The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

"The Book of Reincarnations"

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Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

The Three Keys of Reincarnation

There are 2 audio files for this chapter

[1] 1st Key of Reincarnation

Audio file is - [16 Part I] - The power of unlocking "you" is WITHIN you - 1st Key of Reincarnation


[2] 2nd & 3rd Keys of Reincarnation

Audio file is - [16 Part II] The power of unlocking "you" is WITHIN you - 2nd & 3rd Keys of Reincarnation



The Three Keys of Reincarnation

"The Keys מפתחות" & "The Gates שערים"

In the original textbook Sefer GilGulim Book of Reincarnations - written almost 400 years ago by Rabbi Hayim Vital - who constantly refers to "Keys & Gates" - he is referring to the fact that it takes a small key to open a large gate - it is a fact of life that it is always something small that creates the biggest changes in life.

To fall-in-love and conceive a child - involves the smallest part of a man's body - and yet that "small" bit is the MOST vitally important part - necessary to initiate "life". When you look at the physical body - it is the concentration of power in your brain that controls the rest of your body - and even your fingertips that you couldn't live without - proving the reality that the "small" and sometimes the seemingly most insignificant aspects and facts of life - are always the most important.

Spiritually speaking - as you become more enlightened - you will realize that not only is quality of life is more important than quantity - and that less in physical life means more in spirituality - but the perfect few pieces of wisdom, information and thoughts in your mind - can unlock all your closed karmic doors. A very small piece of wisdom you're about to learn and comprehend on this page will unlock the HUGE karmic gate that's been blocking your life - your real-life will now become unlocked as well as your perspective and attitude to life for your everlasting spiritual growth.



Life is a like Beautiful Restaurant Meal - only when you've eaten and digested - then you know how good the meal was

The best and healthiest meal you can have is when there's a little bit of everything or just your favorite foods


All your life experiences are like the meals you eat - each day you need to eat something new and each day you must let-go of yesterday's meal. If you "hold-onto" to yesterday's meal inside your stomach it would be very dangerous for your health. Likewise to "hold-onto" yesterday's karmic lessons is exceedingly dangerous not just for your soul but for your ability to move-on with your life - and yet people hold-onto negativity for years and over many lifetimes - you must now understand the vital important to let-go of all the negative karma in order to have a healthy life and healthy soul.

If you've ever been constipated and taken a cup of "Prune Juice" to empty your bowels - the sensation and relief is amazing - as you're running to toilet and as your insides are emptying - although it stinks it is such a HUGE RELIEF. Think for a moment - that that smelly filth was inside you - poisoning your body. In fact, each day - think and appreciate the physical relief you get when you evacuate your bowels!


Spiritually "holding-onto" any emotional and karmic negativity is even worse that being constipated and keeps your soul full of negative "shit" - because it affects your current life, your ability to enjoy life, and the karmic negativity inside you will prevent you from having anything NEW coming into your life - your life will be BLOCKED and CONSTIPATED until you realize it's a karmic emergency to get your life moving by doing the "karmic" work on yourself - and unlocking the gate that is blocking your karmic progress.


On this page - I explain how to recognize the specific blockages defined by the 3 specific karmic keys which create negative emotions that are blocking your life - and what healing and positive emotions you need create to eliminate the blockages from your aura and from soul forever and for eternity.

As you read this page - it will be a small piece of knowledge which will be your key to OPEN the blocked karmic door of your life - it is quite simple as there are only 3 Keys of Reincarnation - everyone's karmic problems can be solved with any one or all of these 3 keys - it's that simple - and thereafter you can go-on to have the life you're truly destined to have.


The Three Keys of Reincarnation


[1] Confession of Mistakes - all mistakes made in this life and in all past-lives

[2] Love and Compassion of all - because of - Forgiveness for all

[3] Detachment - refusing to want something that is not yours to have - Letting go


It might seem "simple" - and in fact it is so "simple" - and yet prior to working and using each of these 3 keys of reincarnation, your life has created the most complicated web of stagnation, frustration, annoyance and depression possible. Every annoying emotional energy that creates problems in everyone's lives are INVISIBLE emotions as they are INVISIBLE karmic energies - because they're defined by a spirituality that exists - and even if you don't believe it exists - it still exists. Once you unlock the invisible blockages in your soul - your life will become good.

Therefore, for the sake of ease in your life - accept this knowledge - ACCEPT it works - and work with these 3 keys to get your life moving forward - afterwards you can think about ""why" it works with all your spiritual questions about karma and "God" - but it is a karmic emergency in everyone's life - so please use this knowledge - OPEN the blocked karmic doors and have a good life, an enjoyable life and a meaningful life.


In many ways, I'm just like you - I've made lots of mistakes in my life - especially relationships - and yet each mistake and relationship was destined to be so - vitally necessary, destined and karmic - the ספר תיקונים Sefer Tikunim The Book of Corrections - explains the vitally karmic necessity and important need to make mistakes [especially in this "the last generation"] is because everyone's souls has come down to Earth to make mistakes and then make the karmic corrections - pertaining to each and every past-lifetime you've lived - and each facet of your personality and soul that needs correcting.

So the more relationships you've had in this life is indicative of the number of past-lifetimes you've lived in - and even if you're not with that relationship at this present moment - the karmic attachment and the karmic energies in your soul - between YOU and THEM - still exists and continues to exist in your soul - UNTIL you've healed, fixed and repaired your soul. And they too - will need to work on their soul to fix and repair the karmic energies defined by their relationship with you - it's not co-dependant - hence you can heal your soul whilst they've still got problems - and vice-versa.

These 3 keys of reincarnation will show you how to heal your soul and fix the karma - on your own - because it is your soul that's within you that is in need of the healing. Once you repair yourself - you will find karmic doors opening - and life begins to move and becomes good. STAGNATION is any facet of your life means karmic work needs to be done.


Karmic energies are invisible and yet real - for example - when you walk into a supermarket - if you're in a good mood - you feel good - but if you're in a negative or depressive mood - then the same supermarket feels different. It hasn't changed - it's YOU that's changed.

