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Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

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"Birth & Death"

Audio file is - [11] "Birth and Death" - understanding the purpose of living life on Earth


Your main "home" is in Spiritual World

The most important עיקר truth you can learn about life is realizing you're spiritual - [תקוני הזוהר עיקר <=> רקיע]


The fundamental basis for understanding "reincarnation" is to accept the important fact that your soul is always, has always and will always continue to live in the spiritual realms - your main "home" is in the spiritual world of souls - your physical body in this life is just a transit you transcend into in order to experience life - both new experiences and healing "past-life" experiences.

You're not "stuck" here on Earth forever - sooner or later everyone dies - and the situation you find yourself in vanishes - as you leave your status in this physical world. In fact, during your lifetime whilst you're living - you aren't here all the time - as your mind and soul is somewhere else - like when you're sleeping or meditating or watching TV. The more you meditate on this reality - the less you will be worried about "life".

It's impossible to be earthly all the time - just like it's impossible to be spiritual all the time - because living "life" is about a transcending balance - hence it's not natural and your mind, thoughts and soul know this - but sometimes you forget this fact - especially when you have intense physical worldly problems - but earthly worries aren't the reason why you were born - hence the moment you gain enlightened maturity - you SHIFT your perspective of WHERE you belong.

During spiritual immaturity you THINK that this world is your foundation - after spiritual enlightenment - you realize that there's continuity to the cycle of life - the spiritual world becomes your foundation - and this physical world becomes a "transit". When you go "on holiday" - you don't mind not having everything - because you know it's just a "holiday" - and when you arrive "back home" is when you will have everything. Arriving "back home" is not just when you die - but each and every night when you go to sleep and your existence is more spiritual than physical.


The Cycle of Life - Death, Conception & Birth

Nothing ever DIES and Nothing is Born - Time and Space Birth, Death are necessary illusions of Life for the purpose of Karma


Each and every day of our lives - each and every year of our lives is a continual cyclical process - the Universe is cyclical - Life is cyclical - Astrology by factual definition is cyclical - all the planets going around in cycles and circles - means that by definition - there is NO END. None of us spiritually enlightened people will ever comprehend - DEATH or BIRTH - in the sense that non-spiritual physical-only earthly people understand "life".

Because materialistic spiritually-ignorant people understand LIFE - as a ONE-WAY journey from BIRTH at the beginning to DEATH at the end. Spiritually aware people accept the fact that "life" is a continual everlasting cyclical journey - of life followed by death, rebirth, death and rebirth again and again. In our generation at this point in the history of mankind - "Nothing ever ENDS and Nothing ever BEGINS" - as collectively we're in the middle of an infinite multitude of karmic cycles.



"Defining the moment when you STOP believing and BEGIN to know"

"Beliefs create doubts - whereas knowledge creates clarity"


Death isn't "The End" it's just "The Beginning"

Anyone who has known someone who has died - and years later you go to a psychic / medium / spiritualist Church - and you're informed of their presence - with "proof" - then you KNOW - that people's souls exist beyond the grave - and that means EVERYONE's soul - good and bad. [Even the "bad" ones - just because you thought they were bad - in spiritual realms they might be considered to be good - and vice-versa. So don't discard or judge anyone - for everyone has karmic purpose on Earth]. But even prior to getting a message from a medium - if you've ever been with someone - at the moment of death - they you know - the soul exists - because you feel it so strongly.


Explaining the spirituality of a person's soul, continuity of the existence after physical death and the fact-of-life of Reincarnation to people who choose to be ignorant and blocked from spiritual enlightenment - is like explaining to a blind man the beauty of blue skies, green trees and colors - unless you see and experience things for yourself - you are in "believing" mode - and not yet in "knowing" mode. I'm not writing for the "spiritually blind" - I'm writing for people who can "see" a little and want to see "more" completely clearly.

This factual reality that everything in life is in a constant state of a continuous cyclical journey - every ending is a new beginning - every DEATH defines a CONCEPTION and REBIRTH - at the END of every day is the beginning of a NEW day - at the end of every lunar month is a NEW Moon - and at the end of every Zodiac cycle in Pisces is a New cycle of Aries - at the end of every season is the beginning of a new season. This fact of life that life is continual and cyclical - means that there is always a NEW tomorrow - nothing is ever DEAD and nothing is at "the END" - even death.


