The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

"Spiritual Secrets ספר סודי סודות"

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Thank GOD for Jesus Christ

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Thank GOD for the Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ has saved souls, saves souls and continues to save souls.


The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is continually guiding everyone on Earth to find the Pathway of Spiritual Enlightenment. Even if people deny the existence of Jesus Christ and don't believe in an Eternal Divine GOD - doesn't matter - as they can't negate the truthful reality that GOD exists and the Holy Spiritual soul of Jesus Christ is forever present.

As quoted on the grave of Dr CG Jung "Vocatus atque non Vocatus - Deus Aderit" - Called or Not Called - God is always Present - defining the truth that everyone is constantly being guided by and in the presence of the Divine Spirit of GOD and constantly being helped by Jesus Christ - The Messiah.


Thank GOD for Jesus Christ who brings Light into our Lives


St Stephens in Budapest, Hungary --- Duomo in Milan, Italy --- St Peters in Vatican City, Rome


נשמות עליונים וקדושים

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

Understanding the real Truth of the Soul of Jesus Christ, must begin with a profound truthful look back in factual history to that period of time 2000 years ago. Through understanding all the truthful spiritual writings of the Old Testament specifically Psalms of King David, the prophets of Elijah, Michah, Jeremiah, Isaiah & Daniel - and the Mishna and Talmud written after the destruction of the 2nd temple in hindsight after murder of Jesus one will arrive at the same conclusion of the spiritual truth of saintly soul of Jesus Christ.

Indeed, it is NOT what was written in the Jewish texts of the Talmud that is the most puzzling - it was the fact of complete omission. In exactly the same way all Jewish schools omit to teach about Jesus Christ, even the mention of Jesus Christ amongst orthodox Jews is absolutely forbidden and unthinkable - many children are still taught to deny his existence entirely - and in my own life - I was 30 years old before I began to realize the truth that Jesus Christ was real - and yet Jesus was the Messiah in direct line of descent from King David - how could it be - we were taught to deny his existence?


Using this factual experience, coupled with understanding karma of past-lives with a truthful account of history and with the gift of hindsight 2000 years later, will enable you - if you were brought up the way I was - to see clearly the truthful reality of Jesus Christ, the karmic past and hence comprehend the future for the whole world, enabling you to transform, change and live the life we are all destined to live during this period of transformation from years 2008 until 2030 without interference of "nonsense and fake Messiahs" and all the lies and liars that still deny the existence of Jesus Christ the Messiah.

In doing this, it will open your mind, thoughts and soul to the SECRET recipe for REAL success in life, survival in this life and success for your soul in the acceptance of the Eternal Divine Spiritual realms of souls, leading to the collective spiritual enlightenment of all of humanity.


Man-made Religions, Lies and Myths of another new "Messiah"

המבין יבין - it's been a fascinating journey - understanding and comprehending man-made religions - and indeed it's clear that it's the deception and lies of man-made religions that have created all their problems. Because when they're exposed as liars - that's when everyone leaves their religion. The problem isn't with the faith, belief and teachings of religions - the problem is in a few BIG lies - that spoil all the inherent goodness.


"No-one honestly believes that Jesus is a GOD"

"No-one honestly believes Jesus was conceived by GOD"

It is the LIES that man-made religions create that gets them into trouble

Whereas it is the TRUTH that ensures humanity always believes in GOD


The "Myth" of a new "Messiah" coming to Save the world is nonsense

המבין יבין - Indeed amongst many "religious" people - who've been fooled - by a false myth that a new "Messiah" will come and save the world at the end-of-times - that's 100% nonsense. As the Book of Daniel explains in the "CONFESSION" of Chapter 9 - that Israel rebelled against "him" - is referring to a "man" they rebelled against - that man was Jesus Christ [Daniel Chapter 9 verse 7] & [Daniel Chapter 9 verse 11] and that "All of Israel" made the mistake - for even today many even refuse to acknowledge the existence - let alone the greatness of the Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ.


The destined time of the Messiah was ONLY PRIOR to the destruction of the 2nd temple in 70 AD - and NOT at any other time afterwards. The only man fulfilling this prophecy was indeed Jesus Christ - whom all of mankind - even today - calls the Messiah and whose spiritual energy has given LIFE to mankind as predicted in Tana Dvei Eliyahu - "the 2000 years of the reign of the Messiah". "That" 2000 year period is now coming to an end - as Book of Daniel explains - when ALL of mankind will be enlightened.


If the events of "Jesus Christ" happened today

Would anyone murder and crucify Jesus Christ ?

With the gift of hindsight, wisdom and understanding - there's no doubt that events that happened 2000 years ago - would NOT happen today - no normal person would MURDER Jesus Christ or even think of crucifying Jesus Christ today - it wouldn't happen - and that too is a sign that worldwide people have learnt, transformed and evolved into a refined and cultured society. But in accepting this - and in forgiveness of the destined events that happened to Jesus Christ 2000 years ago - we need to look at the historical facts.


The Real Factual Truth of Historical Events

The mention of the "Holy Soul of Jesus Christ" for most people invokes powerful thoughts of PEACE, LOVE & COMPASSION. However and very specifically for many old guilt-ridden reincarnated souls, especially all old souls that existed at the time of the destruction of the 2nd temple - the mention of Jesus Christ invokes thoughts of hate, guilt and inner anger.

