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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The "internet" is a Holy DIVINE Blessing

Audio file is - "The Holy Karmic Gift of the Internet"


The internet is the most brilliant of gifts for our generation - it is truly a DIVINE karmic gift of inexplicable brilliance

It enables people to be connected and updated immediately - wherever you are in the world with everything you need


The "internet" is a Miracle

It's human nature - that whenever you're in the middle of a transformation - you don't see the bigger picture - and automatically disregard the reality of what is actually happening in your "real" life. Indeed, when you're in the middle of a "miracle" - you don't always see it as a "miracle" - you think it's "natural" or if you've a mental disorder - you believe it's the opposite of a miracle - and attempt to destroy the "miracle".

Just like driving through a tunnel - you don't see anything above, infront or behind you - all you see is darkness - and yet you "know" that at the end of the tunnel is the "other side" - and you know you will soon see brightness, color and "life" - in this case - the destination of the "other side" is - your individual spiritual enlightenment created by wisdom, knowledge and intuition that YOU create in YOUR own mind and thoughts.

"The Prophetic Vision" for this generation has defined this unique "final" transformative period in the history of the world as being a period of wholesomeness - but in order to achieve both individual and collective karmic wholesomeness - you need to be honest and truthful with yourself AND most importantly you need ALL the information. The blessing of the "internet" - will enable EVERYONE to acquire ALL the information you need.

The fundamental essence of our blessed "internet" generation is each and everyone's own individuality - in one's own MIND - you determine your own individual ability to THINK for yourself and you define WHAT you THINK about. Unlike, previous dysfunctional autocratic societies, communities, families and groups - where you were forced to THINK what everyone else was THINKING - the "internet" enables everyone to become liberated - the "internet" enables everyone to connect with like-minded people - and it enables everyone to listen, read and learn about "everything" - literally "everything" - and although the destination is determined by your mind as you select what's truthful, relevant and pertainable to your own individuality - each and everyone is driven to SEARCH for something they are LOOKING for. You might not "know" what it is - until you find it - but the "internet" enables you follow your instincts to SEARCH for something. What you are and What you will become - is defined by What you THINK and defined by what you're SEARCHING for.

Unlike an automated machine - your MIND is controlled by your own inner spiritual soul - that draws you towards some things - whilst it creates boundaries and limitations to keep away from other things. Depending on your age - your maturity and the essence of what you are - determines what you're thinking about and what you're SEARCHING for.


The "internet" has phases like a Human

The "internet" is a journey of good and bad experiences - just like an infant experiencing the terrible "two's" - when all they do is shout, scream, make noises, attract attention - and in many cases just "poop" - without creating anything good. That probably defines many people on the internet - they dump all their garbage online - on blogs, forums and comments on youtube - that are worse that "poop" - because once you read the garbage - it affects your mind.

The next stage of "growing-up" on the "internet" is exploring "EVERYTHING" - and that includes "EVERYTHING" - even the dodgy and dangerous websites - that clicking on them - downloads a virus - and destroys your computer's memory. Once you've had the bad experiences that immature teenagers and young adults have - you're then mature and ready to use the internet wisely - as your experiences DEFINE BOUNDARIES for what you use the "internet" for and what you keep away from.

Although, sadly to say - there are many adults - that still "poop" on the internet with all their bad language and filthy garbage. That is a true expression of their soul - and defines WHAT they are. Similarly, there "internet" thieves - who download movies and music for free from pirate websites - that too defines the people they are in real life - the "internet" is merely an extension of their MIND.

Astrologically, during Pluto in Sagittarius between 1995 => January 2008 - everyone experienced the initial phase of the "internet", currently and now that Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 and until 2024 - this is the destined time when EVERY karmic experience - every relationship and every facet of your life - especially past-life karmic experiences - will be dealt with and answers will be found on the "internet" - in order to make your soul wholesome, enlightened and complete.


Who you are is defined by What you "Search" for

Your True Attitude towards Yourself - the way you think of yourself and what you're thinking determines how you deal with and interact with other people - but YOUR mind and what you're thinking the determines what you are SEARCHING for in the World.

