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Powerful Zodiac Year 2021-2022

Unbelievable, Unconventional & Exciting





"2021" - "Age of Aquarius"

Think Big - Be Enlightened, Happy & Successful




Age of Aquarius

Believing in Miracles מעשה נסים

מעשה נסים ונפלאות


A MIRACLE is the creation of SOMETHING from NOTHING

A MIRACLE is the creation of SOMETHING from NOTHING


"MIRACLES can happen at anytime" - via the power of the internet and communication

"Anything can happen at anytime" - via the power of the internet and communication


"MIRACLES can happen at anytime" - provided you're OPEN to communication

"MIRACLES can happen at anytime" - provided you DESIRE to communicate and talk


Everyone in our generation has SUCCESS created via COMMUNICATION

Everyone in our generation has had problems created via COMMUNICATION


Everyone in our generation has POTENTIAL for SUCCESS created via COMMUNICATION



GOOD & HONEST communicators - "LOVEABLE & LIKEABLE" people - you're having SUCCESS

BAD & DECEITFUL communicators - "dislikeable & annoying" people - are having LOSS & FAILURE


The reason why you have SUCCESS & HAPPINESS in your life is because of COMMUNICATION

Everyone you know in your life - work and relationships - love speaking with you - love hearing from you


SUCCESS created via COMMUNICATION - The tone and energy of your voice - defines - "YOU"

The reason why you HATE some people is the tone of their voice is annoying your aura

The reason why you LOVE some people is the energy of their voice is loveable to your aura


Listen to your feelings - of - how much you like talking to some people and hate others!

Listen to all the SIGNS of what actually happens - whether you want them in your life or not


COMMUNICATION with the RIGHT people will create HAPPINESS and SUCCESS

DISCONNECTING from the WRONG people will also create HAPPINESS and SUCCESS





Believing in Miracles מעשה נסים

מעשה נסים ונפלאות


The size of Jupiter is 1300 times the size of Earth - why aren't you feeling it's full potential?

The size of Saturn is 764 times the size of Earth - why aren't you feeling it's full potential?

The size of Sun is 1.3 million times the size of Earth - why aren't you feeling it's full potential?


The distance to the StarSign of Aries - approx 80 Light-Years - why aren't you feeling it's full potential?

The distance to the StarSign of Taurus - approx 65 Light-Years - why aren't you feeling it's full potential?


The distance to the StarSign of Capricorn - approx 39 Light-Years - why aren't you feeling it's full potential?

The distance to the Galactic Center located at 28°/29° Sagittarius is approx 25,000 light-years - are you feeling "it"?

The distances of our Solar system - of our Galaxy - of the INFINITY of SPACE is known as "EIN SOF" - אין סוף


When you think BIG - you believe in BIG - believing in BIG - because - "it" is truly BIG - then you know anything is attainable

In our karmic "internet" generation - we believe in BIG - more than all the prior generations - therefore BIG is attainable


When your mind SEES BIG your mind is OPENED

When your mind BELIEVES in BIG then BIG happens

When you believe in MIRACLES then MIRACLES can happen


When you believe in MIRACLES because MIRACLES have happened to other people

...... then you know MIRACLES can happen to you too .....


MIRACLES can happen to you - because it's a fact of life - MIRACLES happen !



The original Hebrew scriptures in the Torah and used in "Kabbalah" for over 2000 years is a fact that - inside every human being exists an unlimited potential - because every human being who is alive is created with the Divine Energy of your own Spiritual Soul.


Your Soul and your personality that lives within you - gives you the ability to read, write, to have an awareness of your own existence - gives you your intelligence - your sensitivity - your desires - your feelings - and gives you all the karmic feelings from all your past-lifetimes to be the person you're destined to be - including attracting all your destined relationships.


In fact - your soul gives your life - your soul defines meaning to your existence - and with it - your soul gives you the unlimited power to do anything - provided you're awakened with energy to do "it". Your soul gives you the power to do EXTRA-SPECIAL things that the world needs - but has been neglected to be done by OTHER people who were destined to have done it.


The Divine plan for humanity during these years of enlightenment - means that LOTS OF THINGS must be completed and done by someone. The fact that "OTHER" people have been too lazy to do these things - other people are neglecting their destined duty - and - can't be bothered doing what they were destined to do - doesn't negate the fact that LOTS of DESTINED THINGS must be done by someone.