The reason for this is Karmic - Gilgul as the real and factual truth of historical events is that the special spiritual enlightened soul of Jesus Christ wanted to sincerely guide his generation away from hate, self-destruction and materialism to a life of love, compassion and spiritualism - for his idealistic desire - he was betrayed and handed over to be murdered by the Romans in exchange for a known criminal is a set of events that would never happen if it was in our generation.

The illogical hysteria of events at that time have caused and did cause prophetic fulfillment's - but could have been and would have been avoided with the gift of hindsight - now approaching exactly 2000 years later - the remainder of the Messianic prophecies are about to be fulfilled - but first we must accept the karmic truth that Jesus Christ is an exceedingly HOLY spiritual Soul and is indeed the Messiah.


Belief & Lies versus Truthful Knowledge

There is a difference between belief and truthful knowledge as many people can have different beliefs - as a "belief" is a specific thought energy of each person - if that "belief" is not truthful then one's mind, thoughts and soul will be distorted and a blockage of life energy will be created between your soul and the pure energy of the Eternal Divine Creator and Eternal Divine Spiritual realms of souls.

The innate and karmic human desire, purpose and quest to "FIND GOD" is a search for TRUTH - the Eternal Spiritual source of all life. It is only when one finds the truthful knowledge that one really feels wholesome and alive. Believing in a "lie" will sooner or later - lead to a problem. That's why cults, exclusive groups and lies always end.

True spiritual enlightened knowledge leads to the DIVINE GOD and can only be found when one is truly loving, compassionate, living in peace and harmony and wants goodness for all of humanity - because the energies of hate, anger and destruction are NOT spiritual and anyone of any religion whom has such negative and impure energies are NOT following the true spiritual pathway of our Eternal Divine Creator. Sooner or later - it will defined in the heap of lies with the rest of history's karmic garbage.


Astrology - Predictions Made by Astrologers for King Herod

Looking at the facts - the truthful facts accounted for by everyone - prior to the birth of Jesus - astrologers predicted that the saviour of the Jews would be born - indeed Jesus was born - and in the pursuit of King Herod to find the baby boy - Joseph and Mary had to flee to Egypt to be away from King Herod's men.

The reason I mention this is because Moses experienced the same situation - hence Pharoeh the ruler of Egypt ordered all baby boys to be thrown into the river - because Egyptian astrologers predicted the birth of baby boy who would save the Israelites from slavery.

It's no coincidence that both Moses and Jesus births were predicted by "astrology" - and isn't it ironic that the ASTROLOGICAL facts which predicted the birth of these great people - would then be banned by the very same man-made religions that followed - I explain this on "Secrets of Reincarnation". But the truthful facts - are that ASTROLOGY correctly predicted these great events - and the birth of Jesus Christ to save the Jews.


The Prophecy of Elijah

The clearest and perfectly precise prophecy that exists with respect to the "Messiah" is of Elijah the prophet, written in the Book "Sefer Tana Devei Eliyahu". This is the Divine and exact knowledge that this physical world we live in has a lifespan of 7000 years.

The 1st period of 2,000 years are years known as confusion ("tohu"); the 2nd period of 2,000 years of the Bible - Torah and the 3rd period of 2,000 years of the Messiah; thereafter there will be a period of 1000 years of complete peace, harmony in this physical world in the same way there is peace and harmony in the Eternal Divine Spiritual world of souls; the veil between the two worlds will be lifted for generations to live in peace with knowledge of everything spiritual.

I make this very clear as this is a TRUTH - it discards all the silly nonsensical stupid prophecies of Armageddon and total world destruction by aliens - which will NOT happen - this physical WORLD is here to exist in accordance with a Divine Destined plan for another 1000 years - and this period will be peaceful with pure spiritual enlightenment.

The problem everyone has had in calculating these years is knowing EXACTLY when these years started to be counted. This has had to be kept secret until our last generation, as this would have only complicated people's karma, beliefs and lives.

However, as the Book of Daniel explains the destined prophecies are PERFECT and EXACT with an exact timeline. That time is arriving, and many spiritually enlightened souls have already been receiving this knowledge for many years; the period of the "End of the Messianic Years" began from 1995 - with it's emphasis of change between 2013 and 2020 - but extending until 2070 AD if mankind is stubborn and refuses to learn.

Although astrologically I can see it will be between 2020 and 2030. This exact calculation, is the spiritual energy of DIVINE GOD within everyone through the life-giving energy of love from Jesus Christ - The Messiah will sustain the world for exactly 2000 years. Jesus died between 30 & 40 AD according to all accounts. Therefore we'll all need to be ready prior to 2030 - maybe sooner.


The Prophecies of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel

For anyone whom has never read and learnt word-for-word the Old Testament in its original Hebrew or in a correct English translation, I would sincerely recommend you do; for the each of the meaningful profound words of the REAL prophets of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel will outweigh any word I write on the internet, for each of those HOLY souls were truly on a pure DIVINE spiritual level that made it possible for them to see clearly the future of the world.

