The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

"The Book of Reincarnations"

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Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Spiritual Rescue Work of all EarthBound Souls

"The Destined Journey of all Souls to the Light"

Spiritual soul rescue work of everyone's soul from the Earthbound place - עולם התהו

Enlightened Spiritual rescue began in 1980's / 1990's and will continue until everyone's soul has been rescued


There are 2 audio files for this chapter

[1] Understanding Your Earthbound status

Audio file is - [15a] "Understanding your own existence is Earthbound if you're thinking of Earthly stuff


[2] Spiritual Rescue Work of Earthbound souls

Audio file is - [15b] "Explainig how to do Spiritual Rescue Work of Earthbound souls



The reason that each and everyone of us has reincarnated in this specific internet generation at the end of time is in order to learn, become wise and enlightened - more than in any other time in the history of the world - everyone has the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment.

In prior generations, both ignorance and the inability to find information was a genuine excuse for being spiritually blind - that's not so in this generation - the internet has everything - literally EVERYTHING - and the internet is the karmic gift of EVERYTHING that is being given to EVERYONE - literally EVERYONE - so that everyone has the potential to find the answers their soul is looking for - and attain karmic wholesomeness. In fact the main reason that each and everyone of us has reincarnated in this generation is to elevate our mind and soul above an "Earthbound" existence.


It is a total deceptive view of life to believe that - your "life" ends with "death" - but many people still believe that "death" is "the end" - contrary to logic, personal spiritual experiences, psychic messages, mediums, spiritualist Churches and readings from Gypsies - there are still people who refuse to think, choose to ignore the truth, refuse to search for wisdom that's available and then block their minds from any possible belief that there is "life-after-death" - this has led to their souls' becoming trapped in an EARTHBOUND status and living a "dead" Earthbound life. In prior generations that would have defined the karmic need to reincarnate - but in this generation it now defines the karmic need for their Earthbound souls to be "rescued" and "elevated" to the light.


It doesn't matter what religion people believe in or atheistic view people have of life - the fact of life is that there is "life-after-death" - the soul continues to live-on - whoever the person is and whatever a person has done - EVERYONE's soul continues to live on. That's because the spiritual soul inside everyone is the "spark" of Godliness that is contained in everything that gives "life" - the energy of "life".


Astrologically, it has become clear that since 1980's/ 1990's all of humanity began a phase of karmic enlightenment - and collectively since the gift of the internet - the human consciousness has been raised with an expansion of everyone's mind and ability to "think". Collectively, humanity is much more intelligent now that it was 10 years ago - even 5 years ago - as the power of the internet - allows everyone to search for answers and expand one's mind beyond one's own limitations.

Destiny has defined that instead of a continued dead-end cycles of the reincarnation of souls - this last generation in this last phase of earthbound "life" is ensuring that everyone's soul completes it's karmic journey - finally making the journey to enlightenment - away from the "earthbound" status.


Your Thoughts define your EarthBound Status

You are the person defined by what you're thinking about ?

What are you thinking about most during the day ?


"Earthbound" status defines what you're thinking about 100% all the time - that is everyone is unable to live with TWO different goals in their minds - so a person's thoughts are EITHER spiritually orientated OR constantly thinking about "survival" on Earth in this lifetime - whether it be day-to-day survival, what to eat, food, shopping, work, money, sleep and health, clothes and appearance, love and sex, or what you want in your future, holidays and homes, lovers, children, work and business relationships - anything and everything that is ONLY applicable to living in the physical world - defines Earthbound thoughts - which defines your Earthbound status.

Elevating your existence - beyond an "Earthbound" status - defines the need to THINK in order to DETACH yourself from the dead-end earthly existence in order for you to THINK in terms of Eternity. But more so - you need mysterious and inexplicable spiritual experiences that "jolt" you and electrify you to THINK "spiritually" - to search for answers beyond logic.

Then at a specific karmic moment in your life - after you've begun thinking spiritually is when you think more "spiritual" thoughts than "earthbound" thoughts - when you focus more on Eternal spirituality than on Earthly existence. Even though you still think of Earthly issues - you STOP worrying about them - you stop getting depressed - and you stop allowing the earthly problems upset your inner peace of mind - as you realize earthly Earthbound worries are transient experiences - that will end the day you die.