You've lived many lifetimes before this life ...

Understanding the karmic cycle of life - means when you truly accept that your soul is always, has always and will always continue to live in the spiritual realms - then you find peace - as you've become spiritually enlightened. When you understand that in the past 6000 years of history of mankind on Earth - that you have lived before. Yes - YOU have - everyone in this generation is a reincarnated soul - there are no new souls in this final generation - everyone has lived before - in fact many of you have lived at least 5 times before - indicative by the more sensitive you are - the more times you've lived before.

In fact, the more long-term meaningful relationships you've had - the more homes you've lived in - the more places you've lived in - the more occupations and different phases of life you've had - the more past-lifetimes you've had. In this last generation - you've been born to heal every single facet of every single lifetime in order to become karmically wholesome. Nothing happens by chance or accident - and all are karmic pieces recreated and defined by past lifetimes.

Once you complete ONE karmic facet of your soul from ONE past-lifetime - you're then ready to move onto the next karmic facet of the next past-lifetime. But many times - the facets will duplicate themselves - because your soul retained the same problem and the same bad karma over all your past lifetimes - hence you repeated the same mistakes - but now - you're alive to HEAL all of the past lifetimes mistakes - because they all have the same common mistake - it can be fixed and will be fixed when you HEAL your soul - and the time to do it - is now - during "Pluto in Capricorn between 2008 => 2025" and "Neptune in Pisces between 2011=>2025".



For 1000's of years Cherry Trees have symbolized the Eternal Karmic Cycle of Life, Death and reBirth


Understanding Birth, Death & Rebirth

When you accept that your soul is always, has always and will always continue to live in the spiritual realms - then you know that "life" is just a journey - a transit - and doesn't last forever. Death comes to everyone and everything - but like the yearly cycle of trees that appear to die - and then blossom the following spring - even atheists who don't believe in "GOD" - know that one day - they will die - and know that there is something "after" death - even though people don't know exactly what "it" is.


Therefore instead of considering this physical world - your permanent "home" - and a dead-end - open your mind and thoughts to think of this physical life - as part of the great journey for your soul - with "Death" and "Birth" merely the karmic phases of your life. Hence, as you will understand more about reincarnation - you will realize that each day, each month and each year is just a new "rebirth" to begin a new phase of your life.


Just like the seasons when trees blossom, grow fruit and then die by shedding their leaves in autumn/fall - everyone too - are born, grow, produce, reach the peak-purpose of greatest accomplishment and then grow old and die - that's life - we all know it is the cycle of life and death followed by rebirth and death again and again. But you know because you've either got a deep belief within you OR you've become spiritually enlightened - that you know you've lived before and your soul will continue to live-on - just like a tree. But unlike a TREE that is fixed in this physical world - you are fixed in spiritual world of souls - to grow in the cycle of life and to heal your past-life karma - you need to be reborn in order to continue your karmic cycle of life.


Everything that's inexplicable and unfair is Karmic

During the past 84 years since Pluto was discovered in 1930 - there have been increasing number of inexplicable karmic things happening in the world - especially people dying young - many "early" deaths have been karmically defined - because those souls needed to be reborn quickly - to relive life and get-it-right in this "last" generation of enlightenment.


Anyone born after 1930 - especially for each and everyone who is now living in this "internet generation" - karmic Divine Destiny is giving everyone the chance to fix all past-life karma - some things you can HEAL and FIX very quickly - as easily as making clear honest defining statements - "that is a lot of nonsense and lies - and I don't believe in that karmic garbage anymore". Whereas other things will become problematic and very annoying UNTIL they become so frustrating that you search the internet to find the answers.

For example, if you lived 500 years ago - when you believed the world was FLAT - by looking at Google-Earth or Nasa websites - or even reading the simplest of school textbooks - you know that the World is ROUND. So your mind, thoughts and soul are in SYNC - when you ACCEPT the TRUTH the world is ROUND. Defining the truth in your mind is the karmic correction needed for your soul.

Another important example - especially for "old" Jewish souls is to define the truth of Yeshua - Jesus Christ - because for the past 2000 years - all mention and discussion of Jesus Christ was eliminated from Jewish books - end-time karma defines the TRUTH must be faced, understood and accepted.