In hindsight, history has proven, their words of warning were not taken seriously in their generation, they were hated, despised, had their own lives threatened and hence their prophecies were fulfilled and the Jewish people were not saved by the Messiah at the time of the 2nd Temple.

According to ALL the prophets the MESSIAH was to come before the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. This means that even if you don't believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah - according to ALL the Holy biblical prophets there was the soul of the Messiah in this world before 70 AD. Therefore the counting of the years known as the "2000 years of the MESSIAH" began by the latest in 70 AD which means these 2000 years known as "the end of the Messianic Years" will end in 2070 AD.


Jesus Christ the "Messiah"

However, for all who have seen the enlightened spiritual truth and know that the reference of "Messiah" in the Bible is referring to Jesus Christ that then the "2000 years of the MESSIAH" began with either the birth of Jesus Christ, the spiritual anointing of Jesus Christ or with the death of Jesus Christ. Hence the end of the "2000 years of the Messiah" is anytime between 2000 and 2070.

It is important to note that there is NO mention of any "Messiah" that is predicted to come after the destruction of the 2nd temple, and in fact all the false "Messiahs" that have pretended to be "Messiahs" since 70 AD have only causes trouble and died; including the likes of Shabsai Tzvi, Rabbis & even Rabbis/Rebbe's such as those who died in the past 20 years who claimed to be a Messiah, all of whom have lived off mindless followers with false beliefs of a "Messiah".

All the false "Messiahs" are complete and utter nonsense , rogues and liars like Shabsai Tzvi proved what they are LIARS, even today fake-messiahs that become millionaires from fake-prophecies and lies - each of them have created situations of hate and destruction within the Jewish people, whereas the true purpose of the predicted Messiah, as stated in Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel was to create and transcend LOVE & COMPASSION for ALL of mankind. There was only ONE Messiah predicted and he was to come before the destruction of the 2nd temple in 70 AD and he was JESUS CHRIST - the MESSIAH.



Prophecy of St Malachy & 2000 years of Messiah

This "start" and exact beginning date of the "2000 years of the MESSIAH" is "hidden" in Chapter 9 and Chapter 4 of the Book of Daniel and therefore the period known as "the 2000 years end of the Messianic Years" could be any year from 1993 [based on the fact that some historians have the birth of Jesus as early as 7 BCE] and until between 2030-2040 [as it is factually documented that Jesus was killed between 30 AD and 40 AD]. However, even for those Jewish people who don't believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah - will see the truth by the "end of the Messianic Years".

Whichever calculation one uses it is definitely based on the fact that JESUS CHRIST is the MESSIAH and that exactly 2000 years later from that specific "hidden" date in the Book of Daniel, that the whole world will become completely spiritually enlightened entering a phase of the final 1000 years of the existence of Earth, when there will be Love, Compassion, Peace and Tranquility in the whole world and amongst ALL nations. AMEN.

This, by no coincidence, because it is the spiritual truth seems to tally-up with the famous Christian prophecy of St Malachy whom had the vision of the 112 popes making it is quite clear that we are entering an exceedingly important phase of change on earth - preparing the way for pure spiritual enlightenment irrespective of belief in any man-made religion [and even for the atheists too].

And as of 11th February 2013 the day the Holy Father Pope Benedict has Divinely and wisely resigned - he has seen karmically - he will be blessed to see the coming of Jesus Christ and his destined move is setting into motion the "end of time" - we're living in very special times and it looks like it's coming sooner than anyone could have predicted.


A Spiritual Rabbi's Note Referring to Jesus Christ as "the Messiah"

Prophecy of St Malachy & 2000 years of Messiah

An ultra-orthodox spiritual Rabbi Kadouri claimed that the true Messiah came to him before he died; he wrote his name on a piece of paper and asked his followers to open in a year after he died; it was eagerly anticipated and many waited to know the name of the Messiah.


It was revealed in 2007 - that Rabbi Kadouri had written the name of Jesus Christ on the paper, at the time everyone was speechless and now it is no longer discussed amongst traditional "orthodox" Jews. The truth is that all "open" and spiritually enlightened souls who seek the truth from whatever religion we come from, always find the truth and it does surprise each and everyone of us. Forcing us to look at history again and undo the indoctrinated lies we have been taught as a child with a new truthful and spiritual understanding.


Fact - Jesus Christ the Messiah is

A Holy, Elevated Soul from the House of King David

All the prophecies of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, and including the words of King David himself from the book of Psalms, explain clearly that the MESSIAH is a descendant of King David. The real fact was that Jesus Christ was a direct descendant of King David. In the same way that King David was threatened and persecuted by followers of King Saul - likewise Jesus Christ was hated by the selfish, decadent materialistic Rabbis and leaders of the time. I know no-one would disagree with me, in hindsight, for we know it was wrong for money-changers to occupy the temple - which indeed no Rabbi would ever permit to happen today. Indeed that's why amongst orthodox Jews - it's now a Jewish custom and considered very bad-luck - never to count money or even discuss money in a synagogue.

In the Book of Psalms - Psalm 2 verse 2 - King David predicts that the people will be against GOD and be against His anointed MESSIAH - this was the factual truth with Jesus Christ. As history proved that the hysterical crowds when given the choice by Pilate between the life of JESUS CHRIST and a criminal - the crowds chose the criminal Barabbas, as predicted by King David, Jeremiah and Isaiah.

