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Sefer Shinuyim Book of Changes ספר שנויים

The Audio file is - "Introduction to Book of Changes - Finding your own destined destiny"




The new version of Sefer Shinuyim ספר שנויים "The Book of Changes" - "A single thought has the power to change your whole world" - the fundamental reason why you're living is because the whole purpose of your life is to change - because a physical life without change is in fact death.



The Spiritual Concepts of ספר שנויים

Sefer Shinuyim The Book of Changes



Sefer Shinuyim ספר שינויים "The Book of Changes" fundamental concept is that EVERYTHING in this physical world CAN be changed. The spiritual reason for this belief is simple, everything that occurs in this physical world has a source of energy in the Eternal Divine Spiritual World; through the power of prayer and by changing something in the Spiritual World this will automatically change something in this physical world.


To make any change in our lives, we must change our thoughts with our mind and soul; Sefer Shinuyim ספר שנויים "The Book of Changes" focuses and teaches us how to use our soul, mind and thoughts to change our spiritual soul and our physical lives. Sefer Shinuyim ספר שינויים "The Book of Changes" explains how to connect spiritually our mind, thoughts and soul to the Eternal Divine Spiritual World and thereby enable changes to occur in our lives through the power of prayer.


Sefer Shinuyim ספר שנויים "The Book of Changes" spiritual teachings are that "A single thought has the power to change the whole world". "The purpose of life is to change - as a physical life without change is death". "Love has the power to change anything and everything" and "יפה שעה אחת של אהבה יותר מאלף שנים של שנאה" - "One moment of love gives more life and is worth more than a 1000 years of hate".



"The Key" of Your Life


To open an enormous door, you only need a tiny key. To solve a baffling mystery, you only need a small clue. It currently seems as if something vast and daunting is preventing and blocking you from making progress. Naturally enough, you are contemplating big moves.


Yet all you really require is a little piece of information. A word or two from the right person. An idea from the right part of your own imagination.An insight from the right section of the library. A seemingly trivial discovery is about to make a very big difference. We hope in the following sections we shall be able to provide you with the KEY.


The Keys of Wisdom & Knowledge

The Book of Changes Sefer Shinuyim ספר שינויים


The spiritual method by which the "KEYS of Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge" are used to unlock access doors to different facets of our soul are the same in each and every generation. This NEW enlightening version Sefer Shinuyim Book of Changes encompasses and explains how each person can attain the power of obtaining "Keys of Spiritual Knowledge" and be blessed with the opportunity to use them wisely.


With just a small key of knowledge along one's pathway of life, one will have the ability to transform and change ones thoughts and heal ones soul. This is the ONLY reason EVERY person came to this earth to CHANGE and become spiritually enlightened.

Sefer Shinuyim ספר שינויים "The Book of Changes" explains that spiritual knowledge is compared to a KEY; in that a small key can open a very large door. It only takes a small amount of knowledge to make a very big change in ones life, but it starts with a small "key" of knowledge to open the door in ones mind and soul.


Amongst the new chapters of Sefer Shinuyim ספר שנויים The Book of Changes, EVERYONE will find the specific correct key of knowledge for the correct "access door" that one needs to open in ones life to follow a meaningful, purposeful and spiritually enlightening life.


Sefer Shinuyim Book of Changes ספר שנויים




Dr Astrology - Self-help - Healing YourSelf

When you're sick and blocked you know it ...


When you've got a physical ache and pain in your body - you know it - because "it" hurts you. The problem with "astrological afflictions" is that you can be afflicted for years and years - without even realizing what "it" is - UNTIL - you get the moment of enlightenment - the moment of inner questioning from within your own mind - that says to you - something is WRONG - something needs to be HEALED - something needs to be SOLVED.


The powerful moment of enlightenment is actually created by the UNFAIR and INTENSE PAIN - because - "it" is hurting you so much - and as the inexplicable affliction has become so BIG you've searched the internet and found this website - the PAIN you feel within you is a message of awakening to search for the answers, heal yourself and solve your problems.


This section of the website - will show you all the planets in our Solar System are powerful to create the answers and energy you need to have a wholesome and happy life. All the planets in our Solar System are constantly giving everyone lots of energy - so if you've not feeling the energy of any of the planets - then you've got a blockage.


When you haven't got the life and destiny you know you should have - when you experience - something UNFAIR and PAINFUL - you instinctively question life - WITHOUT the PAIN - you wouldn't change anything in your life and you wouldn't do anything meaningful. Hence, when you've been awakened by something UNFAIR and PAINFUL - don't become NEGATIVE - see "it" as a GOOD SIGN.



The "unfair" Problem is the Key to the Solution

Embrace the Problem - What's Your Problem ?