Likewise, prior to opening your karmic doors and unblocking your life - your life will feel "dark" - but once you've used these 3 keys and opened the doors - you life will feel "bright". That's your soul "talking" it to you - ensuring that your life remains blocked and frustrated UNTIL you've done the karmic healing your soul desperately wants and needs.

So if you've got an inexplicable blockage in your life - if you're feeling extremely frustrated with stagnation in life - this means YOU have work to do on yourself to unblock the blockages - the good news is that now you're aware that it's WITHIN your capability to heal and fix the karma - you can and will be able to do it.


I will be using "language" that you understand - this website is written in 2013/2014 for our generation - so I'm not going to be formal nor poetic with my choice of "language" - because when I write "I've screwed up" - you understand exactly what that means - and the emphasis of language defines the strength of emotions each of us feels.

When you read "sorry I've made a mistake" OR "oh dear - I've screwed-up" OR "Oh Shit - I've f***ked-up and I'm in the shit" you understand three different ways of defining the same mistake. What I have to say and the reason I use "strong" language - is to show you the more emotional you are - the stronger you are in your language - the more you will succeed in using the key to open the karmic door - and the more times you repeat the 3 keys - the quicker you'll heal your soul and get the karmic blockages removed.

Being HONEST and REAL in this REAL world is what your soul wants - so be honest and real - so whilst saying the Act of Contrition might please the priest - if you don't sincerely say it with the POWER OF YOUR HONEST EMOTIONS - then it's useless - just like all the other traditional prayers. Therefore, when you use these 3 karmic keys - put your emotions behind them - and let your soul feel the shift inside you. You'll know it's working - because you will feel it working immediately. Invisible karmic emotions doesn't even take 1 second to work - it works IMMEDIATELY.



[1] Confession of Mistakes

All mistakes made in this life and in all past-lives

"Sorry I've made a mistake" - "Oh dear - I've screwed-up" - "Oh Shit - I've f***ked-up and I'm in the shit"


Bad karma creates a dead-end pathway - with no-way out - except to say "Sorry I've made a mistake" - whatever "it" is you realize you've done wrong - when you say "Sorry I've made a mistake - Sorry I've made a mistake" - you're defining that you AGREE with the bad-karmic situation that you AGREE it's a dead-end - and a pathway you should never have taken. Admitting to the mistake - is all your soul needs to hear.

Even if you're still in a problematic situation or if you're still unable to get-out of the dead-end - simply by confessing that it's wrong is your soul AGREEING with the destined karmic truth. That's when your soul will be able to UNDO the energies that are within you - that originally put you on the dead-end. Regret and admission of mistakes is enough.


One of the biggest mistakes we're all guilty of is BELIEVING OTHER PEOPLE's LIES - we are constantly being tested by life to discern the difference between TRUTH and LIES. Even as you read this website - your soul is instinctively questioning if it's truth or lies. Because one of the karmic mistakes that the vast majority of reincarnated souls are experience is TEST of FAITH & RELIGION - whether there's any truth in GOD, in specific man-made religions and in spirituality.

Depending on what your soul needs - you've been born in this current lifetime within a "religion" - in order for you to QUESTION it's validity and truth. If in a prior lifetime you were an arrogant religious fanatic - so you've been born in this lifetime - on the opposite side of religion to "test" your soul. Likewise, if you were intolerant in prior lifetimes - now you're learning tolerance - by becoming the person you either hated or had intolerance for.


The gift of knowledge in this internet generation is ensuring everyone has the potential to learn everything they need to learn for themselves in order to make wise decisions by themselves. Which is totally unlike EVERY prior generation - where people were forced to believe in "garbage". Can you imagine going back in time when Priests and Rabbis who believed the Earth was flat - it was the enlightened scientists and the Greeks who comprehended the Earth was spherical. Such a truth is now a fact of life - and yet there are many people who karmically and blindly still believe ALL the "religious" garbage and are superstitious to deviate from their ways to accept the truths.


However, refusal to change - with arrogant stubbornness continues to create Bad karma leading to a dead-end pathway - with no-way out - except to say "Sorry I've made a mistake" - sooner or later - everyone on that dead-end will need to concede the truth - and confess their mistakes.

Indeed ignorance of Astrology - defined by man-made religions is an example and proves that Arrogance leads to Ignorance - as one of the Best Jewish Books on Astrology פרקי דרבי אליעזר is unappreciated and ignored by most Jewish people. Indeed "Ignorance" Means a Person is IGNORING Truthful Knowledge . The current man-made "religion" is ignoring Truthful Wisdom contained with brilliant books.

It's a fact of life - that spiritual Jewish books written as long as 2000 years ago - are neglected and ignored. The authors are discarded as fakes and the wisdom in the books ignored - and yet much of the astrological foundation I've had is contained in those Jewish Books.

So why would religious leaders deny the existence of such books and refuse to ignore and learn such brilliant astrological knowledge. Because "they" honestly believe that they know more than spiritually brilliant Rabbis of 2000 years ago - their know-it-all karmic arrogance is forcing others to become ignorant by telling people to IGNORE ASTROLOGY - how can "they" be so stupid to IGNORE the planets that the Divine GOD created.


Bad Karma is Created in "no" Relationships

The worst karma one can create is in AVOIDANCE of relationships and having NO relationships with other people - inexplicable karmic situations always creates arrogant stubbornness and intolerance "in relationships" - especially when they predictably go wrong and end.

The anger, fury and inability to heal the BAD karmic - is defined by a complete BLOCKAGE - no communication which creates Bad karma leading to a dead-end pathway - with no-way out - except to say "Sorry I've made a mistake" in "relationships". The situation isn't the problem - that's merely the result of the karmic energies manifesting - the karma is defining a NEED to have relationships with other people.