The internet is ensuring that no-one has any excuse to find all the answers they need - and that all the karmic answers are found - most importantly that EACH of you finds the karmic TRUTH you need to find. It might be a few words you read - that then triggers your mind to think - but that is all you need - the missing pieces of wisdom that will heal your soul. Thereafter you can find the karmic answers from within you and solve to the karmic mystery of your own soul.


The key to understanding the definition of anything that is past-life karmic is EVERYTHING that is totally INEXPLICABLE and UNFAIR IS KARMIC. Whatever is totally inexplicable to logic reasoning and whatever is totally unfair to you - is karmic.

There's nothing you can do about "it" - except ACCEPT "it" and embrace "it". If you fight "it" and if you don't deal with "it" properly - it will cause you frustration and pain. The karmic world is often about attracting OPPOSITES into your life - in order for you to wake-up and say "it's not fair" - that's when you know you NEED to solve the karmic puzzle of your life. When you're HONEST with yourself - and concede that something "is not fair" then you have awakened to karma.

It's a fact that no-one ever awakens to GOOD karma - people only awaken when inexplicable BAD things happen - and let's be honest NONE of us are perfect - we all have BAD KARMA that needs healing.


Solving Your Karmic Puzzle of the Real "You"

"World of Opposites" - karmically you become awakened by inexplicable problems and opposing forces.


Whatever you HATE the most in your life - is BAD karma

Whoever and Whatever annoys you the most in your life - is BAD karma

Whatever is Blocking your life is an energy of BAD karma

The clue is in whatever is paining you the most - is the answer to past-life BAD karma

Whatever and whoever brings out the WORST emotions of anger and hatred from within you - is BAD karma

[I explain - how to Solve your Karmic Puzzle - on "Three Keys of Reincarnation"]


Nothing happens by Accident nor Coincidence

Your parents and roots are your karmic destiny

In this generation that many things seem to be totally UNJUST and UNFAIR - especially when it comes to "parents!" - I'd say for the vast majority of people - if you're truly honest with yourselves - you'd say you've got or you've had BAD karma defined by the negative influence of your "parents" and the BAD experiences you've had created in your life by your parents. The worst of which is always inflicted "emotionally" by your mother's energy. As a loving caring and nurturing mother will always bring out the best in a child - whilst a grumpy, cold-hearted, spiteful, hateful and unloving loving - will inflict emotional damage - that is always defined as inexplicable and invisible - and yet is present - until the karma is healed.


On "Transference" I explain how to eliminate their negative influence and blocking energies - and negate the BAD karma transferred from your parents to you - and like everything in your life - once you "deal" with it spiritually - then karmically the problem vanishes.

There is NO coincidence nor accident in "life" - if you find yourself feeling negativity and BAD karma from your parents - then you need to work on the source of what you're feeling. It is clear that many parents didn't choose to have children - in many cases it was an "accident" - although the truth is there's NO accident in life - your soul CHOSE those parents who didn't really want children - in order for you to learn karmic lessons of LOVE and HATRED.

To be brought up amidst HATRED, argumentative, negative, grumpy and abusive parents is a karmic lesson - to learn that hatred and anger are DARK evil energies - and it is your karmic duty to find the LIGHT of love and compassion. The karmic truth was the previous generations were born and negatively influenced by very dark times in the history of the world - 1900 => 1945 which saw the worst times in the world. If you'd been born then - you'd be like your parents - thankfully you aren't and you've the karmic blessing to find enlightenment and with it KARMIC forgiveness for the arrogant ignorance of prior generations.


Likewise, in this generation - most parents abuse their children by "neglect" - not necessarily consciously - but out of arrogant ignorance and self-indulgence in their own lives - that neglects the innately natural loving nurturing that was normal in prior generations - especially prior to TV, internet and negative influences. In prior generations children's karma was defined by the city, village, religion and community where they lived and their wider families influences - but now - you can become completely DETACHED from all these influences that you began life with - because you were never destined to be attached to them.

