The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

"The Book of Reincarnations"

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Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Reincarnation of the Last Generation

Audio file is - [2] "Last Generation" of Karmic connections


One of the facets that has truly amazed me is realizing with awe and humility - the truthful reality that we are living in unique times in the history of the World. You can pretend with a vain attempt to deceive yourself of the enormity of this fact - and avoid your karmic responsibilities - as many people do - by denying the existence of a DIVINE GOD, the existence of a spiritual soul and the fact of life that EVERYONE on EARTH is a reincarnated soul - but the reality is we're all approaching a karmic date-with-destiny.

The reality of life in 2013 is that we're living at one of the most important and definitely the most karmically precious time in the world - a time when all the normal rules and boundaries imposed on life during previous generations have been eliminated in order for inexplicable karmic events to happen. Because with normal rules and boundaries - then it would be IMPOSSIBLE for karmic events to happen.


"Complete and Wholesome"

Without having to Die and be re-Born.

In fact the karmic rules and boundaries changed when Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - facets of the past that need to be discarded in order for each and everyone to complete the KARMIC purpose for which you have reincarnated in this last generation - without having to die and be reborn.

In everyone's life - Pluto in Capricorn - destiny has defined and is allowing you to live numerous karmic "past-lives" in order to complete ALL the loose-ends without needing to die and reborn.

And whilst each inexplicable karmic experience and phase that you will experience between 2008 => 2024 - will be an individual karmic experience in it's own identity - it will ensure that you complete what your soul needs to complete - releasing you from the BAD KARMA which enables you to MOVE-ON with your next karmic phase of life - without having to die and be reborn.

The key to happiness during the inexplicable karmic events and phases is to appreciate the fact that you are being SAVED from DEATH and REBIRTH - although some people's stubbornness, arrogance, inflexibility and non-karmic belief means they would prefer to DIE than CHANGE.

When you consider EACH karmic experience as an individual piece of past-lifetime - then you will comprehend the need to FEEL the full and intense emotions of "anger, hate, jealousy and love" - in order to accept and heal - then it's vitally necessary to LET GO of all the BAD KARMA - and move on. If you HOLD ONTO the negativity - and refuse to HEAL the BAD KARMA - then it will BLOCK your life. It will keep your life trapped and stuck in ONE phase of your past-life.

To truly comprehend the purpose of this defined "last generation" is to accept the collectiveness of ALL your past-lives - because your soul is ONLY WHOLESOME - when it contains and accepts - ALL the facets of EVERY lifetime you existed in. If you're in conflict with your "past" life - and you refuse to accept any facet of your past-lives - then a PART of you is creating NEGATIVE BAD KARMA - and you will be forced to deal with this PAST-LIFE energy in this lifetime.

Only when you 100% fully accept - every facet of every part of your past-lives - then you will become WHOLESOME - and start to create the POSITIVE GOOD KARMA for which your soul was created. Indeed, in the same way that the DIVINE GOD is contained in EVERYTHING in the Universe - and the DIVINE GOD accepts everything and everyone in the World - with compassionate tolerance - you too must come to a karmic acceptance towards everything and everyone in your life - for your soul to become WHOLESOME.

There is ONLY ONE alternative to a karmic REFUSAL to accept - and that is DEATH - what a silly shame it is for those people who REFUSE this opportunity and miss the karmic chance in this final and last generation.

A "sign" to know who such people are who continue to creating NEGATIVE BAD KARMA - is to see them become more stubborn - more arrogant - more angry and aggressive - more jealous and more hateful. Conversely a "sign" to know that you're on the right karmic pathway - is you become more compassionate - more kind - more calm - more peaceful - more accepting - more tolerant - more loving - and feel the spiritual happiness and contentment of the gift of life - from WITHIN you - because that's when you create the POSITIVE GOOD KARMA which energizes the world and people you meet.

When you've fulfilled your personal karma to become wholesome and peaceful - you'll know - as you'll feel the enlightened freedom and spiritual clarity that it brings into your life. Similarly, during each stage and each phase of the journey to enlightenment and karmic wholesomeness - you will feel more compassionate, more accepting, more understanding and more loving to everything and everyone in the Eternal Universe - with an inner glowing smile of gratitude and thanks to GOD for the karmic opportunity to make your soul wholesome.