Now, this doesn't mean you have to call them "all" up and reconnect - but it is enough for you to AGREE WITHIN YOURSELF - that you need people in your life - because people with BAD karma - after ending of relationships - pursue an unnatural lonely and isolated life - and that's called karmic avoidance. People attempt to avoid the TRUTH - by "switching-off" - fortunately, that switch-off creates a bigger blockage - and leads to the karmic "DEAD-END". The only way-out is to WANT and DESIRE relationships with other people - the karmic necessity to want to OPEN the door to relationships as no-one is destined to be alone.


Let me say - that in this modern world - where men and women live alone - it is WRONG - there's no greater happiness than living with a partner - everyone needs someone to be "alive" - people fool themselves to believe they can live alone - and are headed for a karmic DEAD-END. The only way-out is to ADMIT you're wrong - and say "Sorry I've made a mistake" and I'm ready and open for a loving relationship. It doesn't matter what your current excuse is for not being with someone - all the excuses along the dead-end karmic pathway sound the same - what you NEED to do is say "Sorry I've made a mistake - I'm ready for loving relationships". Then your soul will be opened-up - the karmic key will unlock your destiny.


You know what your "Bad Karma" is ... we all do - "Bad Karma" is defining as "no" relationships or "bad" relationships - [conversely good karma is defined a lots of "good" relationships]. You don't need any "magic" to know what your "bad" karmic problem is - and that's because in a state of stagnation - you've already been thinking and realizing who and what annoys you so much - and although you've been giving yourself LIES and excuses to why you can't do this or that in your life - you KNOW what you need to do - as you KNOW what facet of your life needs fixing.

Even if you concede that you have no idea HOW to fix your current status and blockages - the 1st stage you need - is the KEY - to ADMIT and CONFESS to yourself the honest truth - what you know to be the facet that's wrong with you. And until you recognize and admit that anything is WRONG - you can't even begin to fix something you don't even realize is karmically WRONG with you.

Some people - especially the stubborn and arrogant people of prior generations never fixed anything and died in karmic "darkness" - thankfully, we're living in time of karmic opportunity to shift ourselves out of the karmic "dead-end" - which I know for a fact of my own life - which was a dead-end that if you follow the points on this page - apply them to yourself - you will succeed in opening the locked door of your life.


It's going to take some time - as you have to "go-back" in time and from within yourself to THINK and realize all the stupid mistakes - and then admit your own mistakes to yourself. Relationships are important - and as you admit "Sorry I've made a mistake" in each of your past relationships - then you'll feel an immediate SHIFT within you - and an innate relief and happiness.

It could be you should never have met the person and had a relationship with them - in which case when you say "Sorry I've made a mistake I should never have met them" - you might as you probably say - "I wish I never met them" - but the karmic TRUTH needs to be defined as YOUR MISTAKE - so you should say "Sorry I've made a mistake that I had a relationship with them - I should never have got involved with them".

The key is to ADMIT it was YOUR FAULT for getting involved - don't blame others. "It's my fault for getting involved with people who were bad for me" - blame yourself - It's my fault ... It's my fault ... and it eliminates holding onto anger, hatred and blame you might have for someone - then you'll find the energies shifting within you - usually the nervous laughter inside you - makes you realize your soul is being healed - and you're doing it yourself - saying "It's my fault ... It's my fault ..." is like having a shower to wash away the dirt on your skin.


Now, I should mention that even though - in reality - it doesn't seem like it's your fault - that things in your life have gone wrong - or that there are inexplicable blockages in your life - they are there - and defined in your life - because of the karmic identity of your soul - you have attracted them into your life for specific past-life lessons and balancing of karma in your soul - so to UNDO and HEAL all the negative energies - and OPEN the door at the dead-end - you need to accept karmic responsibility - that in a past-life you've done something that deserved your status in this life. Even if you don't know what "It" is - just - for the sake of clearance of negative blockage - say "It's my fault ... for my mistakes from this lifetime - AND from all my past-lifetimes - It's my fault that I've created the karma - I'm sorry - please forgive my soul for making karmic mistakes from all my past-lifetimes" and you'll feel the relief of karmic negativity vanish - as you say / think this.


"Sorry I've made a BIG mistake again ... "

"Confession of Mistakes" - all mistakes made in this life and all past-lives is like having a complete karmic cleansing of your soul - and will include using the gift of hindsight what would you have done differently. For, as explained, your destiny has put you in the situation you're in now - in order for YOU to get yourself out-of-it. And to do so - needs you to be humble and admit you've made mistakes.

Don't be arrogant and think you're perfect - none of us are perfect - we've all made lots of mistakes - in fact I'm quite relieved and happy to admit openly - I've made more mistakes than many of you - I've karmically screwed-up over many lifetimes - but now I will admit it and liberate my soul - with the added bonus from my own karmic mistakes - I can now explain how you can get out of the dead-end bad karmic situation you're in too.


Being honest with yourself - and confession means "acceptance" of reality of "life" - which instead of fighting the karmic problems - acceptance means you AGREE with karma - and in the form of saying SORRY to the Universe for messing-up - you can now admit and agree with the karma that - "I agree I deserve all my inexplicable problems - please forgive me that I've made mistakes - I'm sorry I've made so many mistakes".

Everything inexplicable that goes wrong in life is strange and I'm sure worries you - but that's part of life - but everything BIG that is going wrong and has gone wrong is even stranger and whatever seems so very unfair - is karmic "unfair" aspects that you need to say "I agree I deserve all my inexplicable problems - I concede, admit and agree I deserve it - I'm sorry - I'm so sorry - now please guide me from this horrible "dead-end".


You'll see as you say "Sorry I've made a mistake" each day for at least the next 30 days - you'll find yourself with possibilities coming into your life - as the karmic door is opening wide to get your life moving forward - because NO-ONE who is alive should have stagnation - everyone's life should be moving - and if it's not moving forward OR something BIG is wrong and missing - it is a karmic sign - say "Sorry I've made a mistake" - "Sorry I've made a mistake" - "Sorry I've made a mistake" - say it 50 times if it helps you feel the sense of relief of negativity from within you.

And if you need to say it the way I say it - "Oh shit - I've made a BIG mistake again - I've screwed-up again" followed by - "Oh Shit - I've f***ked-up again - I'm sorry - please help me find a way out of the shit I'm in."