As explained in Mathew - 14 generations from Abraham to David - 14 generations from David to exile into Babylon of Yechonya - and 14 generations from Babylon to Jesus - Yeshua. Jesus a direct descendant of King David - and that's what frightened King Herod as he knew - he would have the power to redeem and save the Jewish people.


The Situations that Changed the Destined Events

Many have written that the death and murder of Jesus Christ changed the events of what was supposed to have happened - that is not true - as from the all the prophecies of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, it is clear that the people were destined to make the mistake; they were destined to rebel against GOD and against the true Messiah. And in so doing, this created a period of "2000 years of the Messiah" where reincarnated souls have needed to learn specific lessons.


St Peters Square in Rome on Christmas Day when the Pope's Message of Peace, Compassion & Love;

& the teachings of Jesus Christ are adhered to and respected by over 1 Billion Catholics worldwide.


That doesn't mean to say the man-made "Catholic" religion is perfect for no-one living on earth is perfect

but the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ, St Peter and his disciples are the keys to spirituality.


The Love Jesus Christ the Messiah - has for Everyone - Saves Everyone

Thank GOD for JESUS CHRIST - The Anointed Messiah - Descendant of King David


The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

The Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe gave mankind a destined time of "2000 years of the MESSIAH" a period of time when everyone who wants - can learn, grow spiritually and connect with powerful energy of the loving, compassionate spiritual and Holy Soul of Jesus Christ - the Messiah.

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ is so powerful that simply the thoughts of Jesus Christ, reading the words and scriptures of the teachings of Jesus Christ will connect and light up the GODLY spiritual flame within one's soul with the powerful healing energy of his soul. Which in turn provides one with the powerful spiritual connection with the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe.

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ connects our physical existence in this world with the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe through the Eternal Divine Spiritual Realms of Souls and we become as ONE with GOD for we recognize that we are nothing without the energy of GOD.


The Purpose of "2000 Years of the Messiah"

Bringing LOVE where there was Hate ; Bringing LIFE where there was Death

Learning by our mistakes - confession of our mistakes - and finding the truthful pathway


According to the Talmud [written by the Rabbis after the destruction of the 2nd Temple] explains that the ONLY reason 2nd Temple was destroyed was because of energy of HATE that prevailed at that time. Therefore the ONLY purpose of a MESSIAH was AND continues to be to change peoples attitude of mind from being hateful to being LOVING and COMPASSIONATE.

The purpose of ALL our lives is to CLEANSE our souls; in the same way that physically we eliminate daily all dirt, filth and impurities from our bodies; likewise spiritually - we must actively CLEANSE our mind, thoughts and soul REFUSING to allow-in ALL negative energies, such has hate, anger, jealousy, greed and any such materialistic energies which cause and lead to destruction; in cleansing it then allows our mind, thoughts and soul to be full of pure thoughts of LOVE & COMPASSION.

Jesus Christ in the teachings of the New Testament has taught the fundamental spiritual teachings for humanity of love and compassion for EVERYONE. The secret for spiritual enlightenment throughout all the generations of the past 2000 years has been to find the same spiritual pathway of LOVE and COMPASSION, irrespective of race, colour, and prior religious beliefs, for we are ALL the spiritual children of GOD and most importantly we are all in essence contain a spark of GOD within each of us.



נשמות עליונים וקדושים

The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

יתיצבו מלכי ארץ ורוזנים נוסדו יחד על יהוה ועל משיחו

"Rulers of many lands will gather together and conspire to make rules together


Psalms Chapter 2 Verse 2

In every generation, the prophetic vision of King David in the Book of Psalms comes true - as powerful materialistic leaders of the world - work together and conspire against the TRUE will of GOD. Indeed King David himself was persecuted for his idealism and spirituality - and in the prophetic words of Psalm 2 - we're being taught that in EVERY generation - there will always be opposition to GOD and to his anointed one. That is a fact of life. The battle of good versus evil.

Only at the "end of time" when the Divine is revealed - will the truth be revealed. In the meantime, we need to decipher for ourselves - the difference between good and bad; right and wrong, truth and deceit, light and darkness.

The fact that in our generation - so many people despise the word of the Holy Bible - and mock the words of Jesus Christ - is itself a SIGN that Jesus Christ is HOLY. For why else would so much hatred be created against "religion" and the teachings of "Jesus Christ"? Why would atheistic and materialistic people - attempt to destroy the LIGHT that radiates from Jesus Christ. "They" know - Jesus is right - but in order to justify their meaningless lives - "they" pour scorn on and make rules that are AGAINST GOD and the anointed one.


Jesus Christ is one the Greatest Spiritual Souls that Exists

Amongst all the good people of the world - which as the world is always spiritually considered to be 50:50 - half good and half bad - means that there's over 3 billion people on the planet that KNOW and RESPECT the greatness of Jesus Christ. But I would go further to say that ALL 6 Billion people on this planet have heard of Jesus Christ - and have some respect towards HIS NAME.

Thank GOD that there's only a very tiny and minute number of people on Earth who really "hate" the name of Jesus Christ - and that number of dark souls is diminishing everyday - as the world is becoming more enlightened.