Your destiny and past-life Karma only defined that you needed to be born with UNLOVING parents - the degree of their selfishness - was specific to what your karmic sensitivity needed to absorb. If you had DEEP BAD karma - you needed to absorb a lot of negativity and hatred - whereas small amount of BAD karma - you might have easily ignored almost everything they ever said to you.


The amount of emotional attachment and detachment between you and your parents - family - place you were born - and every relationship you have in your life - defines your karmic BOND between you and the experience - that needs to be healed. If you're STUCK and life is inexplicably "not moving" - then KARMA needs healing - that means LOVE and FORGIVNESS for everyone you've known in your life - because it is the "past-life" karma - both "past-life" and recreated karmic "past-life in this life - that is keeping you frustratingly stuck.


If you've chosen to RUN AWAY from your parents - then BAD karma will follow you - because the karmic lessons of BAD karma defined by hateful, unloving, selfish and bad parents - needs to be learnt before you can release the need for BAD karma in your life. Hence, in your life after running away from BAD parents - you've probably attracted ruthless and nasty "bosses" and/or nasty sexual relationships who replaced your parents BAD energies - in order for you to learn from BAD karma. When you wake-up to this spiritual karmic awareness - you automatically STOP the cycle - and then sets you FREE from BAD karma - this is explained fully on "Three Keys of Reincarnation".


צימצום TzimTzum - "Confinement" into Space

Transcending Divine Energies into Physical World

You might now ask - If the DIVINE GOD is - everything and everywhere - then WHY don't you feel GOD all the time? That's because the reality of physical life is an illusion - and the transcendence of energies from spiritual ether to physical reality - means the MORE PHYSICAL something is - the LESS SPIRITUAL it is.

The MORE individuality and persona something is in this physical world - the less it is "spiritually" and the "further-away" it is from the Divine. The initial phase of life - is the journey to the greatest distance away from the "spiritual" world - which is vitally necessary for a person to be "ignorant" whilst becoming fully present in their physical reality - and to be deceived to believe that this physical world is the only reality. Childhood immature "Ignorance" is a vital karmic ingredient to beginning the journey to find the TRUTH.

The צימצום TzimTzum - "Confinement" into Space is the initial transcendence in order to begin an ascendance - arriving at the bottom - that it arriving at complete earthly physical existence isn't the end-of-the-journey - it's just the beginning - like a wheel that goes around - you need to arrive at the bottom - before you can start the journey upwards.


In spiritual terms - the more INDIVIDUAL you are - the FURTHER AWAY you are from the DIVINE. And conversely when you have NO identity and NO individuality - that's when you are CLOSEST to the DIVINE - and at ONE with GOD. Paradoxically, it is when you're "in love" and having sex that you loose yourself the most - and that's when you're able to "bring-down" a new soul into the world.


All moments of beginning and endings - birth and deaths are karmic - when someone DIES - they leave the physical body - but everyone who's been there at the moment of DEATH - you "know" and "sense" something very spiritual. The intense "spiritual" experience of "death" is their spiritual soul at it's strongest leaving the physical world.

When a baby is CONCEIVED and is BORN - the spiritual soul that transcends through the intense love of the father and mother - creates a physical baby - and as the baby grows - the physical existence embodies more and takes over from the spiritual soul.

The moment prior to and at conception - is the intense "spiritual" experience - as a spiritual soul is entering this physical world - there's a huge amount of love and positive energy - which creates something from nothing. There's no other physical act in the world - that equates to the loving sexual energy between a MAN and a WOMAN that creates a NEW LIFE. Life is a constantly changing and forever moving cyclical journey of death and birth - transcendence and ascendance - coming down and going up.


The Karma of Your "Mother & Father"

[1] נפש Nefesh the "Earthly Soul" from Mother

[2] רוח Ruach is the "Soul of Speech" from Past Life Karma

[3] נשמה Neshoma Spiritual Soul from Father


Technically - and as explained on 5 Levels of Your Soul that you're spiritual combination has it's own inner coded programming - in much the same way you physically look like either of your parents [or their lovers!] - you eyes - hair color - physical body has genes and chromosomes from either / both your parents - that defined "YOU" - likewise spiritually - "YOU" are "YOU" - an individual soul.


