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The Soul-Group

Audio file is - [8] "Soulgroup - The Helpful Supportive Destined Good People in Your Life


When your life is stagnating and nothing is happening in your life - and when you feel lonely even though you have people in your life - it is a SIGN that you haven't got the RIGHT people in your life. The definition of the RIGHT people are the people in your SoulGroup.


Astrologically, I've defined all your 7 planetary relationships by at least 7 important people in your life that you need to have always - each and everyday in your life - because that's your astrological identity. You could avoid having Venus-Love relationship in your life or you could avoid Mercury-Communicative relationship by not talking to anyone - but sooner or later - your life will grind to a stagnating halt.

You'll still be kept alive - because you have a destined purpose with your life - but whilst Saturn defines your "destiny" - life without the right destined people in your life isn't a wholesome life that truly sustains you. Life without the RIGHT "people" makes you no better than a computer without power or an internet connection.


The irony of life is that when we're young there are lots of people in our lives - nursery, primary and high school followed by college - but as we get older we become more selective of who we associate with in our lives - and then DESTINY intercedes to move us from place to place - but all along the journey of life in this modern internet generation - we forget to recognize the importance of REAL PEOPLE in our lives - UNTIL - we are awakened to karmic reality - that the most important facet of life are relationships with REAL people - even more important than money.


Pluto in Capricorn from January 2008 => 2025 - has defined that destiny has been ensuring that you meet and connect with all the RIGHT people - all the people your spiritual soul needs you to connect with to make your karma and spiritual soul wholesome. Whilst everyone else who aren't relevant to your soul have either been kept away from you - OR have become so draining to you - that you have had to let them go. For the karma of SoulGroup ensures that only the RIGHT people for your soul have the RIGHT energy to invigorate your life - and have the key to get your life moving forward. Everyone else creates stagnation and blockages.


Whilst Pluto in Capricorn applies to destined people in your life - it also applies to places where you're living and work that you're doing - if it's karmically RIGHT you will feel it through the people you meet and see each day - if it's WRONG then you'll feel drained and tired - as a sign to FORCE you to wake-up search, find and connect with the vitally important people in your Soulgroup.

Although and because human-nature is intrinsically LAZY - especially when it comes to dealing with past-life karma - people never actually do anything until it becomes an emergence and is forced upon people - therefore Pluto in Capricorn imposes "pain" through frustrations and stagnation that makes people LISTEN to it's karmic message. The fact you've searched the internet to find this page - means you're now on the pathway to solving your inexplicable karmic situation - and in this new online version written in 2013/2014 I'm ensuring it gives you all the answers you need to get your life moving forward.


Lucky for all of humanity - Saturn enters Sagittarius from December 2014 until December 2017 - during this time - destiny will ensure you MEET REAL people and have REAL relationships to become karmically wholesome through all the destined relationships you need. In the meantime it is up to you to recognize WHO is GOOD for you - WHO is truly part of your SoulGroup - and WHO is just using you - start the process and define WHO creates EMOTIONS within you and whom you have no emotionally connection with.


"Soul Groups & Soulmates"

Are You Lonely? Do You Have Feelings of Isolation and Alienation?


The truth is that NO ONE is this world should feel lonely, isolated, alienated or depressed; having these feelings are a sign that some facet of ones life is not correct and needs to be changed.

Each person exists a part of a SoulMate, and each SoulMate unit exists as part of a SoulGroup - if one feels isolated, alienated and lonely, this implies that one is not connected nor feeling connected with ones SoulGroup.

Ones Guardian Angels and inner instinctive feelings give a person feelings of "Isolation, Loneliness and Alienation" and hence feelings of "Depression" as a sign of being detached from ones true destined pathway, either one is with the wrong person/people, in the wrong place doing the wrong things for ones soul or one is living a completely isolated, selfish and detached life. Most people ignore these signs of isolation - until it becomes overwhelmingly intolerable - then it becomes an "EMERGENCY" to break the karma with many sudden changes.


"Plutchik's chart of emotions"

Identity EVERYONE you know and EVERYONE you have ever known - by an emotional energy they create ?