There is NO-ONE on Earth who has ever lived whose name resonates with so many people as the name of JESUS CHRIST. Jesus was the greatest soul to ever have lived on Earth - and IS the greatest soul that continues to exist - for spiritual souls continue to exist even after "death" from this physical world.


Greatness of Spirituality is Measured by LOVE the Soul Creates

When you THINK of Jesus Christ , when you mention the name of Jesus Christ, when you read the Holy Bible and when you sit in a Church and light a candle in the name of the Eternal soul of Jesus Christ - it creates a POSITIVE ENERGY in your aura.

It's inexplicable but the aura of Jesus Christ comes to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE in the world. Wherever you are and whatever time it is - when you THINK of Jesus Christ - you feel an energy of genuine LOVE and COMPASSION. That indeed is a sign of a GREAT SOUL.

The Divine GOD promised that in the 2000 years of "darkness" and in times of "trouble" - the spirit of Jesus Christ would protect humanity - however - now that the destined time for the spiritual soul of Jesus Christ to return to Earth is approaching - we're all feeling the Holy Spirit stronger than ever before.

The love of Christ is magnetic to all souls - to everyone on Earth - for in exactly the same way EVERYONE on Earth has heard of the name of Jesus Christ - everyone on Earth has the connection with his Spirit. People who dislike and hate the "name" of Jesus are "dark" souls - but even they have the energy of Jesus within them. For no-one in the world is completely 100% bad. Everyone has the spark of GOD within them - and everyone has the energy of Jesus Christ within them too - all one needs to do is REACH OUT and HE is there to save everyone's soul with LOVE , LIGHT and COMPASSION. The more one truthfully thinks of the spirit of Jesus Christ - the more one realizes how great HIS spirit is - for he touches EVERYONE on Earth.


The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

is Soon "Returning" to Heal Karma & Karmic Debts

A fact of life and prophetic vision for the whole world - as we approach the 2000 years when Jesus died - so we can expect his return - the prophetic visions of the end-of-time - all agree that the world will be AT PEACE - and the DVINE will be revealed. The spirit of Jesus that is WITHIN everyone and CONNECTED to everyone - will bring the healing and enlightenment we all need.

People who EMBRACE the spirit of Jesus will find peace and love sooner than the others - but the vision of the end of time is that EVERYONE in the whole world will eventually find peace and love too. It's going to happen - as it's the BLUEPRINT of life on Earth and the will of the Eternal Divine Creator.


בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ


The 1st verse of the Bible - Torah has 7 hebrew words - each hebrew word refers to 1000 years - the blueprint of life on Earth - each word represents 1000 years of the 7000 years of the existence of man on earth. The 3rd word is the name of GOD - ELOHIM - and it was in the 3rd millennium [2000-3000] period "Abraham Found GOD" and the Torah was given to Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness of Mount Sinai.

The 4th word and the 6th word "ET" has no translated meaning but is explained to indicate that an all inclusive "every" experience for "every" person will be experienced in preparation for the Messiah to transcend to this physical world. Jesus was then born.

The 5th word means "SHOMAYIM - the heavens" - JESUS CHRIST - the Messiah was taken to the heavens above for a period of 2000 years - whilst mankind prepares to GET IT RIGHT a 2nd TIME.

The significance of the 6th word "v'ET" being EXACTLY the same as the 4th word - with the exception of a letter VAV - meaning the 6th 1000 year period will be a facsimile of the 4th 1000 year period. A time of preparation for welcoming JESUS CHRIST - The Messiah.

Every preparation and every experience amongst everyone on Earth is done all over again, to prepare for the 7th millennium and the 7th word "Ha'aretz" means "the land" - when the veil will be revealed and the whole of the world will see the spiritual truth of this world, unveiling of the mystery of the DIVINE and the existence of GOD - the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe. Fact - there will be exactly 2000 years between Jesus Christ coming to Earth the 1st time and Jesus Christ coming to Earth a 2nd time.


The Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ is here on Earth

Amongst Everyone to Heal Karma & Karmic Debts

The period prior to the culmination of "time" will be a quickening of time and of many experiences - all of which are karmic - from "past" life energies. Big "shifts" in circumstances amongst peoples and nations - are the final cleansing of karma is complete. Many prophets of doom and gloom believed this would lead to total destruction of mankind and end of civilization - that's 100% NONSENSE - as karma does NOT mean destruction - it means staying ALIVE and EXPERIENCING energies - whilst becoming wholesome.

It will be a time of healing and understanding - the ONLY reason why mankind makes mistakes is because of IGNORANCE - but when mankind becomes spiritually enlightened - it stops ignoring the TRUTH - it faces the TRUTH - it becomes enlightened with wisdom - and hence a karmic CORRECTION is complete. Thereby we DO what we're destined to do - and don't do whatever is WRONG. Hence, once you've seen the LIGHT of goodness - it becomes much easier to DO what's right.

But before you can do what's right - the first stage is to HEAL the PAST. As we approach the destined time as predicted in the Book of Daniel - more and more people will become enlightened with wisdom - hence more and more people will do what's destined and right - through karmic forgiveness. It'll feel like a giant rearranging and healing of "life" - even the ignorant people who refuse to believe in and ignored the truth of the Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ will eventually see the truth - and they too will rearrange their lives to eliminate the wrong and do what's right.