Normal Rules and Boundaries Changed

It's astrologically clear - that all normal rules of life changed - destiny redefined all our lives to take us on the last journey - a journey where the destined destination is of karmic wholesomeness - and NOTHING ELSE.

Everything and everyone you are DESTINED to be connected to and to whom you have any KARMIC relationship with - from this life and from ALL your past-lives - from 2008 and until 2024 - during Pluto in Capricorn has and will guarantee that you must MEET and HEAL all your karmic relationships for the sole purpose to make you WHOLESOME. And hereby defines the inexplicable complications in many people's lives - as everyone will seemingly live in one lifetime whilst juggling with - and karmically dealing with - ALL the prior and numerous past-lifetimes.


It doesn't matter if you're married, divorced, alone, old, young, lesbian, homosexual or homophobic - EVERYONE EVERYWHERE in the whole world has EMOTIONAL energies that connects everyone to everyone else - just like the internet - and it doesn't matter WHO you are and WHO they are - if you have an EMOTIONAL feeling towards ANYONE - it means you have a karmic connection to them. If they have feelings towards you - then you know - there's an inexplicable bond of a karmic relationship that needs to be "sorted out" and "healed" in your aura - before you can become karmically WHOLESOME. However, if you have an EMOTIONAL feeling towards them or because of their energy - but they have NO EMOTIONAL feeling towards you then it means YOU have work to do on yourself.

Anyone who gives you intense emotions of anger, hate, jealousy and love means THEY have been placed in your life in order for you to accept and heal something about yourself - and the energies of relationships with OTHER people. It is NOT their problem you have feelings - it is YOUR KARMIC PROBLEM. When I say ANYONE - I mean ANYONE who triggers intense emotions of anger, hate, jealousy and love - is a karmic sign for YOU - that YOU have karmic work to do on yourself, on your soul and on your aura.

The reason it's YOUR PROBLEM is that your aura has inexplicably attracted you to people who make you feel intense emotions of anger, hate, jealousy and love - therefore - even if you think you're perfect - whilst your emotions have been negatively triggered it means - it's YOUR KARMIC PROBLEM to heal your soul.


The inexplicable factors of karma and reincarnation means it is NOT necessarily important to know the past-life reasons WHY you have been presented with the karmic situation you are in - but it is vitally necessary to DO SOMETHING to heal it - to make yourself wholesome - and to become spiritually enlightened from the experience of healing your soul. The "sign" to know that you're in a karmic situation is to realize it's an inexplicable complicated puzzle - as it doesn't follow "normal rules", it doesn't make sense to you, creates CONFUSION in your life, which common-sense and logic can't solve nor does your life have boundaries like it should have.


"Babel" - בבל - Confusion

בבלה יוביאו ושמה יהיו עד יום פקדי אתם

"Confusion" will be brought into your lives UNTIL the destined time when Divine GOD will bring you clarity

[Quoted Talmud Kesuvos 111a]


One of the most feared prophetic visions of the Book of Daniel is the fear that CONFUSION creates. But it has been decreed that at the End of Time - although there will be intense CONFUSION in the world - as things that are right will be deemed as wrong - and things that are wrong will be deemed lawful as right - there will come a "karmic turning point" in everyone's life - a moment when it is darkest - that's when it has been decreed that TRUTHFUL KARMIC CLARITY will be given to everyone in the Last Generation to comprehend the reasons and to ACCEPT everything in the world as just and correct - leading to karmic peace, harmony, compassion, tolerance and love in the world.

Astrologically and spiritually, I believe that "karmic turning point" was in December 2012 - thereafter a LIGHT of truthful clarity began to shine and began to eliminate the karmic darkness and confusion the darkness created.

Each of you, will have been feeling better - but still there's a lot of karmic work to do - until your life is full of karmic clarity and until all darkness and confusion is eliminated from your lives. The final karmic date when EVERYONE on Earth will have 100% clarity will be January 2020 - although many of you - will have it in 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 - with 2016 being an especially good year for many people.


The reason is based on astrological charts for the whole world - and they show a peaceful, calm, clarity - think of it like the influence of the internet - a karmic tool for our generation and just like in the year 2013 - "almost" everyone has daily access to the internet - by the year 2020 everyone will have access to spiritual clarity, wisdom and understanding - when everyone's inner spirituality is in sync with their physical existence. Which is defined by HARMONY in the charts. It is not temporary either - as you can see from charts between 2020 => 2024 - and beyond 2024 ..... that's the destined destination of humanity - to become spiritually enlightened and "at peace".