Define All the People in Your Life

Everyone you know creates an emotion - if you honestly feel no emotion - it means there's no karmic connection

Start from the day you were born - parents - grandparents - uncles and aunts - define them by the emotions you feel

It's important you're honest with yourself - and if you really FEEL NOTHING - then let them go.


The emotions you feel when thinking of and connected to ANYONE of your SoulGroup are emotions that bring you STABILITY, INNER HARMONY and SAFETY with an knowledge that everything is going to be alright - because no-one has forgotten you and you are connected.

The specific people in your life from your SoulGroup define - that WITHOUT them you know your life would be much worse and in a BIG mess - these specific people came and come into your life to HELP you at important moments - as they're part of your SoulGroup. They sense your difficulties and are there to HELP.


Now I must add and explain that in the same way there are - Positive-Negative Opposites - it can be that someone whom you have great attraction towards is actually VERY BAD for you - "they" might also be from your SoulGroup - and their purpose is to balance the karmic books from prior lifetimes.

Once you recognize the negative side of anyone from your SoulGroup - forgive and detach yourself from the source of negativity - and stop the karmic cycle of negativity - then you can move-on with your life. That's something explained in depth on "Sensitive Old Souls".


The Soul-Group

The 3 Keys of Reincarnation to Open the Karmic Doors


To open an enormous door, you only need a tiny key. To solve a baffling mystery, you only need a small clue. To open the enormous door of your destiny and to break the cycle and blockages caused by reincarnating is the spiritual knowledge to unlock the doors known as the 3 Keys of Reincarnation. But the most important exercise you need to do is comprehend that karma is all about PEOPLE in your life. Everything is are "signs" to create frustrations and stagnation in your life UNTIL you "deal" with the karma.


Therefore focus on PEOPLE - and specifically find people who are your real SoulGroup - not just people who were designed to interact with your life to give you difficulties - because TRUE people from your SoulGroup - only HELP YOU 100%. Likewise, there are people in your life - that you'd never wish any bad for them - and you only want to do good for them - as they are people from your SoulGroup whom you want to HELP 100% genuinely and sincerely.


Exercises to do:-


1. Write down all the names of everyone you have met in your whole life

Thank GOD and think thoughts of gratitude that all these people came into your life


2. Write down all the names of the people who have ever helped you in your life

Think LOVING thoughts of gratitude that all these people came into your life


3. Write down all the names of the people who have helped you but something went wrong

Then FORGIVE them for the situation that occurred then think LOVING thoughts of them.


4.Write down a list of all the people whom have helped you in your life that have since died

Think LOVING thoughts of gratitude for all these people and if you sense them coming close to you as you think of them spiritually, ask them if they can help you in your life.


5. Write down all the PLACES you've been to and DESTINY has helped you in your life

Think LOVING thoughts of gratitude that all these PLACES that destiny made you go to.


The most important result of this exercise - is you have a genuine list of REAL people and REAL places - whom thanks to - your life is the way it is. The key is that if anyone of these people from your SoulGroup had not been there or been in your life - your life would have be considerably different. The people from your SoulGroup will always meet you at the karmic crossroads of your life - for a karmic reason.


The Soul-Group of Deities, God's & Countries

Everyone has a SoulGroup with intrinsically the same belief system - your souls resonates to a specific "GOD"


Everyone's spiritual soul has a deep and inner spiritual belief that resonates to a DEITY - your belief system is inexplicable and yet for YOU - it's very real and connects you to something BIGGER than yourself. Indeed, all "God" worship believes in something EXTERNAL to oneself and BIGGER than oneself.


Your soul identifies with SOMETHING BIG - it could be God of Israelites, God of Abraham OR with any of the Gods of the "70 Nations", OR it might be a STRONG belief in a collective such as the Holy Trinity [Dreifaltigkeit] Father, the Son and Holy Spirit OR any of the collective Hindu Deities Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna., It you could identify with ALL the "gods" - as each has an energy that resonates WITHIN you.


