The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

"The Book of Reincarnations"

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Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

"Complete and Wholesome"

Audio file is - [19] Karmic success for all of humanity, peace and spiritual wholesomeness


Reincarnation of the Last Generations


Many false-prophets have predicted the "end-of-the-world" so many times - that we all know - they're all liars - all "they" do is scare people for nothing - those people are living a Dead-End Earthbound existence - and therefore - their perception of the end of their journey looks like an end-of-the-world "Dead-End" but that is their illusion - because the reality of life is there is continuity - continuity into WHAT you might ask - and I'd humbly say - wait-and-see - as this phase of our journey in life we don't need to know more than we already know. But when the destined time comes - we'll see and know WHAT the next destination is with clarity.


Indeed, if any of you have been to a good psychic, medium, gipsy or spiritualist and "received" a message from the "other" side - then you KNOW - that there is continuity of life - and that many souls continue to exist even after physical death. During the next few years defined by Neptune in Pisces from 2011 and until 2025 - you're going to see much more spiritual communication between you and souls on the "other" side of earthly life - that will leave you in no doubt of continuity of life and spiritual existence.


Without doubt - each generation has become wiser and more enlightened that the previous generation - it's not necessarily true that the previous generations were idiots, naive or stupid - it's just they didn't have the information of what we have - they didn't know what we know - and in comparison with what each of us will know about the Universe defined by Uranus in Taurus from 2018 will make even today's understanding outdated.

There is NO doubt - that things are being revealed to us - like at no other time in the history of mankind. There's something destined, karmic and mysteriously magnificent unfolding in front of our eyes - each and everyday - it is pure enlightenment - through wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


In prior generations - they listened and accepted everything - and never questioned what they were told. In our karmic generation - not only do we absorb vast amounts of information - we have the ability to check it's truthfulness and validity - discarding the nonsense and working with the truth. Things that would have been ACCEPTABLE many years ago - are now REJECTED because - it's karmically no longer acceptable - although in some primitive cultures - they still "believe" that if you pray for rain at 2pm every afternoon - it will rain in the evening - but you and I know - that it will rain - when it rains - and isn't related to any voodoo prayers or mystical garbage at 2pm. Could you imagine if you could take your iPhone back intime even 20 years - when you could predict the weather - with accuracy to the hour from your phone - people would think you had magical powers!


Likewise, in your own life - you're learning about yourself - in more ways than one - each day - each week - and each and every lunar cycle - you're becoming a better version of yourself - more enlightened and wiser - as you see "life" with more clarity than you've ever seen and with an understanding of your own "spirituality" from within yourself. There is a reason - as we're all being prepared to become even more enlightened than we think we are today. It comes in stages - because overwhelming humanity with "everything" - would be too much - but this internet generation can handle and absorb more than prior generations - because karmic destiny has enabled and opened each of us to absorb more knowledge, wisdom and information.


You and everyone else in the world are finding your own definition of "Divine God" - defined by your personal experiences, strange coincidences and thoughts you're being intuited to think. You no longer need to be "told" what or who to believe in - you're working it out for yourself and what's more surprising - is you're enjoying the journey of mystery to work it out for yourself. It is like doing a jigsaw puzzle - but one where - the pieces are pieces of your life - your experiences - your feelings - your wisdom - and all the while - as it works to make you wholesome - karmic destiny - is simultaneously working on making EVERYONE else in the world wholesome too.


Wholesome is becoming inclusive of Everything

Each Piece of the Jigsaw Puzzle is vital - one piece isn't any more special than another - everyone is important

Likewise - each of your past lifetimes - was as important as this one - to create the wholesomeness of your soul


You will realize - from WITHIN yourself that you're becoming karmically wholesome - especially as you feel the shift from within you - defined either by Good Luck & Good Karma and/or Three Keys of Reincarnation - you can't deceive yourself and life can't fool you either - you will know from WITHIN yourself that you're on your pathway to enlightenment - defined by the way you honestly feel inside - and by the way "life" happens for you.