Astrological Charts for 2020 and 2024 - with Thanks to

All the blue lines between planets indicate harmonious peacefulness

& the lack of planets in huge segments of the charts means no oppositions - no problems

The outer planets of Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus & Saturn in Capricorn

Define a karmic and destined peace which is created by wisdom and enlightenment for everyone


Final stage of Life-on-Earth 2013 => "?" AD

Although, as I will be explaining - no-one knows the date - but the "?" is likely to be between 2020 => 2024 A.D.


Many have guessed the "final date" - and all have been wrong - as the Book of Daniel explains - some specific karmic things in life - like the "final date" are LOCKED and HIDDEN - and not for anyone to know.

The spiritual book of prophetic wisdom of Elijah in Tana D'vei Eliyahu - defines a period of 2000 years from the beginning of the rule of the "Messiah" - I believe with clarity that the "Messiah" is Yeshua - Jesus Christ - and therefore the date of "Jesus Christ - The Messiah" began the rule of 2000 years is defined as the "final date".

Theoretically - this could be anytime between the year 2030 => 2040 AD - as history has shown us that the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 AD - and Yeshua Jesus - was crucified 30/40 years prior to the destruction of the 2nd Temple. It could have been earlier than that - and that will be the unexpected surprise - when the "final day" comes. But there is NO DOUBT - that it will be coming - and hence the karmic need for EVERYONE in the world to become spiritually enlightened - and karmically wholesome.


The spiritual reason explained in Book of Daniel - that the "final date" is hidden - is to DECEIVE people - and let people carry-on life as normal - because if people would know the "final date" they would be reckless - and not live correctly. Hence restrictions of spiritual secrets are imposed in order to ensure that people do and live correctly - whilst transforming and changing.

If, I would know and tell you the date is soon - you would panic and do silly things - hence, although I can see astrologically the year 2020 is very probably the year - more than likely there's a date SOONER THAN JANUARY 2020 by when - the "final date" for destined spiritual enlightenment, spiritual transformation from a materialistic pathway, peace, love, compassion and harmony will arrive on Earth. It is the karmic destiny of the world to transform to become wholesome - and the good news it's already begun - since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 - started the healing of your karma through numerous inexplicable events - and as the darkness of negative and bad karma is eliminated from your life - you will become positive and enlightened - knowing that you're on the right journey to the right destination.


There's more to do than in previous generations..

Even if you feel there's so much more to "do" and it's so much more complicated than in previous generations - it's OK to feel overwhelmed - because it is a FACT of LIFE that this "last generation" has a lot more karmic responsibility than all the previous generations combined and put together. But that doesn't mean you can't do it - in fact the tools with which you have at your disposal are much better than all the previous generations combined too!

And whilst multiple strong desires, wishes, wants and bad karma are carried over from multiple"past-lifetimes" to create compounded problems in this lifetime - DESTINY will ensure that you have the ability to handle, departmentalize and do what you need to do - to make your karma good and make your soul wholesome.


The Only Karma of Last Generation is

"Relationships with Other People"

Although there will be karmic aspects to do with learning about "life" and "wisdom" of the mysteries of the world - the focus of the last generation will be to learn compassion, tolerance, acceptance and love for other people. Karma is all about your relationships with OTHER people.

This brings to the karmic understanding of relationships because many people have an EASY time making friends - and feeling connected with other people - whereas others feel BLOCKED and unable to connect with other people.

Bad karma is when you create negative energy starting with negative communication leading to ARGUMENTS, anger, jealousy and hateful intolerance - which as you see on the "News" leads to wars, violence, death and bloodshed.

Whereas good karma is when you create positive energy starting positive communication leading to LOVE, happiness, compassionate kindness, loving tolerance - and most of all to understand we are all "the same" humans living life on Earth.


A spiritual fact that the only karma of the last generation is RELATIONSHIPS with OTHER people - hence you'll need to ask yourself - do you have OTHER people in your life - or is there a SPACE between you - that creates feelings of isolation and loneliness - and "why" is it that you feel the isolation. Coupled with this definition of your RELATIONSHIPS with OTHER people - includes EVERYTHING you've learnt from and been influenced by your RELATIONSHIPS with OTHER people - which includes all your relationships with PEOPLE from the PAST-LIFETIMES - people such as "Moses" , "Jesus" and teachings from the Bible - that is with everyone who created and creates an influence of your life - that FORCES you to behave a certain and specific way BECAUSE of something that they have SAID to INFLUENCE your attitude and to INFLUENCE your SOUL.