Angry people are always angry with everyone - because deep-down they're angry with themselves. Happy people are always happy with everyone - because deep-down they're happy with themselves. Loving people are always loving with and like everyone - because deep-down they're feel loved. Hateful people always complain and and hate everyone - because deep-down they hate themselves. "Your relationship with yourself" - defines the essence of all "your relationships" with other people .....

When you're in a good mood you look after yourself - you eat healthy, dress well, smile and look good - but when you're in a bad mood you neglect yourself, look bad and are grumpy. How you are WITHIN yourself - defines and determines how you are to the EXTERNAL world. That's something everyone knows.

However, there's something even deeper - which defines your AURA - will define your FUTURE - and will determine the reality of the karma of your soul - and that is WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT.

On a daily routine level - what you're thinking about RIGHT NOW - will determine what you're about to do - more profoundly what you're thinking about on puzzling level of curiosity - will determine what you go looking for and searching for.

On a "spiritual level" whatever your destiny, your soul, mind and thoughts wants you to LOOK for - will determine what your mind finds on it's search for answers - but only the RIGHT answers that resonate with your soul - are the one's your looking for. For ironically, you KNOW the answers before you ASK and SEARCH for the questions - the problem is you don't know you know the answers UNTIL you find what you're looking for.

The "internet" is the best way of SEARCHING for what you're looking for - in the future and as your own mind develops - through the power of brilliant spiritual intuition your own mind will inspire you with all the answers you need - in the meantime - the "internet" will continue to help you find what you're looking for.


What you are & What you become

is defined by What you "THINK"

It takes weeks and months of reflecting back in "hindsight" to realize the TRUTH - that WHAT you thought and the way you thought has defined WHO you are today. All the collective experiences - in fact EVERY experience of your life has defined WHO you are today. Unfortunately, when we're younger - we are forced to "believe" lies and garbage by bad, abusive dysfunctional and ignorant parents, relatives and teachers - who influence our minds with their "garbage" - which then needs cleansing out of your mind.

In my early childhood - I was taught that Jesus Christ never existed - and unfortunately there are still schools today that teach Jesus Christ never existed - just like there are people who still believe in the nonsense of the "Virgin" Mary. What those bad deceitful teachers did - was in hindsight a BIG BLESSING - because when I realized they LIED about the existence of Jesus Christ - then I realized "they" probably LIED about everything else too - and after learning and searching for the TRUTH - indeed I found the TRUTH.

Luckily, through the information available on the internet - I've learnt the truth of how many numerous Rabbi's I've known - who were really bad people - their grandson's, granddaughters and even children have overdosed on drugs, run-away from the "religion" or using their "religion" to destroy many people's lives - due to their bullying "they" are pushing people away from the religion. Even recently heard how one Rabbi - who destroyed a whole community through his autocratic rule [and was one of my dysfunctional rotten teachers] beat his wife and she left him for her own safety - proving in hindsight how rotten he was. Eventually and thanks to the "internet" - the truth is always revealed in the end.

Thanks to the "internet" - everyone is a given a liberated free-will choice to learn and read from good websites - whilst being able to KEEP AWAY from these dangerous, dysfunctional and evil people - especially as your own mind helps you determine the TRUTH - by learning and reading information online. I must add that it is the man-made "religions" who have the biggest karmic debts to pay - as they created more "lies" and "evil" than anyone else - because "they" indoctrinated people's minds with LIES in an autocratic way - forcing people to accept nonsense.

Therefore, your first stage of liberating yourself from "nonsense" is to question all your "religious" beliefs. Use your mind to question it's validity in your life - and whether it has intrinsic truth OR whether it's just another BIG lie - like the belief "they" had that world was flat !

Thankfully, in this "internet" generation - everyone is becoming more aware of the REAL TRUTH - and able to keep-away from EVIL - but the 1st stage for many is to CLEANSE, DELETE and ERADICATE all the LIES that are embedded in one's mind.

Therefore, it's vitally important - you THINK about everything your mind has absorbed and is absorbing and reading. Don't accept everything you read - question it's truth and validity in your life - even the astrology, palmistry and everything you read on this website too!


