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Destiny הכל בידי שמים

Audio file is - [7] "Destiny - arriving at the karmic crossroads to heal the karma"


One of the most common problems that people find - when they become spiritually enlightened and begin to search for spiritual answers to the meaning of their lives is - that they believe that EVERYTHING that's happened in their lives until now is a complete accident - and "it" was a complete MISTAKE - and not their "destiny" - that's NOT true.

In fact EVERYTHING that has happened - every moment of everyday was done with destined purpose - even and especially the mistakes. Because it is the MISTAKES that recreate the karmic situations of negativity and inexplicable blockages - that are the reasons WHY you were BORN and given LIFE - and why you are now at your destined moment - to heal the bad karma in your soul - correct the past-life karmic MISTAKES and become wholesome - which is impossible to become wholesome unless you first make mistakes.


Karmic Crossroads

At the Karmic Crossroads of your life - "Destiny" appears to stop the clock of your life


When you find yourself at the destined karmic crossroads of your life - "Destiny" appears to stop the clock of your life - and prevents you from moving forward UNTIL you deal with the karmic work you need to deal with. Indeed, it's puzzling to so many people as "they" can't understand WHY - suddenly and abruptly everything STOPS moving forward in their lives - the reason for the stagnation is due to the inexplicable karmic blockage that wants people to STOP in order to learn, comprehend, change, amend and most importantly karmically DO what their destiny defines they must do.

The most fascinating part is that - people's lives can move dramatically quickly - and almost unstoppable - UNTIL you arrive at the Karmic crossroads - then abruptly - everything STOPS - and you can't move forward. KARMIC DESTINY blocks everything. And not even "astrology" can explain WHY nothing is happening in your life.

"Astrology" often predicts karmic blockages - because of any of the major mid-life crisis planets such as the Saturn conjunct Saturn return at 29, the Pluto square Pluto between 34=>38, the Neptune square Neptune between 32=>36, or the Uranus opposition Uranus 36 => 42.

But karmic crossroads can happen at any age and at any time - and are TOTALLY INEXPLICABLE and ILLOGICAL - you will know you are at the karmic crossroads - as it creates an inexplicable blockage. Astrologically I'd say everyone in the WHOLE WORLD is and has been experiencing the karmic crossroads since January 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn. The good news is WHEN you have completed the karmic tasks that the crossroads have defined for you - your life can and will move forward.


Karmic Enlightenment "2008 => 2024"

Pluto in Capricorn - Astrology of Karma - past-life and present-life Karma


Since 2008 destiny has defined that the whole world has entered a karmic phase when enlightenment and truths are being revealed to humanity - unlike no other time before in this history of the world. This does not mean that we should NEGATE the past-generations as being ignorant idiots - but we should accept that they weren't given the gifts of wisdom and enlightenment that we have in our generation. The destined time was NOT right for them to be enlightened - but NOW the destined time is right for you to be enlightened in order for you to HEAL and become WHOLESOME.

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 - began a period of Spiritual Astrology of Karma - which is overriding your own individual astrological aspects - because now Pluto in Capricorn is defining that EVERYONE on earth is being forced to deal with inexplicable karmic situations - and the reason is - because the "world" is running out of time - therefore karma needs to be healed, made wholesome and completed.

Hence, even though according to traditional astrology "x,y and z" should be happening in your life - your inexplicable karmic situations are BLOCKING things from happening UNTIL you deal with the karma.


In understanding "astrology" - amongst the "7 astrological planetary relationships" - it is clear that EVERYONE should have EVERYTHING they need. Therefore, if you're not missing something and feel the pain of missing it - then something needs to change.

Many could say that EVERY MAN should have a loving WOMAN in his life and EVERY WOMAN should have a loving MAN in her life. If the "love" is weak or if there is NO love - then something is WRONG. But, your destiny might not need a relationship - and therefore it doesn't HURT you - not having anyone in your life. That's due to inexplicable karma. But whatever is HURTING you - needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency in order to move-on forwards in life. You "know" what "it" is - as you're the one who feels "it".

The biggest karmic problem is RELATIONSHIPS - all the other stuff is transient - but PEOPLE are the reasons why you've reincarnated and why you're alive - so if you're avoiding PEOPLE - then that is karmic too. It's time to heal the karma of your soul.


The Positive Karma of the Internet

Pluto in Capricorn - Astrology of the inexplicable Karma of the internet


In our blessed and lucky generation - through the power of the internet - at your specific karmic crossroads of life - you're given the access to wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment - unlike at any other time in the history of mankind - you can search and find answers on the blessed gift of the internet - in order for you to comprehend the karmic truth.

That ANY negativity and ANY blockage - especially inexplicable blockages - are SIGNS that you must awaken your soul to do the karmic work on yourself - to heal ALL the facets of ALL the relationships in your life that you've been through in order to enable you to be karmically FREE from the "past" and move forward to the "future". Being inexplicably stuck at the karmic crossroads means you've got work to do - to free yourself and release yourself from the BAD karma.