Everything you do - is either Bad karma is when you create negative energy or is good karma is when you create positive energy but BOTH are defined by SOMEONE who has an INFLUENCE over you - and has defined and continues to define the you behave to create bad karma or good karma through their INFLUENCE on your mind and soul.


Indeed I'd agree with the fact that in this modern world - everyone is suspicious of others - and instinctively many of us keep other people at a distance. But the biggest barrier to interaction with OTHER people and the reason for experiencing loneliness and isolation ..... is KARMIC - it's not a coincidence - loneliness - is DESTINED and KARMIC .....


The karmic reason for isolation and loneliness that this last generation is destined to experience is because EACH and EVERYONE has to cleanse the karmic garbage created by your RELATIONSHIPS with OTHER people - from all people from past-lives too - that created BAD KARMA - including carrying-over nonsensical biblical beliefs and lies from man-made religions from past-lives that created BAD KARMA and spiritual GARBAGE in your soul. Hence a period of DESTINED karmic isolation - is giving you the freewill ability to DEFINE with HONESTY what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

Then, as soon as you've CLEANSED your soul from all the past-life karma by recognizing that what was in your belief system was WRONG - then you will be liberated, enlightened and free. This karmic freedom is given when you become FREE from past-life negative karma - and liberate your soul from all the WRONG that was dumped on your soul.

For the truthful spiritual reality is IF the past generations and their spiritual teachings had been perfect - then the world would not be in the mess it is in now. There are and have been HUGE karmic mistakes in past-lives - and that's what we've all be reincarnated to comprehend, concede how wrong those teachings were and then become spiritually enlightened. The only pathway to becoming KARMICALLY WHOLESOME is to concede that in past-lives we got "it" wrong. This last generation is blessing and giving us the opportunity to reflect honestly and say "the past" was wrong.


Strong Karmic Energies

Though, the most important fact of the "last generation" and knowing that the only karma of the last generation is RELATIONSHIPS with OTHER people means EVERYONE you have a connection with - will be present in your life - will make themselves known to you - and will remain in your life UNTIL you overcome the karmic need for their presence.

The proof you need to know is that ANYONE who creates emotional energies of Anger, Hate, Jealousy and Love are all karmic relationships - and need to be healed and made wholesome. What triggers your emotional energy - will vary for each and everyone - but WHATEVER and WHOEVER triggers your emotional energies of Anger, Hate, Jealousy and Love are all karmic relationships and need "working" on to understand.


The reason I've posted this photo is that Omaha cemetery in Normandy - Northern France - where US troops died on D-day 6th June 1944 - a karmic and destined day that liberated Europe from Nazi Germany. This place had an inexplicable profound affect on my life when I visited it in September 2009 - as it made me humble with admiration, respect and genuine love for soldiers who sacrificed their lives to liberate Europe and give us the freedom with have today. Karmically, it created a STRONG energy that motivated me to make and do a lot of things. I've no idea what my past-life relationship is - but it triggered something GOOD to open me up in this life.



American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach Colleville-Sur-Mer in Normandy France

Visiting this holy place - was once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience in September 2009 - which changed something very important within my spirit soul. I make mention to the right side of the above photo is the grave of "Hilliard Daniel Oglesby of Florida - died - 12th July 1944" - just one soldier amongst 9,387 soldiers buried at that cemetery. Each Cross bears the name of a Soldier who sacrificed their lives for our lives and to fulfill Karma. May GOD bless them for their sacrifice for our freedom.


7+ Billion People On Earth

The Last Generation

[Including Reincarnation of all Nephilim & Angels]

You might ask - how many more people will be born to live on Earth - the truth is there's a defined limit - but you can be sure that when DESTINY has reincarnated everyone that is destined to be reincarnated - and when everyone is present on Earth - that it will be "time" for great revelations. In Genesis 6 - the bible explains that Angels wanted to become humans - and GOD allowed then to FALL to Earth to become humans. Indeed, it is a fact that amongst many people being born - there are "angels" who weren't given the chance to live on Earth in past generations - but DESTINY has defined they deserve the opportunity to see what life-on-earth is about.