The biggest shifts inside you - will be that you realize how wonderful the world is - and how wonderful everyone and everything in the world is - even the faults, problems and negative things - you'll become enlightened to realize that these too - are karmic blessings. But the BIGGEST shift will be to realize that EVERYONE in the world is an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life - EVERYONE is important - EVERYONE has a reason to live - everyone in the world has been given the gift of life for a reason - by respecting and loving everyone - you're respecting and loving the Divine that resides in everything.


The quest and journey of Karmic Wholesomeness is inclusive of everyone and exclusive of no-one - in the same way the Moon influences EVERYONE on Earth - is the same way that the DIVINE GOD influences everyone - because the DIVINE life is within everything and within everyone on Earth - because EVERYTHING in the Universe and infinite Ether beyond the Universe - is all part of the Divine Creator of EVERYTHING.

EVERYONE on Earth is on the same collective journey to karmic wholesomeness - because we're all part of the same Divine oneness that's defined now is the karmic time of wholesomeness. It's not about any "exclusive" group - it's a collective inclusive journey that everyone will experience. Everyone of every nation in the world.


..........a hidden secret ..............

You - "Your Aura" - consists of all the energies of the Universe


Seeing the Goodness of Everything in the World

Seeing Everyone in Everything

Each and everyone has a unique energy - 12 astrological star signs defines each star sign is vitally necessary


I compare this to astrological energies - because it's from Moon Astrology that I've understood "life" - there are 365 days in the year - each day - each hour of the day - has it's own specific transcending astrological energies. Whilst some days - you might not like which will be extremely stressful and frustrating - there will other days you'll love because everything will go so smoothly and successfully - the fact of life is that EVERYDAY is vitally important - you can't just DELETE the days you don't like. You have to learn all aspects of "Astrology!" in order to avoid the troublesome days - whilst using the good days to your maximum potential.


The same in life - EVERYONE has a purpose in the world - and not just EVERYONE - but EVERYTHING - yes EVERYTHING - even the annoying mosquito, ant, spider or creepy-crawly - EVERYTHING has purpose - you can't just go around killing everything you don't like - even the annoying blood-sucking mosquito. And if you really have to kill the mosquito - then pray for it's soul - as you send it on it's spiritual journey - when you swat it dead.


Achieving karmic wholesomeness is - enjoying and accepting everyday for what it is - enjoying and accepting everyone for what they are - and - enjoying and accepting EVERYTHING in the world for what it is. It isn't always easy to do - especially living in this real world - but sooner or later - you'll find a way to comprehend and ACCEPT every facet and everything in life - with a karmic understanding as to the reason for EVERYTHING that exists in the world and EVERYTHING that happens everyday of your life.


On Good Luck & Good Karma [to be explained more in The Book of Love ספר האהבה the essence is to LOVE - LOVE EVERYONE - LOVE EVERYTHING - even objects - because everything you have has been MADE by other people - from your clothes, kitchen appliances, furniture and computer - it is been brought into your life - by PEOPLE - people have made it and people have transported it - so that you could have it.


Your gadgets say "MADE in CHINA" - Your clothes say "MADE in BANGLADESH", "MADE in INDIA" or "MADE in MEXICO" - everything you have has been MADE by GOOD HARD-WORKING PEOPLE somewhere else in the world. Even fruit and vegetables - have been produced and picked in some far-off place of the world - by GOOD PEOPLE - and delivered by PEOPLE to you.

So even though you think you're alone - your whole AURA is full of energies created by GOOD PEOPLE from all over the world - when you realize this truthful fact - you will realize how lucky you are.


Do you see people's energies in your AURA? Do you see a collective energy of GOOD PEOPLE in your life? When you become spiritually enlightened and karmically wholesome - your view of life changes - you will see the TRUTH of everything in your life - and you will realize - what an amazing picture defines your life - and how full of energy your life is - created by so many different people's energies - converging collectively on your life.

From that moment onwards - as your eyes are opened - you will realize the goodness in everything and the goodness in everyone. That's when you'll not only have a profound LOVE for everything - but you will have a LOVE of the Divine - for the gift of life that you've been blessed with - with good health and a fully functioning physical body - what a wonderful gift - the gift of "life" is !