For readers who prefer to read "refined" words - I apologize for being coarse - but the reason is the truth - that I'm no angel - I make mistakes - I've made BIG mistakes in this life and in past lifetimes - and is the essence of honest expression in this modern world which is all part of the way I speak to my soul and what it needs to hear - in order to fix the mess we've created. It's an honest, realistic and powerful down-to-earth way of healing the very bad karma in one's soul.

Unfortunately, it is so easy to admit one's mistakes - and yet many can't - they simply can't admit it - hence the karmic blockage remains until they die - don't be like them be humble and at least admit the truth to yourself - then "life" will be unlocked for you to move forward.


On the point of "single" life - admitting it's wrong - is the key to unlocking the door of loneliness - because people who accept and believe PWYS and "jerking-off" is acceptable - are missing the point of human need for sexual loving relationships - no-one has been created to "jerk-off" and waste the potential to love another human being. It's karmically wrong, selfish and depriving someone of your love. You were born to LOVE another person - giving them your loving warmth as they give you their warmth and love.


When you ADMIT the truth - with a desire to want to sexually love another person and you don't want to be selfish - then your aura will emit an open readiness to be OPEN to loving relationships.


All the action in life is defined and created by your actions with OTHER people - as explained in 7 Planetary Relationships - astrologically speaking you need all 7 facets of your life in your life all the time in order to be wholesome - therefore being "isolated" and "lonely" is in itself creating your own dead-end blockage.

True Karma is only created WITH other people and on "Good Luck & Good Karma" you'll see that other PEOPLE are the solution to living a wholesome successful life - hence the KARMIC KEY is the CONFESSION - an honest ACCEPTANCE - that you want relationships with other people - as you concede to the truth that you don't want to live alone - as you realize - it's not right.



[2] Love and Compassion of all

Because of Forgiveness for all

All people - everyone in the whole world is loveable - proof for that is - that everyone loves a newborn baby - and yet as you grew-up your aura became defined both by your personality, your circumstances and your inexplicable karmic energies that your soul emits to the world. Throughout every phase of your life - you've met people whom you like and whom like you. The people you LOVED and who LOVED you are the special ones - you've had stronger relationships with - some are karmic with past-life to have been done and some are karmic experiences that your souls needs to learn from this life-time - but everyone has experienced some level of "love" and everyone has experienced a PROBLEM IN LOVE and LOVING RELATIONSHIPS - that is the nature of "life" and a karmic fact of "life".

Because the root of all GOOD KARMA is LOVE - therefore BAD KARMA is both a lack of LOVE and an inability to want to LOVE another person, it is a selfish arrogant refusal to want to love another - which in the karmic refusal - creates one's own blockages. Each day that passes without love and without wanting to love is an opportunity missed to create GOOD KARMA.


"Love" is the reason for "Life"

If you've NEVER experienced LOVE - and NEVER experienced the real-life sexual loving relationship - then you have a BIG karmic blockage - and this needs shifting as a matter of karmic urgency - and by using this KARMIC KEY - you will find REAL LOVE. [Before, you start questioning what about priests, nuns etc - I am NOT writing the website for "them" - they have to be honest with themselves about their own "karma"]. I'm writing for REAL people living in the REAL world with aspects of loving relationships that need to HEAL.


Each of you knows that when you're in love and when you have a loving sexual relationship it creates a different aura within you than when you're alone because "without" love in your life - you're not truly alive. That's because loving relationships does something positively good for your soul - even the one's that ended in negativity. Love puts your soul on a different vibration - it gives you life - it connects you with life energy as it creates a flow of life energy.

It doesn't matter who you're with - the sexual loving union in loving relationship - is what gives you "LIFE" - and the word "dead-end" is not applicable. People who close themselves off to "LOVE" are creating their own dead-end. Likewise, people in loveless relationships / marriages - NEED to realize that they're "dead" - and they need to UNBLOCK their souls - by loving again.


In this modern world - we're all lucky - in fact much luckier than prior generations because not only do we get to find the LOVE all the past-life karmic relationships - we have the liberated freedom to find "LOVE" without the traditional confined restrictions imposed by society - which is especially true if your destiny is the need to get out of a BAD relationship - you can find love - it really is that EASY in this modern world - as soon as you OPEN your soul to want to love and to want to live life.


The reason, why I can see this clearly is due to Pluto in Capricorn until 2024 which will ensure that EVERYONE realizes the karmic truth that LIFE IS ABOUT LOVE and good relationships with other people. Love and relationships with other people is the reason for life and the only way to liberate oneself from bad-karma and dead-end stagnation - is to use this karmic key of LOVE - which will unblock all stagnation of any dead-end existence.

But whilst you refuse to want to LOVE - to fall-in-love - to want to share your life with love with another - then your life will be a defined as a "dead-end" - and you'll have inexplicable blockages in other areas of your life. Therefore, at the very least - begin the journey - be honest and admit that you're willing and wanting to love. Repeat to yourself the mantra "I want and I'm ready to LOVE someone...."


Now I must define that there is a BIG difference between the sexual desires and urges to selfishly relieve yourself and REAL LOVE - because REAL LOVE means you can LOVE another person WITHOUT contact and WITHOUT wanting a sexual relationship with them. Although, the wholesomeness of your life is defined when you're in love and having a sexual relationship with another - as you become bonded through union of love - which opens your soul up much more than any platonic relationship could do.


Your Karmic Life Story Sits in Your Aura

Everyone has a story - that story of your life sits in your aura - in your persona, your inner personality that shine and your outer personality that attracts people into your life. Energies in your aura both defined from this lifetime and from all your karmic past-lifetimes - are what defines YOU. Even though you can't see these energies - you can sense them - and that's why some people you instinctively avoid [and they avoid you] - whilst others you're attracted to - some people bring out the best in you - whilst others bring out the worst in you.


