Powerful Zodiac Year 2022-2023




Audio's for Magic of SunSign Pisces [Water]

Magic is knowing the Truth about "You"

Intro' for all 12 StarSigns - "Magic" happens when you're being "YOU"

***You're the BEST VERSION of yourself when MAGIC happens*** [3 mins]


Wisdom of Pisces to make you Successful & "Activated"

Audio #1 - 1st Ingredient for SunSign Pisces


"Magic" for StarSign of Pisces - Reactivate Feeling "ALIVE" again

Audio #2 - The Main Ingredients for SunSign Pisces

The Best Version of You is when MAGIC happens



"Unlucky" SunSign Pisces [Water]

All Earth & Water StarSigns are "Unlucky"

You've always felt mysteriously "Unlucky"

Special Audio for all Earth & Water Signs - "Please Don't take life so seriously"

***Life hurts - when you're INTENSE. When you're RELAXED - MAGIC happens*** [10 mins]

***This audio applies to all who feel - UNLUCKY - JINXED - CURSED by Life's experiences***


Being "Unlucky" - I've confirmed it to reassure you !

Numerous times in your life - you've been & feel "Unlucky"


Being "Unlucky" is natural for all Earth & Water signs

Being "Unlucky" is your key to your eventual "Success"


Being "Unlucky" makes you feel "trapped and stuck"

Being "Unlucky" makes you feel "imprisoned in life"


Being "Unlucky" makes you feel "jinxed by life"

Being "Unlucky" makes you feel "like-giving-up-on-life"


The purpose of being "Unlucky" is to "Break-Free" !

Life's a game and you've got a challenge - "How to Win?"


You can "Win" - you've been a "Winner" - you know how to!

So let's define - how you became a "Winner" - to repeat "it"!


"Being-a-Winning" - SunSign Pisces [Water]

How Do You Become a "Winner"?

How Did You Become a "Winner"?


1. You had to "Break-Free" & "Escape" the negativity

You've done "it" before - you'll do "it" again

You've got a specific recipe and it works everytime

You know how to "Break-Free" - "it" created happiness


2. "Break-Free" from being-a-Pisces [Water]

"Break-Free" means becoming an angry Aries [Fire]

Unfortunately Aries [Fire] makes you get angry !

Aries [Fire] says eliminate-stagnation & get angry !

When you get angry about nothing happening - it works !


3. "Break-Free" from being-a-Pisces [Water]

"Break-Free" means becoming an extrovert Aquarius [Air]

Talkative Liberating Aquarius [Air] contact people you know

You can always "Break-Free" by talking to people you trust

You "Break-Free" from stagnation - by being chatty & friendly


4. Pisces [Water] is a serious-sensible-intense StarSign

Hence - you need to learn to "Not-Careless" anymore

Learn the "I don't careless" attitude - it always works


Everytime you've got to a breaking-point - you "don't careless"

Everytime you've had a breakthough - you "didn't careless"

Life can be a painful journey - learn to "don't careless"


Your Mantra is "I don't careless anymore" "I don't careless"

Your Prayer is "I don't careless anymore" "I don't careless"

Your Healing is "I don't careless anymore" "I don't careless"

Your Happiness is "I don't careless anymore" "I don't careless"


Saying "I don't careless" helps - even though you do care !

Because words create energy - your words release tension


The Magic of SunSign Pisces [Water]

Magic of Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune in Pisces

When "it" flows - just - keep "it" flowing


Your only problem is solved - believing you can "Break-Free"

"Breaking-Free" is essential because you attract "toxic-garbage"

"Breaking-Free" because your life's been "blocked & frustrated"


You know life is good - when you wake-up feeling "Freedom"

You know it is going to be a good-day - because you feel good


Pisces [Water] believes that sooner or later - things changes

Pisces [Water] is defined by last StarSign of Zodiac

Pisces [Water] believes that eventually "it" will be good


Jupiter in Pisces [Water] until 20th December 2022

Neptune in Pisces [Water] until 2025 is your good energy

Saturn in Pisces [Water] from 7th March 2023 => 2025


Neptune in Pisces [Water] defines BELIEVING in life

You must "Believe in the Future" - Believe in Miracles

Neptune ensures you Believe-in-something you can't see


Creation of your future - because - you believe in "it"

Importantly - you need a "sign" - and - soon you'll get "it"


Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn in Pisces [Water] creates "it"

Whatever you've been waiting for - "it" will happen soon


When you get "your miracle" you're going to be wise!

The next "set of miracles" will make you appreciate "life"






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