Therefore there's a whole inventory of LOTS OF THINGS TO BE DONE IN THE WORLD - the energy is there - the potential is there - all you have to do is decide - DO YOU WANT to be the person that DOES SOMETHING? - or - do you want to be LAZY and DO NOTHING? It's your freewill choice.


According to the Talmud - at the end of time of last generation - there are souls waiting to be BORN on Earth - souls that want to live life on Earth in our generation - but due to "abortions" - they're being denied their right to live life. All these souls of "abortions" are GREAT & GOOD SOULS - and - stuck in limbo waiting to be reincarnated to live life on Earth.


This is why MIRACLES are happening for anyone who truly wants to have a BABY - as - there are lots of GREAT & GOOD SOULS - waiting to be born. Indeed, all of you who've had children in recent years - know you've got a special baby with "GOOD SOUL" - and - this is why "some" of you who've awakened to want a BABY - will find yourselves having a MIRACLE COME TRUE.


A birth of a baby is the greatest MIRACLE of creation of life. But every other facet that Divine destiny - needs to happen to fulfill the destined plan - and - must happen at the end-of-time of last generation - is AVAILABLE for EVERYONE to become part of a MIRACLE of the creation of something from nothing. That's because - there are lots of people in our generation - who are LAZY and NEGLECTING their DESTINY.



"Pain & Suffering" is the preview to Miracles

The point of unbearable despair of "pain and suffering" is the preview for "MIRACLES"


When "someone" is lying in hospital with illness - that "someone" has time to think - that "someone" can decide and promise in the moments of dire pain - that if - life is restored - and - good health is restored - then - they'll do SOMETHING meaningful with life.


Whenever you're in a place of PAIN and SUFFERING - and - then at the maximum PAIN and SUFFERING - when you PROMISE to do SOMETHING meaningful with life - then - it has the full power and full potential to make MIRACLES.


It is a fact-of-life that human-being's only UNLOCK their full potential during "PAIN and SUFFERING" - that's why Zodiac Year of "2020-2021" with WorldWide "PAIN and SUFFERING" - means - it's going to be a GREAT year - full of potential and full of MIRACLES.


The purpose of "PAIN and SUFFERING" - is to UNLOCK your full potential - to live a meaningful life. The purpose is NOT to get-back-to-normal or live the life you've been living in the past few years. The purpose is to be REBORN to do something GREAT with your life - for humanity - for other people - for the World.


The point of "PAIN and SUFFERING" - is that "YOU GIVE UP" - and - realize the truth that "YOU NEED HELP". Let me explain - when you were young - when you had parents - when you have someone to take-care of you - everytime you had "PAIN and SUFFERING" - you instinctively went running-back to people you know would be there for you.


As you get older - when "YOU NEED HELP" - you have to turn to a mechanism that solves your problems. "Some" people call it religion - "some" people call it GOD - others call it astrology - others call it your inner spirit.


Kabbalah calls it - your pure soul - your life-energy that is WITHIN you. That's because the DIVINE SPIRIT is WITHIN EVERYONE - because everyone who is alive is alive because of the presence of the Spiritual Soul in the physical body. Most people only tap-into it for short moments of emergencies - whilst a few enlightened people tap-into it during Kabbalistic prayers - but - "it" is always available to EVERYONE - because "it" is WITHIN EVERYONE - you too!



עיכובים עין הרע ותיקון הגילגול

The Need for "other" People in Your Life

The point of unbearable despair of "pain and suffering" is to make you realize you need "other" people


When "someone" becomes desperate - when "someone's" life falls-apart - wherever there is "pain and suffering" it's message is simple - that you NEED "other" people in your life. Those people need to be good for you - and - equally - you need to be good for other people.


Loneliness and despair - depression and sadness - pain and suffering - is - created by society that doesn't careless about other people. Hence, to heal - the opposite needs to be done - the need to CARE about other people - the need to LOVE other people.


Your Life-Energy is defined by relationships with other people - when you've got MAXIMUM life-energy it's because of LOVE in your life - when you've got NO life-energy - it's because of NO-LOVE in your life.