When you stop worrying is when you've finally arrived on the other side of the karmic fence - the side that shows you spiritual clarity - the pathway to enlightenment and proves to you through your own personal experiences that life is NOT A DEAD-END. Now you can begin to love life and live life - because you're no longer seeing the journey as a dead-end one-way experience to the cemetery.


Your Mind expands-out-of EarthBound Status

When you're mind is thinking more than Earthly "life"

then you've become enlightened and no longer Earthbound.


Let us be honest - in "2014" - your mind [and everyone else's too] is thinking deeper and with greater wisdom, intelligence than at any other time in your life and that includes any other of your prior lifetimes too - your mind is now able to multi-task - and not only do you think of meaningful issues but you sincerely WANT to think of meaningful issues because - your mind WANTS to EXPAND it's understanding - because your soul WANTS to and is thirsting for you to find the spiritually enlightened truth.

When you believe that this physical world is all there is to live for - you've locked yourself into a dead-end - and defines you're Earthbound. People who are constantly worried and depressed - are people who define their existence as Earthbound - because they're limiting their thoughts to become worried about Earthly existence. Everything that Earthbound people worry about is always Earthly worries - which are all totally meaningless after death. Therefore it actually defines that their mind and their Earthly worries are ensuring they're empty when they die.


People who are spiritually enlightened - never worry - because the definition of enlightenment means you know for real that there is LIFE - AFTER - DEATH - there's no such thing as a DEAD-END. This very fact when it has sincerely become part of your thinking and daily thoughts - actually stops you from worrying - as worry and depression are Earthbound experiences.

EVERYONE is going to die - a guaranteed facet of life - which most people are ill-prepared for - because of constant avoidance - due to the fact they CLOSE their minds to anything BEYOND and focus their thoughts on Earthly existence. Many people REFUSE to think "spiritually", REFUSE to think what happens after death and so they block-out spiritual ideas, thoughts and concepts as they only want to think about the physical world of earthly Earthbound existence. Spiritually, no-one can help them UNTIL they want to be helped - and that always happens AFTER they've died. The ability at the right karmic moment - to think with your mind and thoughts is your individual karmic answer to expand-out of your Earthbound status - it is your freewill choice to THINK or not.


Two Aspects of Spiritual Rescue Work

"The Destined Journey of all Souls to the Light"

[1] Spiritual soul rescue work of YOUR SOUL from the Earthbound status whilst you're alive - עולם התהו

[2] Spiritual soul rescue work of people who have died after they've died - and "come" to you to be rescued.


[1] Spiritual Rescue Work of Your own Soul

[1] Rescuing your own soul from your dead-end karmic cycle of "death" to an eternal enlightened spirituality - the reason why each of us has reincarnated in this lifetime is FIND the truth - and to stop the karmic cycles - the continuous dead-end cycles - defined by Earthbound beliefs.

Indeed, I've met many "religious" people who continue to USE religion to try and benefit their earthly life - with an obsession to make their earthly life better by buying lucky charms for "love" and "money" are just some silly examples of Earthbound religious practices - and as they focus their thoughts on Earthbound aspects - asking for "earthly" stuff - they're keeping their own soul Earthbound - instead they should be praying to ask for an opening of their mind and soul to Eternal spirituality.

Each of us - whilst we are alive - can CHANGE our own karmic destiny - the karmic moment will come when you see with clarity that there is life-after-death - and that this physical world is NOT the DEAD-END that so many believe it is.


The remarkable fact is that - you can RESCUE your own soul - at the moment your mind EXPANDS-out of thinking about "earthly" experiences and worries - when you choose to think beyond this earthly physical life - is the moment your soul is being rescued - and magically - you're doing it yourself !

The truth this is the destined karmic time in the history of the world which has guided events in your life for you to become Spiritually enlightened and defined this time for your SOUL to be RESCUED. The moment you've rescued yourself is when your mind will change your thoughts and what you think about - as you dump your Earthbound status - including everything defined as a Dead-End in your life - now OPENS up to have possibilities.