Their incarnation into humans - is actually the reason that the spiritual elevation is taking place on Earth - as their existence on Earth is raising our spirituality and awareness. You can't see and know who they are - indeed - they might even be your own children - as the Book of Daniel explains - at the end of times - everything on Earth will appear to be normal - with nothing seemingly happening - but it IS happening and right in front of our own eyes.

Look at the fact of the internet - that sitting in South-East Poland I'm able to write something for you - somewhere in a FAR away land - and what's even more astonishing is how you find this website. Under "normal" scenario of what life was life 20 years - it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to be online and connected to you. And yet right before our eyes - we're here at the "last generation" and mysteriously being connected - isn't that an inexplicable karmic miracle ?


The bigger miracle we're all about to see unfold between 2013 => 2024 is WORLD PEACE

World Peace is Destined & Prophesied

And going to happen by 2024


עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל

"God - Who makes peace in the Divine spiritual realms - will make peace amongst us & amongst Israel"

[Traditional Daily Jewish Prayer take from the Prophets]


In "September 2013" - I'd say the fulfillment of prophetic vision of Book of Isaiah is completed because anyone who sees the images and pictures of Damascus can see clearly it is a city of ruins. The truth is Damascus was a beautiful city of historic and karmic importance - and now it is a catastrophe what man-made destruction has done.

The karmic turning point is a moment of profound TRUTH - when, with the gift of hindsight - we all look at the needless bloodshed, pain, sorrow and homelessness created in the Mid-East [Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia & Egypt] during the past 12 years - and SAY ENOUGH is ENOUGH - NO MORE WARS - that's the karmic moment when this World will be blessed with and will find PEACE. People lived in peace and harmony in all the countries in the Mid-East before - and I'm sure that many would love to turn the clock back - and reinstate the tough but good leaders of yester-year. As they held the countries together without bloodshed.

As a true Christian - and follower of the holy teachings of Jesus Christ - it is clear that WAR is NOT the correct pathway. How can anyone go to Church and believe in Jesus Christ - then create DEATH, MISERY and SUFFERING to another human?


In the same way we see the WARS, CONFLICT and BLOODSHED of the past 12 years are WRONG - so too - karmically - we will see the WARS, CONFLICT and BLOODSHED of the past 2000 years have been wrong. The biggest cause of death, misery and conflict is ARROGANCE created by RELIGION. Indeed the BIGGEST and most negative BAD KARMA that exists in the world has been created by MAN-MADE RELIGIONS.

The fake belief system that people have created in man-made religions is the root cause of all BAD KARMA. Therefore the only way the whole world will become karmically wholesome and healed is when all the damage done by man-made religions is eliminated. Any religion that creates HATRED and inflicts PAIN on others is evil and is creating BAD karma. The 1st step is to acknowledge and concede that BAD KARMA created by RELIGION is WRONG. Admission of TRUTH and confession of the "past" is adequate - because your SOUL knows when you're being TRUTHFUL and due to the karmic nature of RELIGION especially through many past lifetimes - for a person to ADMIT their beliefs were WRONG is a huge and important step to healing one's soul.


Indeed, you might think, I'm referring to ALL religions - and indeed I am - as I've often thought wouldn't the world be a better place without "religions" - but the TRUTH is ALL RELIGIONS are GOOD - the problem lies in ARROGANCE and INFLEXIBILITY created by BAD people WITHIN those religions who use their religion to create BAD karma through their arrogant stubbornness.

When, collectively we all - accept ALL people of ALL religions and accept ALL people from ALL nations - then humanity has peace. But when some people impose their arrogant will on others to STOP other people from living with freedom - then BAD KARMA is created.

Thankfully the Book of Daniel amongst many of the prophets have all predicted that at the end of times in the "last generation" - we will all ACCEPT each other - live in PEACE with each other - and understand each other with wisdom and compassion. For that prophecy to happen in reality - means we're going to see SPIRITUAL DIVINE TRUTH that will transform and eliminate all the nonsense from Man-Made religions - like a spiritual filter - eliminating all negativity and all nonsense - and keeping the original and pure spiritual wisdom - isn't that something worth looking forward to?

But before "that" happens - each of us will experience a karmic spiritual filter from WITHIN as you see the SPIRITUAL DIVINE TRUTH that will transform and eliminate all the nonsense from your mind created by Man-Made religions. Because when individuals CHANGE - then collectively it's easier for humanity to change. As Book of Daniel says - the enlightened will enlighten the pathway for others.