The fact that Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ is close to EVERYONE on Earth - it means that the ease with which you can HEAL, CORRECT and COMPLETE your destiny - is very easy. That's the destined purpose of the Divine gift of the Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ to the world - he saves each of us.


Salzburg Cathedral - Austria

Whichever Church you enter in the World - There's a feeling of peace created by the Spirit of Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ has saved souls, saves souls and continues to save souls.

Thank GOD for Jesus Christ.

Thank GOD for Jesus Christ The Messiah המשיח

The Eternal Divine Spirit of GOD who created this world and gave the Torah The Holy Bible התורה הקדושה to the Moses and the Israelites on Mount Sinai - inspired King David with prophetic brilliance - has a destined Divine plan in progress for all of humanity. This plan is accessible to all souls who elevate their earthly existence beyond this constricted transcendental physical world of time and place. The Divine GOD gave this knowledge to many of his prophets such as Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel to offer hope and guidance to each and every generation.

The Holy Soul of Jesus Christ - The Messiah and the descendant of King David was brought down to earth to be a spiritual guide, teacher and a source of love, faith, hope and inspiration for a destined period of 2000 years during the years of "darkness". The purpose is clear - his spiritual soul is so powerful that he acts to connect our soul with GOD in an extra-ordinarily powerful way.

When we recognize the greatness of Jesus Christ and give thanks to GOD for giving us a remarkable spiritual guide of Jesus Christ we are able to access and gain wisdom, knowledge, peace, love, joy and spiritual enlightenment - THANK GOD for JESUS CHRIST.



Stagnation means time to Think of GOD and Jesus Christ

The Need to STOP WORKING in order to Find GOD ....

Everything has a DESTINED time - nothing is happening by accident or chance - we can all feel the spiritual energy as we're living in unique time in the history of the world.


Astrologically between the years 2008 and 2020 - the inexplicable karmic stagnation, frustrations and blockages to normal life - are working on mankind collectively and everyone individually to create a NEW beginning. But in order to BEGIN a NEW - one MUST END the OLD. And concede that the OLD was WRONG - like a CONFESSION of sins - let-go of the "past".


Hence If you feel stagnated and are doing "nothing" with your life - then you've been STOPPED in order to awaken yourself to the spiritual truth of GOD and of Jesus Christ. Everything in life has meaning and nothing happens by accident - so if you're doing NOTHING with your life - then the karmic energies have created that NOTHINGNESS and a DEAD-END to get you to STOP - THINK of GOD and THINK of JESUS CHRIST.


Many people whilst working long-hours excuse themselves from learning the bible - because they're too busy and avoid thinking of GOD because it interferes with their "work and daily business". I believe from the current astrological energies the reason for a worldwide recession and stagnation is to give everyone the opportunity of - TIME to THINK of GOD - and time to read the Holy Teachings of Jesus Christ.

Once you've found the DIVINE within and once you've found Jesus Christ - then you can karmically continue on with living a meaningful life - living with Jesus Christ - whilst your working transforms the way you work, the way you behave, the way you talk to people, deal with other people and live you life. It becomes meaningful. You'll see the BIG change within your life - the moment you truly find JESUS CHRIST. That's the karma of this time in the history of mankind - to find Jesus and acknowledge his presence.


Time is NOW - it's "almost" exactly 2000 years ago....

There's no more TIME - the world has run out of time for playing around and living meaningless lives. Now the time is upon us to learn, grow, change and prepare for a new age of pure Divine spiritual enlightenment. The hebrew concept of Messiah was always referring to a time of Divine accountability - and now we're all realizing it's an IMMEDIATE emergency to change to prepare for the Divine.

Almost exactly 2000 years ago - Jesus Christ was alive on earth and between 30 => 40 AD he was killed before the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. Therefore without no doubt we are living in a very unique time period in the history of the world and within the next 10-30 years - we will see a Divine Truth - here on Earth.

Before "HIS" return we're going to see URGENT and very powerful karmic changes as people become spiritually enlightened and find the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Then we're all collectively ready for the Divine revelations at a time of pure spiritual enlightenment and peace in the whole world. I should add that with the power of technology, INTERNET and Divine intervention - mankind can CHANGE in 1 second - hence we could all see the spiritual TRUTH and be ready for the return of Jesus at any moment. However, astrologically I can see that the very stubborn will also need transforming and changing - and that'll take a little longer. But the astrological charts of the year 2020 look as though DESTINY has defined it's moment of peace on Earth.


The Only Vision of the True Messiah is

Jesus Christ - a descendant of House of Judah & King David

"And all who WAIT 1335 days - will then see a REAL HAPPINESS" Daniel 12 verse 12

I believe that the reason Daniel tells us to WAIT is that there will come FAKE messiahs claiming to be the redeemer of the world - and it will be the FINAL test - just like Jesus Christ tested the world 2000 years ago - so too we'll be tested to see if we BELIEVE or not. Daniel advises is to WAIT and not be fooled by any FAKES or LIARS.