When you have conversations that suddenly triggers a change in your mood because you've been reminded of something awful from the "past" - you can attempt to fool the world that it doesn't bother you - but deep down - it's always there sitting in your aura. Even the most insensitive person - will "know" if you're covering something up - or if you're good fun or naughty or if you're trouble or if you're positive or if you're depressed - because you're constantly emitting to the world your persona and identity. Other people can see it in your SMILE and in your EYES - but most people will feel in the warmth of your AURA.


What's in your aura and what do others sense you're thinking about right now - is defined by all the events of your life - what these events have done to you and what you're THINKING about - and your ATTITUDE to life. They can't possibly "sense" or "know" everything when they look at you - but there's a sense of attachment or detachment - and depending on your karmic energies - you will attract or repel people into your life - defined by what you NEED to learn.

If you're experiencing an inexplicable karmic blockage in your life or you're not connecting with anyone - that means your AURA is blocked - and nothing from your aura is being emitted to the world - the only reason it's blocked is there's a karmic blockage - which needs unblocking.



Are you a Mr Happy or Mr Grumpy ? What impression do you make on the World?

What is your aura emitting to the world ? Hate or Love ? Sadness or Happiness ?


Many people complain - especially after series of things that have gone-wrong - why they attracted the bad experiences - the karmic reason is that your soul emitted an energy to the world - and you attracted the experience into your life. You caused it - your aura attracted in in. Hence in the [1st] Karmic Key of Confession - admitting you're sorry that you created the karmic experience - admits your acceptance that it was your aura that attracted it into your life. Now in the [2nd] Karmic Key of Love - you're going to learn how to eliminate all the DEAD-END negative BAD karma - so you emit no negativity - emit LOVE to ALL - emit LOVE to the whole world - and thenceforth have no need to attract anymore dead-end relationships or dead-end experiences.


Everyone You've Loved - sits in your Aura

Every relationship you've ever had with anyone - sits in your aura - both from this lifetime and all your past lifetimes - the strongest of which will be strong destined and karmic relationships from past-lifetimes where you have unfinished karmic business to complete.

These could be parents - siblings - family - grandparents - teachers - friends and lovers - each person and everyone person in your life is defined in your AURA - some stronger than others - some negative and some positive - defined both by their karmic influence on your life - and by the experiences they gave your soul - and the memory you have of them. Each past-life relationship which needs to be encountered in this lifetime in order to "complete" the karma - will have an identity and energy of it's own.


Everyone you've HATED and LOVED in this lifetime - sits in your aura - as an energy - in fact - and this is the important karmic point - everyone you've HATED and LOVED from ANY of your past lifetimes - sits in your Aura - which will define your inexplicable prejudices, emotions of love and hate - magnetic attractions to and repulsiveness from anything or anyone that your aura wants you to be attracted to and experience in this lifetime or wants you to avoid.

If you have a BLOCKAGE in your life - and it has been created because you have inexplicable HATRED for someone or something - it will sit in your aura UNTIL you forgive them. The karmic blockage defines a dead-end until you have genuine forgiveness for them out of compassion and love. Because any negative energy of HATRED will keep you karmically attached to the "past" - and so long as you're living connected to the "past" - you can't move forward to the "future".


That means - everyone you've had a BAD relationship with - the only way to let their negative energies out of your aura - is by complete forgiveness towards them. If you don't forgive them - then your unforgiving aura will continue to block your own life - as their negative relationship energies between you and them - sits in your aura to block facets of your life - and as you continue to emit the negative grumpy aura to the world because of your frustration - you block even more facets your own "future" - until it comes an emergency - when you must heal the bad "karma" and unlock the stagnant "dead-end" situation you're in.


Inexplicable Aura of a Loveable person

We're all sensitive people - and when you look at some people - they emit such grumpiness, anger, hatred and negativity that defines a BAD karmic aura - you look into some people's eyes and know - they've got an bad "attitude". Whereas you look into the eyes of a compassionate, kind and loveable person - and you sense the aura flowing full of love - that makes you feel the warmth from their soul.

When and if you meet someone new for the 1st time - and all they do is moan and complain about their "ex" - you instinctively know to KEEP AWAY - as you realize they've still got emotional attachments to the "past" - they're not ready to have a new "future" with you - and in reality moaning is the last thing you want to hear.

It's exactly the same in one's aura - you can sense if someone is grumpy and unforgiving, hateful and mean OR if someone is happy-go-lucky, loving, compassionate and karmically healed - it's something you sense when you look into their eyes. One of the reasons men and women become so attractive to other people - is you sense the glow of warmth from their aura - as you sense total forgiveness, compassion and love. This refined loving aura - doesn't just come - it needs to be worked on - by totally forgiving and loving everyone you've known and everyone that annoys you - with a genuine love and compassion for them. This will come through LOVE and eventually through [3rd] Karmic Key of Detachment - Letting go of the "Past".


"I love you - I really love you .... "

We've all said the words "I love you" and we all should say the words "I love you" - each and everyday - even if you're not with anyone - even if you have no-one in your life - that shouldn't stop you from saying these powerful life-changing words of "I love you". I'm sure you can think of someone you've loved and said "I love you" - you know it changes the energy of your relationship - and likewise when you hear the words "I love you" it changes you too. The words "I love you" you say and should say - even on your own as you think of people in your life - are for your soul to be healed - because without LOVE in your aura - your life is being blocked.


Humanity and the continuity of humanity was created and is defined by pairs of couples - male and female - it doesn't matter about what people think today - but the most natural loving connection is made between male and female. Sometimes I wonder if people didn't THINK then the world would be a happy place - as everyone would instinctively mate - become natural lovers - men loving women and women loving me - but it is bad "attitude", negative "thinking" and bad karma - that BLOCKS the most natural thing in the world - to love one another.

And I'll prove the fact to all single men [and enlighten women too] - as vast majority of men wake-up in the morning with an erection - because in sleep state - you're not in control of your thinking - so you wake up erect and wanting sex. Indeed, after you wake-up is when you begin to lie and convince yourselves that you don't need a loving relationship - but that's exactly why your life is stagnating, frustrating and why your reading this page and ready to change.