What's the biggest question on your mind?

It takes a lot of concentrated thinking - to ask yourself - what's the most important question on your mind - right now? On the "astrology" website - I invite readers to ask one free question a week - the specific question defines what's on their minds - it also defines WHERE your mind is up to in your karmic destined development of your life - and that's defined by what it is you're truly worried about.

Some younger readers - ask about boyfriends/girlfriends, others ask about money, business and home, others ask about health and children - whilst others ask about spiritual transformation and finding karmically good relationships. The questions are defined by them - and what they perceive to be my ability to answer them.

Whereas the REALLY BIG questions - which are so BIG - you know you can't ask anyone because no-one knows the answers to - and yet you still have the questions. The BIGGER the question on your mind - defines your true SIZE of your mind.

And yet, I'm certain that ALL the biggest questions - you already know the answers to - you just don't know you know the answers UNTIL you start to THINK of the BIG questions. The reason people don't ask the BIG questions - is because they realize when they find the answers - they will be perplexed that it will change the meaning and an emphasis of their lives - so to avoid opening "pandora's box of mysteries" or eating from the "forbidden fruit" from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden - "they" keep it locked and closed - refusing to ASK the BIG questions - and continue to live a meaningless earthly life of ignorance.

However, thanks to the "internet" expanding the collective consciousness of mind and thought in the world and as wisdom in the world grows - sooner or later - we'll all understand the infinite Universe, it's amazing wonders, the Divine Creator and all mysteries of "life". Divine karmic destiny has opened the gates to the Garden of Eden and to the Tree of Knowledge - all you need to do - is step inside and learn.



The photo from NASA website towards the centre of the Universe - Sagittarius - from the Hubble Telescope. "Infinity" contains "infinite" vastness of space, energies, lights, solar systems, stars and planets beyond our current comprehension.

When you look at the stars at night - does your mind OPEN and EXPAND to attempt to comprehend "life" OR is your mind closed, selfish, contracted and insular wondering when you're going to have sex next, have something to eat, watch a movie? or are angry at something that's so unimportant - the thoughts in your "closed" mind are such a contrast to the infinite space.

Indeed, everyone has INNER thoughts about their own lives AND the ability to OPEN and EXPAND their mind to think "externally" - what you think of and how BIG the aspect you think of - and how enormous it truly is - will determine what your MIND is capable of.

A limited "closed" mind - thinks with limitations - whereas an enlightened "open" mind - can think of infinity and isn't frightened of thinking with expansive depth. To an astronomer - a billionaire that has a closed mind and thinks only of money on this planet - isn't living. Likewise, to a spiritually enlightened soul - anyone who isn't thinking of BIG questions isn't living life either - and anyone who isn't using the "internet" to search and explore - isn't really using the internet wisely.

I've heard that the educated Chinese are studying the 60 sections of the Talmud - as they've realized that there's something in the Jewish ways that inspires the mind - I wonder if they've realized this truth - that the Talmud teaches a person to QUESTION everything and to EXPAND ones' mind.

Progress means - expanding your mind - as the purpose of learning is to be able to use your own mind to EXPAND it's given boundaries and think outside human "limitations" of this physical world. EXPANDING and OPENING your mind will automatically connect you with an infinite DIVINE spiritual world of souls, of wisdom and of infinite knowledge.


"אין - "אין לו" - "מאין יבוא עזרי

The wise use the "internet" for wisdom

The internet contains almost everything - every thought is expressed by someone somewhere on the internet

And each website you read and absorb defines the "person" you are.


The internet is an unusual and yet brilliant creation - indeed it is defined as from nothing comes something - for whilst your computer is the instrument to receive the information and enables you to connect to the internet - the true energy and creativity of the internet - comes from the "ether" - it comes from NOTHING.

All of you who understand wifi and wireless signals - understand that between your iPhone/iPad/Laptop PC - there are waves that are transmitting the information that is decoded onto your hardware - technically - right now - before this information arrives on your screen - it is in the "air" around you. And from nothing comes something.