In this complicated karmic generation - you might have NOTHING to do with your parents and feel NOTHING from your parents - and you might even have found greater love and affinity for your grandparents, nanny, teachers or adopted parents than your real parents - but there is still a karmic reason WHY your soul choose the parents you choose - to instill in you - the karmic experiences and energies of "them" and "their ancestors".


Technically - [yes - I use the word technically] - because as you will come to understand that you are constantly changing and being influenced by other people - who define and redefine "you" - but the truth is your mother's soul - her ancestors and her energies - should define your [1] נפש Nefesh the "Earthly Soul" - whereas your father's soul - should define your [3] נשמה Neshoma Spiritual Soul.

That means that if you're looking for answers for your earthly soul - healing, mannerisms and characteristics - then look at your MOTHER - her identity - her karma - her personality and her parents. And likewise if you're searching for higher spiritual answers - wisdom and understanding - the look at your FATHER - his identity - his karma - his spiritual personality and his parents. All your karmic answers are hidden in the mystery of your parents and the people you're inexplicably attracted towards.

This is one of the inexplicable reason why most men look for someone like their mother and women look for someone like their father OR they look for to the total opposite. Because their intrinsic karma attracts the same karmic lessons UNTIL the karma is healed.


The reason I used the word technically - because as you will come to understand that as you cleanse and clear each and every karmic past-life - you will constantly change WHO and WHAT influences "you" - as karma defines that your relationships with other people define and will redefine "you". Men and women in your life influence you as much as you own FATHER and MOTHER.

At each stage of life - you live with an energy of a FATHER and of a MOTHER - not necessarily your real parents - but an influence that defines your relationship energies of a FATHER and MOTHER. If you haven't karmically forgiven the BAD karma of parents - then you will inexplicably attract BAD loving relationships into your life. For example, if you had an unloving and uncaring mother - you will find unkind hateful selfish women in your life - if you have an ignorant or arrogantly stupid father - you will encounter blockages by men. When you realize the karmic lesson - change - and learn the lesson - then you'll stop attracting into your life unloving and stubborn people.


BAD karma from BAD parents - are karmic "signs" to awaken you to realize that you need to be different from them. Otherwise, you too might become just like your BAD parents - so to avoid repeating the cycle of life - awaken and realize the difference between GOOD and BAD - loving and hateful - instilling your love in everyone you meet and in your children. When people look at you and hear what you say - do they hear your parents in "you" OR do they hear someone else? Have you become better and more enlightened OR have you become worse and grumpier than them?


However, the most important facet is the karmic facet of YOUR soul the [2] רוח Ruach is the "Soul of Speech" is defined by YOUR Past Life Karma - that defines your karmic individuality - both your intelligence, your beliefs, your wisdom, your attitude to "life" - that needs NEITHER father nor mother in your life - it defines your individuality and the karmic reasons why you've been reincarnated. This is the facet - that needs WORK on - to become karmically healed.


Due to the amount of information and constant transference of energy on the internet and the complicated karmic generation we're living in - there's lots of facets that are being shown to you so that you deal with then - and constantly - literally constantly - day-to-day you will be OPEN to karmic changes - especially during New Moon's and Full Moon's - which will suddenly connect you with facets that needs healing and disconnect with other facets when they've been completed and done.


Each Karmic phase of your life contains within it "Stages of Birth, Death & reBirth in Your Life" - identified by relationships in your life because during each karmic phase you have specific RELATIONSHIPS associated with it - until it's karmically done the specific people with their "relationship" energies will be present - like having a new "father and mother" during each past-life phase. Therefore if you can't move-onto a NEW relationship - it means you've still got karmic work to do on your soul - to heal the "past" relationship and let-go of the "past".


Astrologically speaking, your parents - or I should say your father's energy defined when you would be born approximately - in a certain range of dates - but it is your mother that defines the EXACT moment of your birth. Indeed, for many people - the astrological difference of a few days on either side of your birth - is ONLY defined in your chart as to where the Moon is in your astrological profile.

The difference between being a cold-hearted person with Moon in Virgo OR a passionately warm-hearted person with Moon in Leo - is a few hours - and determined to the exact time you were born - the moment your mother chooses to give you - either to bless you with a charming nature OR to inflict on your personality - in order for you to be challenged - to fix the past-life bad karma.