Just because things were RIGHT in the "Past"

Doesn't mean they are RIGHT for the "present"

Moses and the Bible proves that point - as there's so much in the Old Testament - the 5 Books of Moses - that was perfectly RIGHT in the "past" - but is emphatically WRONG for the "present". Indeed, if humanity would live in accordance with the teachings of the Bible - it would be tragic.

And before the man-made religious fanatics criticize this statement - let me explain - according to the bible - an woman who has an affair with another man - is given the death-penalty - likewise homosexuals are liable to death penalty according to the Bible - does not make sense for our generation - for are "they" going to start KILLING people based on the Bible - that decrees death-sentences for almost everything that is accepted in today's society ?

Something about the OLD testament isn't RIGHT and therefore we need the compassionate teaching of the NEW testament to readdress the inciteful to cause hate and hateful teachings. For many years, I've been puzzled - then I realized a karmic truth - that Moses reincarnated to become Yeshua - Jesus Christ. Both Moses and Jesus have a lot of things in common with each other [see here for explanation or google for yourself the comparisons of life of Moses and life of Jesus]. And I'd add that no-one knows where Moses is buried and no-one knows where Jesus Christ is buried.

But the important karmic fact is that Moses needed to reincarnate into Yeshua - Jesus Christ in order to revise the teachings of the Old testament in the New testament - because DESTINY saw that HUGE KARMIC mistakes were being made by following the Old testament.


I explain on "bad karma and bad luck" - the biblical story between Cain and Abel is the original source of Bad Karma in the world. Cain out of anger, hatred and jealousy of his brother Abel - murdered him. The world was vast and yet Cain wanted what Abel had - and to get it he killed him. This is the source of all bad karma in the world - WANTING and DESIRING what other people have - and then doing BAD things to get it.

The fact that Moses [& Jesus] was in fact the reincarnated soul of Abel - who was murdered by his brother Cain - sons of Adam and Eve - is explained in Genesis Chapter 2] is indeed the reality - that earthly HATEFUL people have a wicked desire to DESTROY anything and anyone GOOD in the world. The karmic battle between LIGHT and DARK manifests in all aspects of LIFE.

This karmic secret of Moses being reincarnation of Abel murdered out of jealousy by his brother was revealed by the Chaim Ibn Atar known as the Ohr HaChaim in 1700's. And identifies that JEALOUSY created between people out of HATRED for each other's service to GOD - is the source of all hatred in the world - as Cain and Abel - were finding ways of serving GOD and showing appreciation to GOD - when Cain realized that his way wasn't RIGHT and Abel's way was RIGHT - so Cain killed Abel.

Likewise Jesus - the reincarnated soul of Abel was killed because incarnation of "Cain" amongst the Jewish Rabbis realized that Jesus way was RIGHT. And the intrinsic conflict with the same reason applies for all hatred and jealousy amongst all man-made religions - anywhere and anyplace - where there are arguments created by jealousy amongst "religious" people - the bad karma is related to the story of "Cain & Abel".

The cycle of BAD KARMA and it's continued existence within DARK souls - falsely leads them to believe that by killing and destroying the LIGHT - that the LIGHT will be extinguished. But no-one can ever extinguish the LIGHT that is WITHIN a person's SOUL - that's Eternal - as you see the LIGHT of Christianity of Jesus Christ is everywhere.


The Truth about "Religious" People

DESTINY and BAD KARMA is actually creating the polarization and fanaticism amongst "religious" people - and their destructive and hateful souls are actually working from WITHIN them to destroy their own religions.

Through arrogance, stubbornness and even violence against people who don't follow the faith as strictly as "they" do - they are acting to PUSH away people from the their religion.

FAKE man-made religions don't need an outsider like Hitler to destroy their religion - for "they" are doing it from WITHIN themselves - like a Cancer. That too is destiny defined by their own hatred, bad karma and evil that has grown from within them over many generations.


Have you ever met a fanatic religious person who was compassionate, kind and caring? Why is it that all fanatically religious people are ANGRY people - with stubborn opinions, arrogant views and hateful to believe in non-negotiable religious laws? Why is it when you want to DISCUSS JESUS CHRIST - some people refuse to even mention HIS name?