Let me give you example, when you're depressed - feeling of "no hope" - dead-end - and even if you're convinced it's "the end" - your soul doesn't give-up - in fact that's when you search for answers - from astrologers, clairvoyants, psychics and mediums. ANY psychic message, reading from a mediums, especially from authentic Spiritualist Churches and good readings from Gypsies - are the BEST thing you can get for yourself - because it OPENS your mind and EXPANDS your thoughts. The fact that I'm writing online and lived in Poland is thanks to a psychic message I received from this wonderful Gipsy at the Rynek in Krakow, Poland - she expanded my mind to think positive of destined possibilities - and gave me clarity about "life". [From the photo you can see the colored rings - which I explain importance of Rings on Fingers in "Palmistry"].


When you believe your "life" is a dead-end - then it often becomes a dead-end - and you actually believe that it's impossible to have anything NEW and GOOD in your life - that's because your soul is thinking in terms of Earthbound status. Spiritually and karmically, it is because your soul is being trapped in Earthbound status.

However, the moment you elevate your soul - by rescuing your own soul - that's when you get movement and positive change in your life. Pluto entered Earth sign of Capricorn in January 2008 - it has ensured that inexplicable karmic events happen - EVERYONE is having both movement and some facets of stagnation in their lives UNTIL they realize what their destiny is telling them to do. "Life" wants everyone to become enlightened and expand your mind by being rescued from the old "Earthbound" status that defined your life.


The 1st step is to RESCUE yourself from Earthbound status - see, feel and experience with clarity that your life is NOT a dead-end. Learn this fact from astrologers, or better still from clairvoyants, psychics and mediums. OR wait until destiny gives you a spiritual experience.

Indeed my 1st BIG spiritual experience was being with my grandfather at the moment he died on night of 26th/27th February 1989 - it was a powerful unforgettable and enlightening intense emotional experience - which transformed my life forever. Indeed everyone who has had the experience of being with someone at the time of their death - knows the "feeling".


Once your mind is awakened and thinking in terms of something BIGGER than this physical earthbound world - that's when your soul has been rescued - and from now onwards you can continue to expand your mind - the funny thing you will find - is that EXPANDING your mind to think beyond an "Earthbound" life will actually help you solve your real-life problems too.

Enlightenment defines the moment when your mind begins to think BIG - paradoxically when you think BIG in spiritual terms means you'll begin to see this Earthly existence as being SMALL. That shouldn't negate any of your earthly experiences - because part of your next karmic phase in your life is to experience "life" with an enlightened mind - to see your real-life with a new perspective, with wholesomeness, perfection and brilliance in every event of every day of your life and within all earthly things.


The Biggest Karmic Gift in This Generation

Freewill Thinking to Believe in "God"

"Spiritual soul rescue work of yourself" - עולם התהו


"If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you.

But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you".


In prior generations you believed in GOD because you were forced to believe and forced to accept - even though some of the nonsense you now know to be LIES of man-made religions and WRONG. In this last generation and thanks to the karmic gift of freewill choices in the world - each of us - is being given the opportunity to THINK for ourselves.

Instead of blindly believing in "nonsense" like in the previous 6000 years - during "dark" ages when people believed the world was flat and the Sun moved around the world - our lucky internet generation is being given the karmic gift to THINK objectively and honestly. To think for yourself is BIG. Karmically, everyone has been born in this generation in order to be given the karmic opportunity to THINK for yourselves - in order to HEAL your soul.

Beginning life as a complete ATHEIST in this generation has an advantage - like having a clean-slate - you can begin to "find" the spiritual pathway that's right for you - when you want to begin - and then you can choose to accept things that you know are 100% right. You might say it's a "test" - but reality - is that it is a BIG blessing - to be able to THINK and CHOOSE for yourself.

Unfortunately, many of us - especially old souls - have DEEP LIES collected over many past lifetimes from many different incarnations that are DEEP within our soul - that needs deleting, fixing and correcting. Indeed, even in this life - I had an education in early life which not only refused to believe in Christianity but refused to believe that Jesus Christ ever lived and yet Jesus was a great spiritual soul who lived - lies that were impressed on my soul - needed to be undone and deleted - and likewise I was totally ignorant of wisdom of both Buddhism and Islam.