Therefore to OPEN the DOOR to a BRIGHT NEW future - and - to OPEN the DOOR for MIRACLES to happen - has to be defined by - PROMISING to be nice to other people - PROMISING to love other people - PROMISING to be kind and compassionate to other people - PROMISING to help other people.


Let me explain the Kabbalah of it all - the Spiritual energy inside everyone is a part of the Divine essence of life-energy. So when you love other people - you're loving the Divine. When you love people who are neglected by others - when you love people who are hated and despised - then you're connected with the DIVINE that lives inside those people.


The poorest - the homeless - the loneliness people in the world - all have a part of the DIVINE within them. Hence, when you give them $50 - you are energizing a spark of life that was darkened - and - that makes your DIVINE inside you - awaken too.


When you emit positive energy - with - SMILES and LOVE for everyone in the world - and - they SMILE back at you - then you're LOVING the DIVINE within everyone - and - others are LOVING the DIVINE within you.


Kabbalist's never ever say NO to anyone - Kabbalist's never hate anyone - Kabbalist's know only ONE rule - ACCEPT EVERYONE - LOVE EVERYONE - as everyone has the potential of Divine Spirit inside them - everyone even the villains of the world can change !


When a criminal inside prison is given a chance to be set-free - the condition is to be nice to everyone - and - not to hurt anyone anymore. The same with everyone who experiences "pain and suffering" - destiny is saying - transform - be nice to everyone - love everyone - accept everyone who lives in the world - everyone has a Spiritual Soul.


The Correction - Tikkun is simple - LOVE ALL - even - LOVE the people you hate. In fact, especially LOVE the people you hate. Love your enemies - because - that's the only way to cancel-out the negative forces of death, pain and destruction.


You see - Kabbala teaches that - HATE is a force of Darkness - LOVE is a force of Light. If you fight darkness with darkness - it cerates more darkness of "pain and suffering" - but - when you fight darkness with LIGHT - then the darkness vanishes.


Now - you understand this - now you're ready for MIRACLES - because - all MIRACLES come from a source of LIGHT - LOVE - HAPPINESS. Everytime you need a MIRACLE - you need to be in the LIGHT.


Which means - everyone who is annoying you - everyone you hate - everyone you seem to be imprisoned with - the only way-out of darkness is by you becoming so - BRIGHT and LIGHT from WITHIN you - that you enable MIRACLES to happen to you.


In Kabbala - the only reason you're stuck and blocked is because of the darkness created by OTHER people - "some" call it the "Evil eye" - but - you know where it comes from - you know who is jealous of you - you know who hates you - so - all you have to do is LOVE THEM.


Feel sorry for their soul that they're such sad losers - that all they have in their lives is HATRED and JEALOUSY - because - people who are truly happy with life - don't go destroying or hating other people's lives.


Only sad-losers are filled full of darkness who emit negativity - so feel sorry for them - and - emit "LOVE for ALL" - especially for WHOEVER YOU KNOW HATES YOU - it's the only way to eliminate the blockages and "Evil Eye".


Anyone you hate - sits as a darkness in your aura - and - creates a blockage in your life - so - forget them - heal that aspect. Let me say - that when you will suddenly have a MIRACLE - you won't have to see them again - you won't have to deal with them anymore - but the ONLY WAY you get disconnected from the current situation is by LIGHT OF LOVE for all who are blocking you and created darkness in your life.


I will admit - this isn't easy to do. And that's why MIRACLES - only happen for people - when they're absolutely desperate to get-out of a bad situation - most people will do almost anything when they're desperate. Hence - asking you to have LOVE for ALL - is quite easy in comparison for what life might ask of you.


I remember reading Louise Hay - "The Power is Within You" - a brilliant bright soul of love who was diagnosed with Cancer - managed to cure it herself by working with "LOVE for ALL" and "FORGIVENESS" - with the LIGHT OF LOVE for all darkness - truly makes MIRACLES.



Everyone Believes in Miracles

מעשה נסים ונפלאות


Now - you're ready for "MIRACLES" - now you're open for life-energy to come into your life - because - you're connecting and connected to other people - to other souls - to the Divine energy of other people that will facilitate MIRACLES of CHANGE to come into your life.


Many years ago - PRIOR to the "internet" - you could only achieve business success, find relationships and get connected to people who where in your locality - THANKS to the "internet" - you can achieve business from anywhere in the world - have relationships with anyone in the world - and - get connected to almost anyone in the world.