The prayer of Psalms 121 - asks - "I lift up my eyes .. and from where will come my help?" Many explain this as a fact and not as a question. Therefore, instead of translating מאין as "from where will my help come?"- we translate it as "from nowhere" and "from nothing" comes help.

Indeed, when we truly think that is what we ask for in prayer as - everything comes from nothing - everything good in the world comes from nothing, every answer to your prayer comes from nowhere - that's why you ask - and that's the intrinsic essence of this world. Where does ALL life come from - from "nowhere".

People with limited belief - constantly fear and question - where food and sustenance will come from - to feed humanity - the fact is that from "nowhere" it comes - from "nowhere" it has always come - and from "nowhere" it continues to come. We know that there are scientists whom will make HUGE breakthroughs in creating sustainable fuel. In fact, it's the TRUTH that 100 years ago - when humans couldn't THINK as they THINK today - there was famine and starvation.

Today, all humans are THINKING differently - and hence with expansive minds - intune with "destiny" and "nature" - collectively we're being inspired to find the answers from "nowhere". The blessed "internet" is a direct result of people THINKING - and it's SAVING humanity. For example, have you realized that because of the internet - less paper is wasted - less books are printed - and hence less trees cut-down - what a blessing. But the biggest blessing of the "internet" is still waiting to happen.....


הללו את יהוה כל גוים שבחוהו כל האמים
"All Nations are Praising GOD - All peoples are Thanking GOD"

Psalms Chapter 117


The prophetic vision of King David in Psalms 117 - doesn't exclude anyone anywhere - it is all inclusive of everyone everywhere in the world - confirmed by Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel - that there will come a time in the history of the world - when everyone will see the Divine - at the same time - and with ecstatic gratitude THANK GOD.

When the prophetic visions were seen more than 2000 years ago - it would have been impossible to imagine how EVERYONE EVERYWHERE would see the DIVINE at the same time. In our internet generation and thanks to the "internet" - iPad / iPhone and handheld smartphones & tablets - it's easy to see how EVERYONE EVERYWHERE can and will see the same thing at the same time. Destiny has it's reasons - and soon - we will all see why - where-ever you are in the world.


Inclusive of Everyone - Everyone is included

The karmic blessing and the miracle of the "internet" is to make and to ensure - that EVERYONE understands, EVERYONE learns, EVERYONE becomes enlightened - and EVERYONE is included in the collectiveness of enlightened progression of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Not only is everyone included - but everyone has the potential opportunity to connect with everyone else - and to learn without limit about everything and everyone in the world. Anyone who "thinks" they are better than everyone else - anyone who "thinks" that DIVINE GOD will be showing them and excluding others - are living a LIE - for the prophetic vision is that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE will see the same destined vision.


Pluto in Sagittarius gave you "the internet"

Saturn in Sagittarius will reveal the destined reasons why ...

Astrologically, during Pluto in Sagittarius between 1995 => January 2008 - everyone experienced the initial transformative phase of the "internet", and although the "internet" has developed through iPad/iPod/iPhone and tablets - the acquiring of and having "internet" access - began between 1995 => 2008 during Pluto in Sagittarius.

From December 2014 and until December 2017 - Saturn will be in Sagittarius - coupled with Saturn's transit in Sagittarius will be a continuous Saturn in Sagittarius trine to Uranus in Aries - this period will define that everything in your life - will be defined by the "internet".

"Destiny" will ensure EVERYONE will be online because "destiny" has events that will need to happen - that only through everyone being online - everyone on the planet will be able to see what happens, what unfolds, what destiny will be enlightening everyone with - everyone everywhere - all inclusive - at the same time.


Evolution of "The Internet" since 1950's

"The Prophetic vision for the Whole World" defines a karmic time when everyone will become enlightened - and through spiritual enlightenement - everyone will find peace and become wholesome. The journey needs and takes time - both as an INDIVIDUAL journey and collectively - it is done through YOU gradually evolvingm accepting and understanding the TRUTH that pertains to your life - whilst simultaneously you respect other people's TRUTHS that pertain to them. When everyone is truly "in tune" with the DIVINE - then all pathways are right - and all pathways respect everyone else's pathways - opinions, views and right to exist.