Whatever is bothering you - whatever is annoying you - whatever is totally inexplicable and unfair in your life is the KEY to the door to the future and to finding the solution. It's useless to sit and complain about the ache and pain - because the "unfair" facet that's creating the pain is only the "key".


If you think of your automobile as the vehicle to get your life moving - then the key is just the key to open the door and start the engine - the key isn't the vehicle. The same with your specific "unfair" problem - it's just the key to awaken you and to motivate you to do get your life moving.


The best way to SOLVE the problem is to define - what is hurting you the most - which planet do you think is BLOCKING your life. And believe me - when I did this for myself - I was shocked and surprised when I realized which planet was BLOCKED in my life.


I have been predicting Moon Astrology since 2008 - and - in 2018 I realized that it was my Moon that was my blockage. When I healed the Moon - everything was unlocked. The irony is that many of us are instinctively attracted to career's, hobby, interests that define both the problems and solutions of our lives.


In this lifetime I was attracted to Moon Astrology - and - I should have seen it sooner - the reason WHY I was instinctively attracted was because my Moon needed HEALING. The same with you - you're already attracted to both your problems and to the answers - because your instincts are ensuring you're already connected to your problems, to your blockages, to your unfair situations - and - now - is the time for healing it and unblocking it forever.


Embrace your problems - don't avoid them anymore. The more you love whatever "it" is that's unfair in your life - the more you'll be able to heal it. If you avoid "it" - you're merely postponing the solution. So embrace "it" - whatever is the most UNFAIR and PAINFUL fact of your life.


The moment of relief - when a Dr tells you what's wrong with you - is the moment you can begin to heal it. Refusing to listen to the Dr - is stupid. So listen and accept "it". Everyone in the world has at least ONE UNFAIR and PAINFUL facet that needs healing - and - when you heal it - it will unlock everything else in your life.



Astrology creates Solutions to Problems

Astrology does not create Problems or blockages


NOTHING is superfluous - EVERYTHING is essential - and just because you don't see the reason why there's something in the world - and - in your life - doesn't mean it's useless - it means - you're not wise to understand what it's purpose is.


When you open the hood / bonnet of your automobile - just because you don't understand what things do - you wouldn't touch any component would you. Everything has purpose. In your physical body - even if you sit in your armchair or desk all day long - doesn't mean that your legs are useless. Because there will be moments in the day when you need your feet and legs.


Every Planet in our Solar System has purpose - every moment and every day of our lives - all the planets are doing something - and - just because you don't feel it or aren't using it's energy - doesn't mean there's something wrong with the planet - means - there's something wrong with you.


Let me give you an example - at Full Moon's or Moon squares - especially when you feel the intense illogical emotional energies - the pain has not been created to HURT you - it's been created to make you aware of the most UNFAIR and PAINFUL fact of your life - in order for you to SOLVE and HEAL the problem.



Dr Astrology - What's Your Blockage ?


All you have to do is recognize - which planet is speaking to you - which planet is creating the specific blockage in your life for you to heal "it" and solve "it". What's your blockage ? Before you begin - you need to ask yourself - are you switched-on?


Your computer, TV or phone might be 100% perfect - but - if it's not turned-on and if there's no battery power remaining - then it will appear to be DEAD. The symptoms of afflicted SunSign and MoonSign is the appearance of being DEAD - for most people this is - LAZINESS - so to begin you need to be TURNED-ON - switched-on - that your physical body is ALIVE.


Laziness defines you need to Heal-Your Sun and Heal-Your-Moon. Any moment of the day - when you appear to be DEAD - whenever you're not feeling ALIVE and ENERGETIC - means - it's your Moon and your Sun that needs activating. LAZINESS - is the - " you can't be bothered doing anything mode" is the symptom of afflicted Sun & Moon.


The two inner planets of Mercury & Venus - defines - what's going on inside your mind and thoughts. Mercury defines your thoughts. If you're THINKING OF NOTHING - then - your Mercury is blocked and Your Mercury needs healing. If you're daydreaming and can't even remember what you were thinking of yesterday - then your Mercury is blocked.


In an extreme sense of Mercury-affliction - means - you've forgotten everything. You see - truly unforgettable moments of your life - are - totally unforgettable - because your Mercury was fully activated. Your favorite songs, movies, holidays and everything you can remember are moments of fully activated Mercury. The more you remember the more healed your Mercury is.


Mercury defines your thoughts - it is closest planet to the Sun - and defines what you like about life because you're thinking about it all the time. An afflicted Mercury - that needs Healing - is if you're using your thoughts to WORRY - or - your depressed or your negative-thinking.


Healing Your Mercury is essential to having success in your next inner planet of - Venus - your love of life and desire for Money to live life - because you need to take-control of your own mind before you can have your own love-life and your own success. The inner planets of Mercury & Venus say - there should only be ONE thing you're constantly thinking about and that's how much you love being alive.