No-one would want to be born in any other Time

Even though "nothing seems to make "sense" - you would never want to be born at any other time

Pluto in Capricorn wants to make you wholesome - Astrology of Karma - past-life and present-life Karma


The ironically funny thing of our "last" generation - even though many people are moaning and complaining - is that no-one would want to be born in any other generation. Ask yourself honestly is there any other time you'd like to have been born? Now that you've experienced the change since "2008" - you'd never want to go back to any other time in the "past". You'll actually realize and be so grateful and thankful of how LUCKY you are to be living now in "2013=>2020"!

Could you imagine being born 300 years ago or even 100 years ago - with no electricity, no heating, no running water and with toilet in the "field" outside - [or 20 years ago without internet]. Living amidst narrow-minded ignorant leaders and forced to do stupid things by religions who believed in nonsense and lies? And worse still - living in communities where you had to stay married to the same person in pain and anguish of abuse until you died!

The truth is WE forget the pain of the "past" - but it's still WITHIN our soul. Many people might "technically" be living now - but in their heads - they've got karmic garbage from the "past" - that is keeping them locked in the "past". Now from "2013" onwards - we're being given the blessing of enlightenment and wisdom to CLEANSE all the negativity from our heads and become karmically wholesome.


Karma - Mysterious becomes the Norm

The "present" moment now - is becoming your "future" - you've now entered an important phase of karmic healing from all past lives. Whilst it is true and important - that we are all defined and made-up of our past experiences - both in this life and impressions that have been made on our spiritual soul from past-lifetimes - we cannot live-in-the-past forever - and from now onwards as you SWITCH and HEAL your karma - karmic healing is defined as - time to LET-GO of the PAST - and STOP LIVING in the PAST.


The way we will do this - will actually be quite easy - as our souls will be realizing SECRETS and TRUTHS - that in turn will ensure we look at life differently - change our minds - and then heal the facets that need healing - by forgiving those that need forgiving and loving those that need our love.


This means setting FREE anything "wrong" or "negative" that we are holding onto - especially if it is in the "past" - and is not ours to have. People who live in the "past" and blame others for taking from them things - are REFUSING to ACCEPT that Divine karma.


Waking-up and Realizing a Secret

Mysterious becomes the Norm - when strong emotional feelings connect you to your destiny


In the same way so many other facets of "Karma" are inexplicable - defined by STRONG FEELINGS you will WAKE-UP and realize that you have NO FEELINGS towards people, places and things in your life - AND strong moments of enlightenment when you'll WAKE-UP and realize you have VERY STRONG feelings towards other people, places and things in your life.

When you get "it" - the "thought" connection will bring you a HUGE SURGE of ENERGY. It will be mysterious - and yet very REAL - as it will bring clarity - that you "know" - it's what you're being guided towards - and unlike "past-life" negative karma - it does NOT create hatred, negativity or problems - as it is positive karma that creates love, stability and harmony - most importantly - it makes you feel connected to your true pathway.

The moment you WAKE-UP is when you will simultaneously LET-GO of the "past" - move-on from the "present" stagnation of being at the karmic crossroads - and ACCEPT "life". People are STUCK at the karmic crossroads for 2 reasons - either they want to go back to the "past" OR they can't see the future - so they do nothing. Astrologically the STRONG FEELINGS created by Full Moons will ensure that doing NOTHING is not an option - and hence between 2013 => 2020 everyone will be moved away from the karmic crossroads - everyone will be given direction - anyone who wants to remain stuck at the karmic crossroads might end up meeting fated destiny.


In 1944/1945 - Europe was liberated and the long period of stagnation, misery, pain, darkness and evil ended - thereafter everyone began to rebuild their lives - today you ARE alive and it is REAL - destiny has defined that as you heal your karma - the present moment NOW becomes your "Future" - the "past" is over - but to acquire your "future" - all your karmic lessons need to be completed.


What's more important - people or money ?

Good karma defines people are more important than money

Bad karma defines money is more important than people

During the spiritual karmic "darkness" of 1980's, 1990's and until Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 - humanity valued MONEY more than PEOPLE. That has now been redefined by karmic destiny. Even so - there are still karmic left-overs of extraordinary rich billionaires who are living in the "past" - amassing great wealth at the expense of people's lives - by cutting workforce, making people unemployed and maximising profits before real-people's lives. These dysfunctionally greedy rich whom we're reading in the news are having unusual deaths - I guess karmic destiny is clearing-up the garbage.

The karmic wake-up call is making everyone question many aspects of your "life" - as you're going to realize that all the arguments - all the negativity and all the instability is created by the love of "MONEY" - conversely all the positive energy and all the stability in the world is created by the love of "PEOPLE".

This applies to everything you do - every moment of your life - even shopping in a supermarket - walking in the street - what are you "thinking" about - PEOPLE or MONEY? Are you thinking of how to be nice to as many people as possible - to meet, smile and be kind to other people - OR are you thinking "money".