Astrologically, the "evolution" and "transformation" of the world began since the 1950's - when technological modernization, inventions and brilliance created in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's collectively made part of the destined journey that led to the "internet" generation. If humanity hadn't had the past 60/70 years to evolve - then the sudden appearance of the "internet" would have been too overwhelming.

Similarly - "spiritually" - in this age of enlightenment - time is needed to evolve - and to comprehend the TRUTH of the DIVINE. If humanity was given all the answers at once - it would be too overwhelming and shocking - especially for the arrogant and stubborn older inflexible generation and man-made "religions" - therefore humanity needs to "evolve" in it's desire for PEACE, through lessons of tolerance and pure spirituality. It's always the same principle in "life" - that the BEST always comes at the END - defined astrologically by Neptune in Pisces.


Neptune's current astrological cycle began in 1865 when Neptune entered Aries - and it's taken until April 2011 to arrive at the 12th House of Pisces. Each cycle of every planet through the Zodiac from Aries to Pisces - has a specific mission - Neptune began in Aries in 1865 and will complete the cycle in Pisces in 2025 - when it's wholesome destined mission will be fulfilled - and that mission is the enlightened spiritual transformation of everyone in the whole world. Hence, all the idiots that predicted end-of-the-world were ignorant to the fact the World has a cycle, karmic mission and Neptune in Pisces has a role to ensure it's completed in peace.


Neptune in Pisces - "THINK for yourself"

Neptune is one of the OUTER planets - I call GENERATIONAL planets - as it moves to CHANGE the perceptions of each generation "collectively". Older people need different things in their lives to have "stability" than younger people. Hence Neptune in Pisces is going to affect certain "older" generations - in fact "Neptune in Pisces" is DESTROYING the older generation - especially that selfish greedy generation - people born with Neptune in Libra and Neptune in Virgo - for it was "that" generation that created the pursuit of SELFISH GREED as a noble profession. They were deluded to believe in themselves without care for others or for the next generation.

Neptune in Pisces is destroying the corrupt values of "that" generation - hence it will create STABILITY for everyone else. For "older" generations should have shown and taught younger generations that STABILITY is created through HARMONY, PEACE, LOVE & COMPASSION - but "that" generation didn't - they did the opposite. Unfortunately the last generation influenced by selfish greed - ensured that younger people were being ruined - because "they" taught the WRONG values.

Neptune in Aquarius between 1998 and 2011 allowed them to project their dysfunctional values and impress your THOUGHTS. During this time your mind became "owned" by "them" - and I'd guess the "internet" had a role to play in influencing your mind and thought - but it wasn't easy to get through to your mind - so "they" needed to use abusive and manipulative tactics to penetrate your mind - and make you surrender your mind to their mind.

Neptune in Aquarius allowed them to do this through media, enticing advertising, sexual desires and through numbing your mind by alcohol and drugs abuse - which enables a person's mind to be "taken" and influenced by "them" - and prevented people from thinking for themselves because they had lost control of their own minds. The famous Spiritual Rabbi known as the Kotzker Rebbe - who taught profound philosophy - said:-


"If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you.

But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you".


In other words - if I've allowed myself to STOP thinking for myself - because you are thinking for me - then I've given up my mind to you - and you've given your mind to me. During the past 20 years - many of us - have been influenced by "negative" thoughts - that have surrendered our minds to "others" - but since Neptune entered Pisces in "2011" that's changing.

Neptune in Pisces is the destined solution is to create an END of such "ownership" and "influence" on your mind and thoughts - as it created a clear-thinking ability to WAKE UP and USE your own mind - soon you will be able to THINK for yourself.

Once you have control over your own mind - you have FREEDOM - and thereafter Neptune in Pisces - will inspire you from WITHIN with brilliance - instead of being influenced by brainwasing "garbage" from the external world.

On a deeper karmica level - each and everyone of us - has lived in past-lives - have had STRONG impressions made on our minds - during this cycle of Neptune in Pisces - and at a destined time of karmic wholesomeness - you will be able to take "control" of your own mind - and cleanse all the past-life garbage from your mind too.