When your Aura is at Peace - you Enjoy Life

Each and everyone has a specific destined goal in life - Each phase of your life has different purpose

Arriving at spiritual maturity is when you ACCEPT everything and is when your aura finds PEACE and HAPPINESS

People who argue aren't "at peace" - People who complain aren't "at peace"

People who accept everything in life are "at peace" - People who love life are "at peace"

People who have found the pathway to enlightenment find peace and enjoy all the moments of life.


Near-Death Experiences are Karmic too

News items that create goose bumps - as you think to yourself - "I was saved" - "that could have been me"


Many of us - have had "near-misses" in life - things that could have been disastrous - even moments of near-death experiences - when you thought it was "all-over" - even news items of plane crashes and accidents that create goose bumps because you're thinking to yourself "I was saved" - that could have been "me" - whatever "it" is - is a karmic experience - a wake-up call to realize that "life" is a blessing - and for you to do something good with it.


After a "near-miss" with death - the human instinct is to LOVE life - to LOVE everyone - to be happy, elated and laugh - because you sense you've had a moment of GOOD LUCK. That "good luck" - has made you do - what destiny wants you to do - that's ENJOY GIFT OF LIFE - LOVE LIFE - LOVE PEOPLE and BE HAPPY. Unfortunately, human nature is to FORGET the moments - so karma has to create another near-death experience UNTIL you do wake-up. Don't tempt fate - don't wait for a near-death experience - wake-up NOW - and love life.



If you've had the experience of flying in a plane - could you explain the experience to someone who has never flown?

What you feel - when you're flying above the clouds - high in the sky - with only blue skies and sunshine is what you feel

Karmic wholesomeness is defined by what YOU feel from WITHIN you - it's a unique feeling to you

You know when you've got "it" - because you will truly feel "it" from within you.


Each facet of your past-lives is inclusive

Becoming Karmically Wholesome means healing ALL your past-lives too - whatever the experiences ....


During this karmic time we're currently living in - you too will have the potential to heal all past-life karmic fears - by dealing with the truth applicable to your soul - and saying things that you'd never be able to have said in your past lives - which applies to EVERYTHING you suppressed and was frightened of saying in your past-life..


Between lifetimes and in order to heal the past-life karma - it is necessary for you to SWITCH roles - and become the "other" person - in order for you to see life from their point of view. Likewise - people you have deep karmic debts with - need to become you - in order for you to see life from their perspective and for them to see life from your perspective - in order for BOTH of you to learn to forgive the past-life karma. So whoever you have inexplicable karmic pain with - imagine you are them and they are you - and you will find the karmic solution to understanding why you've been put in the position you're in.


That's when you'll ACCEPT everyone and FORGIVE everyone - because you'll realize that probably you were them in a past-life - and they were you - so now is the time to STOP the karmic cycle and forgive them.


Karmic Wholesomeness is a Kindness defined by Reincarnation

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

"Even If You Can't See Something - Your Higher Self Can See It"


There are "things" that don't make sense - "things" we can't comprehend WHY they happen - or WHY they've happened - but as we all collectively become spiritually enlightened - we will all realize that EVERYTHING has a karmic reason. Sometimes - you're simply not supposed to "know" every reason WHY - Karma means acceptance - everything and everyone in the world has reason - and when you truly accept everyone and everything - you'll be given the intuitive reasons WHY.


The Final Word is שלום

Shalom - Peace - Karmic Wholesomeness

Humanity is a collective consciousness - therefore by your inner karmic wholesomeness - by your inner peace - you're adding to the collective karmic wholesomeness of peace in the whole world. When you do your part and find karmic peace from within you - then you're doing what you need to do - others will automatically do what they karmically need to do too.

The world is NOT going to find peace - by people demonstrating, shouting and screaming with anger for "peace" - peace is created from WITHIN - each and everyone. All these karmic answers for this "last" generation are being given to each and everyone to make everyone WHOLESOME - these Karmic answers are contained in Psalm 72.


The Karmic Lesson is Love & Forgiveness

The karmic lesson is simple and the same - for all of Humanity - is to LOVE all and to FORGIVE all.


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