LOVE - the love of male-female - the LOVE of MAN for a WOMAN and the love of a WOMAN for a MAN is the most natural and easiest thing to do in the world - and yet overcoming the "karmic" blockage is one of the biggest challenges in our karmic generation.


So to begin - especially for lonely people - the only exercise you need to practice saying is - "I love you" "I love you" "I love you" .... repeat it many times like a mantra - THINK "I love you" about everyone and everything you see in your life - love the whole world - let your aura "love life - love people - love everything" and then you'll find yourself being unblocked and karmically opened. It's really that easy to unblock - go on - start now - say and THINK "I love you" about everyone you know - everyone in your life and everyone that's been in your life.


"Love" - Forgive Your Mother

As I always look for an astrological explanation for the inexplicable karmic energies - astrologically speaking, your parents - or I should say your father's energy defined when you would be born approximately - in a certain range of dates - but it is your mother that defines the EXACT moment of your birth. Indeed, for many people - the astrological difference of a few days on either side of your birth - is ONLY defined in your chart as to where the Moon is in your astrological profile.


The difference between being a cold-hearted person with Moon in Virgo OR a passionately warm-hearted person with Moon in Leo - is a few hours - and determined to the exact time you were born - the moment your mother chooses to give you to the world - she either blesses you with a charming nature OR inflicts coldness on your personality - in order for you to be challenged - to fix the past-life bad karma.

Don't become annoyed or angry with your mother - it wasn't her fault - if she was unloving or cold-hearted - she was given her emotions by her parents - and her parents by their parents - and let's be honest the 19th century wasn't the ideal century to be born into - people who panicking to survive - and had no time to be "kind" and "loving".


So if you've been born with a "negative" emotional start to life - you'll see how easy it is - in this age of enlightenment to fix the karmic emotions "they" dumped on you when you were born - it's not only for yourself but for your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents too - because by you becoming spiritually enlightened to realize the karmic source of your problems - that's when you will become a loveable warmhearted person inside and out - undoing all the karmic damage inflicted on you from all your ancestors - as you're a product of both prior generations and your own prior lifetimes.

Indeed, I guess NONE of you - would ever want to have been born earlier - in any of the previous generations - would you? So count your blessings that you've been born when you were born - and feel sorry with love and compassionate forgiveness for those born in "dark" times. People aren't really BAD - it's their life circumstances that made them BAD - and now that they're DEAD - they're harmless and can do evil anymore. It wasn't their fault - it was the circumstances at that time in history of the world - that made them the way they were.


Love and Compassion of all

Because of Forgiveness for all

Love and Compassion of all - because of - Forgiveness for all - as we're all human and you could have been born as someone else - in another place, another country, another time - it's your good luck to be born "you" - when you look at your "life" from different perspective changes "you" - especially an historical perspective - I bet your parents are a bit jealous of how lucky you are to be living today - in this generation - so forgive those who have done bad to you - they only did what they did - because they are not "you" - they're not as lucky as you - and not been fortunate as you. "I love and forgive you - because I feel sorry for you" - " "I love and forgive you - because I feel sorry for your soul" - repeating this - will ensure you let them-go - you release them from your aura and from your karma.


Indeed, your love for their soul - makes you realize that they too - would like to make the [1st] Karmic Key of Confession - of realizing how wrong they were - but "that" generation were stubborn and not half as enlightened as our generation - so "they" couldn't admit how wrong they were. Feel compassion for them - feel sorry for them - that they aren't as lucky as you. Then you'll heal the emotional energies defined in your aura by the lack of love you were given. Now you're ready to LOVE - because you've forgiven all - now you're ready for life - because there's nothing keeping you in the "past" - your aura is liberated and free of all past-life negativity - and everyone you meet will sense your aura - "full of love of life - love of people - love of everything" - and will want to love you too.


As explained so many times that the - karmic energies are INVISIBLE - and just like your emotional energies and your astrological energies which are all INVISIBLE energies - it is the "INVISIBLE" that constantly defines your life. Heal the "invisible" negativity and you'll heal your aura and be able to move your whole life forward.

It is the inexplicable "invisible" energies that are creating the dead-end and blocking the future of your life. When you FORGIVE all - and - LOVE all - your aura will be filled of love and compassion - and nothing will be able to block your future.


The karmic idiots who block their own lives - are people who always complain about others - always criticize others - always find fault with others - which leads to hating others and becoming jealous of others - and once they're full of hatred and jealous - they remain stuck, blocked and attached to the source of hatred forever like a lead-weight tied to their feet. So please don't be a karmic idiot - let go of hatred - become forgiving, compassionate and loving - and continue to repeat to yourself - about everyone you've known and know - "I forgive you" - "I forgive you" - "I forgive you".... then you'll sense a shift from within yourself - a shift that will both enlighten and liberate you.


I must add that the BIGGEST and HIGHEST form of Love you can have is out of sincere gratitude for the gift of life - Love of the Divine creator of this infinite Universe - which I explain on Good Luck and Good Karma. This strength and bond of LOVE - comes from constantly being grateful for everything in your life - never complaining about anything - and really loving GOD for giving you "life".



[3] Detachment - Letting go

Refusing to want something that's not yours to have

The intrinsic reason for karmic reincarnation is attachment to Earth - being Earthbound is one definition - but also being attached to things that aren't yours to have and were never yours to have is an important spiritual lesson. And at this phase of spiritual enlightenment - we're all being taught the lessons of becoming detached - not holding onto to meaningless things that aren't ours to have.

You see - earthbound people - want control over everything - in fact the more selfish and materialistic they are - the more they want control - and yet they all die in the end - and loose control of everything. The journey of life is strange - as it is indeed a journey of receiving and having things taken away. It is a constant journey of change - yin and yang - give and take - all of which is supposed to be in SYNC with the higher spiritual dimension - but people forget that life is a spiritual journey for one's soul - so they emphasize their lives on physical things - "things" which inevitably die, change or get taken away.