Neptune in Pisces - "Simple" is the Best

Neptune in Pisces - defines that simple - the most natural and simple way is always the best. The current cycle of evolution that Neptune is making between 1865 and 2025 - defines that NOW - between during Neptune in Pisces 2011 => 2025 - means we need to transform to learn the lesson that SIMPLE is the BEST.

Steve Jobs of Blessed Memory - who was a Pisces - created "Apple" - everyone who's got an iPod/iPad/iPhone knows how brilliant it is - for the simplicity, compactness and easy-to-use product - contains immense power - proving quality in a product is much better than quantity. Simplicity has importance and is now going to be "fashionable".

Neptune in Pisces will be taking humanity a step-further in the pursuit of "simplicity", the way we live, what we "take" from the planet and how we collectively sustain the planet for future generations. That includes fossil fuels and the cycle of dependancy of destroying the planet instead of protecting it. Although "mother" earth - might have to teach us to change - if we don't change by ourselves.

Neptune in Pisces will influence our "diet" too - and whilst many of us enjoy tasty drinks - we're going to find that "water" is the best drink in the world. Likewise, whilst many of us have eaten meat and fish in the past - we're going to evolve and realize the best foods are those that are GROWN and GIVEN by mother nature - fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains - milk, eggs and cheese - and soon these will be proven to healthiest for our physical bodies.




Omaha Military Cemetery - Colleville Sur Mer - near Bayeux, Normandy, France

The "allied" - American, Canadian, British, Russian & Ukrainian soldiers FREED Europe from tyranny

"Past" generations needed to liberate humanity by battling and fighting

Our generation will liberate humanity through PEACE.


Neptune in Pisces - "Peace" & "Wholesomeness"

When we look-back with gift of hindsight we can see historically that the current Neptune cycle between 1865 and 2025 - well - let's be honest - there's never been anything like it in the history of the world. It's end result - will be peace, wholesomeness and spiritual enlightenment for all of humanity.

"STABILITY" in the "past" generations - meant wars, anger, fighting, greed, decadence, selfishness with an arrogant detached sense of duty to anyone else in the world except themselves and "their" own kind - hence "they" ruined a whole generation. To create "stability" in the "past" meant brave soldiers had to fight and destroy "evil" to protect humanity from destruction.

"STABILITY" in this generation with Neptune in Pisces will undo the damage of "past" generations - by showing the true meaning of STABILITY is through PEACE - living in harmony - mutual respect for EVERYONE in the world.


I've posted the above photo of Omaha Military Cemetery - Colleville Sur Mer - near Bayeux, Normandy, France to show respect for the previous generations - for we are all collectively part of the destined karmic journey of transformation for all of humanity.

The wars fought 70 years ago - are the reasons we're alive today. The technological inventions and discoveries of the past 70 years - are the reasons we have "internet" today. Denying any part of the journey is denying our own existence.



The Holy Tomb of St Peter in the centre of St Peter's Basilica - Vatican City, Rome, Italy.


Our collective existence is "HISTORY" itself

& dates back to St Peter & Jesus Christ 2000 years ago and Even further back to Abraham and King David

All of which - everything is "online" - all you need to do is SEARCH for the pieces of the puzzle of your life...


The "internet" enables you to find all the pieces

The "internet" is the most brilliant of karmic gifts for our generation - for it enables you to SEARCH and assemble all the pieces of your life - including all the inexplicable karmic facets - especially past-life aspects that needs healing - the internet enables you to SEARCH and FIND.

It's all online - all the pieces and all the information you need - is somewhere online - on the internet - all you have to do is SEARCH. It maybe a photo - image - you find online - that triggers a memory - and attracts your attention - it maybe "someone" you're looking for - to learn what's happened to them - whatever it is Neptune in Pisces - will encourage you, will guide your mind and thoughts - and will show you what you're looking for. Thereafter it's your karmic job to assemble the whole picture of your life. Forgive the "past", heal the "present" and look forward to the "future".





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