Venus is what gets your heart pumping faster - Venus is what gives you the flow of life-energy - because Venus turns you on. If you don't want anything - if you don't desire anything - then your Venus is afflicted. Healthy appetite for life - wanting things in life - loving things you've got in your life - is - healthy Venus.


Hating Life - hating things in your life - disliking, disinterested and being negative about all the wonderful things in life is an afflicted Venus. When you go to supermarket / Grocery store - there's always something you desire and want. Walking into vast wonderful grocery-store of life and not getting "turned-on" or excited by g anything is an afflicted Venus - and - your Venus needs healing.


Whenever Nothing is Happening

Whilst the inner planets constantly activate your mind, communication, desires and your heart ....

Whenever NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Mars defines whenever you haven't got money to live - to eat - to survive - then Mars needs Activating and Healing

Jupiter defines something BIG and POSITIVE - hence - whenever life is not being kind to you - then Jupiter needs Healing

Saturn defines destined place to live - destined relationships - and - protection from negativity


If you can say with honesty that NOTHING is happening in your life - the affliction is - your disconnection to - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn. If the last 7 days and especially if in the last 30 days of your life - NOTHING significant has happened - then there's a blockage in one or all 3 of these planets.


The 3 outer planets define your EXTERNAL world - Mars defines what you need to live - and - you attract Mars into your life - because you need it to survive and to live. Mars is fact of life - FOOD - CLOTHES - ESSENTIALS - HOME - BED - everything you need for your body to function and for you to survive.


Without - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - you wouldn't survive - you'd be DEAD or HOMELESS - if your life is insecure and FRAGILE then Mars needs Healing. If nothing good appears to be happening in your life and you're sad, depressed, pessimistic and miserable - then - Jupiter needs Healing. If you feel your life is dead-boring, useless and meaningless - and - if you don't believe your in the right destined place to live - connected to destined relationships - and - feel protected from negativity then - your Saturn needs Healing.


Your Ability to Create Changes

Your Belief in Miracles

Whilst destiny defines fixed situations in everyone's lives - these 3 outer planets can set-you-free from destiny

Your belief that you can break-free from do something spectacular with your life is defined by Uranus - Neptune - Pluto


Let me define that every seemingly predictable aspect of your life is defined by all the other planets. The unpredictable, the most unexpected, the most unusual and the most life-changing is defined by the 3 outer planets of - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


If you weren't influenced by Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - then you'd live and die in the same place - you'd have the same continuity from one day to the next - and - nothing dramatic would change. Therefore - EVERY FACT of your life that has created a CHANGE that isn't predictable is defined by your Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


When people do extra-ordinary things with their lives - it is done because Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - these planets define an ability to BELIEVE in the extra-ordinary - to BELIEVE in dreams - to BELIEVE that you can do something beyond what other "normal" people do - and beyond what other "normal" people think you can do.


The 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - define - EXCITEMENT - and - REBELLION from anything "fixed" - because you believe in whatever you believe in - and - you do it - in fact - these planets compel you to do it - because you know it's what life wants you to do.


Everytime something - UNEXPECTED - EXCITING - and - REBELLIOUS - from your "fixed" and predictable life would defined mould - especially when it creates a positive influence on OTHER people's lives too - then it is because your of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - are activated.


All creative people - all writers - all people of influence over others - all religious people - all singers and song-writers - all movie-makers - all scientists - all Dr's - all healers - and - I add - everything that is created on the internet that changes the lives of people - ensuring that OTHER people believe in MIRACLES - are the essence of 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.


I'm not a traditional astrologer - because - I believe in 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - and - many of you have seen the predictions I've written - and to your amazement - when something UNEXPECTED happens - you think it was "me" - it wasn't - the truth is - it was your belief in my predictions that unlocked your 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - to believe in yourself.


People who don't believe in MIRACLES have got a blocked Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - and - need healing. The good news is that thanks to the "internet" - and - thanks to Gipsy's, Astrologer's and Psychic's everyone in the world - believes in MIRACLES. There are 3 types of Miracles


[1] The Uranus miracle - totally unexpected surprises - sudden changes that take you from one place to another - that take you from one life into a new life - like getting on a Plane and flying-away somewhere new and exciting. Like"internet" access - or creating a website - which - connects you to people far-away from you with energy that excites you.


[2] The Neptune miracle - a dream you have - moments of inspiration that are guiding your life - Neptune means - something that you feel is a good idea - and - then you create the reality from the dream and vision you've been given.


[3] The Pluto miracle - deep-rooted inside you - you've got a knowledge of your future - of where you belong and what you're going to be doing with your life - you know it's so TRUE for you - because - it becomes the focus and determination that you will achieve it. It will appear to be a miracle to others - but - to you - it's what drives you forwards.