Indeed, and in reality of today - you might even resonate to the God of Atheists, the God of money, the God of Music, the God of love, the God of nature, the God of Astrology OR as so many are now becoming aware as we're all resonating to the infinite GOD of the inexplicable cosmic forces that controls our solar system and the infinite CELESTIAL SPACE beyond our solar system. Because as humans we always need to worship SOMETHING BIGGER than what we can imagine with our minds. The more expansive our minds become the BIGGER the "God" we need to worship and believe in.


Hence, inspite of my own personal beliefs - "God's, Deities & Countries Angels" are very important concepts which energize people - because it is a fact of life - that each and everyone has Deities that they respect, worship and need to be connected to. It is an intrinsic energy that your SoulGroup relates to.


For example, when you least expect it - when you unexpectedly HEAR the name of your "God" it energizes you. When you wear a crucifix or hold a lucky charm with writing on it from your "deity" - you cherish it - because it gives you energy. And with a twist of irony that's why I say - people worship GOD of Money - as holding cash - the "notes" mean so much to them - they hold onto it like a "god". And in the same way a child wants a lot of money - when the child grows up - it wants even more that it wanted as a child - because the mind has become BIGGER.


Hence when you meander around a Cathedral and find a statue to Angel of Michael or St Rita or St Margarita - that energizes you - because it is resonating to an inexplicable strength that makes you feel CONNECTED to something BIGGER than yourself.

It is something profound about the names of Saints and Deities that triggers spiritual energies WITHIN you - that makes you feel CONNECTED - maybe one of the reasons we all light candles to show a sense of BELONGING to something BIGGER than ourselves - indeed this inexplicable karmic spiritual connection is what you SOUL needs and what your SOUL wants.



Finding WHAT, WHEN and WHO energizes you - is part of your life - and during each phase of your life - as you become more spiritually enlightened you pursue something MORE to energize you. This experience of searching is your inexplicable spiritual desire to FIND your soulgroup and become spiritually wholesome - looking to find something TRUTHFUL that's connected to an even BIGGER TRUTH - that which YOU resonate with and only you truthfully know what energizes you.


It's exactly the same when it comes to energy of each COUNTRY and people from that COUNTRY - which I explain on "karmic home of your soul" - a place which you resonate to - according to the karmic phase of your life to whatever your soul needs from EACH country - and depending on your unfinished past-life karmic business in EACH country will define how you're pulled and attracted towards that country and the people from that country. The inexplicable attraction and connection is karmic.


Spiritual Souls are Closer than Family

Through the worldwide www internet we all comprehend that our thoughts and energies can be much closer to people who are physically far-away from us - than we are to our own next-door neighbors - that's because your spiritual soul is constantly tuned-into a different vibration - to people "destiny" wants you to be connected to.

There's no reason nor logical explanation to WHO and WHAT makes you feel WARM inside - the fact is that each and everyone BELONGS to a GROUP of souls - for in the same way you need to believe in SOMETHING bigger than yourself - your spiritual souls wants to feel a sense of belonging to a collective GROUP. That's your SoulGroup.

And even if you're not in contact with them - you should know you have a place and a "belonging" - that your soul resonates to and is connected to. But often people force themselves to become DISCONNECTED from people in order to realize they need to be CONNECTED. It is always through loneliness that you realize the value of relationships with the right people.

That's currently exactly what Saturn in Scorpio is doing for many people since October 2012 and until July 2014 making many people feel lonely - ensuring people search for answers - then from July 2014 when Jupiter enters Leo and certainly after December 2014 when Saturn enters Sagittarius will ensuring that everyone opens-up to find all the right people to make you become wholesome.


SoulGroup - Helping you as Your Help them

During our journey of life, we travel on this earth in "SoulGroups", that is a group, culture and identity where all the members of the SoulGroup understand each other and live on the same physical and spiritual wavelength.

The members of ones SoulGroup might not all be alive on earth at the same time, just as many (if not more) will be in spirit world helping and guiding you from the realms of the Divine Spiritual world. All the souls in ones SoulGroup whom have passed into to Spirit world maintain contact with you as they are part of ones SoulGroup in much the same way as "Guardian Angels", they NEVER ever detach themselves as you are all members of the same SoulGroup. The remainder of the members in ones Soulgroup will ALL be alive in this physical REAL world and will be there to HELP you - as you are to HELP them.

