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The Spiritual Secrets of the Lights of the Universe - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

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Magnetism of Sun in StarSign of Leo

Magic - Love - Money - Health - Destiny

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה

Sun in Leo - 22nd July => 22nd August 2020


Magic is when something appears that wasn't in your life

Magic is when something you've lost is returned to you

Magic is when something unexpected happens for you


Magic is when you gave-up hope - then - something unexpected and surprising happens

because an inexplicable "Divine-intervention" creates "Magnetism" and makes "it" happen


A combination of the Magic of Kabbalah with Astrology - means - I know the energies available - know how to use the energies - and - maximize the potential to make you be the person you're supposed to be - back-on-track of your destined destiny - and - that means getting your own "MAGNETISM" back again.


Everytime something truly destined happens in your life - it is because - you've had your "MAGNETISM". Everytime you've had problems or blockages in your life or nothing happening in your life - was - because you "LOST YOUR MAGNETISM".


I explain @ - the power of Kabbalist to make miracles. Kabbalist's, Magician's and Light-Workers are like Candle's of light floating in the Ether - "we are go-between's" - go-between - the Spiritual world of destiny and the physical world of people.


"Destiny" wants you to live your earthly life - "destiny" wants you to experience all the destined relationships of your life - and - "destiny" wants you to have your own "MAGNETISM". "Destiny" has given you - your own "MAGNETISM" - but - when you have BAD LUCK or NO LUCK - this means - you've lost your own "MAGNETISM".


Because - I too lost "it" in 2007 - and - because I was helped thanks to the Komarno Rebbe with the strong influence of Noam Elimelech - I got my own "MAGNETISM" back. Now - I know what it feels like - I want you to get your own "MAGNETISM" back too .


As many of you have known me - in the past 7 years - since January 2013 - I've had the special gift - because of the Rabbi Elimelech of Lezajsk - known as the "Noam Elimelech". I am living here in Poland - because of the MAGNETISM of this great Spiritual Soul that brought me here - and - who has made MAGIC for me.


If not for 3 great Rebbe's - Rebbe Elimelech - Rabbi Horowitz and Rabbi Rubin - for the MAGICAL coincidences of coming here in 11th March 2007 - if not for moving here in January 2013 - if not for staying here for the last 7 years - AND - if not for - feeling the MAGNETISM OF GOOD LUCK of being here - then - I wouldn't be able to do anything for anyone.


Life made things happen to me - since 2007 - that have seemed like "MIRACLES"

Life made things happen to me - because of my CONNECTIONS to GOOD people


Because - life made "MIRACLES" happen - because of knowing GOOD spiritual souls


I've made things happen for other people - that have seemed like "MIRACLES"

I've made it happen for other people - because I'm a good "GO-BETWEEN"


The truth is all the "MIRACLES" - were - destined to happen - but were "BLOCKED"

Spritiual Kabbalistic Prayers of "OR ZARUA" - "WHITE-MAGIC" - merely - UNBLOCKS BLOCKAGES


All "BLOCKAGES" are "dark-energies" - hence - LIGHT of KABBALA - eliminates the "darkness"

As soon as you shine a BRIGHT LIGHT - all "darkness" vanishes

As soon as you feel PURE LOVE - all hateful and dark energies vanishes


"Dark-energies" - include - "evil-eye" - "jealousy" - "anger" - "hateful forces" - "sadness"

"White-magic" - is pure "light" energy - "love" - "compassion" - "kindness" - "understanding" - "happiness"



Magic of Good Luck StarSign of Leo

Magic of Leo - is - created by You

Leo is the power - created by you - from - within you

If you have no power within you - means - you don't want "it"

When you've got lots of power within you - means - you want "it"


Audio - Leo - the Need for Positive Energy - for Love in your life

[2nd Aug' Audio] - Summer of breakthrough's - get-back your Magnetism


When you're LAZY and REFUSE to do anything - when you're STAGNANT and NO MOVING - then - you're an imitation of "BEING DEAD". The Magic of Leo is defined LIFE-ENERGY - the opposite of "BEING DEAD" - Leo will create RESTLESSNESS - Leo will make people RESTLESS - Leo will get life moving. The total opposite of DOING NOTHING.


Let me compare to having NO FOOD left at home - then - you need to go shopping. The emptiness of your kitchen-cupboards - the emptiness of food in your stomach - gives you the MOTIVATION to go to the grocery store.


The MAGIC of Leo is defined by an awakening of realization that to acquire something YOU have to WANT "it". If you don't want "it" - if you refuse to do anything to achieving "it" - then - NOTHING will happen - and - you'll become ANGRY at life


The MAGIC of Leo is defined by DESTINY wants something to change in your life - so - DESTINY gives you the urge to want "it" - DESTINY makes you feel restless until you've done it - most importantly - DESTINY is giving you the energy to do "it".


The MAGIC of Leo is very specific in what "it" wants for you. "it" is wanting for you to WANT to live "life" - to WANT whatever life wants you to want - "it" is specific - "it" is the SOURCE of your life-vitality. Once you've got "it" - "it" will unlock GOOD LUCK in your life.