When you shift the focus of your life - to a harmonious combination and coexistence of spiritual and physical - then you become balanced - and you realize that you'll get everything you need at the time you need it - and when you don't need it anymore - it gets taken away from you. But people who live one-sided physical and forget the spiritual - have BAD KARMA. This BAD KARMA is keeping them blocked, frustrated and along a dead-end pathway - because they're attempting to hold-onto things that destiny has defined they don't need anymore and isn't theirs to have.

Have you ever seen a tree grab the falling leaves back - and sticking them back on the tree after they've died? Life is moving forward - and it comes to everyone - destined and karmic TIME to let go when it is time to let go. Holding onto to anything is wrong and will only create unnecessary stress. Good karma teaches - go-with-the-flow of life - accept things when it's time to accept - and let go of and give back things when it's time to let-go and give-back.


In this modern consumer-driven generation when - EVERYONE WANTS EVERYTHING - so many people are doing things that they shouldn't be risking nor doing - when see this - I see it is spiritually wise to do-the-opposite and instead of WANTING EVERYTHING - redefine your life as only wanting what is truly destined yours to have. Desiring and wanting things that aren't yours to have is - what "Earthbound" and materialistic people do - it's not what spiritually enlightened people do with the precious gift of life. Therefore to protect yourself from getting carried away with Earthbound desire say - "I don't want anything that's not mine to have". Then begins the challenge of constantly looking at things and saying to yourself - "that's NOT mine to have".


In Sync with yourself - Meeting The Real "You"

When you desire and want something that's NOT yours to have - defines you're not in SYNC - with yourself - your HIGHER spiritual soul - knows what's right and what's wrong for you - and when your physical desires WANTS something that's not yours to have - it creates a disconnection of a flow of energy between you, your destined pathway and the real spiritual version of you - and the further you go along this pathway - the more you get distanced from "life" energy - and the more it then becomes an emergency to SAVE you from the wrong pathway.

You are where your thoughts are - so if you're wanting and thinking of something that's not yours to have - you're actually going to feel disconnected from yourself. The important step is for you to take control of your thoughts - DISCONNECT FROM and DETACH FROM anything that's not REAL in your life - and that includes all the garbage you see and read on the internet - it's an illusion that's not REAL nor relevant in your destiny. Start by doing the opposite for a period of 30 days - immediately STOP dreaming of, desiring and wanting anything that you truthfully know is not right for you - and not yours to have - [which includes all sexual fantasies too with someone who's not yours]. Live in the moment of real life at this moment of time - and define yourself your real-life truth - as being the person you truthfully are - at this very moment.


Knowing you have everything you need in life

In order to live-in-the-moment - you need to define truthful facts into your aura - and it is a fact that you have everything you need to be alive at this moment. Indeed, that's the truth - because if you didn't have everything you need - you wouldn't be alive - you'd be dead.

Therefore it is this exact karmic truth - that you have everything you need to be alive at this very moment - don't think about what you had yesterday that you've lost and don't worry about tomorrow. Living in the moment - means - live in this exact moment.

"I have everything I need" - "I have everything I need" - "I have everything I need" - repeat it 100 times if you need to - as defining the truth that you have everything you need - you will begin to realize how true it is - and how all your worries, negativity and stress is caused by worrying about everything either from the "past" or the "future" - that isn't relevant to this exact moment in time. Defining the truth in this exact moment - will help you LET-GO of the "past" - because you'll stop living in the "past".


The Journey of Life - Transcendence & Ascendance

Even though you might be tempted - you're not going to want to live on the "bottom" steps of life

Life is a continuous journey - there's nothing permanent about anything in "life" ...


The 3rd Key of karmic reincarnation is learning DETACHMENT - by accepting everything that happens in your life - and refusing to want something that is not yours to have - letting go of the "past" through acceptance - and refusing to want anything that's not yours to have - even refusing to desire anything that's not yours to have - is defined by 3rd Karmic Key of DETACHMENT.


From the moment you're born until you become spiritually mature - your whole life is defined by WANTING THINGS. The transcendence into earthly existence means you WANT everything that will keep you on Earth - right at the BOTTOM.

But physical earthly life is a DEAD-END - so wanting things and wanting more things for earthly existence - will keep you at the BOTTOM and at a DEAD-END.

Therefore the only way is get yourself away from this DEAD-END is to elevate yourself from Earthly wants and desires - the only way is to become DETACHED.


The Polish spiritual Rabbi Naftoli Horowitz of Ropshitz / Lancut explains in his book that being ALIVE means knowing you have everything you need in life - "if I don't have it means my soul doesn't need it" for my destiny.

No-one wants to live at the BOTTOM - human instinct is always to climb to the TOP. But the illusion of life - fools many people to believe that having "money", "wealth" and "fame" is the TOP - when in reality it's the BOTTOM.

No-one who has plenty of money and wealth ever seeks "spiritual" pathway - only the "poor" - look for answers. So financial difficulties are a BIG blessing as they get you search for answers.


The ironically funny thing is the paradox of opposites - and that's when you become "detached" will actually make you lucky - as your aura will emit an energy of contentment to the world. When you stop looking so desperate and needy. The 3rd Key of Reincarnation will show you that when you stop wanting things - when you stop pushing - when you become truly content with life - that's when life gives you everything you need - it will open doors - you never realized existed.


Have you noticed that most mature adults exude an aura of happiness and look much happier that desperate needy teenagers - because the modern-day teenager WANTS everything that they see - whereas mature adults become content with life - partially due to the fact that they've done everything the youngsters want to do - and they've learnt by life's experiences that there's no point desiring things that aren't theirs to have. Spiritually mature adults - have an extra advantage - and that's to truly appreciate the gift of life - without wanting anything.


"If I don't have it means my soul doesn't need it"

Karmically - everyone needs to loose something before you can learn this lesson


Loosing things that were given to you - it is a fact of life - and an important karmic lesson that everyone learns - even if you don't want to learn it - and a karmic lesson that many people fail - defined by the fact that they end their lives in state of grumpy misery. Whereas an enlightened soul - embraces and prepares for the continued karmic journey of "life" - because we've been preparing for it - through detachment from physical wants and earthly desires.