You will always be able to rely upon ALL the Souls and members of ones SoulGroup to help, guide and assist you - Likewise they can rely on you with the utmost of loyalty to help them - the souls in each SoulGroup are all collectively working together to ensure the whole Soulgroup succeeds to fulfill ALL of the goals, objectives, challenges and purposes of ones SoulGroup.


BUT and this is a BIG BUT - is that if you have become CLOSED and SELFISH to the extent you have stopped being willing, wishing or wanting to HELP OTHER people - then how can you EXPECT HELP from others? Hence, the karmic secret to receiving HELP from others is to GIVE HELP to others. It could be as simple as a SMILE and greeting GOOD MORNING to someone - being nice to people or being exceptionally kind to them - that makes them say "THANK YOU" to the Universe for the unexpected HELP you gave them.


Karma is a cycle of universal life energy - as you give so it flows - when you give good energy it comes back good energy - when you give bad it comes back bad - so if you're seeking to be connected to the collective universal energy - then you need to make yourself available and connected to others in the world - GIVING POSITIVE ENERGY into the World. When giving money to poor people outside temples, churches or homeless in the street - is your way of creating a flow of energy in your aura - but it shouldn't just STOP with one act of kindness - your life needs to become OPEN in continuity.

So OPEN yourself and then you can embrace being part of the flow of life-energy. Then, you will see, unexpectedly SOMEONE will reconnect with you from your SoulGroup - and from ONE person leads to OTHERS from your SoulGroup. Then in turn you can find your true loving "Soulmates".


Karma & the "Bad" People in Your Life

Life is about TWO-WAY relationships with other people - if you have a ONE-WAY relationship that something isn't right. Hence, at this point you might indeed - think that almost ALL the people in your life until now - haven't been good for you - because it's all been ONE-WAY and have left you with NOTHING.


Everyone you've known in the "past" with "bad" karma has created problems in your life - which is the way it seems from the astrological perspective of Pluto in Capricorn from 2008-2025 - as it emphasizes the NEGATIVE and BAD people - in order for you to eliminate and delete the SOURCE and the fundamental reasons why your soul karmically attracts NEGATIVE and BAD people into your life - and then through spiritual enlightenment and karmic work - you will attract and see only good people - especially those from your SoulGroup.


As a footnote - from a "religious" Jewish point of view - I know many Jewish people whom because of the karmic arrogance of the ultra-orthodox Haredi cults - have left the "Jewish" religion completely - because of abuse they've received - indeed they have been SAVED from relationships of bad karma - and become enlightened. The karmic lesson is to find PEACE - and any man-made cult or religion that doesn't create PEACE, HARMONY and STABILITY - is a source of bad karma.


World Family Tree

well-worth reading full article at IAStateEdu



שורש הנשמה "Shoresh Neshoma" The Root of Ones Soul - it is a fact that all of Humanity is connected - even so each of us has people we connect well with and people who are far-away from our way of thinking. You "know" instinctively cultures, religions and nations of the world that appeal to you and their energy is LUCKY for you - as WITHIN your soul you resonate to the same spiritual understanding.

Hence, even though you're born in one country - the source of your energy might be in another. Indeed, the power of the internet proves this - as there people from specific countries you are more attracted to than others - some countries LUCKY for you - others UNLUCKY. But the most important aspect of finding yourself - finding your SoulGroup is - to FIND YOUR SOULMATE.


Your 5 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Situation and Karmic Emotion has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


Whatever the inexplicable karmic situation you are in - with all the emotions it's creating in your mind and aura - is a destined karmic problem - and therefore "normal" solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution.

Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends - the "Moon", the guarantee "Destiny" made to you before you were born, your "Guardian Angels", all people from your "Soulgroup" and all your "Soulmates".

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means - you have SUPPORT - you have HELP - you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is SEARCH and ASK the Universe FOR HELP - and it will be given. The most important facet is having the RIGHT PEOPLE in your life people - all your "Soulmates".



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