Dr Astrology - Overriding Destiny

Unblocking the Blockages ....

From 2018 with Saturn in Capricorn - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn


The ONLY reason why people don't want to believe in astrology - is because of the negative nonsense created by stupid astrologers. You see - stupid people believe you can't change anything. And let's be honest - it is 100% stupidity to believe that things can't be changed.


I'm happy to be called a "rebellious imaginative astrologer" - especially when it means - I can explain that through the empowerment of the planets configured in 2018 => 2026 - with Saturn in Capricorn - Uranus in Taurus - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn - which combined with Jupiter in Scorpio until November 2018 - followed by Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 2018 => 2019 - that you can OVERIDE all the fixed energies.


2018 - 2019 - 2020 - there's never ever been a better time in the past 6000 years of human history for the karmic potential for HEALING every facet of your life that needs HEALING - and - you can ignore all garbage and nonsense "traditional" astrologers teach - because these 4 planets will ensure you're able to BREAKTHROUGH the barriers - and - heal whatever you need to heal.


We are all living in unique karmic times - and - you can do "it" - you will do "it" - all you have to do is BELIEVE in yourself and BELIEVE in life that you're alive today in order to SUCCEED - in order to give yourself the HEALING you need - in order to HEAL your soul for Eternity.


As a human-being you're alive in order to experience the astrological energies of the planets - all you have to do is recognize - which planet is speaking to you - which planet is creating the specific blockage in your life for you to heal "it" and solve "it". When you do "it" - when you've done it - you will immediately feel "it". When the light-goes-on - the light will be on forever. You won't be able to go-back into darkness once you've had the light of enlightenment and healing.




Every Planet in our Solar System creates Energy

Whether you believe it or not - all the planets exist

You are fortunate and enlightened to believe in Astrology - Astrological Energies affect everyone in the World


Healing Astrology defines feeling the energy of every planet. When you feel the specific energy of every planet in our Solar System - then you're fully functioning and being the person you're supposed to be. All I say to you is - "You can do it - you will do it".




Healing your Aura begins from Within You


As a Human Being living in on planet Earth in the year 2020 - in the unique generation of the internet - you've been born with the greatest gifts to be given to anyone in the world in the history of humanity. Unfortunately - most humans are ignorant - ignorance comes from the word IGNORE - as many people IGNORE the greatest of gifts until they either loose them or have an affliction that prevents them from using their gifts.


You - be being born as YOURSELF - shouldn't be moaning nor complaining about living - in fact YOU should be feeling like the LUCKIEST and the HAPPIEST person in the world - because you've been given the gift of life you have - which should make you constantly laugh, smile and positively enjoy every moment of your life.


Unfortunately, many people in the world aren't HAPPY with the gift of the life they have - and - hence - as history has proven that life ends in DEATH - but even before someone technically ends-up "DEAD" - they're so depressed that they appear to be "DEAD" inside.


The Astrological configuration of the year 2018 - defined by Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn - is destiny giving everyone the opportunity to come-back to LIFE - to be reborn and become ALIVE again - to be the best version of yourself and to love living life again - but - it is up-to-you - to use your own mind and bring yourself back to life.


ONLY YOU have control over your own mind and thoughts - ONLY YOU can define your own destiny - ONLY YOU can make your aura attractive, alive, energetic, positive and vibrant - ONLY YOU can do it for YOURSELF.


The planets in our Solar system are millions of times BIGGER than YOU - and - all the planets in 2018-2019-2020 are creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for you to be awakened to be yourself - to heal yourself - to love living life.


Each planet in the Solar system is talking to you and each planet is constantly giving you the ability to Heal YourSelf. In each of the webpages I explain - what the planet is saying to you, what the planet is doing for you and how you can Heal YourSelf.


I should say - EVERYDAY - each planet is giving you positive energy - planets don't create any negative energies - even when planets square or oppose your SunSign. EVERYDAY - all the planets are giving you energy to Heal YourSelf - to awaken you - to make you appreciate the gift of life. It's your choice to use the energy or not.


Healing YourSelf - means - focusing on the positive gift of life that you've got. Many generations prior to our generation FAILED to appreciate the gift of life - DIED in a state of misery - and - our totally forgotten because they did nothing GOOD for themselves or for others.


You're alive today - because the karmic gift of life enabling you to be alive in 2018-2019-2020 - defines you've got a destined purpose and meaning - and the foundation to this phase of your life is - to LOVE THE GIFT OF YOUR LIFE - love the specific reasons why YOU ARE ALIVE today - appreciate the gift of life today - heal yourself today - love and receive the gift of what each planet is doing for you today.




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