Thankfully, the wisdom available in this generation means you can fix all the lies you've been told - and the internet is enabling you, me and everyone to learn everything about everything - enabling you to use your own mind to redefine your own TRUTH about all the wisdom of all the great religions and spiritual truths.

Image reproduced by Courtesy of NASA

Personally, as I'm fascinated and amazed by ASTROLOGY - and the greatest thing you can do is LOOK AT THE STARS AT NIGHT or look at the bright Sunshine in the day - and THINK - how amazing and how vast this Universe is - indeed through the internet, images and satellites - we now know it's infinitely VAST.



The Sun is "talking" to you

The Sun is Giving you energy - each and everyday - it's "talking" to you ....

When you look at the Sun - What do you sense ? When you feel the Sun's warmth on your face -

Do you think that it's energy has come from 93 million miles away and has a message for you ?


The Sun - the source of energy at the center of our Solar system - whose energies are invisible which travel through space from 93million miles to arrive to energize you, everyone else and everything on this planet. The Sun's rays constantly have infinite energy to provide each of us with LIGHT and ENERGY. We only see some of the effects of the Sun - what about all the invisible energies you can't see? And where does all the Sun's energy come from? Indeed, when you sit in the sunshine and feel the Sun's rays of light on your skin - you feel the energy - and it's not just the warmth - there's something MORE to the Sun's energy that heat.

Then at night-time as you look at the nearest star trillions of miles away - it's amazing to THINK of the distance - and will lead to a logical definition that this physical earthbound world is not and cannot be the dead-end that so many people think it is. There is SOMETHING DIVINELY BIG out there - WHO created everything - WHO constantly energizes everything - and when you begin to expand your mind beyond EarthBound reality - you've begun the journey to spiritual enlightenment.


You Rescue Yourself when you Rescue Others

When you hold your child's hand - and say - don't be afraid of flying - it helps you overcome the fear of flying too


Elevating yourself from your Earthbound status is a continual process - especially because of the fact - that you're still living in this real world and still have to contend with real life experiences. Even so - part of the process is to collect numerous spiritual experiences in your life - that collectively PROVE to you that there's more to "life" than "life". Each time you have another "spiritual" experience, coincidence or even a change created by a New Moon or a Full Moon - it elevates your soul from an "Earthbound" status.

In part [2] of this page - I explain the FACTS of Spiritual Rescue Work of Earthbound Souls who have DIED - and thereafter from your own personal experiences - when you do "Rescue Work" for Earthbound souls you will feel the cleansing and shifts in energies from WITHIN yourself - thereby it will give you proof of life-after-death through your own experiences and will expand your own mind. It is like reassuring your child that there's nothing to fear in flying - and in your compassionate caring for other souls who need "spiritual rescue" - your soul will grow too.

Spiritually speaking - because each of us is in-essence part of the collective Soulgroup of human Souls - when we elevate even just some of the souls from their Earthbound status - we actually elevate the collective consciousness of the whole world.



[2] Spiritual Rescue Work of Earthbound Spirits

[2] The journey of taking-over of Earthbound souls who have died to the light of the spiritual world of souls - which includes clearing all and any Earthbound souls who are "lost" and "earthbound" in cemeteries and in "dark" places is called Spiritual Rescue Work. It can be done by ANYONE - all you need is the gift of sensitivity to sense and feel an "Earthbound" Spirit around you - and then with a basic understanding of the reality of death and spiritual souls - you can help an Earthbound soul over the the "Light".


"Earthbound" Souls Always Panic

Earthbound Souls always panic because they believed life was a dead-end and now they have nowhere to go.

They never believed in continuity of life - so after they've died they're totally lost - that's why they panic.


Firstly, let me explain the spiritual term "soul rescue work" - עולם התהו - Spiritual Rescue work is the name given to the process of saving a lost earthbound soul during the transition of a their soul over to spirit world once their soul has departed from the physical body. Once a person has completed their journey in a physical body, death occurs, this simply means the SOUL leaves the physical body - entering the realm of spiritual vibration. An ethereal plane where their soul can get "lost".