PRIOR to the "internet" - your mind was "limited" in your belief - THANKS to the "internet" - your mind is OPEN to infinity in your potential - and - so long as you BELIEVE "it" - you can ACHIEVE "it" on the internet.


The age of enlightenment is - NOW. The age of "BELIEVING in MIRACLES" is - NOW. All you have to do is BELIEVE "it" can happen to you - and - BELIEVE that in 4 years - 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - 2023 - the stability and success in your life will be defined by what you BELIEVE in.


Unfortunately, anyone who doesn't want to BELIEVE are blocking their own potential - everyone else who chooses to BELIEVE will be propelled forwards - to a new age of success and happiness - defined by MIRACLES.


When you belief system and when you mind tells you - "it" is going to be alright - then "it" is going to be alright - because your aura is OPEN to allowing-in MIRACLES. When negative-thinking people tell themselves - "they" are doomed - "they" are creating their own negativity to attract negative things to happen to them.


When skeptical people read this webpage and negate "it's" power - "they" are only blocking MIRACLES for themselves - everyone else who BELIEVES in MIRACLES - will have MIRACLES happening to them. Conversely, when you read how many people have had MIRACLES happening to them - then - you believe in MIRACLES even more.



When you create a "Miracle" for Someone

The Universe will create a "Miracle" for you

במדה שאדם מודד בה מודדין לו וכן מדה לכל בני עולם


"The way you behave towards other people - is the way - life behaves towards you"

"When you like other people - life will like you - life will look-after you" - Tana Dvei Eliyahu


The energy of - "MIRACLES" - means that external to you - someone has done something GOOD for you - someone made a MIRACLE for you. Likewise - when you do something GOOD for someone - you've created a MIRACLE for someone - you are a definition of a MIRACLE in someone else's life.


When you've shocked and surprised someone - then - you've created a MIRACLE for someone - GOOD ENERGY has been created from nothing - and - the GOOD ENERGY - defined by "MIRACLES" is an inner energy - we call "MAGNETISM" that opens you up - in the form of ATTRACTION for good things to happen in your life.


"Some" miserable and selfish people will never ever experience a MIRACLE - because - they never want to do anything for anyone. Everyone who loves to bring happiness into other people's lives - always - knows that happiness is energy - unexpected surprises are energy - and - so long as you're creating HAPPINESS in other people's lives by creating GOOD energy - then you'll always expect the unexpected surprises and MIRACLES.




Miracles are unlocked by returning to "Source"

אור זרוע לצדיק ולישרי לב שמחה

"A Light that's sown in righteousness and straightens-out the heart with happiness"

Psalms 97 v11 - Verse that's Yom Kippur Kol Nidrei Prayer - asking to return to "Source"


Your life is a MIRACLE - for - your parents - they considered your birth a MIRACLE. Irrespective of your attitude to life - your existence created JOY and HAPPINESS for your parents - and - you were their MIRACLE.


The same SOURCE is the same energy for every MIRACLE. The SOURCE is the creation of "something" from "nothing" that brings JOY and HAPPINESS into people's lives.


Unfortunately selfish people - mean people - nasty people - jealous types - immature types - refuse to bring joy and happiness into other people's lives - are - defining a truth - that they are "dark" souls. "Darkness" has limitations - "darkness" cannot create MIRACLES - "darkness" is dead-energy - "darkness" does nothing good for the world.


That's why Kabbalist's of "light-workers" and "white-magic" - can make MAGICAL things happen - because MIRACLES come from LIGHT. Everytime you do something MAGICAL - everytime you meet someone MAGICAL - everytime you get a BURST of positive energy - is - because you've been part of being a MIRACLE.


The definition of the "Source" of your existence - was you were a MIRACLE to your parents. The definition of all MIRACLES is going back to "Source" - going back to purity of being a "Source" of MIRACLE for someone - because - you bring JOY and HAPPINESS into someone's life.



Miracles are unlocked by returning to "Source"

אור זרוע לצדיק ולישרי לב שמחה

Kabbalistic Prayers have been proven for over 2000 years to work

Our Age of Enlightenment means that "it" is destined to work for everyone



The 3 facets of life you need are - "Love"-"Money"-"Health"

Each Astrological Month - there's a different energy to unlock "it"




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