As until the final moment when the whole world will see the TRUTH of Jesus Christ - there will still be the possibility that "darkness" will make a last attempt to try and cause deception. The reason I add this important point is when people need "help" they'll cling onto anything - and especially in times of trouble - hence Daniel explains to have faith in the Divine GOD, Jesus Christ - the anointed one, and discard all fake magicians and deception.


The Understanding of the Spiritually Enlightened

Who accept Jesus Christ is the Blessed Messiah

Many spiritually enlightened attain a pure state of spiritual understanding in their lifetime, they sense, know and live with this profound truthful knowledge of GOD and the Messiah. When the mystery of GOD is no longer a mystery - everything becomes clear - and when you sense and know of the DIVINE GOD - then you have clarity.

Unfortunately in past generations the spiritually aware people - could not express the truths they found, even those enlightened people whom found the truth felt, sensed, knew and understood the meaning of the Elijah's prophecy of 2000 years and of the rule of the JESUS CHRIST - THE MESSIAH still found it difficult to speak FREELY because of fears of retribution amongst ignorant people. Today we're living in a world where we have the FREEDOM of belief and FREEDOM of speech.

Hence we're able to accept and admit openly on the internet that Jesus Christ is the powerful Holy elevated blessed spiritual soul and is the true "Messiah" from the house of King David whom GOD gave to this world to help guide everyone to feel ALIVE with love, compassion and peace connected eternally to GOD. Jesus Christ has saved souls, saves souls and continues to save our souls. Thank GOD for Jesus Christ.


The Spiritual Teachings of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ taught us that EVERYONE has the ability and potential to be 100% perfect; because each and everyone has the DIVINE spark of GOD within our souls. No matter what family, country, religion one has started one's life - we are ALL a part of ONE GOD. The spiritual wisdom of the New Testament and teachings of Jesus Christ are profound beyond words - because they communicate heart-to-heart and enlighten our souls with PEACE, JOY & LOVE.


The Truthful & Loving Teachings of Jesus Christ

The historical facts of the Torah The Holy Bible התורה הקדושה are priceless because they show us the battle between good and evil; love and hate; right and wrong as the generations were evolving.

The DIVINE destined purpose of the Messiah - Jesus Christ is to show there is only one sustainable correct pathway to Eternal Divine enlightenment and that's through LOVE. It is inconceivable and impossible to hate, destroy, attack or murder anyone IF one truly believes in GOD because such acts of destruction one knows that one is actually destroying oneself - that's spiritual suicide.

Jesus Christ teaches if one is hates even one person then one hates GOD - and when one sincerely LOVES GOD then one loves EVERYONE. All spiritually enlightened souls from all countries and all religions have learnt this lesson - in my personal limited knowledge and experiences I write from the Jewish, Christian, Hindu & Buddhist perspectives - but I am 100% convinced that ALL spiritually enlightened souls from all 70 perspectives of life have the same quality because we are ALL part of the same ONE ETERNAL GOD.

The proof for this is that EVERY baby in the whole world is born through the same act of LOVE between a male and female; energy of LOVE exists to create LIFE. GOD is the source of that LIFE and that LIFE is created and sustained by LOVE. We all pretend we are different and live in an illusion that we are different but inherently and actually we are ALL the SAME - because we have the SAME source of life energy - GOD - the Eternal DIVINE creator of the whole Universe.


The Holy Enlightened Spiritual Souls

All true spiritually enlightened souls have a deep and profound sense of LOVE and COMPASSION for everything and everyone in the whole Universe as we are ALL created by the ONE ETERNAL DIVINE CREATOR; and in the same way that GOD sustains everything and everyone, we, as humble servants of GOD know that we are all a spark of Godliness - GOD who is our compassionate and loving CREATOR who sustains and gives everyone the gift of life.

In the same way that the Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ connects our physical existence in this world with with the Eternal Divine Creator through the Eternal Divine Spiritual Realms of Souls. Likewise being connected with EVERYONE and ANYONE whom is spiritually enlightened, loving and compassionate, irrespective of whomever they are and from whatever "religion" they represent has the power to connect our physical existence in this world more powerfully and with purity with the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe through the Eternal Divine Spiritual Realms of Souls.

For this reason, it is intrinsically natural that most normal spiritually minded people go to Houses of Worship to pray and to go to cemeteries to communicate and pray in order to connect with the spiritual souls of good loving compassionate souls, whom will help bridge the connection between this physical world and in the Eternal Divine Spiritual World.

I must add that if, for whatever reason, you enter a place of worship and feel "uncomfortable" then you MUST LEAVE that place, if it does not offer your soul peace, love and tranquility then it is NOT a good place for your soul to be. It is a sign that you don't belong there - instead GO and FIND a place of worship that you do feel full of LOVE, COMPASSION and TRANQUILITY.


Salzburg Cathedral, Austria - A wonderful place of Spiritual Energies


In the Auric Presence of The Holy Soul

The essence of a true "House of Prayer" is a tomb of a Holy Spiritual Soul whom will help you because in the presence of a saintly spiritually enlightened soul, one feels an overwhelming loving strength of spiritual energy emanating from their soul that is so powerful. This good energy has the power to negate any negativity, unblock blockages and instantaneously fill anyone with energy of LOVE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.