Initially after death - the soul is disorientated and hovers in an "earthbound state", known in hebrew terms as "dreizach arin in Olam hasohu" - עוֹלם התוֹהוּ , known as wandering the ether, the ethereal plane, or astral plane, needing and searching for HELP in the form of loving energy, or for someone spiritually sensitive to communicate with and whom will give them unconditional love to feed their soul with vitality.

After the initial period of a few hours after death, the Earthbound soul then always panics, especially of those souls whom had no idea a spirit world exists or of those very religious people whom believed they would be whisked away to "heaven" by angels!


Their soul in a state of "panic" then comes close to everyone they can - and makes people who are alive PANIC. If you've ever been to a funeral or in hospital, in a cemetery or in fact anywhere where Earthbound DEAD souls are likely to be - and you inexplicably get a PANIC feeling or PANIC attack - then you can be sure it is an Earthbound soul that is coming close to you.

Try it and sense it for yourself - go to a cemetery where you've always had a BAD feeling about going into - and then FEEL the PANIC energies of Earthbound souls as you walk around the old cemetery - [but don't go in until you've understood the rest of this page - and understand how to get rid of Earthbound souls!]


Earthbound Souls "Live" in Cemeteries

In fact Earthbound souls could be anywhere - in Pubs, restaurants and even in Shopping centers - but more than likely - "they" are either attached to the home where they lived or to the cemetery where they're buried. Indeed that's why instinctively most people "keep-away" from some cemeteries as they get a very "bad" feeling. The "bad" feeling is created by Earthbound Souls - the truth is all Cemeteries create very real intense spiritual experiences - and are good places to begin to learn "Rescue-Work" as there's always Earthbound spirit souls there. The job of a "rescuer" to clean-up the spiritual Earthbound souls and elevate their existence to the LIGHT.




"Empty cemeteries" - people keep-away from some cemeteries because of bad feelings they get due to Earthbound souls

Above photos of two cemeteries which are always empty - as people instinctively "keep-away" from them.


Calm the Panicked Earthbound Soul

After sensing and realizing that you have an Earthbound soul around you - you need to start the process of Rescue Work - talk to the soul - calm them down - even though you can't see them - just talk - and let them know that you know "they" are around you. Let them sense that they're not alone or lost - and that you're aware of their presence.

Say - "I can't see you but I know you are there" - "you have died and now is time to accept the truth - that there is spiritual life after physical death" - "The state you're in is NOT a dream - it is a state of being Earthbound".

Defined statements always work - and if you feel it necessary - light a candle for their soul - and tell them you're lighting a candle for their soul - this usually CALMS their soul.


The purpose of "rescuers" is to communicate with the earthbound soul, calm their panic and fears, then direct their soul onwards to the spirit world. So TALK to them and you'll sense their soul listening to you and becoming calm. Everything creative and every transformation in this world is done through love and loving energy. So in the same way a soul originally enters this world through LOVE energy of it's parents, and similarly the transition to the LIGHT needs a strong spiritual compassionate LOVE energy to take it onwards toward the divine light of spirit world, especially if the person died in a state of sadness, fear and depression - OR had no-one who loved them at the end of their life.


A rescuer is a refined, strong and sensitive soul who is intune with eternal Divine Spirit World through their Spirit guides and spiritual helpers and not only believes in Spirit world but is constantly thinking of the Divine - therefore the rescuer becomes a beacon of Light for lost souls, and is therefore able to sense the dead person’s soul hovering in this earthbound state through their refined and opened 3rd spiritual eye.

A spiritual rescuer will talk to the soul, calm the panic feeling, and ask their guardian angels, spiritual guides and helpers to take the soul on towards the Divine light. The earthbound souls, need our love and compassion to give their soul energy to elevate their soul to the Spirit world.


When a person lived a vacant spiritual life and REFUSED to believe in spirit afterlife - that doesn't affect the TRUTH that there is spiritual afterlife. And after they die - they'll realize the TRUTH. During initial moments of Earthbound status and in their confusion of seeing the TRUTH - they will fight their souls progression onto spirit realms and remain earthbound.

Their soul will wander and can wander for years in earthplane until they find a psychically aware person whom they will make contact with, indeed some souls can remain static and earthbound for many years. [If you have seen the well researched film "GHOST" about an earthbound soul and a medium you will understand this clearer].