Don't become annoyed or angry - that you've been born with a "negative" emotional start to life - because during life - you'll see how easy it is to FIX the emotions - when you realize the karmic source of your problems - then you too will become a loveable warmhearted person inside and out.


The Karma of Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024

Understanding Karmic Phases of Life - All Your Numerous relationship, "Births & Rebirths" & Ibbur Neshoma עיבור נשמה


Prior generations "they" rarely had more than one partner - each lifetime was defined by one-man for one-woman married for life for better or worse - and karmically many times for worse. Luckily, in our generation we can relive the past-life karmic relationship - and get it "done" in a few months - enabling you to move-on to the next past-life karmic relationship.

The number of meaningful loving relationships you have is defined by the number of past lifetimes [which excludes meaningless sex and one-night stands] - more specifically the number of meaningful loving relationships you have in this life - is related to past-life KARMIC relationships you still have unfinished karmic connections with - as explained on "Soulmates".


Astrologically, the most important planet in our solar system that is forcing all karmic situations to happen is Pluto - Pluto was only discovered in 1930 - "coincidentally" and divinely began it's influence on humanity at the same time in 1930 - when past-life karmic debts and inexplicable events began in the world.

During Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 and until 2024 - Pluto will ensure that you fulfill your past-life karmic responsibility and become wholesome - it will FORCE everyone everywhere to deal with all your past-life karmic situations to be dealt with - and will create inexplicable stagnation in one's life if one avoids completing one's karma. When and only when you have done what you need to do - the karmic situation will vanish and will you be liberated from the BAD karma to have a wholesome life.


There is a concept - and I must add that it is only momentary and transient - and that is doing someone else's past-life karma - and someone's soul that attaches itself to you to help you do your past-life karma - which I explain on "Spiritual Rescue Work" - whereby someone else's spiritual soul becomes attached to you - in order for you to set them free - by transforming, accepting and learning something through you - that concept is called "Attached souls - Ibbur Neshoma עיבור נשמה " - and usually happens to sensitive souls because you understand them more than others as you "work" together to heal past-life karma without the need for them to be reborn.


Each Astrological Day & Month has it's own Karma

Understanding astrology - helps you understand your karmic changes by sensing changes in your emotional changes


Everyday your emotions change - according to who you're with, what you're doing and which star sign the Moon is in and the lunar phase - New Moon's and Full Moon's are strongest karmic days - but everyday according to your own personal karma you change - in the fact that your feelings change - and the "new" feelings you've been given today - define what you do today.

Your feelings can't lie to you - and if you no longer have feelings for someone you used to have feelings for - means you've completed the karmic lessons - and now you're free to be reborn to a new phase of your life.


When you go to sleep at night and wake-up each morning - your soul has been elevated to spirit realms whilst you sleep and brings down the new energy of the day when you wake-up. Each and everyday of your life is like you've been born and died and reborn - as your soul elevates and transcends. The question you should ask yourself each day is What is your karmic mission of the day? And did you do what you were destined to have done "yesterday" or in your "past-life"?



Summary of this Chapter ...


1. Your main "home" is in Spiritual World - and realizing that "life" is "journey" of transformation for your soul.

2. The Cycle of Life - Death, Conception & Birth Nothing ever DIES and Nothing is Born - Time and Space Birth, Death are necessary illusions of Life for the purpose of Karma

3. You've lived many lifetimes before this life. Once you complete ONE karmic facet of your soul from ONE past-lifetime - you're then ready to move onto the next karmic facet of the next past-lifetime.

4. Nothing happens by Accident nor Coincidence Your parents and roots are your karmic destiny

5. Everything that's inexplicable and unfair is Karmic

6. All the biggest karmic changes - happen in intense emotions - like Full Moon's - birth and deaths - the intense "spiritual" experience of "death" is their spiritual soul at it's strongest leaving the physical world and the moment prior to and at conception - is the intense "spiritual" experience - as a spiritual soul is entering this physical world.

7. The Karma of Your "Mother & Father" - understanding WHY you chose the "parents" you chose - to teach you darkness of hatred and selfishness in order for you to find love and enlightenment. You can't run away from karmic lessons.

8. The Karma of Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024 defines - everyone will have inexplicable experiences in order to be awakened spritiually in order to heal past-life karma.


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