Rebbe - who taught profound philosophy - said .....


"If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you.

But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you".


In other words - if I've allowed myself to STOP thinking for myself - because you are thinking for me - then I've given up my mind to you - and you've given your mind to me. OR if I've allowed myself to be influenced by YOU - then I've given-up my thought process of what YOU want me to do. The karmic solution is to create an END of such connections and to sever the links of reliance on people who take-away your ability to THINK for yourself - and most importantly STOP you being influenced by others. This is the purpose of our generation - to use your own mind to THINK for yourself.

But in order to TEST yourself - if you are THINKING for yourself - sometimes you have to make MISTAKES and be influenced by others - in order to learn from the MISTAKES - and then get-it-right - by listening to yourself. In the same way a drug-addict or alcoholic needs to be cleaned up - you mind needs cleaning up - especially as you realize that all your mistakes were made "under the influence" of other people's bad advice.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"Sefer 72 is Psalm 72"

I will be revealing soon the profound "Spiritual Secrets" of Psalm 72 - the Psalm is referring to a transitional time in the period of humanity and an ENDING of an OLD way things are done - it is defining the ENDING of one way of life - and the BEGINNING of a new way of life. Psalm 72 mentions the "MOON", and repeats the importance of the Moon TWICE in Psalm 72.

There's significant importance of the Moon - specifically in this generation - hence when I understood this - I started writing Moon Astrology - until then I was IGNORANT of the vital importance of the Moon Astrology for our generation. The remarkable karmic aspect of the Moon - is that it's energies constantly affects and influences EVERYONE on Earth - additionally the Moon holds all the karmic secrets of all your past-life emotions that defined your past-life decisions.

Therefore, the Moon is enabling you to THINK with clarity in order to become spiritually enlightened and karmically wholesome - by letting-go of all past-life energies that created negativity and prevented you from becoming wise, free-thinking and enlightened.

Until you have found wholesomeness - your life isn't complete - until you've found peace - your life isn't complete - and until you've found what you're searching for - you're going to keep on searching ..... that's the purpose of our internet generation - to find what you're looking for.

All you need to be enlightened is - to THINK for yourself - to find all the answers you're searching for - and that's the karmic blessing and the miracle of the "internet" - to ensure that EVERYONE understands, EVERYONE learns, EVERYONE becomes enlightened - and EVERYONE is included in the collectiveness of the progression of the collective consciousness of humanity.


The Prophetic Vision of the Sudden-End-of-the-World

According to the Rebbe Elimelech from his book

According to the vision of Rebbe Elimelech [see original hebrew below] - the people of the world have freewill choice - and if circumstances are created to make the pathway follow a specific direction - then the prophetic vision will happen.

He predicts that the Moshiach will be living in the world - and hidden in North of Israel - but due to the fact that all the leaders of Israel focus more on money and materialism - and all the energies in the world are full of negative worries about "money" - where people value others according to their financial value and not their spiritual value - and where Jewish people who should be knowledgeable in their profound spiritual books - are more interested in their material possessions - then suddenly and abruptly - the whole physical world will vanish - and all the souls of everyone will hover in a state of limbo and nothingness.

I must add that according to one Jewish tradition - the karma of the world is defined - when there are less than 36 Jewish people in the whole world - are concentrating more on MONEY and MATERIALISM than on SPIRITUALITY - the sudden end can come.


Whether that's true or not - doesn't detract for YOUR DUTY for YOUR OWN SOUL - and that's to concentrate on your own spirituality - because when then time comes - all the people who are "spiritual" with your minds full of BIGGER things than earthly existence - will be able to detach yourselves from earthly worries - and raise yourself away from "earthplane" - whereas all those people who have routinely created daily worries of earthly existence and have no BIGGER spiritual thoughts in their head - will remain on "earthplane".

That's why I emphasize - it's so important to use the blessing of the internet to gather spiritual knowledge and information to fill your mind - and to meditate on something much BIGGER than life. So if /when the Divine "backup" plan - happens for the world - you will be prepared.


On writing this I should add TWO important points - and that's [1] if you feel "at peace" with yourself spritiually - then you have nothing to fear by whatever happens in the world - because you ACCEPT and TRUST that whatever happens is the Divine plan - and [2] amongst Christian and Muslim teachings - they too believe that the final day - will come suddenly - a specific spiritual day defined by Divine GOD - as quoted from New Testament Mathew 24:36 - be always prepared for "NO-ONE KNOWS THE DAY OF THE LORD".



The truth is all the Spiritual Secrets are Hidden and Embedded in many places - including in "Noam Elimelech", in the Talmud Kesuvos Daf/Page 111a, in the Book of Daniel and in the words of Psalm 72 -




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