Karmic experiences defines the NEED to learn the lesson - either by loosing things that were given to you - OR - having things that were given to you taken-away from you - it is "life". You might say - the best way is never to want anything and never have anything in the 1st place - then nothing can be taken from you. Indeed, the good karma of many souls is to have little and to want very little - whereas people with past-life heavy karma - have deep innate desires, wants and things they need. The worse - the past life karma - the more those people want things. The lighter the past life karma - the less people want.

You can't change the karmic definition of what you are at the beginning of your life - you are given your nature both by your parents, by circumstances and by what your soul needs for you to learn.

For example - if you're a person who loves ice-cream and needs to eat it 3 times a day - that's who you are - it's your job to overcome the desires and urges for things that are unhealthy for your body - likewise you have the job to overcome things that are wrong for your soul - and the only way you can do this successfully is by DETACHMENT.


Depending on your karma defined in this lifetime and your past-lifetime - that lesson - can come willingly or unwillingly - things you can either choose to let-go of - OR - things that destiny will take-away from you - either way - it's a karmic lesson in detachment and acceptance. You might ask "why" did you get something given to you - if destiny was going to take it away anyway - that indeed is a karmic mystery of life!


"I don't want it"

Someone else needs it - "it" is now someone else's destiny to have "it"

"It's not mine anymore - Thank GOD it's not mine anymore!"


Being in SYNC with your destiny means acceptance of everything that happens in your life - the good is always easy to accept - but the bad has to be equally acceptable too. In the above introduction - I said that after the tasty delicious meal you'd be in terrible pains if you were constipated and holding onto yesterday's food for a few days inside your stomach. Likewise, in all your life's experiences ACCEPT the need for a continual flow - by learning detachment - you'll actually love living in agreement with your karmic destiny.

And if you really have emotional problems letting-go - think of life - like a journey of phases - when you're born and die - all within one lifetime - and during each karmic phase of life - you get everything you need then loose it all - before you start the next cycle. You can't possibly begin the next phase if you're still holding onto the last phase.

If you've experience a complete loss of everything - then realize how LUCKY you are - as it defines you're about to start a NEW phase of life - and the quicker you let-go of the "past" - the quicker you can begin the "future". Let-go and as you do - contemplate is there anything you're holding-onto that's not yours to have - whatever "it" is - LET-GO - and you'll see life opening the karmic door to your NEW future.


Meeting The Real "You"

& Meeting the Karmic Version of "You"

I've seen it in real life - that people - who are "controlling" - people who want everything their way - people who live for a materialistic life - eventually after many years - realize the TRUTH - and eventually they accept what they should have accepted many years ago - all they have done is wasted years of their lives - living in the "past" - don't make the same mistake.

Therefore, if you have any inexplicable blockages in your life - if the daily lunar astrological predictions - that transcend each day - aren't doing anything for you - then you have a karmic blockage - use these 3 Keys of Reincarnation to unlock the karmic door to your future - stop living in a dead-end and OPEN your soul up to a NEW life by opening your mind and thought to THINK correctly. Only YOU can unlock your own karmic door - no-one else can do it for you.


The Three Keys of Reincarnation


[1] Confession of Mistakes - all mistakes made in this life and in all past-lives

[2] Love and Compassion of all - because of - Forgiveness for all

[3] Detachment - refusing to want something that is not yours to have - Letting go


Our Karmically Lucky Internet Generation

I've been amazed more than once to realize - the karmic gift of the internet - giving you knowledge you need to grow spiritually.

Understanding the 3 Keys of Reincarnation will now Elevate your status from being cyclically EarthBound

Now you can begin your karmic journey to become enlightened and wholesome.



Creating Good Karma

30 days of Daily Exercises to Open Your Soul

When you see and think of - anyone and everyone - whoever they are - THINK to yourself ...

[1] I love you [2] I feel sorry for you [3] I wish you good luck in your life


And when you think of your own life - say "THANK YOU" for all your experiences

Be happy you're alive and have the ability to change your own life


On the next chapter of - "Good Luck & Good Karma" - I explain that when you're genuinely HAPPY with what you have - you've found yourself - you've found the real version of yourself - you're in SYNC with your higher soul - with wholesome contentment - but greedy and jealous people, people who want things are constantly creating "bad karma" - with a karmic message they're not happy with their life - wanting someone else's life - complaining and wanting things that aren't their to have - this is the negative karma of a dead-end Earthbound soul of wanting things that will keep their soul EarthBound. Therefore break the karmic dead-end cycle - use this wisdom - it works - and open your soul to enlightenment.


"The Keys מפתחות" & "The Gates שערים"

For Orthodox Jewish Karma

This website is NOT written for orthodox Jewish souls ....


Indeed in the original textbook Sefer GilGulim Book of Reincarnations - written almost 400 years ago by Rabbi Hayim Vital - which was written for orthodox Jewish souls - it is clear that people who are born as orthodox Jewish souls have a complicated past-life karma to correct. The keys of past-life karma for them - needs to clear the damage down at the time of the destruction of 2nd temple and the generation of the wilderness - that is:-


[1] to forget materialism - stop focusing a life on "money"

[2] to stop gossiping and slandering other Jewish people

[3] to stop in-fighting and arguing amongst themselves - as hatred for other Jewish souls amongst each other has caused the destruction of 2nd Temple - and continues to be destroy many Jewish families and communities.


These specific past-life mistakes - destroyed the Jewish people - hence karmic keys needs to unlock the dead-end and self-destructive cyclically EarthBound status of orthodox Jewish souls needs correcting. Sadly - even today - there are 100's of online blogs written by orthodox Jewish people - attacking other factions and groups within the Jewish people.

If a non-jew would write these allegations of lies and slander - they would be classed as anti-semitic - and yet groups of Jewish communities are self-destroying themselves - through hatred of one another. But as this website is not written for them - I've not included their specific karmic keys in this chapter.


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