Your THOUGHTS create your karmic energies in your AURA - so if you creating thoughts of love and compassion for other people you see - then you're creating GOOD karma. But if you're thinking selfishly, greed and wanting things just for yourself - without giving anything to anyone - then you're creating BAD karma - and BAD karma amidst the astrological Pluto square Uranus - until March 2015 will create SELF-DESTRUCTION - indeed it's a karmic self-destructiveness.

Everyone everywhere will be learning the important Karmic lesson that people are indeed more important than money. Ask anyone who is about to die - what is the most important thing in "life" - each will tell you it is good relationships with OTHER PEOPLE - all the loving and friendly relationships with OTHER PEOPLE is what defines a person's LIFE - all the other stuff is meaningless nonsense.


Karma is in All Your Relationships

All karma is about your relationships with other people


People mistakenly believe that "life" is about money - the truth "life is about PEOPLE - hence ironically in the world - people who value money more than people - are having stressful lives and not finding peace within their lives - because they're not living IN SYNC with the true purpose of life.

To move your destiny forward from your karmic crossroads - you need to STOP thinking of "money" and BEGIN thinking of "people" - STOP thinking of physical and material aspects of your life and BEGIN thinking of ALL the people you know and have known in your life.

All the people whom have defined your life - both by making you feel loved and people whom you've loved - anyone who generates ANY KIND OF EMOTIONS in your mind - is someone karmically important to you.

Are you at peace with ALL the people in your life - in all your relationships? More importantly - do you LOVE all the people who've been in your life? Do you still feel the positive good karmic energies between you and them - even the bad and difficult ones? Have you healed the "past" and let-them-go? Do you truly feel wholesome and blessed for all the people you've known in your life?


Karmic Stability of 2013 => 2020

Something is WRONG with attitudes and thoughts of "people" in the world - for the TRUTH is the World is a perfect place - it's the people in it that cause the problems - and people cause problems because of the WRONG WAY of THINKING.

During Karmic Destiny - will be rearranging the foundations for a new future - and the way it begins is by bringing out the BEST in people - whilst it will show the WORST in others. Because it is ONLY when you see the TRUTH about "people" in your life - then you can make wise decisions.

"Karmic stability will be showing each of us that there are IMPORTANT things in life - everything else is meaningless nonsense. Have you realized what's important in your life? And have you realized the all the truly important things in your life are PEOPLE who create and bring you stability, calmness and happiness - whilst ALL the badness is exactly what creates instability, fears and problems. If something you're doing doesn't bring you stability, harmony and inner happiness - then it's a SIGN - it's NOT RIGHT - now is the destined time to STOP doing it yourself - before DESTINY stops you.

The Karmic stability - will redefine people's lives with truth - and it will be done by 2020 - because it's impossible to become karmically wholesome if you haven't got the RIGHT people in your life - "for your heart and soul is - where your thoughts are".

Are YOU where your thoughts are? More importantly are you with the people who are truly good for you? Or are you living somewhere because you need to live there to earn MONEY - hence you're living far away from PEOPLE whom are so important to your life? Have you sacrificed relationships with the PEOPLE because of desires to earn MONEY?


"Acceptance" Creates A Strong Divine Aura

People who complain about "life" - and people who are ungrateful for the gift of life - are constantly creating their own problems - because a person's AURA needs to be at PEACE with oneself - in order to be wholesome - and the only way to be at PEACE is to ACCEPT everyone in one's life. Acceptance is the spiritual way that you AGREE with your destiny, you AGREE with your karma and your AGREE with DIVINE REASONS for whatever is happening in your life.


Your karmic responsibility to yourself is you must ACCEPT WHOEVER has been and WHOEVER is in your life with happiness - then your AURA can have the peace it needs to start to move forward. Each and everyone in your life is part of your destiny.

Acceptance is your way of AGREEING with your karmic status. Acceptance is the first step to harmonize your life with your "past", healing the "past" in order to become wholesome for the "future". Because the biggest mistake people make is they REFUSE to ACCEPT that they karmically deserve any of the problems they have - hence they're keeping themselves STUCK at the karmic crossroads. Thankfully, DESTINY has define that NOW is the time for everyone to move-forward. Are you ready?


As a footnote I must add that a SIGN to know you are at the karmic crossroads of your life is that you will feel LONELY - all ALONE - with fewer and fewer people in your life - UNTIL - you realize that PEOPLE are the most important facet of "Life" and then you begin to have more and more people in your life. And NOT the superficial types from facebook on "the internet" - but REAL people in REAL life!


Your 5 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Situation and Karmic Emotion has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


Whatever the inexplicable karmic situation you are in - with all the emotions it's creating in your mind and aura - is a destined karmic problem - and therefore "normal" logical solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution.

Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends - the "Moon", the guarantee "Destiny" made to you before you were born, your "Guardian Angels", all people from your "Soulgroup" and all your "Soulmates".

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means - you have SUPPORT - you have HELP - you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is SEARCH and ASK the Universe FOR HELP - and it will be given. The most important facet is having the RIGHT PEOPLE in your life people from your "Soulgroup".



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