"The Destined Journey of all Souls to the Light"

Astrologically and karmically - TIME IS RUNNING OUT - for all the karma in the world to be completed and for everyone to be made wholesome. Or as I should say it correctly - we are all being made to feel that "TIME IS RUNNING OUT" because when we feel time is running out - then we urgently look for answers and push ourselves to find the right answers.

There are DATES WITH DESTINY between 2013 => 2026 - that's clear from studying numerous astrological charts - when humanity needs to shift it's karma, change it's attitude and become wholesome. Becoming enlightened is the realization that we need to clear-up the karmic garbage and Earthbound souls - in order to be ready to enter a period of peaceful harmony throughout the whole world.



The above image is of an original handwritten manuscript explaining Chapter 5 of Sefer "Kav HaYosher" ספר קב הישר which explains that the whole physical world we're living in is indeed full of lost and troubled earthbound souls, wherever you go - you can sense them. And the greatest act of kindness is for spiritually sensitive people for our generation is to sense these LOST EARTHBOUND SOULS and to "RESCUE" these souls - taking them over to the Spirit world through the power of enlightenment.

It explains that at the END of time - all the Earthbound souls - even souls that have been "dead" for 100's of years will all be cleared-up, rescued and taken over to the light. This karmic time of clearing-up the Earthbound spirits is happening now and will continue until it's all "done".


Becoming a Channel for "Lost" EarthBound Souls

The moment you became enlightened and realize that there's more to "life" than physical earthly life - [and by the fact you're reading this page - means that's already happened] - was the moment that you automatically became opened as a channel for spiritual activity.

You've probably already found yourself saying spiritually "inspired" words of advice and wisdom in your conversations and will probably have attracted "lost" Earthbound souls into your life - without even realizing it. Now that you know the "negative" and "panic" energies are EarthBound Souls that have come close to you - attracted to you by the LIGHT of your spiritual soul - you can now do the "Rescue Work" for them and cleanse your aura.



Prayer For Rescue Work of EarthBound Souls

Light a Candle for the lost EarthBound Soul and say ....


Please GOD in the name of אוריאל Uri'el , רפאל Rapha'el , גבריאל Gavri'el , מיכאל Micha'el , נוריאל Nuri'el and כתיה Katya take this lost EarthBound spirit soul over to the Eternal Divine Spiritual World of Souls - to the Eternal Light.


I have put the words in Hebrew for those who understand - but you can say the prayer in English

I've quoted this prayer as it always works everytime for everyone - but in-time I'm sure you'll find your own way to ask


Anytime & Anyplace for Rescue Work

Cleansing your own aura, your own home and everywhere you know...


Now that you realize that all negativity around you - and all the "bad" feelings you've had for many years - are all defined and created by EarthBound spiritual souls - which includes abortions, miscarriages, parent / grandparents and relatives who died a long time ago or anyone - doesn't even matter if you knew them - all the "lost" souls have been around you for a long time and created a negativity - now is the destined time to do the space-clearing by cleansing your own aura, your home, your workplace and all facets of your life - everytime you sense a "lost" EarthBound soul around you - do the Rescue Work for the "lost" soul.


In fact, even during conversations as you're talking about someone who died many years ago - you can attract and sense their "lost" soul coming into your aura. Now is the destined time - to do the Rescue-work - and as mentioned above - if you're adventurous and "ready" - then visit an old cemetery that no-one goes to - and do the Rescue-work for all the "lost" souls you sense.


It doesn't matter where you are or whatever you're doing - whenever you sense a PANIC feeling of a "lost" Earthbound soul - calm the "lost" soul - and ask for the soul to be taken to the light. Personally, I always find that taking the "lost" soul to a Church for one last journey and lighting a candle for the "lost" soul - always works and is a pleasant way for the "lost" soul to go to the Divine light.

All you need to know as a "channel" is that it's your job to channel the "lost" Earthbound spiritual soul to the Divine light - then spirit world can take-care of the rest of the journey. Think of yourself like a signpost - that tells the "lost" Earthbound soul that life is not a DEAD-END - and then "Rescue work" is when you show them the door to the spiritual world.