The Tomb of St Peter in Vatican - Rome - The disciple of Jesus Christ the Messiah - and the Author of Nishmas Kol Chai . Most people find that lighting a candle and praying in the Holy place of Saintly Spiritual Soul one immediately feels ALIVE with a Divine purity and REAL LOVING spiritual energy of LIFE giving energy. In the presence of greatness - one's soul is cleansed by their overwhelmingly strong aura. The reason it becomes INTENSE and EXCEEDINGLY strong is the connection that these souls have with Jesus Christ The Messiah in the spirit realms - and the connection that Jesus Christ has to the DIVINE creator of the whole universe.

Sit in the Aura of Pure Peace & Tranquility

Very often, all you need to do is just go and SIT inside a place of worship, such as a Church or Tomb of a Saintly soul and you will sense a spiritual peacefulness; there is often no need to say anything, as the spiritual energy of the Church will sense that your soul needs healing, love and compassion and the energy will envelope you whilst you are inside the Church to connect your soul with purity to the Eternal Divine Spiritual Realms of Souls.

Sitting inside the crypt and allowing the pure spiritual energy transcend from the compassionate soul to envelope your soul with energy of pure LOVE, COMPASSION and PEACE, is the powerful true essence of the Spiritual Christian Church. Hence St Peters in Rome and the Tomb of St Francis of Assisi and in the Holy Santa Maria Degli Angeli are amongst many unique places of worship that have a tremendously powerful spiritual energy as theses places are where the energy of the souls of St Peter, St Francis and Santa Maria are blessing everyone whom enters with pure LOVE, COMPASSION and PEACE.

Thank GOD, there are many spiritual places in this beautiful World; all have a profound and unique energy that is almost impossible to sense if you sit-at-home on the internet; therefore at this specific and unique time in the world, when we all need to understand that the ONLY success for living a meaningful life will be proportional to the power of our spirituality. I am sure that YOU too will sense and feel the exceedingly positive spiritual energy of these special places, if and when YOU - "GO OUT and seek - YOU will surely find GOD".


The Meaning of "Endtime of the Messiah"

The Mishna & Talmud in Sotah 49a explains the period known as the עקבות דמשיחא "Ikvos deMoshicha" which literally means the "Heals of the Messiah"; the Rabbis explain that the words have been chosen specifically to disguise the fact that the Jewish people missed the chance of recognizing the true Messiah - Jesus Christ - before the 2nd Temple was destroyed.

The beginning of the Messiah's days are referred to as the "Head of the Messiah", whereas the end of the Messiah's days are referred to as "Heals of the Messiah", this again refers to the period at the END of "2000 years of the Messiah", ie the period between 1993 and 2070 AD. The pure energy of the spiritual soul of Jesus Christ was destined to energize all of humanity for 2000 years with energy of love, compassion, joy, peace, and spiritual strength.


Whom can we rely .... Our Father Who is in Heaven

When the Rabbis of the Talmud recognized - in hindsight - that the all the prophecies of Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel, and including the words of King David had been fulfilled and that the Messiah did not save the destruction of the 2nd Temple because of the overwhelming destructive "hate energy" that existed, the Talmud Sota 49a and 49b - [see English version online] quotes Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair who said:-

"When the Second Temple was destroyed all scholars and noblemen were ashamed and covered their head [this is a reference to the start of wearing YaMulkas - Jewish Skullcaps] ... ... ... ... NOBODY PRAYS [ON THEIR BEHALF], AND NOBODY ASKS - UPON WHOM IS IT FOR US TO RELY? UPON OUR FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN.


The reference of "Our Father who is in Heaven" is referring to the powerful "Lords Prayer", as taught by Jesus Christ - stating the fact that the ONLY success we have is when we are humble to recognize that we are nothing, and that we are completely dependant upon the blessing of GOD in everything we do every moment of our lives. It was the Rabbis of the Talmud who realized that a BIG mistake had been made in the murder of Jesus Christ - and as Daniel explains in Chapter "all of israel" made the mistake.

It is for us to pray to "Our Father who is in Heaven" for only through our connection and faith in "Our Father who is in Heaven" can we too have salvation and this prayer was given by Jesus Christ for us to pray The "Lords Prayer" - The Lords Prayer is :- Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.


The Destined Period of Transition to Spiritual Enlightenment

For Every Soul in the Whole World

During this period of transition it is guaranteed that the whole world does have a destined future to become a wonderfully spiritually enlightening place to live in, the world we will all be living in a world full of LOVE, KINDNESS and COMPASSION - it is the destiny of the Earth.

This period of REAL change and future of the whole world will see the elimination of all hatred, jealousy, destruction and sadness; it will indeed be a time when we will see the fulfillment of Spiritual Prayer of St Francis of Assisi when we will all pray to GOD and ask....


Lord, Make me an instrument of your Peace ....

Where there is hatred, let me bring love; where there is injury, let me bring forgiveness;
Where there is discord, let me bring harmony; where there is falsehood, let me bring truth;
Where there is doubt, let me bring faith; where there is despair, let me bring hope;
Where there is darkness, let me bring light; where there is sadness, let me bring joy.
LORD, grant that I may not seek so much to be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.
Because it is in giving that we receive, it is in forgetting ourselves that we find others,
It is in forgiving that we are forgiven, and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal life.



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