Everyone in the world can sense and see THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG with that RELIGION if it creates people who are so hateful and arrogant. Indeed, the flaw is with "their" teachings - hence the karmic necessity for Moses to reincarnate to be Yeshua-Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the mention of Jesus Christ amongst Jews is forbidden - "they" refuse to discuss the error of judgment made 2000 years ago by the Rabbis in the Temple. For the truth is - Jesus is a descendant from the house of King David - and should never have been crucified for his spirituality.

This is one of the BIGGEST karmic lessons that the Jewish people will need to learn in the last generation - in order to BRING PEACE in the world and make the karma of the House of David & House of Israel wholesome. For the source of all WARS in the world is HATRED that is created and has been created over many generations - the only way to eliminate WAR is to END all HATRED.


When people with BAD karma - full of anger and hatred towards Jesus Christ - start LOVING the Holy Spiritual soul of Jesus Christ - then there will be NO MORE karmic HATRED - and automatically DESTINY will redefine where there is NO HATRED - there is NO BAD KARMA - and where there is NO BAD KARMA - there's only PEACE.

Unfortunately, the bad karma of jealousy and hatred amongst "religious" people stems back to the "Cain & Abel" over 6000 years of karmic history of mankind - where brothers create hatred and can't live in peace - will need DIVINE intervention to create PEACE - to let them see the TRUTH.

The reason, I'm aware of this fact is "I was Jewish" - and thankfully the Internet ..... which is a Karmic Tool - enables me to ADMIT the truth that my past-life beliefs and attitudes towards Jesus Christ were WRONG. YES - I admit that my religious beliefs of past-lives - I WAS WRONG.


This is the LAST GENERATION and therefore each and everyone of us has something important and specific we've reincarnated for - to accomplish and fulfill - what "it" is ONLY you will know - I hope by reading this section of the website you'll IDENTIFY what "it" is and be awakened spiritually to work on making your soul wholesome.


The Karma of the Last Generation is inexplicable

"Bad Luck" & "Anger/Hate"

Unfortunately, no-one awakens when things are going good - therefore the only way that destiny has available to it to be able to AWAKEN people is by creating BAD things & BAD luck - through inexplicable events that force a person to awaken and question life. When a person doesn't find the answers - instinctively one becomes EMOTIONAL and ANGRY - and pursues all possibilities and pathways to find the answers - all of these facets - are stages of Karmic Awakening.

There is NO such thing as coincidence or accident - so when BAD things happen to you - when you feel inexplicable emotional pain - it means you're being karmically AWAKENED in order to HEAL the BAD KARMA of past-lives. As soon as you acknowledge to yourself that you're AWAKENED and ready to work on your KARMA - the source of inexplicable pain will go away.



Three Stages of Karmic Awakening

[1] Inexplicable Events that create Pain [2] Becoming ANGRY [3] Getting Emotionally Upset


[1] Pain - inexplicable frustration - that identifies it must be karmic - because it isn't fair, it isn't just nor right what's happening to you.

[2] Getting ANGRY - followed by the GIVE-UP stage - with a flippant liberating "don't care attitude" - and pretending to accept of "life's" painful situations - even though you'll still upset and frustrated by the unfair situation.

ANGER means you've been awakened inside through an OPPOSITION - the OPPOSING forces are the negativity created through BAD karma - and it acts like a BLOCKAGE until you work on eliminating the BLOCKAGE. Instinctively, most people use ANGER as a method to fight against the BLOCKAGE - but when ANGER doesn't work they try violence - whilst others realize the futility of being ANGRY - so they do the OPPOSITE - and accept the situation - and search for karmic "answers".

[3] Getting emotionally upset is a part of life - which leads to acceptance that the situation MUST BE karmic - this is the 1st stage to "Healing the Karma" - and healing all the negative emotions a person feels.

The search to find the root cause of the negative bad karma will be the answer to healing the karma - and the fact that you now know what you're looking for - makes the searching easier. You might still have the problem - but at least you know what's causing it and you're now searching for the right answers to solve the problem. Thereafter, you can cancel out the BAD KARMA - it's energy of past-life LIES - and find TRUTH - which will eliminate ANGER and HATRED forever from your soul - and fill your life with peace, love and harmony.


Your 4 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Problem has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


The inexplicable karmic situation you are in - is a karmic problem - and therefore "normal" solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution. Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends. The Moon, the guarantee Destiny made to you before you were born, your guardian angels and anyone from your Soulgroup.

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means you have SUPPORT - and you have HELP - and you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is ASK FOR HELP....



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