No-one is "lost" - "Spiritual Rescue Work"

Although many man-made religions will teach that souls can be "lost" to the depths of hell - that's 100% nonsense - all souls of everyone in the world whoever they are and whatever they're done all have a SOUL inside them that is in it's essence a spark of Godliness. Therefore by definition NO-ONE is ever "lost".


Our karmic generation is learning the need for "love", tolerance and compassion for EVERYONE. Hence, spiritual Rescuers will send loving thoughts out to the lost soul whoever they are and generate the compassionate love to help the soul over to spirit world, many times inexplicably enlightened souls get the "feeling" to light a candle as they sense a "lost" soul has come in and needs elevating to spirit world.


Usually, an advanced rescuer closes their physical eyes and concentrates on their third eye, seeing auric colours is accepted and usual for rescuers. Firstly, you will see a small and intense circle of green colour usually with a black centre, if, however you see any other colour, you will have to pray & wait for and concentrate more loving energy to arrive at the green colour. Once you see this green colour, you are ready to bless this soul and ask this earthbound spirit to go with your guardian angels towards the divine white light of spirit world.


Then you will see the tunnel of white light coming closer, towards you, the green colour and any other colours will disappear and only PURE WHITE light will be infront, you will feel the peace and serenity, and nothing can harm you, (although you should be doing this is a quiet and peaceful place in your home without distractions). Once the earthbound soul has departed then suddenly all the white light will disappear, and you will feel the soul has left, there will be no more panic or heavy feeling around you.


Then usually you will see the normal healing pink blue or purple colours that you normally see. You will then need a re-charge time alone, as is known "as a clearance day" where your soul replenishes, and the earthbound's remnants of heaviness are dissipated, usually opening the doors and windows, and allowing in fresh air is sufficient. For those people who suffer from auric colours with migraine attacks, this is in fact a part of rescue work especially of heavy earthbound evil spirit souls.


It maybe that you don't see colours, but instead you just have a very strong feeling of someone's earthbound spirit presence, in which case, in exactly the same way talk to the person, as if they are really there, tell them to believe in afterlife, ask them to be calm, trusting that life has purpose and continuity, and in the process of life, now is the time they must go towards the divine white light of spirit world.

Light a candle for their soul, bless them and wish them well, if you wish - ask your spirit guides and helpers to take them along their way into spirit world towards the light. Always light a candle if you sense any panic-type feelings, most people find that lighting a candle always helps to calm the earthbound soul.  


Opening of the 3rd Eye - at the beginning of your opening up of your 3rd eye, you may even be doing "spiritual rescue work" - without knowing it. Nonetheless as you learn, and in life generally, when your soul needs to learn it will find the right teachers, the fact that you are reading this article is in itself a sign - and is probably just clarifying what you already sense and know.

The rescue work can be extremely draining, and sometimes overwhelming. And sometimes you may think you are going out of your mind, but just keep steadfast, focused on this work and the gift you have been blessed with. Stay level-headed and TRUST IN GOD AND SPIRIT WORLD. If you need help just ask GOD, your spiritual guides and helpers to take the EarthBound soul away from Earthplane.


A spiritual rescue worker, in essence is acting as a medium, as one has developed your soul to provide a transfer of love and life energy from GOD. However, if the earthbound had no belief in GOD, and was vacant of all LOVE energy, then by TRANSFERENCE, they may have taken a good deal of your stored energy. Now you simply ask for the flow of LOVE to continue to flow through you and re-charge the energy depleted by the earthbound soul.


צדיקים כשהם מתים נקראים חיים "Good souls when they die are in fact alive"

רשעים כשהם חיים נקראים מתים "Bad souls when they are alive are in fact dead" .


In some ways you may experience the draining effect, as if someone has died, from a living person. That's because even though they seem to be ALIVE - their soul is EarthBound - on the pathway to a DEAD-END existence. Your THIRD EYE, is seeing their soul, and is aware that they are EarthBound - void of any energy.

Conversely, there are tombs and graves of spiritually holy people - whom you can sense the LIFE, LOVE and COMPASSIONATE energy as you think of them or visit their grave - that's because their enlightened soul continues to live - and is connected to the Divine source of all life.