Sun in StarSign of Leo

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה

Sun in Leo - 22nd July => 22nd August 2020


The more excited you are - the more energized you are - the LUCKIER you will become

If you're not excited - and - if you're dead-bored - "it" will make you frustrated and UNLUCKY


Luck is defined by your own ENERGY inside you - Luck is what you've got ENERGY for

If you feel NO-ENERGY - ANGER - or - FRUSTRATION - then "it" is not your destiny


When you feel LOTS OF ENERGY - then - you know "it" is important to you

When you feel LOTS OF ENERGY - then - you feel ENERGIZED to achieve "it"


DESIRES and WANTS are motivational energies to ensure you DO SOMETHING

NO DESIRES and NO WANTS are blockages to ensure you DO NOTHING


Sooner or later - you'll become energized to DESIRE and WANT something !

Everyone in the world - DESIRES and WANTS something !



Audio Lesson - for Week Ahead - 1st=> 8th August - Parshas Ve'Eschonon

From the vibrancy and excitement - speed and energy - you can hear "it" is important !


Sun in Leo - being excited by "something"

Sun in Leo - talkative and communicative

Sun in Leo - means - wanting to talk about something important to you

Sun in Leo - means - hearing in someone's voice - how important something is


You always SPEAK FASTER - when you've got lots of energy. You always SPEAK FASTER when you've got lots of emotions about whatever and whoever you're speaking about. When someone hears you SPEAKING FASTER and SPEAKING LIVELY - "they" receive the message that "it" is IMPORTANT to you.


Whether you're ANGRY about something - or - whether you're totally EXCITED about something - your emotions makes you SPEAK FASTER and SPEAK LIVELY. SUCCESS is defined by how powerfully you're EXCITED about something.


If you don't talk - if you can't express yourself - if you can't communicate - then - your lack of motivation means - "it" is "NOT IMPORTANT" to you. The reason why I created an AUDIO version of astrology website is that you can hear in my voice the power of what the planets are doing - you can't fake it in an AUDIO!


The same will apply in the next few days - if you can't be bothered talking to some people - if you can't be bothered communicating - then - "it" is a sign that "it" is "NOT IMPORTANT" to you. Probably because instinctively - you know "it" is FAILURE.


However, there is going to be a SURPRISE - because - SOMETHING will become VERY IMPORTANT to you - and - the Full Moon will ensure you do communicate and talk about "it" - and - you'll know because - everyone will hear it in your voice - like the Audio #4 I created for the lessons of Noam Elimelech.



The Lights of the StarSign of Leo

Each Month Has Lessons to Teach

Each Month has Energy to Give



Every month has potential to create changes - and every Astrological month has the potential to put-you-back-on-track. The "White-Magic" of Kabbalists - defines - shining a bright light on the purest and best facets of your life.


The bright light is shining on you - so that - you IGNORE all the "darkness" - you IGNORE all the sadness - you IGNORE all the things you're worried about - and - IGNORE everyone and everything that you've got nothing to do with.


The Moment you're able to IGNORE - FORGET ABOUT - NOT WORRY - FEEL NOTHING about the "past" or about anything negative - is the moment - your soul has found your own purity.


"It" is WITHIN you - "it" has been covered by so much "garbage" from the darkness of the world - that - you didn't even realize you've had "it" WITHIN you. When you find "it" - you'll know - you've found ENLIGHTENMENT.


You see - when someone is DEPRESSED and SAD - that too is the heaviness that they feel overwhelmed by external "darkness" that "it" frightens them - "it" scares them - "it" makes them feel "dead-from-within".


All the answers are WITHIN YOU - all the emotions are WITHIN YOU - all the truths are WITHIN YOU. The battle that people have is being influenced by external situations that damage YOU - and - puts the light-out that's WITHIN YOU.


When LIGHT shines on you - "it" energizes YOU from WITHIN YOU. When you FIND LOVE - then you feel it from WITHIN YOU. When you find work and earn money - when you have prosperity - you feel "it" from WITHIN YOU. And when get good health back after you've had ill-health - that too - is all WITHIN YOU.


How "it" happens - is - how "it" happens for everyone who has found "it" - after - loosing "it". "It" comes-back - because - Divine destiny is teaching everyone about "life" - loosing something and then gettin-it-back - will make you aware of how precious "it" is.


Everytime you you've lost "it" - you KNOW you've lost "it". That's when you PROMISE yourself - that - when you get "it" back - then - you'll be a better person - and you'll do something good with your life.


Now - let us study which area of your life is DAMAGED - LOVE - MONEY - HEALTH _ which area of your life is EMPTY and VOID - and - what you need to do - to HEAL "it" - and - REPAIR "it" - to FIX "it" - and - get your life back-on-track.







"Books-of-Secrets" - Noam Elimelech - Based on Kabbala and Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

Translated and explained by Author of



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