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I've added the following paragraphs to clarify some important "biblical" truths.....

Explanation of Olam Hasohu - עוֹלם התוֹהוּ

The Earthbound plane - known also as the ASTRAL plane

Is there a spirit world where the departed "souls" reside? What happens when one dies?

Materialists, atheists and skeptics could argue that there is nothing left when we die. They believe erroneously that life is a purely biological process. For them, when the body dies, everything stops and that is the end of the personality. For some, there is a vague uncertain something beyond the physical death. However, there are those who have no doubt that there is a life after the physical death. For them, there is a spirit world. When someone dies, it brings home the reality that one day we will all die.

The עוֹלם התוֹהוּ Olam HaSohu - the astral world is a “place” where beings reside when they are not in the physical. The physical world is a place where the same types of beings reside when they are not in the astral. The astral world is a complex place full of subtle entrapments just like the situations here in this physical world. In one sense it is far more deceptive than the physical dimension, in much the same way as our dreams are deceptive.

No one is wiser just because they are from the astral plane of spirit world. So do not let those from the astral EarthBound plane of spirit world dictate to you. This is especially true when visiting mediums or clairvoyants who tell you they are contacting spirit world, when in actual fact they are receiving communication from spirits in the Olam HaSohu astral plane.

Hence the Torah - the Holy Bible teaches us that it is forbidden to contact the DEAD from the עוֹלם התוֹהוּ Olam HaSohu - astral plane, as they can be untruthful and misleading as people in this world can be! They are mischievous entities – just like in the physical world. Some will put on an air and impersonate a wise sage, even a learned Rabbi, a deceased relative or a good friend, and will try to fool you or mess up your life.

In the עוֹלם התוֹהוּ Olam HaSohu - astral plane, one soon learns that everything is based on delusions , illusions and thoughts. Thus, the astral beings can use thoughts for good or evil. They delude themselves and others they communicate with - by creating thought forms which appear to be real and continue to live the illusion until the bubble breaks or until they become bored and restless. Or they can utilize their thought forms to help people they damaged during their life, and hence release themselves from EarthBound status and move on to the eternal Divine Spiritual realms of Olam Habo.

Many of us know many stories of people who died and within a few days, weeks or months of them dying their children, relatives or friends, had a change in fortune, or found their true loving soulmate. It had been blocked whilst they were alive by their negative thoughts, however in their transitional state of Olam HaSohu, in the astral plane they recognize the error of their lives, and rectify anything they can correct for the good. Once rectified their spirit is at peace and can elevate itself out of the earthbound astral plane and move to the eternal Divine spiritual realms.

Just like in this physical world, there are also cheats in the astral world who give false information about religion and spirituality. These earthbound souls use the bad psychics, mediums and clairvoyants to fool people into a false beliefs. "Earthbound souls" failed there mission in life whilst they were alive, and hence remain earthbound, their soul intention is to cause other people to fail in their purpose in life. Such souls use other bad souls to cause the same type of bad result. Hence there are those in this physical dimension who support and spread the same type of false information to lead people astray and to sidetrack the true searchers of spiritual truth.

The true sincerity of good "spiritual" souls, is to ask, would they "help" and give someone help for free? Spiritual Rescue Work is a kindness spiritually sensitive people do with no reward, no thanks nor physical benefit - one who does Spiritual Rescue Work is truly a spiritually enlightened soul - who looks beyond "life" and who knows that "life" is not a dead-end.

Karmic Wholesomeness - No Earthbounds!

Our Karmically Lucky Internet Generation

I've been amazed more than once to realize - the karmic gift of the internet - giving you knowledge you need to grow spiritually.

Understanding Rescue Work is the Karmic Need to Elevate your status from being cyclically EarthBound

Now you can begin your karmic journey to become enlightened and wholesome.


אוריאל | רפאל | גבריאל | מיכאל | נוריאל

Destined Journey of all Souls to the Light

It is clear that by "2026" the vast majority of the world will be Enlightened

and all Earthbound souls will have gone-over towards an enlightened existence

All the invisible Earthbound's will have vanished forever and ever ....



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